Discover Your Pre-Life Plan As A Couple: What Twin Flame Soul Purpose And Pre-Life Plan Do You And Your Twin Flame Share? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

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  1. Ich möchte all mein LIcht in die Welt tragen…und vertraue auf Hilfe auf unserer Mission… Danke.

  2. We are separated by distance and other relationships but he has admitted he feels the deep connection. We’re both just kind of lost, not knowing what to do or how to proceed.

  3. This was spot on, oneness across species. I have always had a special relationship with animals and love nature. More recently I have been enriching the lives of wild animals on my property and I started getting really bothered by how badly humans treat plant Earth and the effect on wildlife and everything else. My twin true to our connection has a house full of animals. And I’ve been telling her higher self all the things we can do to help when we’re in Union some of which I’ve already begun not realizing that is our core mission. This gets me really excited and if I were able to tell her avatar right now she’d toss her head back and do that flirty laugh thinking to herself how did she get so lucky! Lol

  4. My answer was amazing. Already consciously aware, but the response still made tears stream down my face! Cassidy, you speak about our Flames 'sharing the same soul song'… That's what really got me. Hearing Her 'in the music' is why I am Awake ~ and the beauty of this… That is the advanced technology!

  5. My twin and I are having difficulty with ego and separation phases. We don’t understand our purpose and so don’t know where to look for guidance.

  6. Hola, gracias por tu aporte y guía, han sido muy valiosos en mi camino de llama gemela 💕

  7. The amazing part is my twin's name is Jack and your comment was the first I saw when I read this site.
    I have a house full of animals and yard full of outdoor pets.

    And I always say I'm so lucky to have him in my life. Just this afternoon I told him I was glad I met him and how he stole my heart.

    I think reading your message is his higher self's way of sending me a message I really needed to hear!

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