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Discover Whether You’re Really Open To Unconditional Love and Reunion...

First off, you can scroll down to start taking the quiz right away, but for full understanding, take a look at this background info.
This in-depth assessment is designed to help you get to the core of your current situation. Because, ultimately:

The Twin Flame Connection Is All About Energy.

If your energies are in a high vibration, your connection will be harmonious.

If your energies are low and heavy, it's going to express itself through struggles such as conflict, running and separation.

Everything in the world, us included, are tiny particles vibrating and oscillating at particular frequencies.

 (This is scientific fact!)

Nothing is solid, not you, nor me nor the computer or phone or tablet you're reading on.

It's actually ALL particles and molecules in motion. We are not solid, but energy in motion.

Now, as souls, you and your Twin Flame share the same core SOUL frequency. 

But as you live life on earth your core "soul song" - which exists up in Unconditional Love - becomes weighed down.

Have a look at this video to get a brief outline of how it works


Why I Was Asked To Create This Truth-Detector Quiz - Your Love Depends On It

Throughout life on earth we all develop a dominant "human" energy frequency - the collection of stuff we've picked up from family, society and have had passed onto us in our genetics, karma and so on.

This frequency can actually be measured.

On the low end of the scale are shame, guilt and fear - which are contractive, tight, heavy feelings.

On the high end of the scale is peace, love, joy - which are expansive, light, buoyant feelings.

This is crucial for Twin Flames to be aware of, because all STRUGGLE BETWEEN TWIN FLAMES IS ROOTED IN LOW VIBRATION ENERGIES.

Twin Flame Union exists up in the vibration of unconditional love (higher than "regular" love - it's up there with enlightenment).

 So in order to help you reunite, your souls are trying to purge everything that's weighed you down.

That's what Ascension is all about.

The Twin Flame connection isn't hard, it's Ascension that's hard, if anything. The Twin Flame connection is truly at its core all love, all bliss.

energy vibrations

Stepping Out Of Illusion

I was guided to make this quiz for Twin Flames to self-assess what energy frequency they TRULY are in.

We often TELL ourselves that we're being positive or that we're coming from love, but the energetic reality can be dramatically different.

That’s why guidance wanted me to create this quiz - to allow Twin Flames to discover the deeper truth about their situation.

So, make sure you’re completely honest when answering - otherwise the end result won't reflect the truth.


Why The Majority Are Stuck In Struggle - Low Vibration Energies

Ultimately, the theories you read or see about Twin Flames don't matter.

It’s all about energy.

If your energy is in a high vibration of unconditional love, you will be able to harmoniously come together.

The lower your energy vibration, the more struggle is involved as your souls try to push you to deal with the negativity to rise up into love.

Being truly high vibrational is actually very un-common in our society!

It’s not usually something that happens overnight, and you can’t think your way or “surrender” your way to it by "faking it till you make it"... because it goes deep into energy and the unconscious.


Discovering The Truth About Your Situation

When we’re in a HIGH VIBRATION, we attract love, joy, happiness, harmony and ease. 

When we’re in a LOW VIBRATION, we attract negativity, conflict, problems, frustration and struggle.

So find out now -

Are you really open to Twin Flame harmony and Union?
Or are you in alignment with struggle?

Take the assessment below!

And as always, I'm sending you love and light for your journey! <3 

Cassady x

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Pioneering energy work and mindset training for the Twin Flame connection since her own awakening, Cassady has been featured in international media including Psychology Today, ABC, Yahoo News, Mindvalley, OM Times and more, and has had tens of thousands of happy Twin Flame clients over the years. 

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