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How I Almost Ruined My Twin Flame Relationship – 5 Things To Beware So You Won’t Make The Same Mistakes I Did…


As my Twin Flame and I are now in Union and I have the gift of hindsight on this journey, I decided to share with you the biggest mistakes I made on my own path – things that nearly ruined our relationship.

The following 5 Mistakes are stumbling blocks to my Twin Flame Relationship I didn’t even realize were there until I somehow managed to get over them and could look back with clarity to see how close I’d been to derailing the whole connection:

#1) Keeping The Past On a Loop

One of the biggest mistakes I made was that I kept thinking of the past, thinking of old hurt and picturing my Twin Flame with other people. The smallest things could trigger me – a song, or a poem or just seeing someone who reminded me of a certain unhappy situation.

This happened over and over until I learned to stop bringing the past up again – I was shown that the past is gone unless we keep dragging it back. Because the only person who can keep your old hurt alive, is you. And you’re the only one getting hurt. As the Buddha said, it’s like “Drinking poison with the intention of killing someone else.”

The way I finally managed to stop dragging the past up again and again was to clear the energy around the past hurt (to “heal the wound”) and shift my perspective back into love instead of hurt. It worked wonders. And it’s worked for so many other Twins too.

Later I was shown by my guides that every time I got back into jealousy and pain, my energy would literally go up like a wall – blocking my Twin Flame out.

Once I was willing to open my heart again (really, visualizing and intending the doors to open) I could feel that he had loved me the whole time. My perspective had been completely distorted.

#2) Focusing On the Negatives

There can be challenging moments on this journey for sure – but there are also beautiful moments, and this is a connection that defies words: It really is a love beyond love. A love that can lift you up and bring you home to yourself – a love that can illuminate your whole life.

The problem is that we human beings have evolved to look for problems everywhere – it’s how our ancestors survived; they had to find the potential source of death before it found them. Often we get into a loop of thinking over and over about all the difficulties and the hurt between our Twin Flame and ourselves.

I was shown how to shift this: by focusing on gratitude and reliving the happy moments rather than the negatives, my connection with my Twin Flame blossomed beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

I started writing down all the fun and positive things that happened with my Twin, and without realizing (I’ve since read the scientific articles that prove this) I was retraining my brain, constructing new neural pathways. Teaching myself to match my energy to positivity and drawing in more of it.

The thing is: if you’re in a loop of negativity, you’re only inviting in more negativity. It’s like being tuned into a radio station with music you can’t stand – unless you change the channel, you won’t hear different music.

#3) Waiting for Someone Else to Fix Everything

For a long time at the start of this journey I used tarot cards and called psychics looking for predictions for the future, looking for dates and times for when my Twin and I would come together, or for when certain things would happen.

I always felt disappointed when the dates came and nothing had come to pass the way it was “supposed to”. But the more I learned to communicate directly with spirit, the more I was shown that we create our lives ourselves step by step with our Free Will.

There is no one else deciding for us. There are cycles of energy, and sometimes we’re given an extra push but there is no pre-written destiny that keeps you locked to it for life.

It’s up to us to set goals and take action to get there. The great news is that we can create anything we desire. Just set your intention, clear the blocks in the way – and eventually you’ll get there.

Letting Other People’s Opinions Sway Me

One of the first things my Twin Flame advised me on this journey was; “do not let yourself be swayed by the mainstream”.

I didn’t think it would be a problem, until later on in my journey when I encountered more and more skeptics and naysayers (especially through the internet) and somehow they got in my head, making me question everything (I’m sure you recognize thoughts along the lines of: “Am I just imagining it or exaggerating?”, “Could I be making it all up?” or the worst one “Could I be crazy?”)

The truth is that the Twin Flame journey is such a unique experience full of “supernatural” sensations and phenomena, that anyone who hasn’t experienced it cannot really understand it. Therefore I would always advise you to stay true to yourself and disregard the opinions of anyone who is not taking the journey with you.

Look inside, follow your intuition and don’t let others’ ideas and beliefs interfere. Clearing yourself of others’ energy regularly is an enormous help here – if you have others’ energy floating around in your space it can feel extremely confusing and disheartening. Ultimately, only you know.

#5) Not Loving Myself

We tend to look for love outside of ourselves – for the one person who will give us the love we’ve always wanted. At the same time, we often complain and berate ourselves and pull ourselves down with criticism.

Rarely do any human beings feel “good enough” or deserving of the best. Deserving of love, even. And I was no different.

The truth is that love isn’t something others can give you. It’s an energy – you are love. You can make yourself feel love at any given moment by shifting your energy.

Meditating is a huge help in shifting out of any unloving “self talk” we may be running as an automatic monologue in the background of our minds. And if you find meditating a challenge, try guided meditations/creative visualization, as these lead you by the hand by replacing any negative thoughts with positives. I created a specially designed Creative Visualization for Twin Flames, which you can read more about here.

Another thing is to detach slightly from ourselves: try seeing yourself from the outside and treat yourself like you would a dear friend or a child. Take care of yourself, be good to you. It’s seen as “natural” in Western culture to be mean to ourselves, to never be “good enough”. It’s a lie, though.

Forgiving and loving ourselves is essential to being able to accept another’s love. If we don’t feel loveable, we subconsciously sabotage any love others try to give us.

By vibrating at the frequency of love from the inside out, we are in perfect alignment with more and more love from the outside, and in our Twin Flame relationship.

How To Avoid Making the Same Mistakes I Did: 

The crazy thing is that all of the above are energetic patterns. They’re not a part of who you are, or who I am or even who I was. The truth is that they’re all things we’ve picked up from others around us.

Growing up, if we have parents who believe that the world is a bad place and that we have to be careful, or that “life is hard” and “love hurts”, guess what? We take it on too. We absorb it into ourselves and sooner or later we start to believe that it’s who we are. But it really isn’t.

I have experienced negative core beliefs like that to be one of the biggest blocks on the Twin Flame Journey, so we go through clearing these in the Energy Clearing Sessions for Twin Flames.

So Who Are You?

We can go into our energy field and clear out anything that doesn’t serve us. From depression to jealousy to addictions to anything.

Everything is energy. We are energy.  Pure source energy at the core, but nearly always with all kinds of negative, congested beliefs and patterns and energies patched on top of it.

So if there’s something that’s hurting us or holding us back, we can clear it. All we need is to be willing, and to have the right tools.

Bringing the Light Back

A great way to illustrate it is:

Think of a cloudy day at the beach. The sky can look grey and overcast – but the sun is actually shining the whole time! The sun is out in the solar system shining 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s just that the clouds have temporarily obscured it. As soon as the clouds part, the sun can be seen to shine again.

This is how we are. A bright light that often has been dulled by the “clouds” of energy we’ve taken on. When we meet our Twin Flame, everything in the way of that pure bright “sunshine” gets pushed to the fore so we can release it.

Many Twin Flames take this as a sign that the Twin Flames are bad for each other, but it doesn’t have to be that way – with energy tools it’s easy and painless to “clear away the clouds” and allow the inner sunshine to radiate more powerfully than ever.

I Believe in You!

I have been in your shoes. I know how hard this can feel. I also know that you can change things around if you’re unhappy, because I have. I had no experience with any of these things but I learned as I went along and now my Twin and I are closer than ever.

You are so much more powerful than you think – I believe in you (even when you might not believe in yourself)! x

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light on your continued journey <3

Cassady x


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  1. Hi Cassady, I have a lot of doubts about this. And what happen when he is the one that is always pushing you back? He left for the third time after April’s eclipse, just when the situation between us requiered him to make those changes to move away from his patterns and confort zone. I know that I made mistakes, like every human in this planet but srsly it is all my responsibility? After the solstice I have been feeling his presence really strong almost everyday and after a lot of releasing and cleaning I was feeling happy again. I tryed to scape all the synchronicities and signs but finally I had to accept everything again. However, his spiritual being told me to call him this time after 3 months, I did it this Wednesday before the new moon since I felt him really intense. It was horrible and at the same time, liberating for me. He doesn’t take responsibility for his part, blaming everything on me and he told me that his life changed but he is back in his confort zone after everything, actually he didn’t left that zone, at least he accepted that. My guides told me that I can’t do his part for him. I have to learn that I can’t save him since he is the one that can save himself. That he has to take responsibility for his actions, etc and that we are learning about forgiveness. I can choose to do everything but that it’s not going to break the cycle. I have been doing a lot of work on forgiveness all my life but he is not willing to do that. He is always saying that he doesn’t forgive anybody and he doesn’t want to, and that he will not. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m tired of feeling guilty about everything, even when I know I’m not. He even told me when I called him that he doesn’t love me the way I do, that he is not in love with me anymore, etc. But it is confusing since my intuition is saying another thing and I also found contradictions in his words. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I just closed this chapter but I read this post and yes, I have made these mistakes and I can’t stop asking myself if I’m the one responsible for everything that has happened to us three times even when my guides told me that I don’t have to feel guilty or take his part on my back. I even step up out from my confort zone and moved to another country and everything, changing my whole life. I awake to this twin flame reality after the 2nd time that he left. I thought that I was really crazy because this is the first time that this was happening to me making me act crazy. Since our talk, I read your report. I resonate with that and I know that for a rebirth it is necessary this step. Before I made the call, signs and synchronicities were really numerous, then they stop just to coming back again stronger after I said that I was not doing this anymore. How do I know what’s true and what’s not? How can I continue this journey without feeling responsible for everything? How can I continue working on everything when he is still avoiding responsibility? I will continue working in myself for my own good, and clearing the karma that we have about forgiveness but I feel selfish doing this while he is destroying himself and avoiding everything. I was told in my akashic reading that we have the chance to break up the cycle of this “eternal dance” in this life but that we have to do it together. How can you do that if your partner doesn’t want to? I’m really confuse. By the momment I’m choosing to continue living my life even with all the synchronicities and his energy in the air and the symptoms of the damages that he does to himself (he doesn’t know anything of this) or the symptoms of alignment between us that I can feel really strong but I don’t know if he is feeling it. I haven’t told him anything about spiritual things or twins, or anything since I feel that he has to discover that by himself or maybe he knows because of the things that his subconscious says, I don’t know. I have so much to learn and so much work to do. It is ok to want to take a break? I just want a break but I don’t want to feel guilty to just stop and continue with my life.

    I’m sorry for the long post, I’m really confused and I dont even know if I can post this here.

    Thank you for everything. Your material has given me a little of light in this matter.


    A really confused being.

  2. Thanks so much cassidy for this. Inhave had my doubts but my intuition tells me this is my twin flame and this is a massive soul lesson I must learn. I know despite the past pain ( some of which inhave bought about and some of which I did not) is neccesary for both our souls to grow tonthe place they need to for our own and collective evolution. I have made some “mistakes” in my pain, but actually it is all how it should be. This is a very timely post i can finally hear. Thankyou.

  3. It sounds to me like you take all the responsibility for the relationship which I have been warned about several times.

  4. Hi Bette, a relationship is a partnership for sure – but the TF connection is unique in that we are the same consciousness expressing itself in two human bodies. So to construct a situation where both must equally divide any “work” can lead to more conflict than progress…

    One Twin Flame can clear energy causing blocks between the two – because we share a collective energy and karmic field one person can clear for both if they want.

    Responsibility is a relative term also, if I was to hold onto past hurt with the expectation of my Twin Flame to “fix” it for me instead of me learning to love despite the past, we would never have been open to this unconditional love.

    My Twin Flame is the most amazing person I’ve ever met, despite of and maybe also because of the wild lifestyle he lead… I am forever grateful that I have been given the opportunity to learn to see behind a person’s actions to learn what motivated those actions (things are never the way they look from the outside) and to love unconditionally no matter what. Myself, him and all beings.

    Without meaning to sound patronizing, we are all here to teach each other and ourselves unconditional love. And we all arrive at this in different ways on our paths, because we are all different and have different experiences behind us.

    Sending you love and light on your journey <3

    Cassady x

  5. Hi Remi, I’m so happy this resonates with you! Holding the intention of taking the path as it comes and looking for the gift in each thing that happens is such a huge help on this journey, that’s how you grow at “warp speed” <3 xx

    Lots of love and light to you x

    Cassady <3 : )

  6. Number four and number Five are the two matters i am working on right now. I understand number four so well. It is actually what left me from actually being able to do number five better as it were. I had so much self doubt and confidence issues due to not believing and trusting my self actually and my own experiences. I had to either accept myself, and this experience, or go on doubting. Yet, once I came to accept my experience fully, own my truth, instead of doubting myself, this has lead to a better upswell of self love in seeking that wholeness of myself, and more unconditional love towards my Twin.

    Though I will admit to committing all of these myself, but since I have come to full acceptance, with no more self doubt concerning this, I have been able to change all the other aspects as well, starting with number five, and then focusing just on Love, unconditional love, and knowing that we are all connected and not really ever alone.

  7. I feel I could have written this entire post. My TF and I have been together three times now as well over the last 20 years. We met in high school as exchange students. We were just extremely good friends until I went to college and he couldn’t get approved for a student visa to come here. We kept the relationship going for another year but eventually parted ways my freshman summer. We got back together after my first divorce and had an incredibly passionate time together. I had planned to return to the U.S. And start looking for a job there. He started a huge fight with me in my last day there, something we had never done before. He walked away as I stood in the street crying with my friend Adriana. His last words were “go home. Don’t come back here.” I didn’t see or hear from him again for 12 years. I remarried and had a little girl and I had a second miscarriage in 2011. Her dad and I eventually ended up separating in 2013 and divorcing in 2014. I went through a lot of counseling in 2012-2013 as I had a “breakdown” some might say but I think of it as my moment when I met Jesus and everything changed. My counselor had led me to explore my fear and to work with my angels. I looked up my TF on Facebook and ended up finding him by contacting a friend of his. Luckily she was married to his best friend and he gave me his phone number. We talked for hours and hours. He had married someone, was just starting the divorce, had a little girl a few months older than mine a little boy a year younger. About the third call he told me he needed to tell me why he had done what he did 12 years prior. He knew in his career he would be extremely poor and didn’t want that for me. He had agonized over it with his mom the whole night before that horrible morning. It was NOT what I expected to hear. We both sobbed and consoled one another for a long time that night. I flew to see him not long after. The entire next year and some change was spent on phone calls and texts and visits while we decided to try to build a business together. There were times we didn’t speak but always bc he’d be worked up over the distance and the unknown. I always knew he’d be back bc of the signs and feeling him thinking about us. Things did not end well on my last visit bc we ended up pretty broke after some unexpected expenses came up. Flash forward to this past December- he asked me to move to his country. I said I couldn’t pull my daughter bc number one it wouldn’t be safe and number 2 her dad and I have shared custody. I told him in the future yes. And begged him to move here bc he doesn’t have custody with his kids and rarely gets to see them. A couple days later he told me to tell him goodbye and to release him of the curse we had. I told him I’d never say goodbye but that he was never trapped and I always knew he had free will as did I. I’ve not heard nor spoken to him since. I get strong feelings from him occasionally and see signs as well but not nearly as often as before. I really don’t know at this point what to do. I want to reach out when I feel he’s in that frame of mind as well. But I don’t want to risk angering him and pushing him away even further. So I’ve decided to keep working on myself, building my business on my own and letting things just happen. I sometimes feel foolish and question this whole thing. This article has helped me refocus. He knows about TFs and eternal connections as I’ve shared with him and when we are in sync he agrees. But he gets frightened and rejects it. I feel a main block for us has always been scarcity of resources so I’m working to build my business and become successful in all ways for me and my daughter and maybe once that is healed, he will come back home.

  8. Hi Cassady,Thanks for your timely updates. I’m relatively new to this whole concept and have slowly but definitely started to believe in it. I’m glad i’m back in touch with her. After what felt like a terribly long time. She still has her inhibitions i guess. I just wish she can let go of all that and start communicating with me more freely. I have decided to do what it takes to unite with her (i use your meditation tool too) as i consider myself fortunate enough to have been given this opportunity that others can barely even imagine. Wish me luck, please pray for me and if her and i unite before it’s too late, I promise you i will share my whole story with you as its bound to be the coolest thing the universe has ever done to anyone :). Take care. Thanks again.

  9. Hi. I think I’ve made every known mistake in my friendship with this person…we have never been physical, its been strictly platonic. I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. I met him on a “not so great” dating website and as soon as we became friends on Facebook, a very young girl popped up on his page and it was obvious they had a history. She’s 30, married twice, lives with her parents and has 2 kids. He is divorced too with two even younger kids living with his parents to get financially stable as he is now paying child support. It has been all downhill since this girl resurfaced. I’m 45, no kids never married. He’s 43. We are both Capricorns and he is a former police officer and I’m a law school grad. We are sexually attracted yet he only kisses me on the cheek the only 3 times I’ve seen him. I’m dumbfounded about why he doesnt want me ..and to top it off, Facebook revealed yet another few pics of him and yet another girl who looks older than me!! I felt an immediate connection with him. Like a brother, lover, friend, even held his hand a few times helping him find a job. He cut me off cold turkey last winter with no word abruptly as soon as I was recovering from a bad car accident and found a new apt. I was and I’m still hurt over that. I’ve yet to get a reason why. He is adamant he ” isnt getting married anytime soon nor does he want or have a gf.” He’s lying to me. ( we only email now not text which I assume this means I’m a secret to this girl). So, there’s my story. Lots of negativity. I’ve done nothing to this person. His ex wife and him have a volatile relationship and he said he couldn’t give 100% to me or anyone else when he started dating me. He claims he went through a lot. This person knows dark secrets about me which he said he never judged me for, yet I think he’s using these flaws and poor past relationship history of mine to separate me as a bad choice from these 2 females. I’m currently on vacation trying to relocate to SC where I am to get out of my hometown. I can’t beleive I’m.saying this but he’s the reason. I want to live with someone and eventually be married. I beleive in soul mates and spiritual mates. To end this story, that 30 yr old girl posted a lic on her fb that said” I will choose you not by the way you look, but the way you make me feel spiritually”. He liked her post. I have a strong suspicion he’s going to end up with this young girl and make a huge mistake. Does he love her? Then who the heck am I? He’s called me crazy before and I’ve even felt crazy over this. I did not want this in my life. I met him a year ago and I still reach out to him. I’m afraid its all one sided and I blame him. Help!!

  10. Hi Norvin, I’m so happy you’re opening up to the experience! <3 x Sending you love and light and looking forward to hearing your story, which will undoubtedly be amazing – remember that you're a creator of your life, so set your goals high and don't expect anything less : )

  11. Hi Kim, my first advice would be to start clearing your energy – it seems like the energy around you is really chaotic right now and part of the confusion you’re feeling is a LOT due to this (all the energy from the different people involved).

    I would really recommend jumping in and getting the Vibrational Alignment Course as it will explain so many of the things you seem to be wondering about now.

    Your guides want you to know that there is a solution and an explanation to everything, and they love you very much so please don’t lose hope <3

    Cassady x

  12. Hi there,

    Thanks for your comment! <3 I understand your point completely.

    Really, clearing your energy would be a great help in staying free from others' influence and being able to focus positively on yourself again – it will also help you *feel* that you're always connected to your Twin and to the universe and the world… (as opposed to having the intellectual understanding but not feeling the closeness) Often when we have issues with self love we also have a feeling that we're not taken care of by the universe or people around us.

    Again, all of these things can be cleared with energy tools. I really cannot tell you how much has changed for me these past few years since working with these tools. The best thing is the feeling of empowerment – when you feel empowered you know you can handle anything that comes your way.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  13. Hi there Nana,

    Thank you for your comment. Spirit is letting me know: “Sometimes people push us away the hardest when they feel they are the most unloveable. (this seems to be your twin’s core wound). When someone pushes us away the most, that’s often when they need us to stay the most.” Connecting on a soul level and showering your Twin with unconditional love might be just what he needs because it’s what he feels undeserving of… You can always connect with your Twin’s emotions no matter how far away he seems on an ego/earth level.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  14. Thank you Cassady. This is exactly what I needed now. I just came back from a second date with another guy and, yes he is good, he has a lot of things that I like and he is the kind of man I would date but… The first time, I ignored all the signs of my twin and his energy that were really crazy and at the end of the date I came home crying and realizing that I was definetely in love with my twin. I couldn’t scape like I did with others. And now, after giving myself another chance to date this this man, I wasn´t present. My head felt like cloudy or I don’t know, I just felt something in my head, and it was like I wasn’t there. Mi body was just a shell and I felt like I was just looking the situation from outside with my soul in other place. I don’t know if I can explained myself. After this I realized that even with everything that is going on, he felt like home (my twin that walk away). I came home and just start to cry. Thank you, I ask for any kind of help or message from my angels or anything and in no more than 5 minutes, your message pop into my account. Thank you. I will send love to him and to myself while I will continue working on my issues because since this situation with him happened, sometimes I started to feel like maybe he thinks that I’m not worthy. I have to heal myself again.

    Thank you again for all your light and love,



  15. Thanks you Cassady for your response and love and light to you as well. I know what you speak of, as in many cases, I have started to intuitively tap into my soul’s guidance by starting to do the very actions you speak of and talk about. It’s like I start doing something, and then I read up on something and realize that is what I started doing all of sudden.

    I have had a couple of powerful experiences in the last couple of months concerning Love and Oneness. It is something I came to realize that after feeling the connected Divine Love I felt when my twin and I fully connected that I wanted to experience that connection again, that feeling of Oneness with such a powerful feeling of Love that words don’t do it justice, but placed that attachment of experience and only being able to experience that through my Twin. I have recently realized that the first experience of such a powerful feeling of love is meant for us to start the process of full unconditional love towards ourselves and seeking wholeness in ourselves and Oneness with Universe in that everything is interconnected, and that feeling can be experienced again with in Self.

    This is when I experienced a powerful love again when I sent my twin unconditional love towards the soul, with the understanding that we are never separated a few months back. In that time, I have started to practice more self love and as I said, was faced with a certain critical decision in either accepting this experience or dismissing it.

  16. Thank you Cassady. I just feel this post is speaking to me. I realize I needed to be patient and detach myself from ego and all the logical things I have known. I did not have enough self love as well. I resorted to Tarot cards to ask me why and I realize the answer is within myself. My biggest yet is overcoming the feeling of jealousy and letting the past hold me back. The time is now! 🙂

  17. Hi Jacqueline,

    I’m so glad this resonated with you <3 Remember that sometimes it takes a little while to "retrain" ourselves, but the initial realization is the biggest step – without knowing what we can change to be happier, we'll never change things, so well done on recognizing how you can help yourself! : )

    Cassady xx

  18. Thank you for sharing, Trenia, I’m so glad you found the article useful x Don’t give up – the biggest thing I’ve been shown by spirit these past few years is how powerful we all really are. What most often keeps us stuck, is believing that nothing can change – negative beliefs such as “life is hard” or “I could never do X/Y/Z”.

    Once we set the intention, believe in ourselves and start to move energy and clear blocks, we start moving toward your fulfillment with much more ease and speed than we would ever have expected <3

    Cassady x

  19. Yeah it does. I tend to go back to my old self once in awhile and I have to snap my self forward. I think my friends will think I am crazy though haha.

  20. Thank you so much!!! This had the perfect timing as today my twin handed my issues to me on a silver platter and said you need to STOP….and then the list started. He was very frustrated and it was not that he is mad he is frustrated that I kick myself all the time. He doesn’t want me to be that way any more then I do. He handed me a harsh reality check when I said I was sorry I know every time I brought this stuff up I push him away even more and he said that’s up to you to decide. OUCH! He kept saying just chill out (and that does not mean to go watch a movie or to do stuff I like (me not him) such as volunteer work etc) I said so what do you mean and he said you need to figure it out but chill out about us and things will get better.

    My heart center opened last week finally – I know I am making progress but I need to really push me at this point.

  21. Thank you all for this. I have been looking for this to help me on my journey with my twin flame and now feel comforted by the fact that there are others.

  22. I want to thank you for your article it has help me in some way. I feel that I have found my twin yet he is set on marrying another. So confused we are currently together live as friends his in one room and I in another. Although we work the house as a couple chores, duties, and enjoy each other’s company.There are times we let our difference get in the way since we are both raise in different geographical locations and we have a 10+ year differences! But for the most part we try to work things out by talking to each other. But I am having a hard time getting my mind wrapped around this other women. In desperate need of help.

  23. Hi Cassidy,
    I am applying the above tips and think this is really helpful info.
    I guess the doubt creeps back in as my twin flame was so adamant in separation that the door was closed forever. They are so happy and busy, which makes me feel good. I am fighting the ego, wanting to be different this phase of my life. I get this relationship isnt about attached outcomes of union per se, but people are surely kidding themselves if they do not admit this is their hope? I am feeling like it is an obsession in my mind, not doubting the connection, it was all the things you describe, but wondering at what point I will ever be able to stop all this reading? I fear I am using the reading, every day, to hold on to hope and reduce the intensity of pain I am feeling just a little. What can you advise? Best wishes, Kelly

  24. Few months ago I cut down communication with my twin when I could not accept his insensitive behavior towards me. And now during this hindsight period, I realized that he is carrying some past hurt/trauma and he had fitted me into that template, and since then he has been disrespectful towards me. In the same way, I also was correlating him with some negative beliefs from past experiences. So in nutshell we both were hurting each other by our puzzling behavior towards each other, and blaming inherently each other for the disruption of the relationship. In between we both tried to overlook the negative images we created for each other and accept the way it is for the relationship, but not for long, and eventually stepped out of the relationship. During the fluctuating courtship period, I was puzzled and annoyed by his behavior, but never had been able to speak up what I dislike or rather to speak about what I truly want, because I could not find courage to express my thoughts assertively and didn’t wish to stir the atmosphere and avoided conflict. But during this no communication period I realized that it was my mistake. I should have clearly stated my thoughts, that could have probably bring out the right discussion and may be clear out our negative perceptions. It was like, if there is disturbance in the atmosphere, so irrespective of which radio station you tuned into, it will sound noisy. So whatever ways I tried to reach him, I was considered wrong.

    But, what should i do now? Should I write a mail to him about how he has been considering me in wrong light on the basis of some past experiences! But i suspect that he will not be able to understand since he is quite arrogant and in egoistic mode and will take me as needy, as if I am finding ways to get back into his life.

  25. Hi there. I too am new to this concept. I consider myself to be fairly grounded and balanced. But at this moment, my life seems to be in shambles. I used to be able to understand and solve these kinds of problems and now find myself spinning my wheels looking for solutions. I feel like I’m going through the Runner/Chaser phase. I gather I’m the chaser (she left). I know I should be the “rock” in this but I’m failing and I seem to be making things worse. I’m so torn between holding what’s killing me or letting go and feeling like I’m dying just the same. I’ve been trying to go through my meditation and clearing but it’s failing. Or better said, I’m failing myself. I don’t what to do at this point. I’m hoping someone can help me either figure out to make this work, or help me forget.

  26. My problem is I went to many different psychics in search of answers and I got a variety of different answers. The first one told me that I was meant to be with my guy and that we are twin flames. I paid her a boatload of money and within weeks was starting to see results. Unfortunately I could not afford to keep paying her as she was getting to be more and more expensive with each phase of the work so I had to stop seeing her since I could not afford it.

    Shortly after I stopped seeing her I noticed that the results from the beautiful work she had accomplished came to a stop and things started to go sour again. After falling into a deep depression I went to a different psychic for a 2nd opinion. She assured me that twin flames do not exist and that the 1st psychic was simply trying to take a run for my money. That was an answer I did not like hearing so I went to 3rd psychic who tells me she is a twin flame expert and that she believes although the 1st psychic had good intentions it doesn’t seem like she was a twin flame expert and that me and the guy are not meant to be twin flames at all.

    So here I am now. A mess I know which goes against everything you have posted in the article but I have officially hit rock bottom and I want to make my way back up again. I love this man and I know I have that gut feeling that he is my twin flame which is weird because he stole almost $1000 from my bank account (that’s another story) but anyways I just don’t know who or what to believe anymore. I just want things to be alright and work out for me in the end. Any advice you can give me? I would greatly appreciate it. This guy and I are currently not on good speaking terms he left me for this other guy who I do not like at all. He also blocked all my social media accounts.


  27. Cassady, You are an amazing soul. I can’t emphasize this enough. Every single time, for the past 10 months that my twin and I have been in union and have gone through some internal thought process, that would be me going through the thoughts. Going to spirit and coming back with answers. The very next morning you post exactly what the situation was and how you dealt with it. Every time it has confirmed what result happened in my journey. Same today. I am so grateful for you and your blog and posts. You have been my guide on this journey and have always been directly on point. I want you to know how thankful, grateful and appreciative I am that you are who you are and do what you do. Words can’t express the feelings. So, THANK YOU

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