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Twin Flame Depths, Returns, Healing: Venus Retrograde and the Mirror Soul Journey. How To Navigate The Most Complicated Love Period Of The Zodiac To Your Advantage!

Every 18 months-2 years, the planet of Love goes retrograde, bringing even more intensity to the Twin Flame connection than usual!

So what will this Venus retrograde bring to you and your Twin Flame connection, and the whole collective?

Find out in today’s brand new article.

How To Handle Venus Retrograde As a TF

Every planetary retrograde tends to bring complications and challenges as we are pushed to grow…

Most of all when Venus moves back in her tracks for 6-8 weeks…

It can be tricky to navigate, but CAN also yield positive and deep shifts if you handle it wisely.

So today we’re dealing with how to handle Venus Retrograde as a Twin Flame!

And, info on what it causes in the TF connection, so you can navigate wisely and benefit from this period…

Enabling you to move forward with clarity, and into harmony and love both within YOURSELF and with your counterpart by the end of this time!

New Resource For Venus Retrograde

Before we get started, I’m really excited to share a brand new energy journey for the Twin Flame collective with you today!

After working on the advanced Twin Flame coaching and group activations for the last 2 years, it’s been a while since spirit has asked me to channel a new healing session for the whole Twin Flame collective… 

But with Venus Retrograde, I was shown that it is time!

Because there are some key missing pieces for so many Twin Flames still. In terms of perspective, approach and above all in terms of the harmonizing on the HUMAN level of the connection.

Crystalline 5D Twin Flame Mirror Healing

You may have already heard of the “Twin Flame mirror” or “mirroring” between you and your counterpart.

It means that in essence, everything you experience within yourself is reflected back to you in the “mirror” of your Twin Flame, and vice versa. 

Therefore, so many of the things Twin Flames THINK are a problem in their connection, are actually not what they seem…

And when we apply the power of the crystalline 5D light to the Twin Flame mirror, so much shifts with ease in the 3D physical as a result!

To learn more and access the brand new energy journey now, go here x


Venus Retrograde: Moving Inwards

Astrologically and energetically, Venus Retrograde is all about moving inwards and backwards. Particularly regarding Venus’ domains of love, partnerships, art and beauty.

Therefore, the past is strongly in focus, and your own inner world – and how it’s affecting your outer 3D experiences in the Twin Flame mirror!

Open up your perspective, and Venus Retrograde will this next period reveal hidden truths to guide you into transformation and deep unconditional love.

It may not give you what you WANT immediately, but Venus’ wisdom is to give you what you NEED, to get your highest good.

(And as a Twin Flame, that always involves your counterpart and eventual Union!)

Venus Retrograde: Revealing the Mirror’s Reflections

During Venus Retrograde, the Twin Flame mirror effect intensifies, prompting us as Twin Flames to confront aspects of ourselves we may have overlooked or suppressed.

It is a time of profound introspection, where the reflections in the Twin Flame mirror offer invaluable insights into the dynamics of your connection.

Pay attention, journal daily and spend time on energy healing to release old blocks, attachments and holdbacks.

Venus Retrograde may also make you reconsider how you see yourself, how you treat yourself and how you’ve been showing up in the world and your Twin Flame connection.

Don’t be surprised if you feel like changing up your style or your appearance, or you feel like clearing out your closet.

It’s all part of helping YOU to love and express yourself more fully.

Inner Work and Healing:

The Twin Flame mirror intensification by Venus Retrograde will likely push you more than usual to engage in deep inner work and healing.

Bringing your attention to outsider attachments, karmic patterns, past life wounds, childhood experiences that caused you to shut off from love or believe life would be hard, Venus Retrograde is attempting to guide you so you can eradicate the blocks that have held up your journey – opening you to true divine union.

Embrace the opportunity of Venus Retrograde to heal past wounds, release emotional baggage, and cultivate self-love to open up and be aligned with union.

Go here for the brand new healing resource I was asked to share with the collective for Venus Retrograde – I’m excited to share this with you, and can’t wait to hear about your experiences! 

Twin Flame Sex Trouble?

When Venus goes retrograde, you will likely also notice issues with the sexual side of the connection.

If this happens, make sure that you address any underlying issues. For example, shame or past experiences of feeling ridiculed or not good enough… Or experiences that made you feel unsafe in your body.

Venus Retrograde also encourages Twin Flames to explore the balance between our masculine and feminine energies, so it could be that your sex drive lessens as your soul now guides you to focus on healing for a while in order to be open and more balanced later.

(More on Twin Flame Masculine/Feminine Balancing in this article).

Healing Karmic Patterns

As Venus Retrograde magnifies the Twin Flame mirror, karmic patterns may surface, urging you to address and release them.

It could also bring your attention to old attachments to friends, family and ex partners that need to be cut from yourself and/or your counterpart in order to harmonize your connection.

(For a session where I take you through deep cord cutting and healing around the sexual side of the connection, have a look at the Complete Harmony Healing here).

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Exes Returning?

Venus Retrograde could bring back an ex partner so you can get resolution, release the person properly and close the door on that relationship… And recognize any patterns you have been repeating from that connection.

(It could even be that a family member is the person in question, if you were strongly attached – it will need to be cleared to open to union with your Twin Flame).

Venus Retrograde could also bring your Twin Flame back in some way, on the soul planes or physically…

But it will most often be to show up some unhealed pattern that the two of you need to resolve once and for all…

Because Venus Retrograde is about looking BACKWARDS and INWARDS rather than moving forward. (Again, the Crystalline Twin Flame Mirror Healing Session will be helpful)

Confronting and healing any lower patterns, unhealed wounds and “open chapters” from the past as Venus Retrograde guides you, is key. This is what will create space for the growth and transformation necessary for Divine Twin Flame Union and harmony in your connection.

Friends, Exes Returning?

During Venus Retrograde the Twin Flame mirror tends to be amplified, to help you in this healing process. The key is to pay attention!

Notice dreams, any old habitual emotional states or perspectives that come up for you, and any recurring situations, dynamics or people who show up.

If an old “friend” suddenly gets in touch, or a lower cycle partner from the past – you are being challenged to grow out of whatever inside of you attracted a lower state. Hold yourself highly, keep on your highest path and stay in self love.

Your Self-Defense Barriers?

Venus Retrograde also guides you to recognize where and when you put up blocks and barriers against love, and where past wounds have made you shut your heart.

Pay attention and clear what is shown up, because this is a gift to help you open to unity!

It is also common during this time to experience your Twin’s higher self showing up spiritually for you, and guiding you deeper into self love and compassion.

Allow them to help you heal.

The Importance Of Self-Care 

Another theme brought by Venus Retrograde, is self-care. Spirit shows us that many Twin Flames are forgetting to take care of themselves on the journey…

Simple things like eating well, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, taking time for relaxation, fun and your passions are healing and necessary.

Take time for introspection, meditation, and nourishing activities that bring you joy now – it is healing in itself for your connection and your life.

Connect with nature, practice mindfulness, and engage in self-compassion.

Remember to be forgiving of yourself, and allow yourself to open to the insights and illumination wanting to emerge from your soul and deeper intuitive faculties.

The Cosmic Flow

During Venus Retrograde, the cosmic flow goes inward. To move forward and open to the highest journey ahead, embrace the energy of love and self healing.

Use this sacred period for  introspection, healing, and balancing of energies, and remember that pushing on the outside may not give you results now…

But going within truly CAN!

Stay aware of the Twin Flame mirror, allow it to guide you towards healing, spiritual growth and union.

If you would like help with navigating this period and emerging healed, whole and brimming with love in your Twin Flame connection, go here. I have a brand new resource spirit has asked me to share with the collective – The Crystalline Twin Flame Mirror Healing


I can’t wait to hear about your experiences with the new session – I know there are much needed shifts and a-ha moments waiting for you!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3 

Cassady x

Curious about what you can expect? Have a look at some feedback from Twin Flames who have used my healing resources or worked with me in the Twin Flame gold coaching 

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