Secret Causes Of Twin Clashes – Why Conflict And Love Cannot Exist In The Same Space, Where “Running” Really Stems From, And More…

Today’s subject is one I’m often asked about.

In the Twin Flame community online there is a strong focus on “DM (Divine Masculine)” versus “DF (Divine Feminine)” as if the two are opposing forces working through hardship and conflict.

Unfortunately, that clash perspective only feeds into more of the same. Love and conflict cannot exist in the same space.

This is why forgiveness is pushed on so many Twins by their souls. Because when we forgive, when we release conflict, we open to love. (For some help with this, try my Free Twin Flame Help Kit and the energy cleanse guided meditation there.)


The Little Known Fact About Masculine/Feminine Polarities!

The truth is that we ALL carry both masculine and feminine energy in our beings. We are not just one or the other.

Unfortunately the DM vs DF belief system creates so much more struggle for many.

It gets tangled up with human karmic content regarding biological male vs biological female – activating collective karmic wounds from history.

So many Twin Flames are unaware that it’s the *collective human karmic content* they’ve absorbed into their system through the human fields, that are “creating” and mirroring into conflict, betrayal, cheating, running and other hurtful experiences.

It’s not who you or your Twin really are!

Twin Flames – “One Soul In Two Bodies”

If you want to reunite happily it’s so important to step back to the deeper truth – that you are one in love. That the outer stuff isn’t really who you or they are.

We are “one soul in two bodies”. Twin Flames share a deep down bond of unconditional love. You are them and they are you, in essence.

And any negativity stems from the human content you’ve absorbed in life or have “inherited” through your bloodlines!

(Watch a brief video on how that works here)

Inner Wholeness

On the Twin Flame journey and the path back to oneness our souls push us to balance out any inequality that’s been created in our human lives.

Our souls also push us to reach an INNER harmony between our Masculine and Feminine sides.

We must accept and embrace both energies within and between the Twin pair to be fully “whole”. Inner and outer alchemy.

So today’s article deals with spiritual insights and action steps to take to reach an inner wholeness, which then attracts an “outer” wholeness and unity between you:

5 Keys To Twin Flame Harmony
– Balancing Masculine And Feminine

#1) Open To New States Of Being
– Unity Consciousness

The very first and most fundamental thing that has to happen to reach a true balance, is to open to the idea that it’s possible!

To let go of any old rigid perceptions of what it means to be a man, a woman… To let go of judgments around age, gender, race, social background, cultural belonging… To begin opening to new identities and perceptions.

Because judgments and rigid beliefs are what keep things stuck. And when we look at our counterpart as a “man” or “woman” with all the judgments that may be attached to that, we energetically push them away from us.

We block the natural unity of love, by placing limitations and creating distance. Remember that judgment “creates” separation (read more about how that works here). Blame pushes your counterpart away.

Look for a new way of seeing things. How would the world be if we didn’t see each other as man or woman, but as the souls of light we are deep down?

#2) Accept Your Own Inner Polarity
– Yin/Yang, Or “As Within, So Without”

In psychoanalysis, there is a key teaching that we all carry an inner “memory” of our other self – our opposite polarity consciousness. This is called the Animus or Anima, the inner female guiding consciousness for a man, and the inner male guiding consciousness for a woman.

For Twin Flames, this makes perfect sense – and I’ve experienced time and time again that Twins aren’t just involved with each other spiritually, they are IN each other.

Yes, your Twin’s higher self is with you always… But a part of them is also in your being. We are never truly apart. We are never truly just one polarity.

You’ll see echoes of this in the Yin Yang symbol – inside the white segment, is a small bit of black. Inside the black segment, is a small bit of white. The balance of the universe.

yin yang twin flame

This is a key part of the alchemical journey of souls, the Twin Flame Union process.

For a female or feminine Twin it means your journey will expand and progress and harmonize when you accept your inner Masculinity.

If you’re the male or masculine Twin, it’s key to accept your inner femininity. For Twin Flames this is absolutely essential work in the coming together towards harmony and union.

If we have not accepted ourselves, we cannot truly open up to another.

Spirit shows us: If a Feminine Twin hold subconscious fears towards the Masculine, how can she then open up and stand in complete surrender to that energy in her own Twin Flame?

The same holds true for the masculine. We are here in to journey to the point of inner and outer unity and love – and to get there we’re asked delve within and discover your own shadows to transmute these into light. To eradicate fears that create judgment and distance.

Important questions to consider are, what do you believe about the opposite sex? Where is there negativity and fear? This goes for the female especially, as we grow up around a lot of messages about having to protect ourselves and that men are “dangerous” or untrustworthy on some essential level.

These are things you would benefit from exploring and clearing negativity around. I take you through a deep unification of masculine and feminine on the etheric planes in the Twin Flame Oneness Activation Journey here.

When we clear your system of the human clash model between masculine and feminine, your whole journey and connection begins to harmonize. Often almost literally overnight. You move out of resonance with the old conflict/separation model so it will no longer push into your connection and your reality.


Click here to learn more and download.

#3) Balance Masculinity By Allowing Sensitivity

In the new energy shift on earth, we’re being pushed to open up to a reality where each person has room to be themselves in their wholeness.

This includes allowing the masculine room to be vulnerable and emotionally expressive. To open up to forgiveness, to release the expectations and stereotypes pushed onto them.

Because the way things have been, many have acted out their inner pain in hurtful ways both on an individual and a collective level. Just look at human culture for the last few hundred years.

Spirit shows us, hurt towards the Masculine’s counterpart often comes from this inner pain. (Read more here in “The Real Reason Why Your Twin Flame Hurt You”)

Remember that with your Twin Flame, you are dealing with your *other self*, a vulnerable being who’s dealing with experiencing life in all its complexities and ups and downs, with their own baggage and challenges.

Have compassion for them and know that this helps open up the connection. What you project onto them, you reap back. Remove the distance caused by judgment, to open up to love both within and without.

Spirit shows us that not being able to be open about their fears and innermost feelings, is a heavy burden for males to bear.

Many men struggle with feeling pressured to repress their feelings. Repression of emotions can actually lead to energetic stagnation, blocks and psychological wounds. Feeling like no one ever knows the real “you”.

This inner situation causes a pressure cooker complex where their unexpressed emotions get pushed out in unrelated situations. It can cause meanness, “narcissism”, power trips, acting out to get validation through sexuality, addictions…

twin flame awakening

(To help your Masculine Twin with this – clearing out negative ancestral programming of suppression and more, in alignment with his free will, have a look here)

Most men deny their emotions to an extent and live with the burden of feeling that they have no one to turn to, no one to open up to. Because the message they are given by society since birth is, that they are only loved when they are strong.

For most males, love is withdrawn when they show “weakness” – crying, doubt, insecurity. Even in adult relationships, men feel pushed to not show weakness.

So remember to be aware that your masculine counterpart may be needing you to let him know that it’s OK to have emotions. That you value and respect him as a person with sensitivity and strength alike.

#4) Balance Your Inner Feminine
By Stepping Into Independence And Power

In recent years and continuing into the future we’ve had strong cosmic transits stimulating the Feminine to let go of any old outdated attachments based in need, protection and responsibility, so that Love can be reshaped into Unconditional Joyous Happy Twin Flame Love.

Love no matter what. Blissful love.

This process cannot happen when the feminine is still tangled up in fear and control based attachments and group bonds with old structures such as family and dominance.

In the old paradigm, the feminine was dependent on others for protection. In the new realm, she becomes her full self by claiming her own authority, her own approval and her own mastery.

To begin exploring your independence and step into your authentic truth – what you love and enjoy deep down. Ask yourself, who would you be if friends and family weren’t around? If you moved to a new place not knowing anyone, what would your passions, habits and focus be?

Showing yourself love is powerful in this (women are most often raised with the message that we have to rely on others for affection, approval and love).

You can assist this process yourself and make this time less uncomfortable by using energy tools to cut old attachments and clear any unconscious fears of abandonment and being alone.

Remember that besides cords between ourselves and our Twin, most have attachments to and from old lovers and friends, and these complicate the Union process.

In order to make Twin Flame Union possible, cut these old cords so your energy is untainted by outside influence. You’ll find that less negativity comes up this way too.

(I take you through it in the Complete Twin Flame Harmony Healing).

Complete harmony Healing Tool

#5) Remember That Your Counterpart Is Reflecting Your Inner Attitude Towards Your OWN Polarity

Spirit puts it like this:

If your masculine Twin Flame is “running” – where are you rejecting YOUR OWN inner masculine essence?

And to light up where these issues come from, look to childhood. Who was the first male or masculine person you felt rejected by?

This is where the pattern started, this is the core root of the energetic issue that’s causing a lack of unity between you and your Twin in the now moment! Resolving that deeper issue will completely transform the dynamic between you.

 Head over here and ask yourself what you feel most drawn to – that’s your intuition, your soul’s message about what’s to your highest good, the solution to the issues you may have experiencing.

And if your Masculine Twin is “running” – what female or feminine person is this really revolving around? Again, childhood is key – feeling abandoned by or attempted controlled by a female figure in childhood will create latent hostility and fear.

It’s never really about you and them – your connection means that every past wound will be triggered to come up for healing.

Remember, the Twin Flame connection is ALL LOVE. Anything else is rooted in unhealed wounds and human separation programming.

(You can help your Twin resolve these issues with Inner Child Healing.)

Balancing Duality And Oneness

Ultimately the Twin Flame connection is a push and pull between Duality and Oneness.

Can you enjoy love without being fully harmonized and in a state of complete self love and acceptance? Of course!

However, our souls are always pushing for this in some shape or form to return to UNCONDITIONAL love, and on the Twin Flame journey this powerful connection triggers the darkness in our beings to be rattled and stirred to the surface.

Dealing with inner imbalances are a key part of shifting into a state of UNITY rather than SEPARATION. Because inner wholeness will ALWAYS attract harmony on the outside.

So if you’re experiencing issues of separation, running and hardship, looking into any underlying inner imbalances is crucial. This is the kind of work that will create PERMANENT shifts for the better in your connection.

I really hope you found this article helpful and healing. To take the journey to unity and  further, have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames (and you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with my materials).

twin flame program

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass, USA

As Twin Flames we are the same, yet we are different.
We are united, yet we are divided living as two individuals on earth.

When we came here we knew it might not be easy, but we also knew it was fully possible to unite across any distance emotionally and physically, to resolve any imbalances, to rise above the traditional earthly paradigms of separation.

To reunite in a love so powerful it could burn through any darkness and heal any wounds.

I believe in you!

And as always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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