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Did You Know Even The Most Unawakened Twin’s Soul Is Busy Behind The Scenes Pre-Paving Meetings, Info and Timelines for the Two of You? Resolving Imbalances, 8 Spiritual Keys


Many Twin Flames are in the situation of being one of a pair where their divine complement is “running”, not open to spiritual methods, or simply not physically present to help for some reason or other…

I get so many questions about how to handle this. About why the situation is so imbalanced and why the Twin Flame connection seems to be like this – where one Twin does all the “work” while the other isn’t contributing…

I completely understand the frustrations this can cause. I’d like to remind everyone again that energy clearing tools do work for both Twins even if you’re only doing the work “for your own sake” your Twin will be impacted positively by your increased vibration.


What To Do if Your Twin Flame Is “Unawakened”

If your Twin Flame is unawakened (not spiritually conscious of their soul’s truth and the reality of your connection, or a “runner”) – I would highly recommend the channeled Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session here.

So many Twins have benefitted from this, with feedback like:

“After I did it, he messaged me! BAM! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

“I did the energy clearing and afterwards I felt telepathy after a long time. And after this session I had a dream of us together hand in hand calmly talking.” – Natasha, Serbia

The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)


twin flame awakening

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Or, you can experience energy clearing at no cost with my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames!


High Vibrational Answers To Solve the Stalemate

So now onto today’s question. As this week’s question is a complex issue and I know that this can feel like an “impossible” one to solve, I’ve asked spirit to answer with me this week.

Before we begin, Archangel Michael would like to present himself for the highest good.

He is a high vibrational energy being who works with everyone who incarnates on earth, as long as they are willing, and he oversees the Twin Flames’ journeys back to each other.

He is non-denominational, which means you don’t have to belong to a particular religion (or even be religious at all) to receive his guidance and help on your journey

As Michael is a powerful energetic presence (he often shows up as a vivid blue energy and you might see glints of blue light when he’s communicating with you), he can be in multiple places at once, so he’s never “too busy” or “occupied elsewhere” – he can always help you. You can call on him any time you need support or uplifting.

He is a very strong transmitter of energy – even if you’re not able to hear your personal guides Michael is capable of communicating very strongly.

Whenever I’ve been too congested to hear my own guides, Michael has “translated” for me. If you’re looking to develop your connection and even open your channel with your Twin telepathically (it’s partially the same channel being used) he is happy to ‘practice’ with you as he is able to cut through fear blocks and things that would often block your personal guides.

Be mindful that his advice and insights are always empowering and seek to be positive – he will answer what you ask but he won’t push you. Your Free Will is paramount.

Q: “My Twin Flame Never Helps – Why Do I Have To Do All The Work?”


“Dear everyone,

Thank you for being here! Thank you for your questions. I want you all to know that your communication, questions, prayers and requests are an invaluable part of the process – when you tell us what you need and want, we can send you solutions to your questions, we can funnel more energy into resolving any issues you may be facing.

So please keep praying, keep asking, keep making requests. Don’t forget your role as co-creators of this journey, but by all means, do not feel you are alone with any burdens. We are only so happy to take them from you if needs be.

This particular question is very pertinent.

At this now moment there are thousands of Twin Souls and Lightworkers out in the world wondering about and being frustrated about this very question – Why is it all on me? Why am I the one being asked to do all of this? Why can’t it be done for me? Why am I not receiving more help?

This is a multilayered situation, and I ask you to please bear with me as we open up to the core of the issue.

Old World Programming

Firstly, recognize that this very question and situation is rooted in a separation mentality. It is in itself a sign that you are still carrying old world programming from the third dimensional reality – where it’s you versus me, them versus us, women versus men, one person separate from another…

The fact that you are raising this issue allows us to pinpoint how important this shift is. The new realm you are creating, of unity, joy and harmony – has no room for conflict and separation.

Now, I am not chastising you but understand that it is a gift that your question has revealed a deeper issue. Something you can address in order to move into increased joy and love.

When you open up to the new fifth dimensional higher vibration unity consciousness you will begin to realize this. There is always balance, it is how the universe is created.

So although you may be doing all the work in one situation, you will receive your “payback” in another situation – in some way at some point. This is how the universe works. So know, that if you are on a down slope now, it will come back up.

The Universe Seeks To Balance Everything

Nothing ever goes unadjusted. This is why the energy currents on earth are in constant flux, it is because things seek their natural balance. As you shift out of the old consciousness programming that has been embedded in you by the human world, clear it, purge it, release it… You open up to balance.

By releasing the feelings of frustration in this situation, you allow your “return on investment” to show up from the universe.

You begin to open up to the deeper truth of who you are as a spiritual being. One. One with the universe, one with your divine complement, one with everything that stands.

When you embrace unity consciousness you come to realize that the world the way you perceive it with your eyes and ears and body, is an illusion.

When you lift up into this way of being, it will in time cease to matter to you who does what, when, because you will feel in your very being that it will ultimately be in balance. That things have a purpose. And you will either do things from a place of joy, or not at all.

What Is Your Deeper Intention?

In fact, this is a theme of learning for the whole collective right now – that it’s not so much about what you do but what intention you do it from.

As an example, you can clean your house with a smile on your face and make it a joy, or you can clean your house from a place of obligation and resentment. These choices are more yours than you think.

So to answer you in a practical way: If you feel your relationship with your Twin soul is imbalanced, here are a few things you can do to adjust this situation:



Adjust your mindset and your intention, as this in itself will shift your energy field to invite in more help. If you need to have a break so you’re not “up against the wall” of the situation, please do so.

Take some time to just focus on yourself – at least set that intention when and if you do the work, you’re doing it for *you*.

The “martyrdom syndrome” many human beings have, only serves to reinforce the negatives. Those who give, give, give and never get back – it is because of the energetic intention, a skewed pattern.

To give from a place of joy, or to love from a place of joy, will never lead to resentment that the gesture or work isn’t being returned. Giving and loving from a place of plenty, makes you open to receiving back.



Make sure you ask your Twin Flame’s higher self to step in, to assist you in your positive work to clear your energies and to come back together. Oftentimes they are just waiting for you to ask.



Let go of polarity and separation consciousness – know that the universe seeks balance, and that as long as you open up, you will receive the help and the support you’re needing and wanting.

Even if your Twin Flame isn’t ready or able to give it to you yet, please know that the universe will find some way of relieving you of the pressure and the burden of feeling you’re alone in this. Help and support will come.


Have you always been the “giver”, never the “receiver”? Have you always worked hard while others let you do all the work? These patterns of imbalance often go back to childhood.

Meditate on your inner child and ask them how they feel. You might realize that this is an energetic imbalance the two of you can release and resolve once you become aware of it. And once you release the pattern, you clear the energetic deadlock that’s kept you in a situation of not receiving the help you desire.

As long as you believe you’re on your own, unfortunately this is the signal you’re sending out and receiving back more of – sometimes people block help from arriving because their energy field is entrenched with this pattern.


Remember that you and your Twin Soul are one. Polarity and separation consciousness is a core pattern the Twin Souls chose to experience – in order to understand the human experience, move past it and lift the planet into love.

You and your Twin Soul are one – know that it is the human belief system that’s been ingrained in you that is causing you and so many other Twins to focus on the discrepancies, the disagreements, the difficulties.

As you are One, you are always helping yourself.


Know also that the Twin Soul connection is a metaphysical one above all. Your earthly experiences are a mere fraction of what truly goes on.


Behind the scenes, your Twin Soul is assisting you each and every step of the way, pre-paving and building timelines for you to come together, creating the astral spaces where you meet in dreams, making the connections that bring you the information that will get you together in the physical…


Things are not as they seem from the outside. Even the most “unawakened” of human beings are involved in parallel soul plane activities.



You always have the choice. No one will force anything upon you. You are allowed to choose for yourself. Once you step into that truth, any clearing and Ascension work you do will come from a different perspective. A different intention.

Any time you choose do anything in life from this point onwards – whether it is enjoyable or not – affirm to yourself “I choose to do this”. “This is my choice”.

You are now sending out a completely different energy signal, you are now subverting stress and struggle into empowerment. It really is that powerfully simple, energetically.



You may have been told you have a “mission” on earth as a Twin Flame or Lightworker. This can add to the feeling of pressure. Let me tell you this once and for all – your “mission” is to be as much *you* as you can be, as joyous and as blissful as possible.

Because when you are radiating your light, when you are shining with joy – your light and energy lift up the whole world around you. You being truly happy, you following your bliss – that is the key.

You will never be asked by the higher realms to do anything that leads you away from your happiness. Keep this in mind at all times. The “mission” is simply to be you, happily.

I am so joyous to share this with you because I am aware of the weight that the word “mission” holds in your world.

Throw that burden aside because you are immaculately positively able to help by just being you. That is how you radiate light that helps everyone around you, without you having to physically lift a finger. That is the truth of the “mission”, the joy of it.

Lastly, I would like you to know that I am always there to lend a helping hand or to listen if you need to unload your burdens. Call on Archangel Michael of the Light, and I will be with you instantaneously. You will recognize my guidance as being focused on positivity, uplifting and empowerment.

Yours in light, yours in the energy of love and empowerment

Archangel Michael


PS: Please do not forget to invite your personal guides and your higher self to assist you on your journey – they need your free will permission in order to fully assist you. Write down your request on a note, and allow them to step in. You are always a co-creator on this journey and are encouraged and expected to take action to clear your energy, resolve negative patterns and uplift yourself, but your team can always step in to assist you further.”



Want more? In my channeled Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames, Archangel Michael answers 12 questions about common Twin Flame problems such as “my twin flame doesn’t want to be with me”, “what if my twin soul is married?”, “family/friends are trying to get between us” and more…

Alternatively you can try our Free Starter Kit, which contains excerpts from the full program, plus a special message from Archangel Michael about 11:11 and the awakening going on among Twin Flames all over the world right now!

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  1. Thank you Cassady.Perfect timing for me.I’ve been questioning everything,questioning whether he is really my twin,questioning my sanity,questioning the universe & questioning above all that if he is my twin why does it feel like i have to do all the work? I know its part of the journey & i know i need to dig deeper

  2. Thank you… This is powerful and I feel it’s truth, yet my challenge is and has been my awareness that not being with them in the physical plane is because of their “choice”. This hurts me that they are not “choosing” me. That it seems their free will and independence is more important to them. They “choose to spend their time, attention and affection on others. This is my pain.

  3. Oh my goodness Cassady.. Months back I really thought about it this way. Wondering why am I the only one having to do all the work. When he’s fighting so hard. Just as frustration and anger built up, I felt my soul nudging me, comforting me that it’s ok, just love him. I will look at my twin soul photo and feel this immaculate love deep from my soul and I’ll be quiten down.

    However these couple of weeks I am going through this calmness/quietness. No deep longing, no crazy moments of missing my twin soul and crying my eyes out. Even though I should be enjoying this calmness/quietness, I actually longed for that initial stage of awakening where I could feel my twin soul every single second. Is this normal? Is this good or bad? Why am I experiencing this calmness/quietness as if the universe has come to a complete stillness?

    In the past I was able to feel this intense feeling of my twin soul emotions. I would go through moments of a sudden sadness and knew that he was thinking about me. I would logged online and there he was. I guess I just need clarification and advise to know that this is normal.

    Thank you for being here and being such a great support to us..

  4. Hi Molly,

    Spirit is instantly jumping in as I began typing – with the message that many Twins are in the process of “tying up loose ends” with other people, and that what you’re experiencing is due to this – your Twin moving out of their cycle of focusing on others. I’m shown by the end of the year this is set to have developed in the direction you desire, for them to come to you. Your guides want you to know that the work you do, speeds this process up considerably.

    It’s being shown to me as a … when someone moves out of an old habit it often becomes exacerbated on its way out of their system. I’m shown your Twin’s soul as saying “goodbye” to those old ties.

    Did you read the article about the unawakened/runner Twin’s soul? If not, I’m sure you’d find it healing/insightful. It’s at

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  5. Annie, I’m so glad this resonated with you! A lot of Twins are undergoing big transitions of perspective and energy right now – old DNA programming being flushed out, and as it comes up it can feel disillusioning… I’m glad you’re experiencing the shifts from the energy clearing – it truly is transformative!

    Many of us have never cleared our energy ever in life before, just imagine going a life without showering – how it would take a little while to get completely “clean” of all the gunk… 🙂 But there’s nothing like that feeling of being clean from all the baggage and heaviness and old hurts and worry patterns… It really is a weight off, and the outer reality starts to shift to match our new vibration too. It’s coming!

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  6. Hi Rain,

    Thanks for your question! The stillness can be a “reset” happening with your system, which is good, it means you’re reaching into a new “plateau”. If you feel *numb* that’s a completely different thing, which is to do with energy that you can actually clear. So you’ve got to sense really, whether it feels like a pleasant inner peace, or a numbness. If it’s the latter you can clear it and I’d recommend to do so.

    Being in touch with your Twin’s emotions and sensing their energy is extremely common! Nothing to “worry” about but it can be unpleasant at times.

    If you find it tricky to deal with (sometimes an empath, who’s sensitive to others’ emotions will be crying not because of their own emotions but because they’re sensing another’s repressed energy of sadness…) I’d recommend the new Complete Harmony Healing which cleanses the channels between you and your Twin’s systems, to avoid triggering and heaviness travelling between you. Spirit channeled it to me to help Twins only perceive each others’ higher energies, and not be affected by the negatives being purged from either side.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  7. This is so true. I decided about 2 weeks ago that it was time to step back, stop initiating contact and trying to arrange meet ups as it seems it has always been me doing this…maybe out of fear that we”d drift apart if I didn’t. It has taken a lot of strength to not reach out but I spoke with my tf today and it seems we have both been going through this hermit time together. I feel that it has helped us both. Every time one of us is feeling down or ill, the other also feels it. This has been confirmed on many occasions over the last monthd and it makes me feel better because it proves we are connected even when apart physically. It can only be positive for us both as energies are confusing and very intense right now. Thank you for this article!

  8. Thank you for pointing out just how “behind the scenes” this connection is. I’ve known my twin for more than half my life, but others say it makes them feel sad that he and I are not physically together. It’s a long story, but he and I have had a lot of lessons to learn on our own. We’re doing what’s right for US and the next naysayer that comes my way will be politely directed to this article =)
    Thank you again, Cassady, for the information you provide!!

  9. Wow…synchronicity at its best here! I have been working the last few days on shifting my perspective using more and more of your energy clearing tools. I have found something that i feel might help so many that are stuck in this “why me” mentality. I have learnt that before I do any clearing work or any manifestation ritual, I invite my twin flame’s higher self to join me and envision them sitting with or standing by me. In this manner, I am not alone doing the work…I feel that on a soul level, since this is what he wants too, this gives us an opportunity to work together. No matter what is going on at a worldly/ego level. Yesterday, before I fell asleep, I used the following advice before using your chakra clearing/healing track “Ask your Twin Soul’s higher self to connect with you, ask them to show that you can trust them, ask them to help you understand and remedy anything their lower ego aspect is going through, ask them to lift you up with proof of the love they really feel for you and to remind you of your eternal connection and their devotion to you”, and this morning was happily, joyfully and unexpectedly woken up by my twin flame with some effort on his part to meet soon. Shifting out of this low vibration is hard work but it is so worth it. Thank you Cassady for your on-point articles, encouragement and tools. Love and light xoxo

  10. Hi Cassady! Thanks for all the articles you write. I was wondering if one of your upcoming Q&A sessions (if others will agree with me here) can cover: What if your twin doesn’t believe in phenomenons like twin flames, or what if your twin doesn’t know/understand the connection you personally feel (perhaps because they aren’t in tune as you are, don’t have similar beliefs..etc..)? Will that affect your growth/union?

  11. You’re probably not wrong about what you’re feeling. It’s very possible he feels the connection but just isn’t ready to share his feelings with you yet. This connection tends to shake people up, so maybe he’s working through his own stuff behind the scenes?

  12. Yes, that is the ‘push and pull’ stage. But don’t worry about it. There come’s a day that this heavy and painful circle stops. Try not to fight it. Things go exactly how they should!

  13. This is so lovely Garima! By sharing this you already raise the positive vibration of the earth. Thankyou!!

  14. Hi Cassidy, and other fellow Twin Flames!

    I have never posted before, but I feel now is the time!

    I too am on this journey with you all!! It seems like it’s been forever, but in our earthly 3-D “time,” I started to learned about TF’s about 3 1/2 years ago, slowly..

    I found out even though I’m a guy who is the “divine feminine,” in my TF relationship / union.

    I dated my TF for approx. 7 months in 2011 before I knew anything about all of this!! The seperation (as you all know), initially, was like I almost died! I had NEVEr in my life experienced such profound pain from a breakup that I sought out answers spiritually..

    Fast forward to 2016 and here I am, patiently waiting for her and I to re-unite, but I dont think she has any clue what Twin Flames are, and I am not one that wants to pull the rabbit out of the hat before it’s too soon!

    There are MANY more things I’ve learned that i’m in absolute awe of!! God / Source is so wonderful!

    I wish all of you all the best on your journeys, and I hope to be in communication with you all!

    Maybe we can go down this path together in some ways! I sometimes get frustrated like it sounds like most of you do, but the magnitude of this love is so inspiring, that i’m really just trying to enjoy the actual journey / moment each and every day waiting for that day..

    Namaste everyone!!

    ~Joshua Seeley

  15. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had several revelations and I’m sooooo happy and at peace. As I know understand. I’ve learned that it’s ok to ask for help and that I don’t have to walk this journey alone.

  16. You are not alone….I have experienced this too and was told it is the twin flame push and pull of energies.

  17. Hi, Cassady. I thought you might like to hear an interesting story of how I met my husband (twinflame) because it shows just one of many ways St.. Michael Can show up for your devine meeting . You see, I was friends with and worked with his grandma. She tried to set us up for a blind date for about a year before I gave in. We went to dinner and a movie. The movie happened to be… Michael, with John Travolta. At the time we chose that movie , we had no idea it was about the “archangel or love “. It was just what was playing at the time. I , we, had already knew it was love at first sight ! It was like I knew him for years as soon as I met him??

  18. Cassady, bless your soul <3 I was literally crying last night and this morning. I needed to hear this. The answer to my question. Also, Raphael made his presence know to me last week, and I have been calling on him…but I was unaware about Michael’s energy. Turns out, those blue lights I have seen throughout the past year were him. I am so happy to recognize and understand that energy better. Love and Balance <3

  19. Thankyou for the beautiful uplifting and positive. I could feel Archangel Michael’s energy transmitting or some really high fives transmittibg as soon as started reading.

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