My “Secret Weapon” To Tap Into Cosmic Wisdom And Luck In Advance, For A Great Year, Every Year… Discover The Art Of Individual Predictions – Where Astrology Gets Really Personal!


Have you ever faced a sudden challenge or problem, that’s taken you completely by surprise? And there’s no seeming rhyme or reason to it?

Where all you can do is wonder: “What on Earth did I do to deserve this?”

On my journey, things have not always been easy along the way, and it’s happened to me too.

On this plane, in our human lives, we are affected not only by our own choices but those of the world and other people… And it can feel impossible to avoid being pulled around by these outer factors.

(When the pandemic put a sudden stop to everyone’s great plans for 2020, I’m sure we ALL felt this!)-

The thing is, there ARE ways of being aware in advance!

Of having a cosmic map to the themes each year is set to bring us, uniquely.

Personal astrology offers us this opportunity, and that’s why I’m writing this article today to share this “Secret Weapon” with you!

Did You Ever Have This Feeling?

Looking back, I’m sure you can see that some years of your life have been more of a struggle, while others seemed to bring flow and opportunity.

The tricky thing is. we hardly ever recognize this until in retrospect!So: what if you had “advance notice” of any tough spots coming up, and knew what the cosmic lesson was?Or if there was a particularly positive year ahead, and you were prepared to make the most of it?

One of the things I’ve found amazingly helpful is to look into my unique astrological transits and challenges for the coming year,  to prepare and help me navigate any potential speed bumps on the horizon.


Someone Whose Insights I Trust

It’s not easy to find truly accurate and resonant astrological reports, however.(I learned this the hard way, with a LOT of surface level content.)

After years of trial and error online, I have found an astrologer whose work I really trust: internationally recognized astrological expert Adrian Duncan.

Every year, I order his “The Essential Year Ahead” report to stay aware of what’s at work for me individually over the coming 12 months. 

This is the most accurate and high-quality *personal* predictive astrology report I have found.

It actually took Adrian over 10 years to develop the system he uses to create these individual prediction reports!-

With this fine-tuned perspective into personal future prediction, I find Adrian’s “Year Ahead” report an invaluable way to stay on top of the year’s tendencies – especially to be able to wisely navigate more challenging periods.

It’s my personal “secret weapon” to make the most of each year…


 This is a map of the energies and soul themes at work in YOUR unique chart over the coming 12 months, in all major areas of life, including love, career and life path.

I’ve found it uncanny how accurate it is, every single year.

(>>To order YOUR unique, personal 30 page report, and discover the themes active for your next 12 month period – go here)

Why Would You Need This?

You may wonder why you’d need this at all, if you already read weekly forecasts online. (Like my weekly Twin Flame forecast).

In short, yes. Because there are predictions that deal with collective trends and transits – which is what I write in my weekly forecast. They touch us all. (Mine is specific for Twin Flames).And there are general readings for each of the 12 Sun Signs… Like the ones you’ll see in magazines or a newspaper. But they do not go in depth at all.

But then there are unique PERSONAL transits at work, which deal with you and YOUR birth chart uniquely.(In short, a personal map to your unique experiences and themes for the year!)

And these are very detailed and time-consuming to calculate.

They are based on not only your Sun Sign, but the interactions throughout the year between ALL your planets and houses and how they develop!

So it’s like a combination lock of effects and transits – and that’s what this is all about!

When you have an expert interpreting your info and creating your unique report, and explaining it to you in easy to understand terms, it’s like having a personal astrologer giving you guidance each year!

Planning Ahead With Cosmic Energies

*Wouldn’t you LOVE to know in advance what your luckiest and most blessed periods will be for the coming year – so you can make the most of them?

*Wouldn’t it be a RELIEF to be aware in advance of any potential challenging periods? Especially, if you knew how to navigate them, to make them less difficult?

*Imagine knowing if there were extra positive periods for love and relationships coming up for you?

*Imagine being tapped into which periods of time the cosmic energies lend you a special “glow” of attraction to others…

And above all, have awareness of the larger themes of YOUR unique year, from a higher soul perspective?

That’s what this 30+ page personal 12 month report is all about

After you’ve read yours, make sure you come back here and let me know what insights you gained!

I really hope you like this resource, and I can’t wait to hear what you learn – and how it sheds light on your Twin Flame connection <3

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey!

Cassady x

(Go here to read more and order your personal individual 30 page report to discover the hidden info in your unique birth chart, and what it means for your journey)

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