Change Is Brewing, And The Universe Challenges You To Inspired Action – But Do You Feel Blocked? Venus Still “Chasing” Mars, But Will The Feminine Catch Her Desire? It’s All About How She Feels About Herself…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Venus still “chasing” Mars, who rushes ahead – now into Virgo. Will the feminine catch “the one” before her retrograde begins in a few weeks?

The Universe says, it’s all about her own feelings about herself – and it’s time to change things up. Plus, why action is guided over “talk”, to move things ahead this period. The planets say: You already know what to do!

Discover more below

Mars/Venus’ Standoff

We enter into another week of Cancer Season, but there are powerful transits bringing shifts that go far beyond.

First and foremost, Venus is still “chasing” just behind Mars toward the end of Leo, where they have been moving forward in recent weeks.

Venus and Mars symbolize the Feminine and Masculine archetypes, and in 2022 they met in a conjunction – but this summer, they don’t.

Next week, Venus turns to Retrograde, before catching her counterpart. It signals that there is INNER healing work needed, and that togetherness/full unity is likely disrupted or blocked.

The past needs to be dealt with, before the present and future can unlock into unity the way she wants.

Perfection, Purification

We begin this week with Mars moving into Virgo, ahead of Venus.

Virgo is the seat of purification and perfection; which signals a period of healing and inner depth work for the Masculine – as Venus soon enters her own healing period with the retrograde.

When Mars enters Virgo, it’s a contradictory transit and often a time of pressure…

Foreign Terrain For Mars/Masculine

Mars’ natural instinct as the ruler of Aries is to be self- focused, to strike forth boldly and get things done, to be passionate in action and progress.

Virgo, on the other hand, is all about service to others, perfection and tends toward doubt, questioning, detail work and criticism.

In relationships, the Masculine will likely be extra touchy about “his” perceived imperfections and flaws this period, so tread wisely. (These things are all about childhood, so inner child work is strongly guided now).

twin flame inner child

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(Lack Of) Self Love In Masculine Twin

Self love is a major key when Virgo energies are strong. If youre not there with self love quite yet, this month is a great time to start taking some steps in a positive direction.

And remember, that if your counterpart seems touchy or shut off, it’s more to do with how they feel about THEMSELVES than you.

Moving into an opposition with Saturn Retrograde in Pisces, we see that the Masculine/runner Twin is struggling with feeling unloved by others.

Why The “DM” Is Feeling Pressured

The Masculine’s issues stem from feeling opposed, criticized or unloved by the father or other authority figures in childhood…

And this has become a life-long underlying pattern of fearing criticism and not feeling “good enough”.

If you want to bring them closer, this is the crux of the issue to solve!

Feeling Unworthy

Because as long as they have this inner fear of criticism and unworthiness, they are afraid of opening up.

This in turn, will tend to lead to avoidance, running, ghosting, opting for “lesser” outsider relationships where they have less at stake, and other issues that disrupt the Twin Flame connection.

For step-by-step instructions on how to resolve this, even if they are not participating, go here. 


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Full details on the program, and more feedback from other Twin Flames here

Mercury Enters Leo – Passionate Communication

Tuesday, Mercury moves ahead from Cancer into Leo.

Mercury in Leo is passionate, expressive, romantic and bold. It brings impetus to create something beautiful, or to express love in art– a time of heightened romance.

As it happens in opposition to Pluto Retrograde however, it signals that we feel or experience ourselves to be opposed by an outer power.

“Blocked” By An Outer Power?

It could be, that you wish to share your immense love for your counterpart – but they seem withdrawn and even hostile in the 3D physical.

Pluto’s wisdom is you have to go within and resolve your own inner past experiences – ultimately childhood – and the first time you experienced this kind of situation.

Above all, karmic, unconscious content. That’s when your outer 3D connection will open up and blossom.

For help with this, go here.

And, take the Karma assessment here to get clarity on whether this is the deeper cause of any recurring difficulties or holdbacks in your Twin Flame connection.


Commitment to Soul Path

 Mars also moves into a trine with the North Node once he enters Virgo. This deals with action and commitment, to the true soul path and future.

Coupled with Mercury opposition Pluto, which are ALSO square the North Node, it says:

“You HAVE to act, and not just think and talk and dream, to get to where you want to go”.

You already know what’s guided, is the message. ACT now, don’t talk/discuss and think and dream your life and Twin Flame connection away.

How To Shift Into Twin Flame Unity In The 3D

This week, the planets show us that if the outside 3D situation seems blocked, you have to go WITHIN to resolve it.

By shifting your inner state, emotions, thoughts and above all ENERGY, you will shift the outside.

However, Sun square Chiron shows that there is resistance to healing and being honest with yourself.

Let’s face it, it’s usually more tempting to blame others or the world being “unfair” but that will only keep things stuck!

Because the truth is, on the soul level, we are sovereign and responsible for our own reality.

Which Frequency Are You Lined Up With?

That means, if we want a different outside result or a happier experience, a harmonious Twin Flame connection or reunion, WE have to resolve our inner world and align to be a MATCH to that.

Otherwise it can’t show up for us. We won’t be open, it will be deflected.

Because we live in a universe of energy in motion, and like attracts like on the frequency spectrum.

(Watch the brief video here for how this applies to the Twin Flame connection and how to use this to reunite.)


Changing How You Show Up In The World?

Sun sextile Uranus says that looking at yourself differently, and maybe changing up things around how you appear in the world is needed.

Be a little more daring with how you show up in the world.

Spirit shows us, that this week you might feel unnerved that there’s not “enough” happening. There is an energy of quiet before the “storm”.

What is really going on, is you are being directed to CREATE your ideal reality rather than merely responding to outside events re-actively.

“You Already Know”

So, as the universe “says”: You already know what to do!

You are being guided every single day by your Twin’s higher self, their unconscious, your own guidance team and your own intuition.

If you’re not paying attention or you’re not open, you are missing a WEALTH of support and help.

Because their insights can accelerate and truly revolutionize your journey for the better.

If you want to use this time to open your channel, learn how to interact with guidance and your Twin’s higher self to get more help and guidance on your journey, go here and I’ll take you through it (class 2, 4, 6, and 8).


I was never “naturally psychic” until I used these methods and they helped unlock latent intuitive abilities within just a few months for Twin Flames!

When you clear energy and activate your channels in the right way, you can really open up and your intuition will become clear, luminescent and a trusted help on your path.

(More info on how this works here)

The Cosmos Rattling You

If you have been waiting for the cosmos to “magic” your journey and bring reunion out of the blue, this week you’re being rattled to realize YOU are the most powerful way it can show up.

Mars/Venus opposition Saturn Retrograde shows us, that if things haven’t happened the way you want yet, it’s due to the PAST, above all.

The core underlying reason for “issues” between you or in your life in general, is karma and past hurts.

And unless you take action to resolve them, they’ll stay in your system playing out in your connection as “problems”.

Saturn’s Wisdom – To Empower You

Whenever Saturn is particularly active, we’re asked to “grow up” and take responsibility for our own input.

Right now, he’s saying that many Twin Flame pairs simply aren’t READY to be reunited – because they’re not willing to deal with themselves.

So be honest with yourself: Have you been resolving/healing your own inner world, or have you been rushing and wishing for things to magically work out without your input?

Have you been giving your power away to random social media pages, other Twins’ opinions, readings and wishes rather than actually listening to your intuition, facing your own issues and fears…

Have you dealt with the issues you KNOW are needed?

The Universe’s Message

Unfortunately, if you’re rushing to gloss over any issues rather than act on its wisdom, you may be disappointed to miss the progress and breakthroughs you’re wanting.

 So this week, the Universe “says”: Time to take action.

That’s what will deliver you the highest path moving forward. The union and love you want.

Twin Flames And The “School” Of Earth

To get started with healing and harmonizing your inner world, to align and call in unity and togetherness with your Twin in the 3D physical and beyond, I have some help:

Begin with A Free Guided Twin Flame Healing Session here.

for deeper work, use the 11 module Twin Flame Vibrational Alignment Program, which is a step-by-step “roadmap” to Union.

Lastly, if you are advanced on the path and need more high level support to shift out of stuck issues and break free from long-lasting separation or other blocks, I’d strongly encourage you to join the Soul Alchemy 12 Month Twin Flame Gold Coaching here.

In my close to 9 years of working with Twin Flames now, I have seen so many times that once you start to take action, things shift for the better.

As I answer Twin Flames every single week: “Yes, you ARE here to reunite… But you are also expected to play a role in that process.”

Earth is a “school” of consciousness, so you are always expected to be an active participant in your own healing and Twin Flame journey. 

I would love to help you move into unity and harmony, the way I’ve seen happen to countless Twins over the years.

But ultimately, you have to make the CHOICE to take action.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x



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