Why Do You Keep Seeing 11:11? What Does It Mean For Twin Flames? “Who” Is Showing It To You? Discover All About The Light Activation Code and the truth about 11:11


Today’s post is another one in my Twin Flame video series to come. I know many of you are on YouTube and have been asking me to put out videos – so this year I will!

This new video is on The Truth About 11:11 – Why Are You Seeing It? What Does It Mean For Twin Flames Specifically? “Who” Is Showing It To You?

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What You Need To Know About 11:11

Why You Keep Seeing It, Who’s Showing It To You, And What It Means For Twin Flames, Old Souls and Lightworkers

Make sure you stay on till the end as I’m sharing little known meanings for 11:11 if you’re seeing it later on in your spiritual development, long after you’ve met your Twin Flame or have been through awakening.

#1) Activation Code For Ascension

11:11 Is The Universal Activation Code for Spiritual Awakening And Ascension To Begin. Ascension is the process of stepping into your full soul’s self as a being. To awaken spiritually. Often this is preceded by a dark night of the soul, and Ascension itself involves purging old negativity, questioning your earlier life beliefs and identity

#2) Your Guidance Team Communicating

When You See 11:11 It Means Your Guides And Higher Self Are Communicating With You – They’re Using The Number Code 11:11 To Bypass Ego Blocks (Suspicion, Disbelief, Fear) And To Show You Their Presence

#3) Mirror Sequence

11:11 Is A Mirror Sequence Quadrupling The Essence Of The Number 1, Which Stands For New Beginnings, Manifestation and The Importance Of Positive Intentions

#4) A Gateway

For Twin Flames, 11:11 Indicates A Gateway, The Twin Flames Unifying And Bringing About A Portal Of Source Energy As Happens In Twin Flame Union

#5) Symbolizes The Two Becoming One

11:11 Symbolizes The Two Twin Flames, Together As A Whole, Perfect Balance, Harmony, Alignment, Equilibrium

#6) The Right Path

Seeing 11:11 Is An Indication That Your Spiritual Awakening Is Happening, Scheduled With Your Free Will Before Life. When You See 11:11 It Is A Sign That “All is Well”, You Are On The Right Path, Keep Following Your Intuition

#7) Twin Flame Sign

For Twin Flames 11:11 Indicates You Are Becoming Aware Of Or Meeting Your Other Self. Your Twin Flame May Be Around Already or You Are Soon To Encounter Them – Maybe Through Dreams

#8) A Positive Indication

If You Are With Someone And Wondering If They Are Your Twin, Seeing Repeated 11:11 Is An Indication From Your Guides That Yes, They Are.

#9) Spiritual Development

11:11 Seen Later In Your Spiritual Development Says: You Are Entering A New, Higher Phase Of Ascension And Aligning With Still Deeper Parts Of Your Soul’s Essence

#10) All Is Well

11:11 Seen Later In Your Spiritual Development Can Also Mean: Don’t Worry, This Is A Part Of The Journey. You Are Still Progressing And Moving Closer To Your Desired Harmony And Union. All Is Well.

#11) Energetic Counterpart

11:11 Is Always A Sign That You Are In A Significant Period Of Existence – On Your Way To Understanding Who You Are Beneath The “Facade” Of Earthly Life. For Twin Flames This Includes Remembering That You Have An Energetic Counterpart (your True Mirror Self Or Divine Beloved) And Who They Are.

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And do go ahead and share – What Experiences Have You Had With 11:11? At What Points Of Your Journey Have You Seen it The Most?


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