twin-flame-meeting 16 Inspiring Twin Flame Stories To Ignite Your Heart. You Never Know What Lies Just Around The Corner! Incredible Twin Flame First Encounters And Premonitions

Today’s article is very different! And it’s very close to my heart – trust me when I say your journey will look completely different after reading this…

And it’s one of those things that happened “by accident” (meaning, it’s just what so many of us need).

After I posted on Instagram the other week asking the community whether you had any indications and signs before meeting your Twin for the first time, the answers came pouring in.

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The stories were so incredible and touching. It was such a timely reminder with PROOF – that true love doesn’t care about “realism”, and the Twin Flame connection defies all odds!

Never give up!

Are You Waiting On A Reunion?

If you’ve been having a hard time lately, this is exactly what’s been wanting to reach you!

(I’m not joking when I say it’s 11:11pm as I write this – and I noticed the article ID ended up being 11112…!).

Let these stories of magical occurrences show you that love can take you by surprise any time!

You never know what’s right around the corner. Don’t lose faith!

From what I know this is the *only article of its kind* out there! I’m so excited to be sharing this – and let’s make it a resource and collection of “Twin Flame proof”!

Please comment below with YOUR stories so we can make this an amazing resource and source of inspiration and guidance together!

Did you have any signs or indications you were about to meet your Twin, before you did? What was your first encounter?

(Please keep it as concise as possible for readability – thank you!)

And if your story doesn’t sound magical or supernatural, don’t feel bad.
Above all it’s about the bond heart to heart. If you feel in your soul you are with your Twin and haven’t had that type of experience, nourish and appreciate that unique personal journey.

(Sometimes, the “supernatural aspects” of the connection can be blocked because your energy is congested – if you think that’s the case, click here to reignite and reopen to “unleash the magic”.)

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15 Inspiring Twin Flame Stories To Ignite Your Heart
– Premonitions, First Encounters, Recognition…

twin-flame-connect“Dreamt of him one day before we met. The next day I went out to find him and I did. Everything he told me in the dream was true.” – Stavroula B, Uppsala, Sweden

twin-flame-connect“I didn’t see him coming. I felt he was there, but didn’t believe in all the ‘mushy mush.’ I had moved back to home to New Orleans from CA, and my mom had been the one looking for apartments. She was pushing hard for this one place in particular and I gave in. I had lived there for maybe 2 years before discovering my local grocery store (2 blocks away) sold cheaper fresh coffee. So I started going there every day and saw him. Before I even talked to him, I knew he was either going to be a super hurtful lesson, or I was going to marry him (I was banking on the the last one). We’re getting married in November.
– Carly C, New Orleans


twin-flame-connect“Out of the blue that morning I read a message ‘come find me’ in capital letters in my third eye” – Mimi P


twin-flame-connect“Seeing 11:11 and 1:11 for 3 months, then boom” – Jennifer S, Rhode Island



twin-flame-connect“My solar plexus was glowing every night for weeks until we found each other. Nothing has been the same since” – Christine



twin-flame-connect“I started seeing visions of his higher self without knowing who he was. It was a warrior man archetype, and we first met under a willow tree during a meditation I was being led on. Weeks later, I was having a shamanic energy clearing done and I got a flash image of the warrior and then his face. We met that night, and I saw he had a huge bear tattooed on his chest, the inner part of the face (between the eyes and nose) is a white tree. Both of our psychic powers unlocked that night. Looking into his eyes feels like coming home. Feels like seeing myself for the first time. Reunited at last.” – Abby M, New York City

twin-flame-connect“Saw a vision of him while travelling India, but aspects of him have been present in others for as long as I remember. We finally met at a party on 11/11 which was heralded by a strange dream of climbing an ancient tower staircase – I knew my life was going to change forever.” – Jacqui S

twin-flame-connect“I always knew my match was out there somewhere, but I was not expecting him at that specific time. I was so not focused on a romantic relationship at that time or even meeting anyone. 15 years ago I joined a church in my city and a few months after joining he came up behind me, tapped me on my shoulder and asked me where his hug was. I turned ready with a smart comeback, but when I saw his face I felt like I found home in his eyes. We didn’t fully understand it then and quite frankly I spent a lot of years feeling crazy. I know now that our meeting at that time was the beginning of an awakening for us.”
– LuzCelenia

twin-flame-connect“I kept seeing 11:11 on television in the morning every day, then I had the same dream three times about this mystery boy (we were in our teens) that I’ve never met. The last thing was I felt a feeling of newness and I didn’t know why. I found out it was because I was going to meet him through work. I had just gotten a brand new job and I was taking care of his grandmother. I knew it was him when he pulled out pictures of him from his younger years. In those pictures was one of the teen I kept seeing in my dream. I was absolutely floored and he ended up changing my whole being” – anonymous

“I had a dream about meeting my TF a few months btwin-flame-connectefore he actually came into my life” – Lauren B, Edinburgh

twin-flame-connect“I Knew something was about to happen in my life but wasn’t prepared for the electric jolt! I had divorced and took a job at a small gift/smoke shop in a town I didn’t know. November 2004 I was cashing out a long line of customers and suddenly the front door opened and in bolted this being that just took my breath away!!! Our eyes locked instantly. My body began to vibrate but back then I wasn’t awake yet… Our 2nd meeting was more of an energetic meeting. I had my back to the door filling shelves, he greeted me, and keep in mind I couldn’t see who it was! My legs became liquid and I had to hold onto the shelf so I wouldn’t fall! I heard a voice so loud and booming that at that time I understood to be ‘God’ say to me “what are you waiting for? Turn around – this is the One you’ve been searching for”. It felt like I’d been holding onto that shelf for support for a long time but it was actually seconds. I Knew that whoever was behind me greeting me was going to change my life forever…and he has and it’s been a beautifully turbulent ride! When I turned and saw it was the same person as the previous day…I KNEW I already loved him. I thought that was crazy! How could I have those feelings for someone I didn’t know?! Trust me when I say… All of my old beliefs have gone out the window!!!”
– MaryJo M

twin-flame-connect“A few months ago, in my meditation.. I felt this giant giant opening of my heart chakra.. And I felt this electric connection.. like electricity between my heart n my twins.. in energy. His higher self.. and i knew it was him. Will never forget that moment.” – Dhara V, Mumbai, India

twin-flame-connect“I always felt that I was destined for a beautiful love. Ever since I was a young child. I always had a huge romantic heart. I met my twin flame at a liquor store. She was the cashier. She had such a familiar presence. My soul felt like “Oh, there you are” but my mind was confused on where I’ve seen her before. My twin and I both tried to figure it out. I can still remember her gaze. Her beautiful blue eyes. She look at my pendant on my necklace that was a personal symbolic image that I created in childhood. She said my symbol looked familiar, that she’d seen it before. It was uncanny there would be no way of her to have seen it before we met. The fact that such a personal image to me for years seemed so familiar to her, was to me one of hallmarks that lead me to awaken to that she is my twin flame.” – Matthew C, Richmond, Virginia

twin-flame-connect“21 years ago this March. Did not see it coming but knew that there was a ‘missing piece’ to my soul. The moment I heard my TF’s name before being physically introduced, I felt my heart chakra open so profoundly. Once we met in person there was instant recognition…a coming home. It was like someone had opened a window and let the warm beautiful sunshine and cool breeze in. Life. Changing. Can still feel it today and am filled with appreciation.” – Barbara J

twin-flame-connect“My first encounter with my twin was with his higher self in dreams and visions as a teenager. I would feel that energy so strongly and deeply that I really believed he existed. I remember encountering him in a few dreams which were so blissful and magical that they couldn’t have happened in this dimension. I met my twin first in my college internship. He was my mentor. He fell in love with me at first sight while I didn’t recognize him. I felt really intimidated by him and we both went on to to marry different people. Nothing happened then. He never got me out of his mind and we reconnected a few years later but I had no inkling of what awaited me. I was utterly surprised at how intensely and quickly we fell in love with each other. ‘Lovers are in each other all along’ is how we felt. His aura was exactly the same as my vision and hugging him felt like home from the start. When we first kissed. It was like being transported to space, I literally could see stars and space with my eyes closed. My energy underwent such a change that I felt churning in my solar plexus for days. It was nothing short of magic and made me realize how we can get caught up in static and energy as what I thought about him and how I felt around him were diametrically opposite! We have been together since seven years. Extremely eventful and an intense roller coaster. We were even separated for a year in between but we are together :)” – anonymous

twin-flame-connect“I had visions of him since I was a child and he grew up with me always (spiritually). I even drew pictures of him. But I let go of him because I thought that he wasn’t true or real. Not until when the feeling of him came back like a familiar breeze, I told myself, he must be real. At 20 years old, I had this strong urge to go to the cherry blossom festival around this time I was really comfortable with myself and found solitude as peace instead of misery and loneliness.  When I got there I found myself staring at him from afar with his back turned toward me. Throughout the festival I didn’t see him until we went inside of a shop. Him and I were alone in an aisle. I didn’t notice that he was in front of me until I looked up and we made eye contact. My heart screamed when I saw him! It said, “it’s him, it’s him. OMG it’s him!” I had no clue what that meant but I got stunned. I couldn’t move. The moment we shared seem so long yet it must had been only a couple of seconds in real time. … He is the reason why I am reawakened to twin flames and remember it for eternity” – Latana X, Hawaii

I Want To Hear From You!

I really hope you found this inspiring! Nothing is impossible on this journey.

Twin Flame love doesn’t operate in terms of “normal” or “realistic” – don’t ever let the “regular world” deter you.

(If you’re feeling a little disheartened you’ve not experienced such “supernatural” magical expressions of the connection, have a look at this, which will activate those higher dimensional aspects of your connection).

twin flame awakening

And remember to comment below with your story:
***What signs and indications did you have just before meeting your Twin for the first time?***

(For more on this subject, have a look at “Signs Of Impending Twin Flame Reunion – How To Know If Separation Is At An End”.)

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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