The 9th house of philosophy, expansion, spirituality
Fire sign
Ruled by Jupiter
Masculine Energy polarity

Ancient spiritual wisdom, reaching for the stars

Born under the blessings of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, you have an innate sweet spot for travel, exploring, learning and seeking higher perspectives. You feel in your bones that something more and higher is possible in this world, and you are pulled by your spirit to journey in an adventure to find as much of that as you can. You are the explorer of the Zodiac and on the Twin Flame journey you are often seeking and experimenting with different kinds of spiritual approaches, modalities and directions.

You are often the “spiritually awakened” of the two of you, and most Sagittarians are born with a spiritual compass whether they realize it on a conscious level or not. Intuitively in touch with your higher self presence, you have a sense of fairness and generosity for all but you don’t like being made to play by other people’s rules. Know that this is a divine gift, designed to keep you away from the collective 3D grid. As the pathfinder, the scout of the zodiac you are here to explore different ways of approaching the journey and finding unsual paths to unity. You always sense that the ultimate goal lies upward, away from the “common reality” and traditional ways of doing things. Follow your pathfinder instinct, Sagittarius, because it is your cosmic gift at birth.

You can find it tricky to relate to others who have a stronger need for safety and predictability than you, and you’re not afraid of cutting ties or going your own way if you feel restricted. This actually is a good thing, meant to serve your path and evolution in life, but remember that your counterpart may feel threatened by your natural desire for freedom – their own background and history may be complicated by parental issues and feeling unable to trust a partner. Try to explain your choices and values, be open with your counterpart, and things will run more smoothly. Spirit’s input for you is, you have a tendency to long for more than what this “regular world” can offer, and the person you are truly seeking deep down is your Twin’s higher self presence. Their eternal soul self.

This is the person whose love and presence will truly satisfy you in every way. Their free, loving, infinitely wise and fun-spirited self. And the wonderful thing is, when you interact with your counterpart’s higher self, you activate that persona more and more in their “real world” self. Perhaps your Twin already is showing a lot of this personality, if so know that your very presence brings it out more and more.

Spirit says, remember that you truly can have your dream, it’s not out of reach. You are here to reach as high as possible, and to draw down that “heaven on earth” from the higher realms.

You are here in many ways to reignite the hope and enthusiasm in the collective, to show the path to “heaven on earth” through open-mindedness and higher perspectives. You and your counterpart are here to be examples of a happy NEW kind of relationship, living from a higher template of connection. To be leaders who show the way out of the old human paradigms of fear-based and controlling bonds, into a state of expansive love.

Your ancient knowledge. You are a soul who has traveled through existence for eons and is a master in many fields – your spirit houses infinite wisdom and you have likely expressed latent talents in various areas since childhood, without fully knowing why or how. Know that the map to unity and a higher state of love is also one of these gifts. You already know how to do this, it’s “written into your soul”. It’s just a question of allowing that knowing to express through you. This happens through your intuition.

You are someone who will benefit enormously from going within and sitting quietly or meditating regularly, as you are highly connected with the realms of light. When you open to listen and receive (or just breathe, as this knowing can be activating as light code downloads), you’ll find your journey progresses in leaps and bounds. You have an innate ability to see the highest potential in every person and situation and to see solutions and paths forward where others see none. You also have a lucky tendency, Sagittarius, being born with the blessings of Jupiter, planet of expansion, luck and wisdom. Remember this, and make it a positive, self-fulfilling prophecy! Expect miracles, because they are within reach! You are the creator of wonder, the archer whose arrow reaches the infinite sky!


twin flame awakening

Sagittarius, you are always reaching higher and that’s such an amazing thing – but did you know you may be energetically weighed down by the old “3D” reality, and therefore locked to a limited grid of manifestation and reach? You will love The Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session where we go through uplifting you and your Twin into a higher state as a pair, elevating and harmonizing your timelines, harnessing latent lightcodes of ascension and multidimensional wisdom and anchoring you into a higher dimension!

Or, try my Free Twin Flame Help Kit for an introduction to Energy Healing, Ascension, 11:11 and the Twin Flame Journey to Union.



You will also benefit from the First Complete Energy Clearing Session where I explain how energy works and why it’s crucial knowledge on the Twin Flame journey, and we go through removing the damaging programming that keeps so many Twins locked in a “false awakening” and “spiritual ego” – the path of Twin Flame drama. Cleansing out the most common belief blocks and “virus programming”, we open your path to a higher state of togetherness, away from repeating cycles of running, separation and struggle.


Connecting with your Twin Flame’s Higher Self and activating this unconditionally loving presence in their physical self, is an incredible experience and can truly blow your path together wide open. I take you through meeting them on the etheric planes in a beautiful ceremony of souls in the new Oneness Activation Session. They also step forward with support, wisdom and love for your onward journey, and much more.

“What if the one you were trying not to get tied down by, was you? What if all the magical adventures and wisdom you seek ‘out there’, were right here inside of you all along?”

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