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Do You Know The Inner Part Of Yourself And Your Twin – Who Can Derail Or Unify Your Twin Soul Connection? Healing The Deeper Inner Child Self, To Open To Harmony And Union

In almost a decade of working as a coach and healer for Twin Flames, I’ve seen over and over with so many Twins, that childhood is the deeper root of any struggle they’re experiencing.

On the Twin Flame journey, so many Twins are unfortunately unaware of how important the Inner Child is.

And, they don’t realize how powerfully and QUICKLY things can change for the better if they address this core aspect of themselves and their counterpart!

The Truth About Twin Flame Healing

The Twin Flame Inner Child issue is deep and often remains unresolved, as the counterparts do not address the true causes of ruptures in the connection. So in this article we go through all the essential aspects of this crucial issue:

Why is it so important for Twin Flames to be aware of the Inner Child?

How do you know if your inner child or your counterpart’s needs healing?

What do you do to heal?

What happens when you heal?

Find out below!

The Importance Of Inner Child Healing For Twin Flames

Over the years, I’ve seen that Inner child wounding is such an under-estimated cause of the majority of Twin Flames’ struggles!

But the amazing thing is that once you know what is truly going on with this inner aspect of self, you can heal and open to a higher state together.

It’s a profoundly powerful way to break open the Twin Flame connection to harmony and love, especially if there has been separation/running due to one counterpart being scared of vulnerability, or being “stuck in ego”.

Inner child wounds can be big blocks on the Twin Flame journey – the child aspect of our consciousness is holding onto a lot of fears and damaging beliefs we’re unaware of as an adult. There are a lot of unhappy adults out there whose inner child is holding the answers.

Running, chasing, ghosting and other “deflections” between the pair are ALWAYS due in some way to childhood imprinting or hurts.

(Read more about that here).


Inner Child Wounds = The Root Cause Of Running

Therefore, to help as many as possible address these inner imbalances and wounds, I was guided to create an Inner Child Healing session especially for Twin Flames.

As spirit and I say in the session, so many Now Moment, adult life relationship struggles are actually due to childhood wounding…!

The beauty of this work for Twin Flames, is that you do NOT need your counterpart’s 3D ego self to participate!

You can address and help their inner child self heal, from a distance and even if they are trying to shut you out on the 3D ego level – this is because Twin Flames are always connected as souls. 

(Yes, even if you’re not physically with your Twin, because you always share a pair energy field, and positively affect each other when you heal!).

Healing Love Without Ego Participation

So in this specially created session, we go into the unconscious and into childhood for answers and solutions.

We heal wounds and clear blocks between you and your Twin Flame, and illuminate the true roots of any dissonance and struggle between you. 

We go into a deep state of alpha meditation to take a journey of consciousness – first to your inner child, then to connect with your Twin Flame’s inner child aspect, before finally bringing the two together to illuminate and heal the inner, unconscious dynamic between you and eradicating any blocks between you.

Dealing with issues on this level helps us bypass the ego’s resistance mechanisms and profoundly shifts the Twin dynamic dramatically for the better…

“My absolute favorite meditation of Cassady’s is the inner child meditation. It’s just so beautiful. You get to go back, and you get to heal and clear stuff from your inner child and your twin flame’s inner child, and it’s just like… For me and like most other people, the inner child, our childhood is where a lot of our stuff lies. I don’t think I could have survived my relationship without this. It’s been a key part of my spiritual journey, and the change has been just profound.” – Emma, UK

“I experienced the power of these tools rather quick. It is allowing me to experience an inner peace I never thought I’d feel again. I wish I had found this a long time ago. Thank you!” – Danielle, New York, USA


So how do you know if your Twin Flame’s inner child (or your own) is wounded?

There are several signs to look out for, including:

  • Difficulty regulating emotions: If you find yourself experiencing intense emotions such as anger, sadness, or fear, it’s a sign that your inner child is in distress.
  • Negative self-talk: If you find yourself engaging in negative self-talk, such as criticizing yourself or feeling like you’re not good enough, it may be a sign that your inner child is in pain. For Twin Flames, this is often a cause of on-off Running/Chasing and Separation.
  • Difficulty with intimacy: If you struggle with forming close, intimate relationships, it may be a sign that your inner child is holding onto fears or past traumas. For Twin Flames, this tends to cause separation/running patterns.
  • Substance abuse or compulsive behaviors: If you engage in substance abuse or compulsive behaviors as a means of coping with emotions (including sexual “conquests” and other types of non-drug/alcohol addictions), it’s a strong sign that your inner child is in need of healing.
    Further ways to identify if your counterpart’s inner child is angry, sad, or wounded – pay attention to their behavior and emotions, as well as their communication style:
  • Difficulty regulating emotions: If someone frequently experiences intense emotions, it may be a sign that their inner child is in distress.
  • Negative communication: If someone communicates in a negative or critical manner, it may be a sign that their inner child is in pain. For Twin Flames, this is often a cause of on-off Running/Chasing and Separation.
  • Difficulty with intimacy: If someone struggles with forming close, intimate relationships, is a strong sign that their inner child is holding onto fears or past traumas. For Twin Flames, this is most often expressed via “Running” and Separation. 
  • Substance abuse or compulsive behaviors: If someone engages in substance abuse or compulsive behaviors, it may be a sign that their inner child is in need of healing.

Staying Conscious

Keep in mind, it’s important to approach these observations with empathy and compassion.

So often, we tend to assume that someone is “just a bad person/cold/ghosting/emotionally shut-off” without realizing that there is a deeper cause… Which actually CAN be healed.

By understanding the signs that your own or your Twin’s inner child may be wounded, you can take steps towards healing and growth, leading to a more harmonious and healthy connection – ultimately, union.

(If the inner child of their Twin Flame is wounded, they will nearly always cause resistance to togetherness due to fear of rejection, fear of intimacy, fear of abandonment and more.)


What Happens When You Heal The Inner Child?

1) Love Language And Attachment Style

The way we function in relationships is proven to be rooted in our earliest years, so if you are dealing with a counterpart who has an issue with commitment, is running or afraid of vulnerability – their childhood is ultimately the reason, deep down!

And, once you resolve things on this core level they will open up and harmonize to their higher self once more.

2) Wounds And Fears

Fear of opening up with someone else, especially in the Twin Flame connection which is so intense, the inner child yet again holds the key. Twin Flames run when they fear rejection, or not being worthy, or that they will be hurt if they open to love…

All of these fears stem from experiences in childhood and infancy, which they may not even be fully aware of. If someone had a critical parent who made them feel “not good enough”, or parent(s) who weren’t fully attuned to their emotions and made them feel invisible or unworthy of love…

It is guaranteed to be affecting their adult life, and ESPECIALLY their behavior in the Twin Flame connection. (Watch a brief video on how this works here)

When you help them heal, they relax and open up once more. They become less tense and “on edge”. They stop being afraid of love and vulnerability.

twin flame video

3) Subconscious Toxic Dynamics

If someone is manipulative, or “tests” others (pushes them away to see how much effort they will make to win back the person’s love), or uses others in short lived relationships/sexual conquests to boost their ego… These are all a response to some wound in childhood.

When you go to the inner child, you learn what they are really upset about and what they are trying to cover up with the current life destructive behavior.

Because deep down, they want LOVE! They have just “learned” in some distorted way, that they will not receive it, or that they have to try to control the way others respond to them so they do not feel rejected…

When their inner child heals and realizes that they are no longer in the dysfunctional environment or emotional space they grew up in, their system harmonizes. Their adult self gradually opens up.

They become oriented toward love, not fear. For the person themselves, it means they often feel truly seen and understood for the first time!

4) Walls Around The Heart

For Twin Flames, separation and running happens when one or both Twins are trying to unconsciously deflect love because they do not feel safe to open up. This is also an inner child issue. Why? The reason someone feels unsafe to be open and vulnerable around their counterpart, lies in childhood.

The more attacked, ignored, controlled or criticised someone felt as a child, the more they will shield themselves emotionally, so they avoid feeling the pain of that experience as an adult.

When you go to their inner child and show them that you are someone who wishes the best for them, they will gradually be ready to release the walls and defenses and open up once more. When the inner child heals, the adult self becomes more open, loving, harmonious and happy as well.

What Would It Be Like If Your Twin’s Inner Child Was Happy And Healed?

So now you know a bit more about how the Inner Child works in the Twin Flame connection, and why it’s such a key aspect of the journey to address. In fact, I was guided to create an advanced resource to help Twins deal with these DEEP issues and unconscious blocks, in as easy a way as possible.

The beauty of the program is that I take you through each of the layers of healing around self, shadows, past wounds, relationship templates and familial baggage.

And help you shift into radical self love, inner wholeness and a harmonious dynamic with your Twin Flame.

All you have to do is listen along.

Go here to learn more about this program, which I was guided to create to help as many as possible accelerate the healing process and reunite. To clear and shift into a higher state, in a powerful guided method that would otherwise take years to achieve by trial and error.



The Mother/Father Wound…

Our earliest life experiences have such a powerful impact on our intimate relationships later in life… ABOVE ALL the Twin Flame connection!

As the author Eckhart Tolle says:

“Love and relationships don’t cause pain, they bring out the pain that is already in you”

I can’t wait to hear about the shifts and positive developments you experience with these new resources <3

Remember, even if things have been tough in the past or you feel down right now, things really can change for you in miraculous ways!

(Have a look here for some inspiring stories, and know that it can happen for you too!)

Cassady x

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