11th house of friendship, the avant-garde, technology
Air sign
Ruled by Uranus
Androgynous energy

Breaking boundaries, harnessing wisdom from beyond

Aquarius, you are born with the electric otherworldly power of Uranus in you. You are by nature very open minded, it’s as if you are lightyears ahead of mainstream culture on earth in terms of how you look at life, love and existence. You understand that love isn’t bound by rules, and you often feel like an outsider because you’re not interested in the traditions of love and the typical human ideals.
You have your own personal beliefs around love, a unique and often untraditional, spiritually motivated approach to life.

Friendship and feeling understood is an important part of love for you, in fact you often are friends with someone before starting a romantic relationship. In many ways you are fortunate because you don’t deeply care what anyone else thinks about your love relationships. In fact, this is a gift. Spirit shows that you are here in many ways to assist humanity in expanding and breaking up and reforming its conceptions about love and relationships. You might have unusual relationships in life, or meet a partner via the internet, or be alternately friends and lovers with someone. And this is OK, it’s part of the process and you know that as long as it feels right, it is right.

With you there is a sense of someone with a galactic otherworldly background, someone androgynous in nature who is neither particularly masculine nor feminine. That’s one of your biggest gifts. You are here to help humanity move out of the polarity/separation driven perceptions of love – the old 3D “rules” of men and women’s interactions. To bring forth new styles of relationships, new forms of love and romantic identity, both for men and women. You might experience an interracial relationship, or choose to never get married even though you’re in a committed relationship, or to be with someone in a different age group from yourself or be bisexual or gender-fluid in some way, or you might just have an androgynous energy signature and appearance. Be proud of this, is spirit’s message. You’re a pioneer of love. There is a sense of your background being almost from a civilization of beings who have a culture for openness and understanding in love, and that you are here as a teacher for others.

You instinctively understand that right and wrong are concepts, not hard facts. You understand that each person is a unique individual who deserves to be respected for who they are. You are a talented communicator and gifted at using technology and mass communication to get your perception out there somehow. You are here to be seen, as an example on earth.

You may find it hard to have faith sometimes, because your path goes outside of the old “3D” methods of partnership and love. Remember that it’s for a reason, and disregard what others may have experienced or think. Your path is not to be lived by the “rule-book”! Your journey is connected with going against what limited regulations and habits humanity have placed on love and relationships – therefore it’s likely you and your Twin may be meeting across age differences, cultural contrasts, racial differences, you may be in a long-distance relationship, meet your Twin across the internet, come together with varied religious backgrounds and you may even be gender fluid or be in a same-sex Twin Flame connection.

The deeper spiritual purpose of this is that you are breaking boundaries, and living as examples of love as a way of life – that love isn’t synonymous with the old feudalist ideas of marriage and family, but love can exist anywhere and everywhere. You are here to demonstrate love in new ways, and remember these are choices made by your souls for a reason. You might find your journey challenging because it’s so different but this is a divinely guided path – your uniqueness is your soul’s gift. One of the best things you can do on your journey is to completely disregard the “3D” ways of doing relationships, and fully open up to your unique situation. Your happiness and blissful unity truly can happen, but the path there will likely be different from what anyone on the outside would expect.

You are here to gift the collective with higher vibrational light codes of unity. Your soul carries in it the memory of the realms of light, where unity is the natural state of existence. You are here as a wayshower into a new era of openness, breaking old boundaries. Inclusivity and individuality. Aquarians are closely connected with the starseed realms and the anchoring in of the crystalline unity consciousness on earth – your path will open to a higher state when you explore and utilize “non-traditional” methods such as energy healing, crystal healing, sound baths, and more… In fact, you can be a teacher in these fields – your soul is already an expert.

Your openness to what is unorthodox, different – you are fully capable of manifesting “heaven on earth”! You are someone who receives “bolts of inspiration” with insights, spiritual “downloads” for guidance and solution seemingly out of the blue. Remember you always have guidance at hand – take time to go within, meditate, journal to get the most of these insights and solutions. Your path is unfolding before you and you are already an expert at walking it – the most important wisdom lies inside you!


Aquarius, you are by nature drawn to reconnecting with the higher realms of the soul – seeking “home” and the infinite, information and insights about spirit, the cosmos and other dimensions. You will love the Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session where I take you through downloading lightcodes from your higher self, re-aligning your pair timelines with harmony and anchoring you into the 5D crystalline grid and beyond, and more.

Or, try my Free Twin Flame Help Kit for an introduction to Energy Healing, Ascension, 11:11 and the Twin Flame Journey to Union.


Many Aquarians struggle with feeling different in life, not fitting in. Because although your divine uniqueness is a gift you chose, other people often find it hard to understand and can even end up trying to pressure the Aquarian into conforming, trying to tie them down. Inner child healing can very powerful for you, to help you clear any such hurtful experiences and old disappointments from childhood and teenage years, and unlock your heart’s power to draw in your counterpart in a blissful union.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

You are understandably sensitive to feeling tied down by rules and the pressure of traditions Aquarius, and that’s actually your system trying to warn you that those things aren’t right for you! For Twin Flames, attachments from the 3D collective, exes and other outsiders can complicate the connection greatly and cause delays, flare-ups of conflict and more. So it’s a wonderful thing to clear away any outworn or negative attachments to open up to a harmonious coming together in love. I take you through this and more in the Complete Twin Flame Harmony Healing here.

“What if you were here in your human life to experience the mundane? What if the most interesting thing to you as a soul, was to experience being *human* in all its dark and light? What if that was the most amazing thing you could think of in the whole universe – and that’s why you chose it?”

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