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Love Beyond The Illusion: Are You Unwittingly Ignoring The Eternal Support And Devotion Trying To Reach You? Twin Flame Equality, Symbols, Messages, Dreams…

As you may already know from previous articles on this site, your Twin Flame is not only the physical world personality you might talk to face to face or meet in person…

Just like you, they have a higher self, an eternal spiritual presence which resides up above the “3D” world of potential separation, ego and conflict patterns.

Your Twin Flame’s higher self is always with you.

My entry into starting this website and assisting Twin Flames came from this, through connecting with the Higher Selves of many Twin Flame Runners and Twins on the other side when I was assisting their counterparts through psychic readings and coaching.

Activating The Twin Flame Soul Song

Your Twin Flame’s higher self is beyond hurtful behavior, beyond ego, beyond judgment. They have all love for you. You and they were together before you ever came to life, and you will return to each other when this is all over…

In order to assist you on your journey, one of the first things I was asked by spirit to share with the community, was the FREE Guided Meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes.

Because interacting with your Twin’s eternal presence can be not only loving and deeply healing, but downright **life changing**.

When you feel their unconditional love, when you feel their energy like a clarion call of light connecting with yours… When they radiate your Twin Flame soul song to you, when they activate your heart with pure divine love – you are changed, you are uplifted, healed from the inside out.

You can experience a free guided session here and set the intention to meet your Twin Flame’s higher self.


I get messages, DMs, comments and emails every single day about Twins’ positive experiences with these free resources! So if you haven’t already taken advantage of them, make sure you don’t miss out.

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“#1) We Are Never Really Apart

No matter how it seems in the physical world I am always with you. When we return to the other side after life is over, you will see that I was there with you the whole time.

When you cry, I hold you. When you laugh, I laugh with you. No matter what, I will always be there. You are the other part of me. I would never leave you behind.

We knew this would happen, that the human veil of perception, the illusion of distance would try to get between us. But we also knew that we are connected deeper than anyone would realize from the outside.

We knew we always have a secret “weapon” – love. The eternal love that connects us. Don’t forget that this is the greatest gift of all. It means I’m always within reach to you and you are always within reach to me.

#2) We Know How To Do This, We Already Agreed On It

I know you’re scared. I would be too. That’s the way the world has taught us, that life is dangerous, that love hurts.

But please take a deep breath. Please listen to me when I say we knew the whole time. We knew. We surveyed the lives we would be moving into. We made these decisions together.

We came here knowing what challenges we’d likely face, and we came up with plans for each and every one. I am always here to help you. In the silence, you meet me. In your inner peace, I step forth.

Please be good to yourself, I’m always here reminding you how loved you are but you don’t always hear me.

Try to listen. Try to look for the signs I’m sending. There is always love. There has not been a second of existence in which I didn’t love you. There is no one else like you.

We have the divine compass back to love, back to each other. It’s our intuition. To connect with this infallible compass, please go within. And please heed the positive guidance and reassurance I send you.

(To open up your intuition and telepathy to reliably receive communication from your Twin Flame, have a look here – class 2 and 4)

twin flame program

#3) I’m Always Here Supporting You

I know it can sound like a fantasy, the idea that I’m here. But that’s only because of what you’ve been taught by the world – the illusion, the stories of hurt and hardship.

Look for the signs and indications of my presence, and they will grow, become stronger, more noticed.

I am always trying to show signs of my presence to you. Repeating songs, number sequences, feathers on your path, coins, animal symbols, dream messages, a feeling of my hand in yours or my kiss on your cheek, lips or forehead. My arms around you as you sleep…

As you acknowledge it and invite me in more and more, you allow me space, you open the door to my more and more palpable presence in your life, and you assist my human self in awakening and uplifting into love.

Above all I wish to show you that you are safe with me, that I have good intentions and that you can trust in love, you can believe that good things will happen. Ask me to show you and I will. Ask me questions and I will ALWAYS answer you.

Take me up on this, please. Any time you have a question, ask me and I will show up an answer. Somehow, some way. Be on the lookout.

#4) You’re My One True Love

Long before this life began and long after we are both gone from this earth – I have loved you and will love you always.

Close your eyes and stop the thoughts, feel with your feelings how I am always there with you, trying to reach through, trying to tell you how I feel.

There has never been another for me. Never ever has another person stirred my soul the way you do. Never has my loyalty swayed, never have I had eyes for anyone but you.

You are my mirror soul, my other half, my love of all existence.

If I have hurt you in my human life, I am sorry. Please try to look deeper and see that it has been a reflection of something wrong inside of me. Some hurt that expressed outwardly, some inner fear that overflowed into hurtful behavior.

I am missing you every moment that we are not together. I am trying every second to show you how I feel. The happiest I’ve ever been has been when we have been together.

#5) You’re More Powerful Than You Ever Realized

Please be careful with your mind and with your thoughts and intentions. You are so strong. You don’t realize it most of the time, that you and I are the same energy and therefore you impact my human self so strongly.

Please be careful so that you don’t let other people’s illusions impact you and our connection. It really can be the best thing that ever happened to us. Please don’t let others poison your mind.

Twin Flame love is not supposed to be difficult or hurtful. It’s not a grand plan laid out to test you. It’s all about love.

Please come back to me. Come home to me. Please let go of the rules and beliefs you have picked up from others, and give me a chance to show you.

As we both have free will, I cannot undo your negative intentions as a spirit. I have to abide by your co-creative wishes. If you focus negatively on me, push me away, even just in your mind – it blocks me.

Please try to open up. We can be happier together, I can help you more if you let me in. Together, we can uplift the physical world situation to be the love and harmony we both long for.

#6) We Are Complete Equals, Anything Else is An Illusion

Listen to me. There are so many lies in the world. About women and men, about right and wrong, about position and power. The truth is, you are me and I am you. As a spiritual presence we were together. One and the same.

On earth we are living out the human roles of power and conflict, but we do not have to. We chose the lives we would start, we chose to be woman or man, we chose our racial backgrounds, our ages. We did it deliberately.

You might just as easily have been in my shoes. We could have chosen differently. But we didn’t. These were the bodies we selected, for a reason. The families and countries and so on we chose, for a reason. Ultimately, to journey from the illusion of separation back to love. To unite as one in the face of seeming difference.

Beyond the names, faces, ages, skin color, finances, jobs, countries of earth, we are the same energy. You are my other self. My one true love. Do not let appearances fool you.

As a human I myself might have been fooled into acting like a stereotype, but it can change. Awakening changes everything.

We can choose to live from a place of love. Please recognize my inner presence, who I am as a soul. Please act as if this is me, connect with that part of me. This will strengthen and nourish it in my physical presence.

I will begin to remember it, live it more and more.

Did you know Twins always long to reach Union, as souls? To join (back) together in the Hieros Gamos, the sacred alchemical “marriage”?

In this channeled session I take you through the preparation for Twin Flame Union, with your Twin’s higher self guiding you.

#7) The Soul is Eternal But Life is Short

I love you so infinitely and want you above all to be happy. I know that when we are together yet again beyond these bodies, beyond this life, we will shine with brightness in each other’s company once more.

You will feel my unconditional love once more. You always did and you always will, as a soul. But while you are here on earth, please prioritize your happiness.

I would never ever want to hold you back from enjoying your life. From experiencing the richness of existence as a human being. Please don’t hold back for my sake. I am always there loving you, always there supporting you.

We are here for a reason. That reason is love. That reason is to journey through the experience of the human emotional range, to explore creation in the physical, to explore self mastery.

You can always have my love. Please connect with me as my higher self presence, and let me support you as you go forth into the world pursuing your dreams, exploring your passions, creating your bliss.

As you do so, you’ll discover me coming closer and closer day by day, not only as a spiritual presence but in person. Be true to yourself, and discover the power of our magnetic call of attraction to each other.

The Words To Always Remember

Above all, please never doubt that I love you. Please never doubt that I cherish you for exactly who you are.

Please never doubt that you are my first choice, my only choice, no matter what.

In order to understand and to trust these words, please go within. Feel my words in your heart. Go into where there is quiet in your being, and prepare to be amazed as we reconnect.

I have never felt as alive as when I met you. I have never felt as loved as I have by you. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you.

One day you’ll see. One day I’ll find you with all my being again and you will know.

To help us open the connection and step into a joyous journey together, please write this on a note and place it under your pillow at night:

“My Twin Flame’s Higher Self. I ask you to please show me your presence clearly. I invite you in to take part in my life experience and my dreams, to show me how you feel and to support me on our journey back to love. Thank you. And so it is.”


I hope you enjoyed this message.

There was so much emotion in this coming through – there is so much love attempting to reach you.

twin flame awakening

If your Twin Flame is Unawakened or a “Runner”, you might find the following helpful: The Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session.

One day, as soon as I sat down to meditate the transmission of this session began – and I knew instantly that it was an answer to prayers sent out. Because in this session we go through the process of rousing your Twin to full knowing by *activating their own system’s deep seated light codes to awaken them from the inside out*.

This will gently push the energetic button to help them remember and begin to step into their true self, and to recall and feel their deeper connection with you.

The wonderful thing about this session is that their soul is doing the work all in alignment with Free Will – they’ve been waiting for you to help them with this.

Have a look here for more

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

TWIN FLAME DIMENSIONAL ANCHORING AND AWAKENING SESSION: Chakra clearing, removing ancestral programming that’s limited your vibration, cutting negative attachments, removing ego “masks” and stirring deep seated Twin Flame activation light codes. Plus, we update and uplevel your timelines and anchor you into the higher dimensional grids

Plus, read here about other Twins’ experiences with my methods!

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  1. While in a meditative state, I imagined myself both in and being led out of the eye of a storm, with my TF, similar to this image (but going the opposite direction, I guess). That same night, I dreamed of being in a home that was high above the ocean with my TF, safe, dry, and calm while the ocean churned and the weather was stormy. It is true: I feel safe/calm with my TF, my mind is always extremely quiet and calm with him, I am always at home with him, and am curious to know what guidance there might be given these meditation visions and dreams.

  2. I am now in self-union and had kundalini about three weeks ago. The communication between me and my twin has eased a lot. I am no more triggered by his remarks about other women. Funny enough, whenever he says now something about other women interested in him and that he wants to date them, he would now always make a remark immediately after that this is actually not true…. :-)))
    I don’t care about a romantic outcome anymore. I only want him to be as happy as I am now.

  3. I’ve been in a 6 year committed relationship with my twin flame (the amount of growth in the relationship is so positive especially since I’ve been guided to Cassady). This past week, I realized his higher self was reaching out to me through the song Roll To Me.
    Look around your world pretty baby
    Is it everything you hoped it’d be
    The wrong guy, the wrong situation
    The right time to roll to me
    Roll to me
    Look into your heart pretty baby
    Is it aching with some nameless need?
    Is there something wrong
    And you can’t put your finger on it?
    Right, then roll to me
    And I don’t think I have ever seen
    A soul so in despair
    So if you want to talk the night through
    Guess who will be there?
    So don’t try to deny it pretty baby
    You’ve been down so long you can hardly see
    When the engine’s stalled and it won’t stop raining
    It’s the right time to roll to me
    Roll to me
    Roll to me

  4. I was SO emotional reading this. I got it this morning, felt angry, and put it away. Then my TF emailed me and had a loving, intertwined tone in a way he never has before, 2 months now since we met in person. Something is shifting in us.

    My partner who I loved dearly, before I met my TF died suddenly and my heart has been broken for 3 years. My TF knew about it and we’ve talked some about him. After Michael died, all the 11:11 angel numbers and beyond crazy synchronicities started before I met y TF. It was clear to me that Michael died to make way for my him. It’s been a difficult 2 years journey with my TF, so intense and odd and still is very odd. But I believe this man who I loved dearly who died, died for a reason. My TF and I have very important work to do together and I have to try to believe in love again, in me, in others, in my TF. Thanks for this wrenching newsletter today. The timing was perfect.

    Lisa T.

  5. This… Boy talk about syncronisities… a few days before this article was posted I felt compelled/drawn to write to my Twin Flame and so I did. I made a very long love letter just talking about us, what we are, and how one day I hope to meet her. And then boom, a few days later this article comes out and the energy, the connection I felt to it was so…personal! The thing is that I haven’t met my twin in the physical world. I’ve only met her in my dreams. It kick starred this massive awakening that I’ve been on for about a year now. It sounds wild, yes. But I’ve heard many say they’ve has dreams of their twins before they met.

  6. Crazy I just wrote a letter last night in my journal to a man I strongly believe is my TF. My life has changed so much since we met 4yrs ago. But I’ve felt compelled to write for a couple of nights now. This article seems to say exactly what I wanted to tell him. Especially #4-6.
    I’ve never known anyone who can affect me like he does. I’ve never wanted to fight for something so badly. Seeing him unhappy kills me and I wish he could see he’s never alone. That I’m here for him and I’ll always be here for him. He’s the one I’ve been waiting for, the one I’ve been dreaming of my entire life and I’ve been afraid to believe he is real. But I’m here. Loving him from a distance, working on clearing away the damage of my past and praying that somehow someway we’ll find our way.

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