The Unprecedented Journey From Darkness Into Light – Spiritual Ascension, Twin Flames And The Metamorphosis Into Pure Love… How Are You Handling Your Soul’s Path?


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Why Light Often Comes From Darkness…

Most Twin Flames were launched into this journey by surprise, it’s not something most of us could ever have expected…

But if you look back you… You might notice that there were elements of the so-called “Dark Night Of The Soul” before the big push of light toward spiritual ascension, before you and your counterpart (re)connected.

And if your Twin Flame is as yet Unawakened, likelihood is they are the one dealing with this right now.

The feeling of meaninglessness in their old life, that there must be more to existence, a feeling that there’s no point to the way they have lived so far… Questioning the parameters of life as they have known it so far.

Ascension and periodic “dark night of the soul” is something lightworkers and Twin Flames go through – in short, it’s a process of releasing old human identity structures and belief systems, and stepping into “enlightenment“.

To help us break open into the higher vibrations of love, peace, unity… Living as a soul of light in a human body, waking up to our eternal truth.

And again, this process often includes times of “the dark night of the soul” as we work to release our old perceptions to open up to our higher potential and energy shifts…

So today, here are 8 Keys To Spiritual Ascension, to uplift, assist and inspire you for your further journey.

(Have you been experiencing this? If so, don’t worry. See it as a precursor to light, a new chapter trying to reach you – not the end!)


– 8 Keys To Spiritual Ascension


The Twin Flames are as you may know, representatives of the new unity consciousness evolving across the planet.

As Ascension moves on for the Twin Flame collective, other Lightworkers and the earth itself, new light codes are triggered to “unlock” both in earth and in our DNA – this is happening now.

This is an energetic process meant to assist the human collective in opening up to a higher version of reality, a love-based form of living centered around unity rather than the conflict based separation paradigm that’s been common for centuries.

The “challenges” between the new and the old, the high vibrational unity consciousness and the old human 3D polarities is set to be an ongoing issue as we release the old forms of living and perceptions, and work to integrate and live in a new perception, a new and higher consciousness.

Spirit shows us, the old paradigm was based in fear – the survival of the physical body.

The new reality paradigm that we’re working to integrate and that Twin Flames are pioneers of, is based in love – about the unity of all souls.

Read more about this in “Everything You Need To Know About Twin Flame Ascension” here…


The message from spirit is that Love is the bridge between the old and the new reality, between “heaven and earth”.

You might remember that the Twin Flame “mission” is in essence to bring “heaven to earth” – to unite forming a gateway to high vibration energy to reach the earth.

My fingers are literally being moved to type this. “Twin Flames are the bridge.”

There is so much emotion in this. Humanity depends on it, and we are carrying out an incredibly important role in the continued development of society and the collective of souls…

We the Twin Flames carry dormant in their DNA the templates of High Vibration Living, of Unconditional Love, which is set to be the new foundation to anchor humanity into the higher evolution they seek as souls…

We are the pioneers who are here to show humanity that Love is the key that unlocks all doors. That Love is what dissolves all barriers.

It’s not always easy, but everything in the universe is supporting this right now – the Twin Flame journey, the path of love.

This is why so much energetic negativity and old “baggage” energetically comes up when Twins meet – it’s to make room for love, so make sure you cleanse out that old “garbage” to make way for your happy unity.

If you would like some help with this, to activate your heart’s unconditional gateway to love (it feels like pure bliss!) and assist you and your Twin in coming together physically – have a look here.

In the channeled Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session, we also go through assisting the Unawakened Twin in activating their own inner knowing, cleansing away ego resistance and opening up to a harmonious reunion.

Including elevating and harmonizing your timelines as a pair.

Have a look here for more.

twin flame awakening


If you listen to your intuition, expect to feel things clicking into another gear, things shifting to help you move forward.

If you’re able to connect with your own inner state and “listen” and “perceive” what is beyond what you hear and touch with your physical senses… You’ll know there’s always unseen support in play.

Because of Free Will, this support will never impose itself on you. To a human perspective it might feel silly that there’s support at all if it’s not reaching through and palpably *doing something for us* when we want it…

But remember that we are here to evolve and learn as souls… So if it was all done for us, we wouldn’t get anything out of it as souls. That’s the spiritual logic.

Therefore, the support comes as gentle nudges, as signs, symbols, hunches, inspiration, ideas… Support that is designed to *help us help ourselves*.

And once you learn how to step into alignment with this support, you will fully begin to reap the benefits and feel how truly amazing it is.

It’s highly advised to have a meditation practice, to journal or begin spending some quiet time regularly so you can connect with your intuition and this “unseen support” and make Ascension a joy rather than a struggle.

(And if you want to learn how to connect with your spirit guides in a safe way – have a look here at class 4 of the Vibrational Alignment Program).


Have you already been seeing 333, 11:11, 777 or other numbers repeatedly? Discover here what it’s meant to tell you!


Ascension is all about Awakening from the “Illusion of Separation”. To click into the knowing of unity, that all souls are made of the same substance, that we are all beings of light… And to live life from this awareness.

This is what’s called “enlightenment”. To see the unity in all things.

For Twin Flames this is a key part of the journey, and we have chosen to learn about this in a unique way – through the original consciousness dividing into two seemingly separate human bodies… and for us to journey together from human separation to awakening and uniting through love.

To recognize that the outer differences are “illusions” and that we are one beneath it all.

Ascension is in essence, our souls triggering all the human limitations and belief systems to fall away. Your soul is always waiting for you to go within and to step into the deeper truth.

Read more about this in The Twin Flame Mirror – The Paradox



What troubles many Twin Flames is that when we awaken to our inner light, what begins to happen is that all the shadows, all the “darkness” begin to be stirred up. This is why awakening can be a struggle for so many.

Another thing to keep in mind is that other people can feel threatened by the energies we carry, as “pioneers”. Because our mere presence of light triggers them.

Not consciously, but that they sense our energy as triggering to theirs. (If your Twin Flame is a runner/unawakened, they will have been a prime example of this – they may fear the power you emanate).

Because living in illusion is in many ways comfortable. Many of those who are asleep are happy to stay that way, frightened of knowing their own truth.

If you’ve ever felt like people have a problem with you that you can’t understand, that you’re nice to others but they seem to not like you – this can be an issue, we’re shown by Spirit. As souls they understand, but ego feels threatened.

Uplifting your energy will help you with this and with your Twin Flame connection in general, as removing others’ influence from your space will open you and your Twin Flame up to one another.

It will also facilitate your connection both on the soul level and in the physical. Have a look at The Complete Twin Flame Harmony Healing.

Complete harmony Healing Tool


As Twins go through the Ascension process the heart chakra is “unlocked” and upgraded more and into a “higher heart” – as we purge old negativity, the heart literally becomes capable of feeling more love, and to run the high vibration programs of unconditional love.

To assist with this there is a strong energetic push to open up this heart connection between the Twins fully again, to help the connection blossom the way it was originally created to…

Discover more about this here


Please know that the push of Ascension is not an endless process. I know it can be challenging, to say the least. I still have marks on my pillows from all the crying at the beginning of my journey…

The good news is that Ascension has an aim – and becomes more and more a joyful process as you go along. The more baggage you clear out, the more your vibration rises, the more stable your daily state becomes – in a place of love and happiness.

Twins in Ascension often feel that they are in a period of change, like the caterpillar in the chrysalis about to emerge a butterfly. This is a part of the process becoming “Enlightened Twin Flames” – filled with ever more light and free from the “darkness” of conflict.

Discover more surprising facts about Twin Flames here



Those who are newer to Ascension – especially the past 5-10 years, from 2012 onwards, are going through an accelerated version.

A younger generation who are impatient to get moving on your path and get to the good of it, the light of it. Therefore, we as souls chose to have more “baggage” come up faster than previous “generations” of Twins. Many also chose to take on more challenging genetic lines and karma in life.

With these Twins, there is a new desired approach and a feeling of impatience with the old New Age paradigms. We are a different group of souls than the previous waves of Twin Flames.

If this is you – you feel it in your being, the blueprint of wanting to emerge victorious after a period of darkness, confronting your inner weak spots and challenges and pains and wounds.

This new wave of Twins often have an innate knowing that the “darkness” and conflict are being brought up into the light to help you so you can then move on into ultimate freedom.

An inner knowing that you are a powerful creator of your own and others’ good on earth.

Use this sense of hope and positivity to help you forward! You are the way you are for a reason.

As the saying goes:
“If you don’t fit into the world, it’s because you’re here to create a new one.”

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! I believe in you! <3

Cassady x

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“Cassady, Your tools have continued to be a direct link to my healing. Thank you for the love and continued information. Your tools have helped me more than anything I’ve done to heal my karma and pain. Love to you “

Karen, Arkansas, USA

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  1. I don’t understand what is happening to me…My twin Flame is a Women..and so am I…I have never felt like this in my life…I have never met her…But the Love is so Intense..She has been on my mind for over 4 yrs..everyday…all Day..I actually have a life with her…What does this mean..I sometimes can’t wait for company to leave so I can think about her and live are life…!!!

  2. I was just completely floored to read #7 about the caterpillar in the chrysalis about to emerge into a butterfly. My DM called me earlier today to tell me that he had just witnessed a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis!!! And he texted me a photo of the butterfly. This has all happened right after he tried to call me unsuccessfully. That’s such a strong message for both of us. Love & light Katie ??

  3. Cassidy, its like you took this weeks post directly from my mind about the dark night of the soul. I had felt I was released from mine but a part of me still feels like I am at the tail end of it due to much more peace within myself and still some things needed to be worked on. I agree on how you said the more recent twins are on a much more accelerated path. Hope for a reunion soon for me, but I won’t chase after it anymore. I have realized all this is as much about me as it is about him and trying to hold on to everything delays things further so I am truly working to release a lot of issues, even having help release things more. I wish everyone on this journey the best of luck as 2018 continue but make this YOUR year, no one else’s.

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