twin-flame-missionCalling All Twin Flames – Activation Of A New Era. In The Midst Of Darkness, Light Is Reigniting. Are You Ready?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed these last two years, our whole world is in a period of massive transformations and shifts.

I know it can be scary, but there are actually key developments happening that are designed to help more Twins reunite!

Today I’ve been guided to share a message with info on what’s really going on, on a deeper level, including new revelations about the Twin Flame mission, and how it ties into the planet’s own ascension.

And, to channel a resource specifically to support you through this immense “changing of worlds” we are experiencing on the planet in this period…

Collective Shift Into Unity Consciousness

As you’ve probably seen, the energy shifts are causing turmoil in our world as change works to come forth.

We have had so much instability and challenge these last few years, but spiritually it is a part of the Ascension and Awakening process for the planet and society.

The shift from the so-called “3D” into “5D” – meaning, a transition out of the heavy energies and consciousness of opposition, separation, karmic debt and conflict…

And into unity consciousness, based in love. A lighter and more high vibrational “world”.

Truly, a new energy state or “reality” which will become beneficial to all.

But while this transition is happening, the old grids are being stirred up and it’s causing much disruption – as you’ve seen. Old density is “purging”, just like we as individuals experience this on our journey of awakening.

What It Means For Twin Flames…

The purpose is a planetary awakening into a higher state, a new unity based existence.

It may not be easy right now, but this is amazing news for Twin Flames long term – as the collective reality opens to be a match with Twin Flame Unity in the physical more and more.

But while this is happening it can feel extremely challenging and disheartening as the old negativity comes up.

So today’s article is all about how to deal with this, what your role is as a Twin Flame in this, plus a resource to help you anchor in the higher new states with as much ease as possible.

Your soul’s request to diffuse fear and phase out the karmic 3D reality – for your Twin Flame connection, for your highest good and for the highest good of all…

An Unprecedented Time In History – Calling All Lightworkers…

As you’ve probably already seen and read online, we’re in an unprecedented time in history.

As the world is swept up in fear, those who came here as emissaries of light (Twin Flames and other lightworkers) are being called on.

(Have you been seeing 11:11 and 144 or 0144? This is what is being signalled to you!)

Because right now we have the opportunity to powerfully activate the planet’s own Ascension into a higher state. To assist in the evolution of consciousness.

To usher in a higher reality…

Which then supports your journey of reunion and unlocks a higher state between you and your counterpart.

So to help you fuel up with support, love and strength and activate the next stage in the planet’s ascension, I have been guided to share a channeled session with you, specifically for this consciousness shift.

The Oneness Field Of Souls – We Are All In This Together

This was brought forth, as this is such a key time for the energies and evolution of the planet.

How we choose now, decides whether the world stays stuck in separation consciousness – which makes it very hard for Twins to reunite in a lasting way… Or, if we rise into unity – which helps strongly pave the way for love reunions in the “real world”.

Right now, you and I and everyone in this community have the chance to make a big difference for everyone – including ourselves.

In this session we go through multiple activations of your system, shielding and protection, including uplifting the planetary grids, opening to the “new era” higher reality which is the physical world match to what you have been asking for – oneness.

(Click here for more)

Twin Flame Reunion Intrinsically Connected With Humanity’s Evolution

Spirit reveals very unexpectedly, that the Twin Flame dynamic is something that was “designed” deliberately and is key to this whole process.

That a reason Twin Flames chose to divide as souls, was to create such an unbearable urge to reunite that we would pray for help… and long for true love… over and over…

Thereby inviting in solutions…

Inviting in with Free Will, from earth, new higher energy light codes and templates.

Which help bring this new reality of unity online – helping to shift humanity out of the old negative paradigms…

Out of the repeated struggle, conflict and suffering and into a higher state – oneness, love.

Why Love Is The Answer

We are shown that Twin Flames’ reunion and humanity’s evolution in consciousness are intrinsically connected. That’s why they call us lightworkers.

When we support the whole, we reap back the physical world uplifting we are calling out for. Because the physical world becomes a match to Twin Flame Unity.

When we love, we receive love. Everything is connected.

This is a crucial aspect of the mission.

This is why, in most cases, one Twin is “unawakened” and one spiritually attuned, so that the other will pull them up.

Uniting not only the two lovers from “above and below”, but bridging higher consciousness with the “lower”.

Paving a direct path to the “new era” or “new earth”.

To download the new Golden Light Infusion And Activation Session, click here.


“I did your Golden Light Infusion meditation several hours ago and immediately felt calmer” – Moira (via Disqus)

“As an empath I’ve been feeling the collective fear and negative energy daily and it’s been so strong! Since doing this meditation I’ve felt so much at peace. I’m already feeling that guidance is incoming” – Wendy (via Disqus)

“It’s amazing, I could feel and see the golden, glowing crown above me the whole day long, and I felt a strong, loving presence of my own Higher self, kind of like, right behind me, and above me, lifting me up. I instantly felt stronger and calmer. ” – Mein Stern (via Disqus)

(Click here to learn more)

Nature’s Own Healing Frequency – 432hz

In addition to the powerful energy work we take you through, this new channeled session is set to 432hz music, which is often called “Nature’s Healing Frequency”…

Known to ease anxiety, bring down heart rate and blood pressure, and generally have a soothing effect, promoting a sense of peace and well being, assisting the release and transmutation of negativity.

If you have been feeling on edge, stressed, fearful or as if your Twin connection has been dulled or “offline” with all of the fear around… this session will help you step into calm and re-open to love once more.

In this new session made specifically for this time, we go through:

– Calming and protecting from negativity

– Fully activating your connection to your higher self

– Releasing you from old karmic realities

– Cleansing out the static and fear brought from “darkness” rising collectively

– Shielding you and your loved ones (including your Twin)

– Infusing with golden light (the energy of support, love, being cherished and unconditionally held by source – the pure essence of wellness)

– Activating the planetary grid to assist the collective in shifting into a new timeline for humanity long term…

– Ushering in a new soul’s chapter moving you and your Twin from “lesson learning” and the 3D, into a higher state as “teacher of light” – embodying more of your higher gifts and multidimensional eternal self and taking on a new and (even) more influential role in this lifetime…

If we all join together, we can make such a big difference right now – for ourselves and for the planet as a whole. Fulfilling our mission as emissaries of light.

To take this journey with me and everyone, click here.

Thank you for choosing to be here at this crucial time in human history.

Cassady x

“Whenever I do your energy clearing meditation, my Twin Flame texts me just as it’s ended. It truly has opened up the connection.” – Taz R.

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