Opening To The Light That Dwells Within. Did You Realize How Close You Were To Divine Perfection All Along? Discover The Keys To Being An “Illumined Twin Flame”…

In today’s article I’ll be sharing some insights to help you open to a state of being an Illumined Twin Flame – and thereby alchemizing your bond and uplift into true divine love.

No matter what’s happened before.

To open the door to a higher state, illumination. To step back into remembrance and align with the true light of your Twin Flame bond – eternal, brilliant, perfect.

Opening To Divine Love

So what is this all about? Some Twin Souls journey together as “enlightened beings”, meaning that they are living and interacting from a higher state of consciousness.

Illumined Twin Flames are those who have released the limited human belief systems and have returned to the unconditional love and freedom of the soul.

The amazing thing is, this is within reach for every single Twin Flame, and their counterpart. It is always within us.

Why Illumination Is EASY

It’s actually just a matter of brushing off the “dust”, the “debris”, the “coating” of what HUMAN life put onto us – all the stuff that was OUT of resonance with love.

(Watch a brief video that explains it, here)

Removing layers of judgment, conflict patterns and separation programming – to reveal the true light of the soul that was there all along.

I help you with this in the Free Twin Flame Help Kit here – including a guided energy journey to cleanse your chakras, aura and infuse with new light, and a session to open the bond between you and your Twin on the soul planes.


“Whenever I do your energy clearing meditation my Twin texts me just as it’s ended. It truly has opened up the connection.” – Taz R.

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7 Keys To Embracing Your Soul’s Mastery – Being An Illumined Twin Flame

#1) You Are Always Guided And Supported
– Uncertainty is a Lesson to Trust

On this journey it’s common to have periods where we feel in limbo, unprotected, unsure of what to do and what to expect… To *trust* is in many ways our only real option at those times, and that can be terrifying. It’s also a deep spiritual lesson.

To be in a situation where the only thing we can do, is to let go and open up.

This is above all about trust in our souls, our higher wisdom, and in the universe.

This can be a major breakthrough – however, there are blocks to this ending “well”. Belief systems where “life is hard” or “love hurts” are key, are big stumbling blocks we’re forced to confront in these situations. Otherwise they will torture us unnecessarily.

So ask yourself, are you able to trust that things can work out?

Do you really believe life can be so good that the universe helps you, that you live “happily ever after”? If not, it’s based in energy programming taken on from the world.

Those “virus programs” will only keep hurting you and blocking out the reunion and happiness you desire – so get to grips with clearing them once and for all now to open up to your dreams.

Above all, when things feel confusing, when the future looks uncertain – stop thinking. Stop trying to see the way there with your MIND and your HUMAN self.

Instead, tap into your intuition – which is your soul silently speaking to you. It will always work to guide you, and it is always in touch with the greater oneness, the universe and your highest purpose. But you must make the time to listen. To go within.


I take you through this in the Oneness Code Activation, cleansing out karmic negativity to open to a higher state and more.

“Wow! Cassady thank you. This was the most powerful session I have ever done. I felt like I was walking on air all day afterwards. You are transforming my life in the most divine way possible.” – Shay B, Melbourne, Australia

#2) You’re Not Just One Person, You Are “One Soul in Two Bodies” – Exploring The Unconscious

Twin Flames always have an unconscious bond deep down, like two cities bridged deep below by the same river flowing through both.

This is how we receive dreams of each other, but not just because we WANT to. It’s how songs show up about what they’re feeling, and why they may get a sense that you’re angry with them.

It’s the UNconscious bond. The fact that when we go deep down, there are no boundaries between Twins, and when we go high up, there are no boundaries. It’s only on the physical human plane that we seem separate.

Complicating factors to the unconscious Twin Flame bond are childhood wounds. They tend to cause blocks. They cause fear of opening up.

Early life experiences of not feeling taken care of, supported, are coming up. The FEELING memories of not being safe or not being able to trust others.

These are unconscious to us, so most often express as anger, panic, restlessness… Healing deeper wounds from infancy, before we consciously understood our experiences, is such a powerful thing on the Twin Flame journey.


I take you through a deep dive technicolor journey past the ego mind’s resistance and into the unconscious in the Higher Heart Transformation Session – we interact with your Twin’s innermost self and receive messages from them, and more…

#3) The Challenge Of Mastery –
Your Soul Is Waiting

Your Soul is infinitely capable, perfect and well and balanced. Your soul and your Twin’s soul are always bonded by love. On the soul level there is no conflict, no running, no hardship.

There is a way to align with and open to your soul’s version of events – the higher reality where union and love is easy and effortless.

Look inside and ask yourself:
Do you trust *yourself* above all? Do you believe that you are capable of making those things happen no matter what? Do you believe that Unity is the truth and that your Twin is meant to be with you and you with them?

If not, there is some inner work to be done.

Especially because the Twin Flame mirror will keep projecting fear and dissonance back to you if you yourself are feeling uneasy within.

Remember that your soul is infinite. Your human identity has “tricked” you into feeling that you are in danger, that bad things can happen, that you are not able to manifest your dream come true…

If you feel you need some help to step into your soul’s power once more, or perhaps for the first time in your life – have a look here.


“Thank you so much Cassady! This has truly been a life changer!!”  – Rebecca B.

#4) You Have The Map
– Moving To Unity

The truth is, you have the map inside already – it is coded into your being. Twin Flame union isn’t something you have to chase for on the outside. It’s already in you.

You have the wisdom. It’s just been covered by layers of energetic congestion, limiting beliefs and other baggage the world gave you as you were growing up.

Ultimately, you are your own authority once you learn how to to tap into it. (To reach back to that, my advice is to start clearing your energy system.)

I grew up around beliefs that made me feel it was hopeless to ever be happy, that romance was a lie – all the major blocks to unity. But I was guided that it could change, if I wanted. If I chose to change.

My own journey completely transformed as I shifted and cleared my energy, and within a short time my journey blossomed beyond anything I could ever have expected.

And after I began sharing my energy methods with other Twins, I’ve heard from thousands whose journey have uplifted and harmonized too (read some of their testimonials here).

Learn more about my experiences and how I was guided started the site and create these resources here.


#5) We Made A Soul Contract –
To Challenge Each Other to Grow

I was recently shown by spirit that the Twin Flames made an agreement before being born on Earth. We agreed to forget one another in order to push our souls’ evolution and expand and grow as much as possible.

So the remembrance is buried deep for most Twins, and often we live decades without even knowing we have a Twin. When Twin Flame Recognition hits, however, there is no doubt in either soul.

We also agreed we would push each other to grow and learn – and this is why our Twin Flame is often the most challenging person we encounter in life.

Above all, because they are teaching us about UN-conditional love and forgiveness.

I explain more about this and how to handle it in “The Real Reason Why Your Twin Flame Hurt You”

#6) Impatience Means There Are Misunderstandings
– Using Your Power Against Yourself

This is a point many Twin Flames struggle with along the journey – impatience.

The spiritual truth is, you can manifest WHATEVER you desire, WHENEVER you desire. That is your soul’s power and Free Will. On the soul planes, manifestation is instant.

So to your soul, it’s no big deal to maneuver around time, realities and conditions.

In other words, when you get into impatience it’s a sign you’ve been allowing human beliefs to “infect” your process. The solution? Re-align with infinity and your soul.

Know that there are no limits. You don’t have to wait, in truth. Sure, sometimes more behind the scenes adjustments are needed to show up your desire, but your soul is an expert at making things happen.

Time is in many ways a paradox. When we push, and get into the feeling that there’s not enough time, our perception and experience of it tends to speed up. We experience more of NOT having enough time. Time seems to move very quickly.

On the contrary, when we are yearning for change, wanting things to speed up, to happen now – and are frustrated with how slow things are, we do the opposite.

Our focus on slowness, means we slow down our experience of time, creating time seemingly moving EVEN slower, change happening EVEN less quickly.

When you’re in this situation, know it is a lesson of mastery. Use time consciously. Approach your journey KNOWING that your focus affects your experiences. Be in your soul’s power.

If you want faster change, work to stay in a high vibration so that it can reach you more easily. Act like time doesn’t matter. ATTRACT the change by being in ALIGNMENT. Work to be happy NOW, instead of focusing on how things aren’t changing fast enough.

Divine timing means things happen when we are in alignment, a match to our desire. So to show things up faster, embrace your power to impact reality and shape the world. I take you through that, plus embodying the codes of unconditional love and more here.

twin flame session

“This is just magical and I’m moved to tears…This huge block between us just dissolved in a snap and we are now closer than ever before! It’s like a miracle just happened before my very eyes.” – Laurent C. Paris, France

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#7) Time of Miracles
– The World Is Changing To Come Up And Meet Us

So many twin flames are ancient souls with advanced mastery of matter and creation. Magicians, in the true spiritual meaning of the word.

We’re in a time of immense shifts for the collective and for earth itself right now, and it means we are being challenged to create our desires despite any outer challenges.

You really have the power to. We can uplift our own journey and the whole by CHOOSING and VISIONING and INTENDING and REACHING for and INVITING in the highest version of love, of reality, of existence.

You have the “recipe” inside you. If you are longing for more, it’s your soul trying to invite it in. Remember, use your intention to invite in the highest.

Don’t ever settle for less. Miracles are never out of reach.

Read more about the immense changes happening in the earth’s own ascension in “Divine Mission Activating – What if you were here to help save the planet”


Remember nothing is impossible on this path. Think back to your awakening, to your first Twin Flame experiences and the “proof” is all there. That nothing is truly impossible. That existence, and love, is so much more than most people think.

Most Twins are faced with this from the beginning. Where else can we find so many stories of the beyond normal, of telepathy, of remote touch, of emotional attunement between people who might be meeting in person for the first time?

It is in our power to make this a time of “miracles”. Aim high, and you open up to results beyond what people would ever have thought possible.

Do you feel that you’ve reached a state of illumination?
When on this journey have you felt most like your soul self/an experience of unconditional love?

Comment below to inspire other Twins and share so we get the “map” out there!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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“Cassady, Your tools have continued to be a direct link to my healing. Thank you for the love and continued information. Your tools have helped me more than anything I’ve done to heal my karma and pain. Love to you “

– Karen, Arkansas, USA

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