11 Inspiring Stories from Real TF Couples – Twin Flame Miracles And Stories Of “Magic” Breaking Through To Change Everything. What Surprises Are In Store For You?

After inviting everyone in the Twin Flames 11:11 Instagram community to share stories about pre-cursors to meeting or reuniting with their counterpart a while back…

I received a wealth of answers and beautiful stories!

In fact, there were so many amazing responses, I wasn’t able to fit them all into one post.

So today I’ll be sharing 11 more true and inspiring stories from real Twin Flames, who overcame challenges and reconnected in deep love.

Feeling Triggered?

And, a BIG REMINDER, before we start:

I know this subject can feel triggering if you are NOT currently in a good space with your Twin Flame connection:

Remember that even if things seem blocked for you lately, it is possible for YOU to experience the joy and magic of Twin Flame Love as well.

It’s all about alignment. Once you clear any blocks in the way of unity, your connection (re)opens! 

I have a number of resources to help you with this here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

If you’re unsure where to start, ask yourself what you feel most drawn to. (That’s your intuition speaking about what is to your highest good right now!)

Lifting Into Faith

I hope these stories will renew your faith, and lift your vibration into alignment with love.

If you’ve been having a hard time lately, this is exactly what’s been wanting to reach you – to show you, miracles DO happen on the Twin Flame journey.

Trust me when I say, these truly heart-warming stories will completely change how you feel, and fair warning, you may even cry. (*Big hug*)

Don’t forget why you’re here xx

I’m honoured to be a presence on this special path alongside you.

As always I’m sending you so much love and light <3

Cassady x

11 Inspiring Stories from Real Twin Flames to Remind You of the Magic of Soul Love

“When I made eye contact with him for the first time, I totally lost my breath and my heart started racing (excitedly). I was so confused by that reaction because I didn’t consciously know him at all, and like I said, I didn’t think he was “my type.”

I had never been so comfortable being me as I was that day (and I used to have horrible social anxiety). We ended up dating for three years. At the end of that time, he did something I had previously thought I would never forgive someone for, and yet, it was effortless for me to forgive him. I surprised myself again with the kind of unconditional love I did not realize I had the capacity to offer.

However, he could not, at the time, forgive himself, and he pushed me away. After that, I married someone else but that never felt right. I tried so hard to forget him, but no matter what I did, who I dated, or how I felt, he came back to me in my mind over and over.

It was actually quite haunting because all of these signs would come, and I would get totally overwhelmed every time.

I finally decided to find him and make peace with the past – not thinking we would ever reconnect in any way other than friends (because I had convinced myself he never really loved me).

After we connected, he finally told me what had happened all those years ago and that he had never stopped loving me and wishing he hadn’t messed it up. And this all happened just when my life was falling apart.

When I finally saw him again, my legs shook and I lost my breath again. The rest is history. We are now happily reunited.

– Kinsey 

“I met the other half of my soul at work Christmas party… as soon as I walked into the room I picked him out straight away and had an instant massive crush on him… the energy between us was so intense I thought I was going crazy! 

He got let go from work because of covid19, and at his going away party we gravitated again and were the last two to leave and he finally told me he had liked me since the first day he met me too and kissed me and I remember this overwhelming wash of knowing that my life was going to change forever

We kept messaging all the time and called when we could and experienced some running/chasing but on the 22nd April 2020 I woke up at 5:55 am, went and watched the sunrise, and as I watched these doves fly past the house, I knew we had a connection like no other and my whole purpose for being here was to love him

I have never liked looking into people’s eyes but I melt into his for what seems like forever, time literally changes when we’re together, I’ve never felt more at peace than with my Flame, never felt unconditional love like I have felt for him and never felt more at home in my life than with him. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m so grateful to be on this journey with him…

I even had dreams of him before I met him and have been looking for him since I was a little kid like looking for his green eyes. You just know when they’re the one!

And thank you Cassady for your articles and twin flame vibrational alignment kit, they really helped shape our journey into a more positive experience, we use your tools every day and we’re planning a wedding for next year.

– Natalie Mosley

My twin soul and I got together one Summer Solstice and discovered not long after that, upon the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse, that we were twin flames who activated each other’s chakras in an unexplainable and incredible way. 

I remember saying, “He sets my soul on fire.” And I remember him telling me, “I can’t explain how I feel when I’m around you, only that it keeps getting stronger.” 

I also remember seeing a bright blue glowing straight out of his chest during one hug, just before the Solar Eclipse, and it was then I really had the remembrance come to me, that his soul was special to my own, we knew each other deeply

His eyes were the very first thing that drew me to him. 

We have really benefited from Cassady’s work. We have so many meditations and have done the Vibrational Alignment Program. We have discovered so much. And become connected in so many amazing ways. Thank you, Cassady!”

– LN Fortado

“Met my TF when I was 12 and he 14. I knew instantly, drove my friends crazy saying I was going to marry him. 

In our 20’s he was in a relationship but always called me and asked to see me. Then he married her. I wanted to die. I was hurt he had done that so I ran away and moved from the Midwest to California. He called and asked me not to move and I said “What do you care?”

For 13 years we spoke on the phone a few times to catch up. I got married and was miserable. Life goes on. Here we were, age 44 and 46 now.

He called and told me he loved me and I said I knew, but what can we do about it now?

A year went by without talking, and then I had an intense dream he was screaming for me that he loved me…next day he called. Flood gates opened that day. I had a vision of a past life where I lost him and over the course of the next months (and 3 years) we experienced insane telepathy, he could see me where I was, what I was doing, I’d be talking to him (by myself in CA) and he’d call from hundreds of miles away and answer me from what I’d been saying to him (in my head) my knees buckled… 

What a crazy insane, beautiful, painful, blessed ride this has been. Bought a house together last year and doing well. Age 49 & 51 now, but we made it.

Wouldn’t change any of the hurt I’ve experienced. Never knew this could happen to me.

–  Amy 

“I had moved all the way across the world for a girl I had intended to marry (I am female and so is my twin) and the relationship started to go south. I had no family and friends here and I was lonely. I felt something was lacking in life but at the same time I felt like I was where I was supposed to be. 

I ended up in a decent job at a local grocery chain when I noticed the new cashier. For three months I nervously walked past thinking who is this girl? I finally said hello one day and we hit it off fast and so intensely that within a week we knew everything about one another and were sleep deprived from constantly talking and texting.

Before this I was self deprivations, self loathing, used to be bullied and never fit anywhere but everything changed. I started to see myself differently and regard myself differently and I felt home.

I can now feel when she thinks about me, I’ve lost a lot of weight, and my eye color has even changed and become similar to hers.

I keep seeing signs and synchronicities of Union and feel this joyous excitement within my soul knowing that heaven on earth is on my horizon.

–  Icstarsnureyes24

“I have felt lonely all of my life… After seeing 11 11 everywhere… I felt something was about to change in my life.

One day I saw what I thought was a dead dragonfly on a hot city sidewalk. I put my finger under it to lift it. It flew and started circling me. It followed me as I drove away too.

A month later a guy from my home town who was on a facebook group about our hometown called me out of the blue…

The minute I heard his voice, I knew. I felt HOME and have not felt alone in the world since. That was 4 years ago. I can’t even tell you how many physical symptoms we share.

Cook the same food on the same day. Look to see if we sent a message and the phone rings! Wake up at the same time at night etc… we have just missed one another in passing all of our lives… 

We will never feel alone again. Last week I pulled into a parking lot shopping. A huge golden dragonfly hovered in front of my windshield. It was acting strange. Two days later my TF (lives in another state) called me with his voice shaking “sit down I have something to tell you. You will not believe”.

He had gone to a store and pulled into the parking lot and a huge golden dragonfly hovered in front of his windshield!”

– Debra Kaye McKrill

“We and a group of friends decided to rent a lovely big house for the weekend… leading up to this, my twin and I kept seeing wolves… in images and memes… we spent the weekend in this house during the wolf full moon… I believe this was when our souls recognized each other… 

For a week after that everyone in that house felt a love that they had never felt before… it was so beautiful… when I got home I was standing at my back door looking at the stars and a voice came into my head and said… “You are meant to be with him”… this really took me by surprise as he is 13 yrs younger than me and at that time I never thought that he would want to be with “someone like me”… 

6yrs later and we have been on some journey… we are both awake and working together to get to union… all thanks to Cassady and her work… I am now working on the gold course and am excited about our future.”

– Diane

“I had dreams about him YEARS before we met in person, except it was as a statue (his first name is the same as a famous statue).

When I was dating my first serious boyfriend and he and I were talking about getting married one day each time we did I would see visions of my TF and OUR “wedding day,” in a place I didn’t recognize but later found out is in my TF’s hometown. 

When we met, for only about a minute the first time and far across the room from each other, a gong went off inside of my body and I heard the words “he’s going to change my life.”

When we were reunited 5 months later on 8/8/16 and we were close enough to look into each other’s eyes I literally felt my heart chakra expand in my body, not like love at first sight or infatuation like I’d experienced before, but an actual physical expansion and lightening. Years later he told me he felt exactly the same thing too

When I look into his eyes it’s like seeing my reflection and coming home in the most loving way possible–it’s seeing myself the way he sees me.

When we talk, time quite literally bends differently as if there’s no such thing and we both remember past lives together and meet each other in dream space all the time. 

I fell in love with a tv character that looks just like him about a year before we were reunited and couldn’t figure out why that character seemed so familiar and when we met he told me he’s never identified with a character so much.”

–  Katherine Christine Wehler

“I began working at the phone company where he was. I didn’t see him, as he was shy and was avoiding me. To this day he still remembers the first time he saw me, what I was wearing, and how he fell in love instantly. I went out for drinks with a friend in the same department and he also came.

After that it was like an addiction. We couldn’t see each other all the time but we did as much as we could. I was so young, and after a few months he left because he felt a responsibility to his son and his ex. We were separated for 20 years – he married her and raised their son. I married twice.

When his son left for college, things changed. He asked for a divorce as he wanted to experience the true love that he felt he had with me. He had searched for me on social media for years, and we never found each other.

We had missed each other at so many events and even just around town. He found me suddenly on Facebook, and it took 2 weeks for him to get the nerve to message me.

On my end, I had asked for a separation, and my husband was reluctant. Not five minutes later, I got his friend request.

My heart leapt out of my chest. When we had dinner 2 weeks later, it was like no time had passed. We have been reunited for 3 years and it has been just a total rollercoaster… we are on our way to union… It’s a wild ride… But to experience love like this— It’s worth it.

–  Jenn Adams

In my teens, a song came on the TV – snow patrol’s ‘chasing cars’, and I burst out crying, I missed someone so so so much it hurt. I didn’t understand it until last year. 

A few years ago I had a dream about a man on a boat… A month later, I booked a solo trip to Lanzarote. I went on a date with a man, he was just a few hundred meters away from the hotel on a sailing boat. He walked up the steps and he was a big bear in blue, with a gingery beard. I felt instantly good around him… We were the same and different, he had done everything I had desired to do but was too scared.

The country I had been called to all of my life but never made it, he had lived in. The languages I wanted to learn but never did, he was fluent in. We had opposite bad knees and the same funny things about our bodies. 

He spoke so romantically, now I know it was messages from his higher self. We had a baby, a little boy. Our lessons started.

I had an awakening and when I read about twin flames I had a kundalini awakening, my eyes turned green just like his, the universe swirled in my eyes for days. Snow patrol ‘chasing cars’ came on and my whole body lit up!

I cried and laughed. Songs came out of nowhere filling my ears. Most beautiful time of my life. Now his higher self is guiding me and supporting me. We are well on the path to union and our soul mission. Thanks Cassady for everything.”

–  Natalie

“It seems my whole life I’ve been yearning for my soul mate. I’ve never really liked too many guys in my life, actually hardly any even though I dated. I’m 61… I met my Twin Flame as he came riding past me on his bicycle, I was on my bicycle. I didn’t know about twin flames till after I met him… 

When I was a kid walking to school, I remember thinking that the whole world was against me, not any more. Cassady, I’m so grateful. Without you, I might not have ever known there is true love I can receive back… 

Being a Twin Flame is the best most wonderful thing… I know we are always connected and are still learning. I could not possibly take in all the love there is at once so I’m being patient now. I know it will happen and I feel like it might shake the heavens and earth when we do because this is so tremendous.

–  Carol Porth

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Your Journey Is Unique

I really hope you found this inspiring!

Nothing is impossible on this journey.

And if your story doesn’t sound as magical as the ones in this article, please don’t feel disheartened.

Sometimes, the “supernatural aspects” of the connection can be blocked because your energy is congested (if you think that’s the case, click here to reignite and reopen to “unleash the magic”).

And finally, if you would like to share YOUR Twin Flame miracle or story, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

(Please keep it as concise as possible, for readability. Thank you!)

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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  1. Yep, I love this one Cassidy.
    Probably 7 out of 10 for me right now. I know he plays guitar and recently, after 37 years not playing, I am interested again and have bought a nice guitar!
    Our telepathy and chakra climaxes have always been amazing when his energy touches me remotely. A few strange cravings and much more inner peace around our coming physical union. I do believe I am glowing more also as I am on a high frequency and this is drawing me even closer to animals and telepathic communication with them. Also putting on my medieval gown yesterday for the coming festival, felt strange as when I looked in the mirror,I was looking at me thru his eyes!
    Light & Love

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