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I get so many questions about how to put an end to Separation, about how to get to Union and what this means that I decided to answer on the blog for everyone as a useful resource:

First, I would like to let everyone know that I really am not interested in building a career on keeping you dependent on me for advice, guidance or treatments.

I want to empower you and help you because I’ve been through this journey myself and know it can be a struggle at times.

My aims in life lie elsewhere than in the psychic intuitive counseling sphere, so the quicker I can help you help yourself, the better for me and for you.

Therefore this is a very honest article, and I’m going to be shaking you up a bit so that you can wake up to the reality of this journey and get moving once and for all!

I will be tearing down some of the most common illusions and mis-perceptions about Twin Flames, and instead tell you the truth – because that’s how I can best help you…

TRUTH #1: There is No Twin Flame Separation

The single biggest lesson so many Twins are struggling with right now is the illusion of separation. The truth is that energetically and emotionally we are never apart.

When our energy becomes congested it can feel more and more as if we are distant from each other but this is an illusion and it can be resolved by clearing the congested energy and shifting our perception. 

Keep this in mind at all times, as it will serve you well on the journey.

Once this has been understood and accepted you will be free to move onto physical togetherness also, because your soul will stop pushing you.

Until you understand that you are never apart, you and your Twin Flame will as souls keep creating physical separation so that you can learn this lesson and be free. Many Twin Flames are caught in this loop, coming together and being torn apart again and again.

TRUTH #2: The Twin Flame Union is not a “Marriage”

Twin Flame union is an energetic merging process where your energies are “blended” once more – the connection between your chakras are increased and you become more “each other”. The Union is not an instant “marriage” like on earth but a gradual process of unifying the two energies. You become One, once more.

Read more about Twin Flame Union / Reunion here.

Union cannot happen while the Twins are still congested energetically, attached to previous lovers or in a low vibration.

TRUTH #3: Ultimately, No One Can Fully Help You Without YOU Helping Yourself

Remember on this journey that no one else can “do your sit-ups for you” – you are the only one who can help yourself; you are the one that needs to take charge of your experience.

Just like you can hire a personal trainer to help you move your body into shape the way you desire, you can benefit from energy healings and from information from others who have been through this journey too – but ultimately you are the one that needs to look within and figure out what holds you back.

You are the one that needs to open up and make things happen the way you want to.

You yourself need to acquire the techniques and insight needed to “stay in shape” because if you stop, as would be the situation with your body your “muscles” go limp once again. This is why I want to teach you how to keep your energy clear and healthy consistently so you can keep moving onwards and upwards.

TRUTH #4: The Universe/Source/Your Soul/Your Guides/Ascended Masters/Angels Won’t Do it *For* You

One of the biggest illusions (and biggest sources of disappointment) I see in the Twin Flame community is the idea that the universe will somehow “magic” things to work perfectly for you and your Twin Flame.

Ideas such as pre-determined dates for “mass union” by the divine, set time frames for separation, times where all Twin Flames will be reunited (or select coaches somehow magically doing it for you) are never correct – because we all carry varying degrees of karma and negativity with us and we always have Free Will and energy fluctuates.

Spirit can only push us so much.

If we choose to hold onto our “baggage”, we can!

Energy is varied, so while there can be “milestone” periods, you may not reach these if you’re not willing to open up to the work. Each of us are complicated “combination lock” pairs of Twin Flames with unique backgrounds.

So while we may be guided and pushed at times and there may be overarching cycles, we are all responsible for ourselves.

Ultimately, as the ancient Chinese saying goes – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Taking that first step and taking action will lead to progress, snowballing into bigger results as you go along.

If you haven’t already, taking the Free Twin Flame Help Kit I offer is an essential beginning step.


TRUTH #5: There is No “Salvation”

Truthfully, the universe DOES support you, but you’re not here to be on hold and wait for “salvation” or “divine intervention”. This is another illusion. And unfortunately it is a really widespread one.

Really, you are on earth to be a co-creator of your journey. You and your Twin Flame came here fully knowing there would be work to do. And the sooner you start “doing your sit-ups” the sooner you’ll be “in shape”.

I created the Vibrational Alignment Program as a Step-By-Step resource to empower other Twin Flames to help themselves on this journey. I know from experience that it can be a challenging journey, and I hardly recognize who I was just a few years ago.

I have visited so many different modalities and tools and books and theories during this time, investing time and a lot of money, and experimenting with an array of different ways to deal with the challenges that may come up between Twin Flames.

Have a look here for info on each module, and see what other Twins who have taken the program say here.


TRUTH #6: There Are No Real “Twin Flame Stages”

Reading about Twin Flame Stages and set perceptions of what is “supposed” to happen on the Twin Flame journey is a recipe for heartbreak.

We are all energetic beings who create our life as we live it; believing that there is such a thing as a set “phase” that makes Running/Chasing inevitable will only make it so because you expect it and match your energy to it.

Just because someone has called it a “dance” and made it sound like suffering is a part of the romance, doesn’t necessarily make it true!

Remember that all information that is available online about Twin Flames has come through one individual person. That means we are reading something tinted through that person’s experiences and beliefs, their “baggage” from life.

So who are you choosing to trust with your happiness?  

I have made it my priority to make this blog and all the information I share as high vibrational and empowering as possible to you, and I often double and triple check with energy tools and with spirit what I write before I share, so that I am not adding to your difficulties but actually helping you. 

TRUTH #7: You Are Already Together And in Love

The Twin Flame journey is both infinitely more complicated and infinitely simpler than most present it as. We are here to love. As souls, we have loved each other since the dawn of time, and we always will. That is the ultimate truth.

At the same time we have chosen to experience physical life and death together to experience unconditional love once more across the seeming separation of physical reality, and we are all now on a journey to clear away anything in the way of experiencing that.

I get so many questions from Twin Flames that I unfortunately no longer have the time to answer most of you.

As an estimate from all the emails I receive, 90% of you face the same challenges:
Separation, “running”, disappointment, heartbreak and confusion.

Many of you believe that separation is “supposed” to happen and some of you seem to have given up on ever being able to come together in this lifetime. Please do not give up. All of these things can be remedied.

TRUTH #8: There Are Solutions to All the Challenges

The Vibrational Alignment Program is really the answer you are all looking for.

It’s my way of helping you all as deeply as is necessary, and it is like having a personal guide in the flesh on the journey. Above all it will empower you and teach you to help yourself – for life.

It contains all the information you are looking for, the tools to clear what’s challenging you, get your own answers and connect to your inner wisdom so you don’t have to keep relying on outsiders to guide you on your journey (because ultimately we are all the “pilot” of our own “aircraft”, no one can do the work for us).

The great thing is that Ascension and the Twin Flame process gets easier and easier as you go along.

You can watch a short video about this here:

I created the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames to help as many other Twins as possible empower themselves, and to share information and tools to navigate this journey with joy and use the nature of energy to come back together in harmony.

I was asked by spirit to share it to help as many Twins as possible and we have a goal of helping 100,000 Twin Flames unite in love by 2030.


TRUTH #9: Life is Short, So Don’t Spend it Waiting

I’ve spent all my time for a long time developing and updating Twin Flames 11:11, developing, researching and creating the course and the other sessions (plus the time it took to actually experience it all, learning, writing and taking healing and energy courses, exploring different modalities, reading about depth psychology), and to begin with, doing intuitive sessions with hundreds of Twin Flames…

Recently I came to the realization that I’d put my own dreams on hold while I worked on this day and night.

Life really is short, so while I’ll keep updating this site with articles and resources, I would so much like to encourage anyone seeking personal guidance and solutions to jump in and take the program – it contains everything I’ve learned on this journey, and most importantly it will empower you for life!

I really don’t want to see you here reading forecasts and articles in another year – I want you to be busy living your life, being happy and in love!

And if your reaction to that is a sinking feeling in your stomach – stop right there. It’s a lie. It’s an old energy program that’s blocking the happiness you seek.

You are so much more powerful than you think!

When we feel low, we think nothing is any use. It feels like taking action is a huge and insurmountable thing. This is an illusion. I know how hard it can feel when you’re in that state of mind.

Trust me when I say that taking action, even a tiny baby step, is what will change things around.

You have the power to make this the best thing that ever happened to you but if you never take that first step to change things, how can things ever change?

In order to get different results than you have up until this point, you have to do something different than what you’ve been doing…

All my love and respect <3

Cassady x


PS: For more info on the Vibrational Alignment Program plus testimonials from people who have taken the course, have a look here.

twin flame program

Alternatively you can try my Free starter kit!


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  1. I’m losing the love of my life, with whom I have a strong bond of deep love. A wonderful man. The perfect Man for me. I’m losing him because my Twin Flame just apeared in my life. My Twin is not fit to hold him a candle. As if it’s not painful enough, I just read that, the beautiful bond with my Soulmate will be dissolved, which I hope it’s not true cause I definitely can’t cope with that. I hoped for us to have future incarnations and stay bonded. My pain is beyond words. I’m so heart-and soul broken and I pray and pray but find no relief. Nothing seems for me to have sense anymore. My life was happy before my Twin came. Now is all devastation (due to the things that are definitive) and pain. Death would bring no solution for me. I want to run and I can’t. I would like to make use of my free will, but it seems to be useless.

  2. Hi Maria, I’m so glad you got to meet your Twin – remember that really no bond can ever be broken unless we choose for it to be so, we always have free will on earth. Who told you your bond with your Soul Mate must be dissolved?

    It sounds like you’re dealing with some heavy energies, specifically fear of separation or abandonment – ask your guides and angels to clear these energies away from you and imagine yourself in a big white shield of light daily. Do not buy into the fears, because they are perspectives, not reality. Ask your guides to help you shift your perspective to a higher vibration of love. And ask yourself “what is the story I’m telling myself here that’s making me so upset?” A story is just that, a story. Reality is different depending on how we choose to look at it. Sending you love and light <3

  3. Hi Maria,

    I tried answering before but it got lost in the system – I do apologize.

    Please rest assured that a connection between you and someone else cannot get dissolved without your cooperation and free will – please do not worry about this, nothing bad will happen to you. There is no one “out there” steering your life without your acceptance. We are all co-creators of our lives, so don’t be afraid… the truth is that you’re an infinite being and no connection will ever disappear or be broken unless you’re willing for it to be so.

    You do seem to have a strong energetic karmic pattern of fear of separation/fear of abandonment – this is what is getting you down and into sadness and fear. These patterns are deep-seated but can happily be cleared and resolved with energy tools.

    I have worked through this myself on my journey and am feeling soooo much better for it (I was one of those toddlers who cried every time my parents left the room so it went very deep for me. I still managed to clear it surprisingly quickly!) <3

    I would also strongly advise shielding yourself on a daily basis, as you might be reacting to negative energies around you because you're resonating at a low frequency (being in fear and sadness) – visualize a glass bubble around yourself intending that it protects you against any negativity.

    Cassady xoxo

    If you're interested I created a course in clearing energy blocks, karma and negativity to help Twin Flames on this often challenging journey. You can read more at

  4. Thank you so much! For your hardwork and I can truly feel your sincerity and kind soul (with your twin flame of course)

  5. Dear Cassady, thanks ever so much for sharing all the posts. I am again having a chance of twinflame reconnection this time in my life. I don’t quite understand it all this time, if either it is a direct connection OR the person has been just a portal for that.. But I know the goal is the twin.. Perhaps time will reveal.. I do hope so… Ages I don’t feel this… So synchronic to find your website last months.. Thanks for doing yr Light / Love Work for the planet. And this post here is GREAT as always.. Much love.

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