December 21st Sees A Major Cosmic Gateway Opening – Discover What This Time Brings And How To Use The Solstice To Power Up For The New Year… Plus, Are You A Twin Flame Gatekeeper?


This week I was called on to give a message about the impending Solstice Gateway opening – peaking on 21st December.

For Twin Flames this gateway signifies an opening into new cycles, new manifestations. make sure you set your intentions high right now because you are connecting in deeper with your infinite self.

New codes of remembering, triggering a release of deeper spiritual gifts and soul essence is coming online. Also for Twins who have so far been “asleep” in ego.

Self care and embodiment of the key templates of self love and inner union with self are being highlighted now for Twin Flames – in fact, if you seem to not be able to come together with your Twin, it’s strongly rooted in this.

For many Twin Flames, outer physical reunion is being postponed by the pair’s souls until inner harmony and self acceptance is in place.

Self love sounds simple, but most of us have grown up without being shown how to truly embody acceptance and love for ourselves and society around us is constantly bombarding us with messages of “not good enough”.

Discover how to make the inner shift into Self Love and Acceptance now so your Soul will begin to actively assist you in Reuniting with your Twin Flame on all levels.


New Light Codes Incoming

During the time of this gateway we are receiving new light codes and programming behind the scenes – the cosmic gateway is open approximately 5 days around December 21st as the sun “turns”.

It’s natural to feel tired when we’re receiving new high vibrational light codes, because your system has to “reboot” to integrate the upgrades, but regularly clearing your energy of any heaviness that comes up is a big help.

Our bodies have been born from dense matter, and new light codes downloaded to Lightworkers and Twins (souls who originate in higher realms) are of a much higher frequency than the human body – this is why we often experience triggering, emotional drama and need for extra sleep before and during Gateway openings.

There’s a sense of simultaneous lightness and tiredness right now. Your soul is likely triggering you right now in order to have you clear any old baggage so you’re free and open to receive the new high vibrational light codes during the gateway – when we clear the old, we make room for the new.

Childhood patterns, negativity rooted as far back as infancy, are coming up for many in this period. Because this is when we were taught how to love and be loved, and most often we were given patterns for “conditional love” – the message that love can and will be taken away from us unless we live up to others’ demands of us. This unconscious fear of love being taken from us complicates many Twin Flame connections.


Remember To Ask For Help

The higher dimensions release the light codes that are the most necessary and helpful at any given time. And those who are ready to receive, receive.

We’re shown the crown chakra being worked on at this time, new programming coming in. Assisting the collective in stepping into our roles as conscious creators, dismantling human perceptions of smallness more and more.

It’s being shown to me that this is a time when another group of Twin Flames and Lightworkers are being anchored into the higher vibrational grid on earth in order to assist their Ascension and Union processes.


More Twin Flames Anchored into 5D

This “other reality/5D” is an energy grid which is parallel to our “normal reality/3D”, and being anchored into this 5th Dimension means being energetically aligned with a higher vibrational existence.

You still live in the “real world” but your energy is shifted away from the human collective fields and karmic energies – thereby assisting your functioning as a source of light and positivity in the world.

Twins are being anchored into 5D during this gateway in order to assist their Union process. If you are ready (this depends on your existing frequency set point and how far into Ascension you are – how much clearing you’ve done), your higher self integrates this for you. And it’s an ongoing process of being more and more “brought online” into 5D.

All you need to do is be willing and be clear enough. Especially this regards being clear of attachments to the old 3D collective pools, and being free from the collective karmic content.

This is deliberate work that can be done swiftly once you know how. In the Vibrational Alignment Program I take you through how to clear your karma and easily clear attachments, ancestral 3D programming and negative contracts.


Allowing Earth To Support You On Your Journey

And our human physical metamorphosis continues. We’re not just a on journey of the spirit but our bodies are changing more and more.

For those who have done their inner work, there has been a transformation – if you could look back and see yourself a few years ago and the baggage you carried in your body, you would be amazed to see the difference now.

Energy clearing really works – and to you as a spirit, it’s a natural part of being. Just like your human self would clean your clothes after a day out in dirt and rain, your spirit is nudging you to become used to the regularity of energy management (you can get started for free here). It’s how we reach up to and stay in the bliss we’re here for.


Resting To Assist Change

Remember you’re always loved – you can always call on the light for help. You have support around you at all times but they can only step forth if you allow them to. Once you have done so and asked for assistance, make sure you pay attention to signs, indications and information that shows up and that has a feeling of lightness to it.

This is guidance. Inspiration. These things relate to what you have been asking for. Follow the feeling of lightness.

There is a strong sense of grounding to this time, Earth itself is awakening more and more, in metamorphosis from the inside out. “She” is becoming more and more active in supporting us back into harmony.

I am shown that when we ground into the center of the planet, it’s not just us grounding into it – earth is “reaching up”, receiving and supporting us in a new way. Ask Earth and nature to support you on your journey and “she” will respond.


Why It’s OK That Other People Are Asleep In Ego

Another theme right now is time spent with loved ones, the holidays. We are shown the majority of humanity still asleep. This is “normal” we are told, it’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Most people couldn’t handle the profound existentially disorienting impact of spiritual awakening and ascension and it hasn’t been scheduled to happen for them as souls.

They are here for a different reason than us, so let them be. If you feel triggered by others this holiday season, allow them to be, let it go. They may not be able to truly “hear” or “see” your truth. Be the bigger person. We’re also reminded that the Unawakened’s journeys are valid too, they are on a journey of their own making.

There is nothing ‘wrong” with that, so please refrain from making judgment. It makes it easier on both you and them.

In fact, we’re shown that it’s not by accident that many of us have felt like outsiders. In fact, it’s because we are leaders. Twin flames and other Lightworkers are here to be energetic guardians for the masses, assisting and leading the collective both energetically and spiritually in raising their perspectives, understanding that life can truly be love, and that harmony is possible.


Are You A Cosmic Gatekeeper?

Many Twins and Lightworkers hold special roles in the key energy points and maintaining the “grids” of reality on this planet we are shown. Some are so-called “gatekeepers” who hold very particular and important light codes in their being, waiting to be released and who behind the scenes are instrumental in managing the grids and energetic ley lines of the planet.

If this is you and your Twin, it doesn’t mean you have to act different. Your higher self is handling the whole thing, just keep following the “mission” of living in love, living in bliss – you’re helping them too with this. The higher your vibration rises, the easier it is for their work behind the scenes. To assist in this and discover more about your higher role on earth, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

This is a time of the cosmic gateway of light opening around December 21st and we see that since last winter solstice we have got closer to the higher dimensions. Something is changing from the inside out. As a collective, we are moving forward.


Saying Goodbye To Early Life Relationships

I’m shown that this holiday season can be difficult though, as we are in essence saying a spiritual goodbye to loved ones and old friends – many will be feeling this now. As if they are in a different world than us all of a sudden, and we are looking at them as if through a window.

This is because they are still living their lives in the 3D world while we have moved up in our perspective, and we’re simply not able to interact in the same way as before. Many old relationships come to an end now. Try to not grieve the loss of the old but embrace the new adventures awaiting.

Because when the old shifts out it means something new is coming in. You feeling separate from your early life loved ones means you have transformed into someone who is able and will be brought into a new situation and new relationships – you will be brought to where you are in your bliss. Beautiful experiences await you.


Twin Flame Soul Interactions Blossom

And this is a beautiful time for Twin Flames to interact on the soul/astral planes – we’re shown “Unawakened Twins” becoming more active on the soul planes. You’re likely to feel them more strongly, hear and see them. As they are triggered to awaken, they come “online” more and more with you telepathically and spiritually.

This is a time for great possible joys between Twin Flames. To begin interacting with your Twin on the soul and astral planes, try the free deep alpha level meditation I’ve created here.

Make no mistake about it, we are still in metamorphosis but as opposed to earlier in 2016 when we were still in our cocoon – many are now becoming fully fledged butterflies. We’re seeing the first experience of flight – and the feeling of our “new being”, our illuminated self, can feel confusing and destabilizing.

We’re unsure about how to act, feel, think – because the remnants of our old self image is still in us but our energetic reality may have changed. We’re not used to “having wings”.

Take it step by step, is spirit’s advice. You’ll get used to it gradually. Be gentle with yourself right now and allow your next steps to be shown up for you. For some, they are already clear but don’t feel pressured to take action. You are always allowed to take your time.


Sowing Seeds Of Positivity for 2017

This holiday season, allow yourself to nurture your dreams and hopes and wishes and plan ahead for your bright future while your physical body and soul rest and allow new downloads to integrate. It is natural to rest.

Our society tells us to always be on the move, always “hustle” but rest is essential. It is in periods of rest and self care that the brilliant new ideas and seeds for the future spring forth – first in the mind, then later in the physical life.

Spirit suggests our channeled Higher Heart Transformation Journey as an accompaniment to this time – we focus on manifestation and the inner heart, sowing beautiful seeds of positivity for you and your Twin Flame along your path.

With all my most heartfelt blessings for a beautiful Holiday Season! <3

Cassady x


Want more? Learn the methods that got my Twin and I to Union within 18 months of our first encounter – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And, go here to read about other Twin Flames’ amazing experiences with the program.

Alternatively you can try our Free Transformation Kit for Twin Flames! Or if you need to talk one-on-one, get a Free Mini Intuitive Reading here.
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  1. Dear Cassady,
    I was merely shocked when I read today ‘s article on solstice, which contains all my thoughts and feelings that came up to me since last evening! You couldn’ t be more accurate when you were saying that we will have an irresistible need for more rest and sleep – (I even feel I heel during my sleep!) I have also decided to elevate myself from the feeling of frustration caused by my unawaked twin, with whom I have no communication any longer and I suspect is in an another relationship, and ask for divine help to transfigure any negative thoughts and feelings about him into love and compassion. I also asked my higher self to banish any barriers that stand between me and my twin flame union and help us in re-uniting, as long as this union is for the highest good. I try to abolish any negativity and stay focused in my heart and emit love. I am feeling calm and reassured that, no matter what, things will eventually blossom in the best possible way. Love and bleesings!

  2. Everyone talks about the WHAT of unconditional self love. And everyone acknowledges how hard it is to do. But no one tells you HOW to do it. Especially if you have never experienced this at all before.

  3. Hi Cassady, I’m having a very old issue coming in strongly about the healing work I do for people. I seem to second guess if it’s valuable enough or if I’m good enough to do the work. Sounds like I’m on path for this to finally go. Feels like I’m waiting for the new parts or info to come in. I sometimes feel that this work is ahead of the times and I’m not reaching the majority pending on where they are ascension wise. Can that be true? Kinda like saying goodbye to friends due to an energetic disconnect, it would seem it could be that way with healing too. I know I’m supposed to this work and have for years but past couple years things have really shifted. Thank you for solstice update!

  4. I now understand all this tiredness and my body needing to rest.. also since ascension my hair went from really curly to straight and despite being vegan for years my body has been craving meat.. even though i didn’t give in.. even though my twin would be happy if i became omnivore again. I never wanted to be a mother and now I dream of having a child of love with my twin. Lately I have been coming up with new projects as well and I am sure it’s my soul preparing me for the future. I also resonate with the need to let go of some friendships that dont feel right anymore and the need to accept family members and forgiving them and being the adult. It is a beautiful moment of growth and love and of following my song soul. In my heart I know everything will be fine. It’s just my ego mind that sometimes likes to make me feel unloved and unworthy. But the heart transformation tool is really helping. Thank you for everything that you do Cassady you are an angel xx

  5. Thank you Cassady <3
    As you said I do feel that physical encounter is postponed until self – love and inner harmony are my daily routine. It feels both right and hard sometimes…
    What do you mean when you say "lightworkers and twin flames", are not all lightworkers twin flames and vice versa?

  6. I was pretty down yesterday about how I saw such little progress in my physical life over the last year — and reminded myself how far I have come on the inside. I reminded myself that we have to transform on the inside before it can be revealed in our physical lives (the outside) — and this article points that out too

  7. It is soo true for me. I have changed since 2 years ago and feel different since he came to me 2 years ago. Everyday I have felt like I’ve been in surgery and felt like my brain had surgery done. I have been tired a lot more lately. Also I feel like I’m not aligned with old friends I have had and lost some. I have gained new friends. I feel me and my Twin are cosmic gatekeepers together. Someone has told me we are a team together. I have asked for help and support on this journey. Thank you for your blog posts, I am forever grateful for them.

  8. I have been feeling my twins energy a lot the past few weeks. Sometimes it’s so strong that I can smell what I remember his scent to be. (I still can’t figure out why it is I am able to smell him. Could you explain this phenomenon?) A lot of times it overpowers me and then I feel an overwhelming feeling of love. This happened to me when I first met him and has continued throughout the journey.

  9. Hi Isabelle – I have been guided to use the two words so that those searching on the internet for either one will find the articles and receive the information. The two terms often interchange, but someone can be a lightworker without being here on the twin flame journey <3

    Sending you light and love x

    Cassady x

  10. Hi DN,

    Thanks for your comment! This is exactly why spirit had me channel the Higher Heart Transformation Journey, we actually take you on a journey of downloading these lightcodes and assisting you in embodying unconditional love. You’re right, people do a lot of talking but it’s not the same as embodying and feeling the energies. So that’s why spirit had me channel this session.

    You can find it here:

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  11. Hi Amber,

    Spirit is showing me it’s the mental perceptions getting you into this feeling. You are an excellent healer, they’re saying. Think about this though: Your human self isn’t really the one doing any healing work. When we heal we are using source energy. It’s the source energy doing the healing, not our human selves. When we shift into that knowing, that we are a channel for the energy and healing, we can step aside and allow it to flow more smoothly and be powerful. When we get into our minds we put blocks on it.

    The same goes for creativity, writing, dancing, making music – it’s often about opening up to source energy rather than trying so hard and putting the pressure on our human selves.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  12. Hi Annie,

    Your physical body has its own consciousness to a certain degree and yes, I’ve noticed the same in ascension the craving for fat, meat and so on. If our ancestors lived off meat and cheese and animal products like most of Europe and other western cultures, then our bodies are programmed for this. And as ascension demands a lot from the body, it responds by giving us cravings for more fat, more sugar, more calories.

    You might notice that as you clear your energy though, these cravings will subside. I’ve noticed that heaviness usually coincides with the meat craving, whereas when you’re in a higher state you feel good to eat vegetables, berries, lighter foods.

    Your spirit guides are showing me there might be a slight issue with disassociation from your body for you. Try to see it as a friend and ask it to show you how you can work around this together, so it can get the nutrients it needs but still being in alignment with your vegan life choice. It loves you so much, and there’s a sense that you might be a bit irritated with your body sometimes.

    Sending you love and light <3 x


  13. Thank you. I do know they work through me but for some reason I’m not as busy as I would like to be which leads to me wonder if it’s where I should be. It was a good reminder to ask for assistance while working though. I’ll work with the mental blocks too. Merry Christmas.

  14. Hello,

    I have been coming across your articles for the last year and they have always been an insight for me. I felt i have met my twin with whom ive had a relationship with and an on and off again cycle of friendship up until two days ago. Although i do have my doubts if that is what he really is. Sometimes i am positive and others times i am doubtful. I recently have felt the strong urge to push away from him as we have both done frequently and put him in my past, as the relationship has been so difficult this last year and neither us have been able to let go. As this point now we are both energentically tired and lookinh for change. I call on spirit guides for signs and i have mixed signals that are hard to interpret. One minute i think im sure i will get along fine without him, the next minute i see signs that point me to him. It hard to deal with because i have been the one more open to the relationship and the feelings it brings. For now all i feel is left to do is surrender to the sitution and focus on myself internally. Im hoping i will succeed and find peace. Thank you for being a source I can come to and your words I can reflect upon.


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