twin-flame-healingAre You On The Path To Harmony? 5 Telltale Yet Paradoxical Signs Your Twin Flame Relationship is Becoming Healthier. (Indications That You’re Getting Closer To Union!)

Today I’m addressing an issue I’m asked about every week, by Twin Flames from all over the world:

“How Do I Know If My Twin Flame Connection is Healing?”
“How do I know if things are improving, or if I’m doing the right things?”
“How do I know if my inner work is paying off?”

Let’s explore!

A Thank YOU!

Before we get started, I wanted to say thank you for being here, being a part of the community and reading my work.

If you have written to me, I want you to know I would love to answer personally but it’s simply not possible anymore as the community has grown.

But I truly appreciate you reaching out and sharing your experiences – I know it’s a vulnerable thing to do.

And I want you to know that I do stay in touch with what comes in, and do my best to address your concerns and questions here on the blog!

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What Happens When Twin Flames Heal?

Thank you also on behalf of the light if you have been doing your inner healing- because it makes such a huge positive difference to the whole Twin Flame collective!

Did you know? Any time a Twin Flame raises their vibration higher and harmonizes their connection, it powerfully impacts the whole!

And if you’re new here, welcome!

I’m thrilled you’re here, and as a Twin Flame in awakening – I can confidently say you’ve come to the right place!

Have a look here for my guide to the most common issues, questions and helpful resources for Twin Flames.

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Signs Of The Twin Flame Connection Improving

So onto today’s question: “How do I know if my efforts to heal and harmonize our bond are actually making a difference?”

As someone who has been through the twin flame ascension journey myself and worked as a twin flame healer and coach for almost a decade, I’ve been blessed to see the signs of this!

The key indications that things are improving, and yes, even that you are nearing reunion.

So let’s look at the key signs that show us that your efforts are indeed making a difference, and that your twin flame bond is becoming more healed and harmonized!

Here are 5 signs to look out for:

1) You feel a greater sense of inner peace and calmness

One of the most obvious signs that your twin flame connection is healing is a feeling of inner peace and calmness.

You may notice that you’re not as reactive or triggered by your twin flame as you used to be. Instead, you feel a sense of acceptance and understanding, even when things are challenging.

2) You’re able to communicate more openly and honestly

Communication is a key component of any relationship, and it’s especially important in a twin flame connection.

As you heal and grow, you may find that you’re able to communicate more openly and honestly with your twin flame.

You’re able to express your feelings and needs without fear of judgment or rejection.

3) You’re able to let go of old patterns and behaviors

Healing often requires letting go of old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you. This can be challenging, but it’s essential for Twin Flames. (More on that here).

If you find that you’re able to let go of negative emotions and ways of thinking, it’s a sign that your twin flame connection is healing. This will then in turn positively affect your “outer” dynamic with your counterpart.

4) You feel a deeper sense of love and connection

Ultimately, the goal of the twin flame connection is to help us experience a deeper sense of love and connection than we ever thought possible.

If you feel a deep sense of love and connection with your twin flame, even in the midst of challenges and difficulties, it’s a sign that your connection is healing and growing stronger.

5) Your feel more trust in the journey

When you have released fear and conflict, you are able to tap into your deeper inner soul guidance.

Your intuition shines through, and you are able to feel that even if you don’t know exactly what lies ahead, you will be guided step by step.

Blessings Of The Twin Flame Mirror

These five signs are inner ways that helps you recognize and celebrate the progress that you’re making on your twin flame journey.

When you notice these areas improving, you can know that your “outer” 3D Twin Flame connection will follow suit into more harmony.

Because, as the ancients knew: “As within, so without”. The Twin Flame mirror reflects what we hold within.

Just have a look at some of these Twins’ experiences:

(More testimonials here)

Twin Flame “Distance Healing”

Healing is not always easy, and it’s not always linear. But you have so much power in this.

Even if you are not physically together or in communication, you can harmonize and heal your Twin Flame connection because you always affect one another.

When you heal, the dynamic between you improves so much!

Help For Twin Flame Reunion

There may be ups and downs along the way…

But if you stay committed to your healing journey and to your twin flame connection, you’ll come out the other side stronger and more connected than ever before.

And, if you are finding it hard to make progress, or are feeling stuck and frustrated with your Twin Flame journey, I would love to help.

Go here to see my full range of deep healing sessions for Twin Flames.

To know what is most needed for you right now, ask your intuition what you feel most drawn to. 

That’s your soul speaking to you about what is to your highest good, or an area you will benefit from to move forward and experience the breakthroughs you’ve been longing for.

Have You Experienced These Signs?

I really hope you found this article helpful and insightful!

And do let me know in the comments which of these signs and indications YOU have been noticing on your journey!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3 

Cassady x 

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