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A Message for Twin Flames From The Higher Realms – Metamorphosis of the Soul, Paving The Way for Reunion In the Physical Realms, Reclaiming Your Inner Visions…


As the Solstice gateway opens this weekend, peaking on June 20th with the simultaneous Full Moon, there are powerful energies impacting Twin Flames and Lightworkers in Ascension.

Many are being anchored into the new “5D” crystalline energy grids for the first time, and the intensity of the light incoming can trigger increased negativity to come up as our systems work to integrate the immense power.

I was asked to share this message from spirit:


“Dear ones,

We speak to you today to give you updated information about the situation at hand and to give you pointers and reflections to assist you in your future quest – for happiness, for joy, for love.

Hear us now. A moment has come upon you which is what you have been waiting for.

There is a stellar gateway opening on this Solstice, pre-planned, as you already knew in your souls. This is the push many of you have “needed”.

You are being assisted to let go of more and more of your earthly baggage and many of you will already be looking back to a few years ago and hardly recognizing yourselves. This is because the energy that was you, is different from the energy that now is you.

You are in metamorphosis. More and more, you are unfolding into fully embodying the true power that you are as a soul. Human patterns, sorrows, energies, beliefs, limitations do apply less and less to you.

This is why you came here. to “go under”, take on the human identity and then to break free from it in order to assist those who come after you to do the same.

To provide a new “recipe for living”. To embody and live in the energies of love, joy, freedom. These are diametrically opposite to what humanity has dwelled in in prior times, and we applaud you for the pioneering work you are doing. No one has done this before, in such a profound and wide reaching way. You are paving the way for great joy.

In this regard, there is something we have been wanting to convey to you for some time: Love is in you

Love is not something another has to give you, or ever has the power to deny you. That is a human misconception – although a very persistent one. We understand that most of you have been given this belief and this pattern through your experiences on planet earth.

Please allow us to recalibrate your belief to a more accurate perception:
You are never truly separate from source love, you are never really apart from that which you desire. The key is in your mind and energy.

When you think you are separate from love, you make it so. Like you were pressing a remote control.

So to live and dwell and be in happiness, get used to becoming more aware of the signals you are sending to yourself – through thoughts, beliefs, perceptions. When you look for love and embody love, love is everywhere. Practice this.

When you feel abandoned and are in that state of being and you feel you cannot find love anywhere, it is because you are on the opposite frequency to Love.

So when you feel afraid, please do your best to summon up feelings of love – even for nature, a pet, a child, a family member, flowers, beautiful music… because these feelings of love are a powerful antidote to fear and negativity. They lift you up again.

Now, regarding your connection with your divine complement:

Remember that you and your Twin Soul are not two opposed people – you are two aspects of the same. Dwelling in this knowing helps you experience it: harmony, joy, love. No matter what’s come before.

Many of you are losing hope that things will ever come to be the way you desire and hope so dearly for. Please bear with us, and yourselves, as you rattle loose the shackles that have held you for so long. You will come to surprise yourselves. You will celebrate.

You will be astounded at how much changes within these next few years as you step into your power, take the bull by the horns, completely transform any old setbacks into learning experiences, transform resentment into forgiveness, alchemize clashes and opposition into unions of the soul.

You, dear ones, are mirror examples of the alchemy going on in the human society. The journey from war and survival into understanding and compassion. The journey into a higher evolution of consciousness.

We are aware this has been spoken about for eons but there are more working for this new evolution than ever before. It is lighting up as we speak. Knowing. The inner knowing that must come before any widespread change on an outer level.

In this coming period, as we move you further and further into the “thick of things” closer and into the desires you have told us, prayed for, asked for help with – we ask you to remember who you really are, for you to be in your power, for you to experience these new things as a learning experience, a joy.

When you find yourself approaching the situation of your dreams, do not falter but find strength within. Many of you are moving outside of the realms of any previous experience, and this can be frightening – even if you recognize yourself approaching your dreams coming true.

If you feel fear, trepidation, remember that you are strong. Center yourself in your soul. And remember what you have asked us for.

When you ask, you receive. But sometimes the answers and the help comes in indirect ways, in order to circumvent anywhere you have fears that are blocking you. Remember that we are always communicating with you.

We are always sending you messages, angel numbers, oracle cards, symbols, dreams to keep you steady on your path, to remember.

Most of all to remember how strong you are, to remember that you are never alone,
to remember that the reason you yearn for certain things is because they
are meant for you.

If you have a desire for something, it can come to be. No wish of yours is impossible. It is just a question of manoeuvring your way to them with our help.

This is our promise to you. If you ask for help, we will always provide it. Just trust that you know, in your soul, what is necessary – and take the required steps.

We are with you in spirit at all times, those of you who are here as Lightworkers and Twin Flames are immaculately protected – the higher you rise in vibration the more untouchable by negativity you become.

Those of you suffering with your emotions, remember that the past leaving sometimes leaves through the physical system. If you cry and you’re not sure why, it is the past crying that is coming up for resolution. Repressed emotions.

Sometimes it happens through the physical body. Use those tools and methods available to you to manage the release of Ascension as it goes on.

We continue to send ideas, messages and solutions to your prayers – sometimes these come in the form of healing methods shared through others, sometimes they come in the form of books, insights, meditations, dreams…

Regarding the next part of the journey:

In this coming period we wish you to be aware of the following: your intentions. In the human world the word is considered supreme. Your thoughts are words.

You often think that because you say something, you are asking for it. Or because you write that you want something, it is being invited.

This is only partially true. The deeper accurate truth is that your intentions and your words can be opposed. And when that is the case, you are sending mixed signals to the universe and to us – slowing down and sabotaging your desires and manifestations.

For example, someone could say: “I would love to come to your party tomorrow” in many different ways, with many different intentions.

You could have a tone of resignation, or you could have a tone of excitement. Those are the same words, but different intentions. Do you see?

We ask you to become aware more and more of the intentions behind your thoughts, the intentions behind your words. Intention is energy, and energy is sent out to the universe reaping results.

Be mindful you don’t say: “I would like to come together in harmony” but have the underlying feeling that your Twin soul is not a nice person, or that you would want them to experience the same hardship as you to equalize your perception of what’s happened…

If anything like that is the case for you you must resolve the underlying negativity. Because otherwise it will be working against your desire.

In this next chapter of your journey, as a collective, we are working behind the scenes to pave the way for many, many more to come together. For some, this will happen physically, and that is our aim more and more.

For others, the best and most happy way to unite at this moment is in the soul realms. And we ask for you to have patience as we and you tidy up whatever has been in the way of a physical reuniting.

We suggest – would you rather come together quickly, or would you rather come together harmoniously?

If you are not physically together with your Twin Soul at this moment in time, know that you can connect and be together in the nonphysical realms whenever you choose to.

When you and we work side by side to resolve blocks, clear stagnation and uplift you, changes can happen very swiftly as many of you have noticed. Sometimes what’s been standing in your way is one block that can be easily shifted. So we ask you to pay attention to your guidance.

If you ask for help and suddenly start getting flash backs to childhood situations, go deeper – know that your resolution is related to healing something from the past. You yourself will know, so you can release and heal. This is our aim. Then, the incoming high energies we send you will help you so much more.

If we keep sending light to you when there is a wall right in front of you, it takes that much longer to resolve the situations. So use your inner visions. We encourage you to not be afraid of your deeper mind.

Start paying attention to what you see, hear and know there. In order to do this more effectively, we must ask you to calm your conscious mind. The chatter of thoughts and concerns blocks you from fully receiving the insights we work to bring you.

Now, know that it is coming: Your desires coming true. Closer and closer every day. As long as you keep taking each step as we show them up for you – you’ll recognize them by their feelings of lightness, effervescence, joy, excitement – and you will get there.

We encourage you to use your inner senses. Reacquaint yourself with your inner mind, take control over it. Too long human beings have given up their power to outside voices. When you meditate and calm your mind you take control over what happens inside it. You stop fear and worry from blocking you.

We see many of you wanting a “quick fix” to any struggles you’re experiencing, and yes this is possible. We could fix things for you, “magic” your energy overnight. But this wouldn’t be a lasting “fix”.

The problem is that you would keep calling it back until you resolved the underlying entanglements of hurts, wounds, blocks and negative patterns.

If you call for Archangel Michael to clear negativity from you – which you are so welcome to do – I do so, instantly. But if ten seconds later, your mind runs riot with your habitual worries, you are calling back that very same energy again.

Mind control, reclaiming your inner power, is a very important theme in these coming months.

If you let the outside into your mind all the time, you will never have rest. Reclaim your peace, reclaim your right to dwell in love most of all. This in itself is so powerful in healing your relationship with your divine complement.

Know that you may have been given patterns of problems, lack, worry by the world, but the time now is for you to return to your inner state of immaculate light, to your inner power, to your complete control of yourself and your signal output – and thereby what you create.

We are with you on your journey each and every step of the way.

It is a pleasure to talk to you, and we wish to congratulate so many of you for making such progress. You have what it takes and more! Work on shifting your mind – we shall assist you – and you will feel completely at ease.

With all the Love in the Universe to you,

Archangel Michael and the Archangels of Light

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  1. Wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear right now, and the same message that’s been popping into my head in recent days. Thank you!

  2. Cassady,

    This is crazily accurate for what’s happening right now! I’m wondering if getting insights about why my Twin is behaving a certain way and getting flashes or visions of our future together would also be likely during this time? This has been happening to me the last couple of days with much intensity.

  3. As always Cassidy, this put a smile on on face, and peace in my heart! Just wish I could tell someone how much unconditional love I have for her,,,,but she has her journey, and I must respect that! Although everyday is an eternity! God holds my hand every time I ask, grateful to be given this feeling of love, just waiting for her to awaken, reach out and say ” hi” I missed you, ,,,love to all twins, they say the darkness and pain will be worth it in the end! Here’s hoping! One more kiss and smile, heaven on earth

  4. Very wise precious advice. I first got my wish granted quickly, it was harmonious first but didn’t last because of too fast, Now I wish we can re-unite of course, but on a divine timing when both are ready.

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