twin-flames-mars-retrograde Navigating Ego, Separation, Sexual Imbalances And More…  Heightened Focus On Masculine Twin Flame – Divine Metamorphosis. Are You Allowing The Highest Transformation?

These next few months we face one of the year’s most anticipated cosmic events – Mars Retrograde.

Mars is moving retrograde until January and over his own shadow terrain until March, so it’s worth getting informed so you don’t get pulled off track or into unnecessary struggle and conflict.

So today I wanted to provide a guide to all Twin Flames about what’s REALLY going on!

A Mars Retrograde Guide For Twin Flames

 This is above all a time when big shifts can happen! But it may trigger challenges.

In this article you’ll get answers to questions like:

– What can you expect from this 3 month long Mars Retrograde period?

– How will your Twin connection be affected?

– What’s the divine purpose of this time and process?

– What do you have to watch out for?

– How can you best navigate this intense period?


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Mars Retrograde 2022-23 – What You Need To Know, Key Info

– Mars Retrograde 2023 is from October 30th to January 15th (but he will be going over the “shadow terrain” of the retrograde until late March)

– Mars is the “ruler” of the Masculine polarity (particularly biological males) and the star sign Aries.

– Mars Retrograde involves a purge/upgrade of the solar plexus chakra (read more here) and the astral body templates, including karma

– Mars Retrograde also brings a purge, release and upgrade in the Masculine collective (with a focus on biological males)

– Old ego patterns, identities, outworn behaviors, programming are being purged, particularly in the Masculine Twin. Ego (“the small/constructed human self”) is being challenged

Hold The Vision!

Males, Masculine dominants and Aries natives may be EXTRA triggered or difficult or distant seeming in this period.

This is due to the purge of old negativity or limitation their soul is pushing for, in order to ascend into a higher state.

The deeper purpose of this whole period is to help us cleanse out the old outworn identities and dynamics, so we can rise higher into love and unity.

So if things are challenging, hold the vision of your counterpart’s highest self. Remember who they REALLY are, their soul. Work to see the Ego defenses, reactions and negativity for what it is, a “mask”.

And if you’re the person it’s affecting most, try to be non-judgmental with yourself.

Take the journey day by day, journal on your feelings and thoughts, go within and take time to meditate or relax your mind, and cleanse out any negativity that comes up.

(Read more here).


Preparing For A Higher Self “Takeover”

You can do so much to help your Masculine Twin at this time, to clear this old baggage and collective negativity which is working to be released.

Because unfortunately, when someone acts on old patterns they can’t leave. They’ll keep calling them back.

But when you work with their higher self, you can assist them from behind the scenes in a smooth way that brings them closer to you, instead of ego pushing you apart.

Have a look here for more info. (This will also swiftly clear out the deeper basis for any separation based issues like conflict, anger, ghosting, blame, resentment, sexual infidelity and more)


“I have been doing (the Oneness Activation) every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my twin was in is over and I know it is because of this …I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…x” – Diane

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What To Watch Out For During Mars Retrograde!

– Triggering of conflict, anger, rage, aggression, sexual issues, irritation, impatience

– Power battles, arguments, sexual imbalances are likely

– Setbacks, mistakes, delays, opposition from others, challenges. Feeling like the universe isn’t supporting you. For Twins this may involve a counterpart who’s being particularly “difficult”.

– Can bring digestive issues, problems with sleep as these are ruled by the solar plexus/Mars’ domain. Again, healing and clearing your chakras will be immensely helpful!

– Some people feel more tired, hopeless, uninspired and lacking in energy (as the solar plexus is being “tuned up” and this is where we process life force energy)

– Bad/strange dreams or astral experiences can happen, mostly due to karmic/past life content being stirred up

– Don’t just hope the negativity will go away, it’s coming up for a reason! Clear it, and you’ll benefit for the long run. I take you through this here, ask yourself what you feel most drawn to – that’s your intuition, your soul speaking to you about what’s needed for you.


Karmic Connections Ending?

As mentioned, Mars retrograde brings a purge of the Solar plexus and karmic patterns. It’s tempting to think this means karmic connections will be resolved or end.

But it can in fact, reinforce them if the persons involved aren’t aware or conscious enough.

Because a karmic pattern is so deep that it stays with us unless we clear it – otherwise we keep “calling it back” automatically. It’s like a tape stuck in a loop.

So do what you can to work with your Twin on a higher level in this period. You’ll see MAJOR results as the cosmic energies are working WITH you, says spirit.

Have a look here for more on how to approach this work with an Unawakened or Runner Twin.


How Do People Tend To React?

Separation programming is processed in the Solar plexus (read more here). Therefore triggering of separation can happen for Twins. Clear this 3D programming to open to unity

– If running/chasing/separation issues arise, know that it’s due to latent programming and energy blocks being stirred up by the retrograde

– Action, ambitions and plans may need reevaluating

– The astral planes are stirred up, negative cords brought to the surface, including negative consciousness (read more in class 2, 4 and 8 here).


– Power issues, helplessness, victimhood or domineering, controlling attitudes can flare up.

– Push for introspection and getting to know ourselves. Blocks and setbacks now are either due to negative programming or a push to go within.

–  Many Masculine dominant people can react strongly under this influence as they instinctively feel a part of themselves, their libido, their sense of power, is “missing”.

– Some people over-act on sexual conquests, trying to prove themselves, engaging with ego battles. Again, because they feel like something is “missing”.

(If someone has this need to “prove themselves” on the outside, it shows an inner lack, and therefore inner child healing is truly powerful in this period. Have a look here as I take you through it and we help your Twin’s inner child too.)

Dream Experiences Stirred up

Spirit points out again that the astral realm is associated with the solar plexus – this is how we bridge to the astral dimension.

This profoundly affects the Twin Flame connection because so many of us interact astrally.

If you’ve felt your Twin with you in bed, if you meditate “together” or dream of being together, it’s nearly always happening on the astral plane, which is adjacent to the “3D regular” physical!

Disruptions In Twin Flame “Non-Physical” Togetherness

So this time can bring disruptions in “non-physical togetherness”. Be aware of this, so you don’t get stressed out that they’re not seemingly there, or that you think it wasn’t maybe your real Twin…

Dream activity can tend to become chaotic or extra busy, karmic issues from past lives are often brought to the surface.

Again remember it’s all happening in order to get you to release it and open into a higher state, and opening to physical unity. So make sure you do your inner work. Go to your Twin’s higher self and they’ll help you with this.

What NOT To Do During Mars Retrograde

– Don’t freak out if there’s a change in your sexual connection or desire for your Twin. Or vice versa. It’s because of the retrograde stirring up lower debris.

– Don’t make assumptions until this period is over. Don’t rush. Don’t get frustrated.

– Don’t jump back in with an ex unless you’re absolutely sure it’s right for you.

– Don’t feed into fear about your Twin being with someone else, remember it gets pushed onto them and only reinforces the chances it will happen. (Read more in “Why The Twin Flame Journey Is An Inside Job”).

– Don’t launch into new projects without being certain or doing your research now. Similarly, don’t give up on what you’ve been wanting. Everything is stirred up right now.

– Don’t engage with power battles, dishonest or karmically imbalanced behavior, anger or blame. You’ll only get more of the same.

– The universe is “saying” – we’re learning by FORCE and outside OPPOSITION to understand that ONENESS is the truth. We are all connected. Sending hatred, anger, blame to someone else is merely pushing it onto yourself.

Stay Out Of Separation Triggers

In order to avoid problems in your connection, especially if you’re not together right now, make sure you clear the 3D ego programming that’s causing the negativity.

Your Twin’s soul will work with you to make this happen, because on the higher level they want to be together and experience true love, not physical world toxic connections.

Go here to learn more.

People who are in a state of inner harmony won’t find this time particularly troublesome but for those who have ego issues and low vibrational programming, it’s set to bring hiccups and challenges.

Again, separation programming is processed and stored in the solar plexus, so will likely be triggered between Twins in this period.

It doesn’t mean you’ll go your separate ways but if you FEEL separate or judgment, blame and resentment comes up… THAT is what’s going on. Again, don’t let it fester. Clear it.

Mars Retrograde Solutions, Tips

– Take a look at how you assert yourself. Don’t let the ego realm drag you in, unless you want more of the same. Be willing to forgive, in order to move forward. Not all battles are worth it.

– Remember “worry/anger/resentment is using your energy to create something you don’t want”. If struggling, clear your energy, journal, meditate, use (non competitive) exercise to process.

– Do your inner work, confront shadows, clear, uplift and heal so you gain a more positive position for the future!

– This is a peak time for triggering, BUT also a great time to clear what’s been holding you back!

– Recommended Twin Flame session for Mars Retrograde:

Remember During Mars Retrograde

– Don’t bottle up your feelings – express them in healthy ways. Exercise, creativity, journalling and more help.

– If your relationship has lost its spark at the moment, remember, it’s only temporary.

– Sometimes it’s best to walk away (for now). If you end up faced with confrontational people, any response could make things worse. If that’s the case, it’s best to leave.

– Energy healing and conscious inner work can transform this time from a MAJOR struggle to a time of positive expansions for the long run.

Unique For The 2022 Mars retrograde

Mars turns retrograde on 30th October and goes direct on 12th January…

But the process isn’t really over until Mars leaves the “shadow terrain” of his own retrograde in March 2023.

To sail through Mars retrograde smoothly, keep in mind this above all:

Any issues cropping up right now are due to the 3D separation programming.

It’s not really who you or they are. It’s expressions of “unconsciousness”, patterns that they’re not even aware of.

Go to your Twin’s higher self and know that they’re working to “show up” more and more in the physical.

Bridging the lower self with the divine. That’s above all, what this time is about.

It’s them, as a soul, working to become the person you’ve longed for all this time. Go within, let them guide you through this time, and you can make major strides together.


Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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