Major Shift In Energy As The Divine Feminine Takes Lead In The “New Era” Commencement! Plus, What’s Really Happening With The Twin Flame Connection For 2021…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Eclipse Gateway is still open, plus Pallas enters Aquarius, signaling that the beginnings of the “Age of Aquarius” to come in 2021 will come from the Divine Feminine spearheading progress and higher perspectives.

Discover more below!

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Eclipse Window Open Until 14th December

We have an exciting week ahead with some positive news that I’m happy to share!

Keep in mind we have the eclipse window open in the “background” throughout so there is an intensity of change in the air.

We’re in process still until December 14th – this means old density (heavy, limiting energy, programming, past hurts and trauma) is being stirred up to clear until that point.

In fact, it’s happening for the human collective and the planet itself… So this can feel like a tricky period as others may be acting on triggers and unhealed wounds from the past.

Make sure you shield yourself and use something to keep your energy clear, as you don’t want to get dragged down by the density and toxic content rising.

(I share simple, powerful shielding and energy tools for Twin Flames here)

Divine Feminine Taking The Lead On A World Basis

During the Eclipse window, light codes are also incoming, and this is what triggers the density to rise.

When new light comes in, “darkness” is often triggered to rise. Again, do use the free resources here as it will help you so much – and keep your Twin connection harmonious and high vibrational.

December 7th we have a notable event as Pallas representing the higher self-presence of the Divine Feminine enters Aquarius.

Pallas has been in a stellium with the “heavyweights” Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn for most of 2020. And they are all progressing into Aquarius beginning this month – signaling an “Age of Aquarius” commencing!

The fact that Pallas heads first into new terrain is a major signpost – highly significant!

A New Chapter Of Life…

It shows us that the next era is set to be somehow spearheaded by the Divine Feminine… Paving way into a state of progressive thinking and egalitarian values, based in unity, technology and new ideas – as well as star templates.

(Read more about the Divine Feminine here)

Pallas is named after Athena, the Greek goddess of warfare and strategy, so it’s likely this happens on a strategic level, politically or in some other systematic way that affects the ideas and society’s ideological development in this next “chapter”.

Spirit highlights equality as a central idea.

So as Pallas heads into Aquarius ahead of Saturn, the patriarchal god of time and karma, we see an age of the Divine Feminine as leader commencing. Another sign of the end of the “old reality”.

Major New Cycle For Twin Flames

For Twin Flames we see a time coming of less experiences of struggle and restriction for the Female/Feminine dominant Twin above all.

So as Jupiter, Saturn and Pallas all move into Aquarius the next weeks, we’re entering into a major new cycle we can accurately call the “Age of Aquarius” – especially when Pluto enters in a few years.

It all begins now. And the first to make this move is Pallas. This truly is the commencement of a new era. A new energy. A new chapter.

Female leadership, above all the DIVINE Higher Feminine presence setting the templates of progress.

Embodying The Higher Self

Keep in mind there is SO much misunderstanding around what the Divine Feminine really is. To be clear, 99.99% of people who call themselves “Divine Feminine” are not truly embodying it.

The Divine Feminine is above all the higher self, the soul self, who exists beyond conflict, opposition, blame, ego and so on. Read more here.

The Feminine Twin Flame is indeed being guided in this time to identify with, open to and EMBODY more of the higher self, we see from trines to Jupiter/Saturn and Neptune.

It’s above all happening by taking responsibility for self.


The Reason For Karmic Release Over Recent Years

This is why the karmic female baggage of suffering, heartbreak and hurt has had to be cleared, spirit says.

Because it was historical content based in disempowerment, victimhood and therefore lack, blame and SEPARATION.

The ground seems to have been cleared in a big way, especially for those who have done their inner work these last few months. (If you haven’t, you still have time – I take you through it here).

We have been prepared for this new beginning – clearing out the past density so that we had room to ascend into that higher state. And now we begin to see why.

Conscious Leaders Of Light

Many who embody the true Divine Feminine are becoming leaders, many are experiencing being in this position more than they had expected, says spirit.

But know that if the spotlight is on you, it means you are ready. It doesn’t happen if you’re not. You are being called to step forth as “a conscious leader of light”.

 To lead the way into true unity consciousness.

(Yes, it can be the case for males who embody balanced or feminine energy archetypes – it’s not limited to biological females, although that’s emphasized.)

New Guidance And Inspiration For Love…

Another significant transit this week is Venus has moved into a trine Neptune and away from her recent weeks of opposition with Uranus.

This means again, the intense time of purging and triggering in order to release past density and refine into a higher state is over. Now comes guidance and inspiration.

If you set down the past, released the baggage you are now being primed for the next guided chapter. (To stay in touch with guidance every step of your journey, click here)

Unconditional Love, “Supernatural” Twin Experiences…

Venus trine Neptune opens to a powerful current of divine guidance and often experiences of closeness and unconditional love with your Twin Flame’s soul.

Mystical experiences, significant dreams and more are likely this week. Spirit highlights experiences of “deja vu” and other timeline indicators – markers designed to alert you to significant events.

Pay attention, because the signs and info showing up are guiding you very powerfully to your highest path and unity.

Learn more about Twin Flame dreams and telepathy here (class 2, 4 and 6)


Twin Flames Longing For Each Other

In good news we also see Venus and Mars “still wanting the same thing” – love. True love, not the karmic drama or ego satisfaction.

The heart-lead, divine, blissful love of Twin Flame union.

As spirit mentioned last week, when two people both long for the same thing, manifestation is superpowered! You attract each other powerfully.

And if they don’t seem to express it on the outside, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel it, says spirit.

(For more on manifestation and to clear any blocks from past hurts between you and your Twin Flame, click here.)

A New Higher “Version” Of The Masculine

We’re shown a higher version of the Masculine compared to earlier in 2020. After Mars’ two and a half month long Retrograde, there has been a deep inner shift.

There are big revelations and shifts set to be revealed next week in that regard.

This week feels like the calm before the storm. But remember whatever is going on, it’s happening for the highest good.

The Universe is in 2020 POWERFULLY, EPICALLY working to push humanity and each individual out of distortion/opposition and into divine harmony.

The Deeper Process Going On…

This has come from first pushing for the negativity and toxic content to be undone – old ego choices, distorted beliefs and structures – and now we begin to be guided to the higher state.

Mars is still in a challenge with Pluto, signalling deep inner transformation being pushed to happen with the masculine/Aries individuals – still. Even if the Retrograde is over, there’s still some more work to do.

Any old residual conflict, disempowerment or power battles and issues around self vs other are being pushed to the surface to be resolved right now.

We see there’s been a tendency to have conflict in the present, based on unconsciously repeating phantoms from the past.

Childhood Issues As “Shadows”

And this has to end. It’s a deep foundational block to love and happiness. And spirit shows us, on a societal level it causes major distortion and difficulty. Warped power structures.

An example would be, a man who had problems with his father in childhood never feeling accepted, which turned into conflict with teachers, bosses and other people.

All based in the core root pattern of not feeling accepted.

Keeping him trapped in cycles of conflict – and again, conflict is a block to unity and love. It is in its essence an Ego program creating separation in love.

So “he” is being pushed to realize this on some level, heal it and open to a higher state.

What May Surprise You – Understanding…

The good news is, trines to the Sun and Mercury show us “he” has a higher UNDERSTANDING intellectually now.

“He” seems to have learned more, perhaps online via social media… About psychology, mindset and self.

And he understands on some level that change is needed. And he realizes he needs to change on some level, to become who he wants to be and achieve the things he wants to achieve.

The transformation hasn’t been EMBODIED yet it seems for most, but the understanding is there more and more.

(To help them with this process, have a look at this info and resources on how to gently rouse the Unawakened Twin to awareness, in alignment with Free Will…)


The Path Is Being Built

The path is being built, says spirit. It may not be instant but when willingness is there, that means it is bound to show up.

In fact they highlight that all of society has experienced something like that this year. We have become aware that we are not content with how things are.

And that creates willingness to explore new options and ideas we may never have been open to in the past.

Read more in “Are You Experiencing A Dark Night Of The Soul?”

Spiritual awakening has been brewing in many this year, and as mentioned in previous forecasts this fall, many have been available to this precisely BECAUSE of isolation and outer challenges.

The dark night of the soul has come to many. In truth it’s an un-doing of the past Ego reality that has had so many aligned with separation.

When the constructed self and ideas are rattled to come undone. And eventually, light shines through.

Focus On The Future – Solutions Showing Up

Saturday the North Node turns direct in Gemini after months retrograde. This indicates we go from resolving past issues as a collective, to focusing on the future.

From focusing on problems, to finding solutions.

That’s the aim. This is a sign we’re set to experience progress on a collective level in coming months.

Solutions, ideas and methods will also likely be showing up in your own personal world.

Did you learn the lessons of this Retrograde? asks your Soul.

How do you know? It was working to show up where BELIEF SYSTEMS and IDEAS you had taken on were blocking you from having and experiencing your true desires…

If you’re not quite sure, it’s not too late to resolve this, have a look here for help.

Resistance To Soul Path

At the tail end of the weekend, an opposition between the North Node and Mercury/Sun show us we may have a challenge.

Between where we would IDEALLY like to go and who to be, versus what is NEEDED for our highest good and the highest good of the collective.

Spirit describes it as, resistance toward the soul’s path. We’re shown that it’s because as children and young adults we were given beliefs around what was appropriate and admirable for us.

Our Ego builds up expectations and “fixations” about goals. And often we stay stuck in these constructed ideals.

The Truth About Your Highest Calling

But the truth is, that’s not necessarily the peak of what’s possible. And, it may not be what’s truly suited for us.

So pay attention right now – what old goals and perceptions may have been aligned with Ego and others’ ideas, versus your true soul’s calling?

Ask yourself, what is it truly that would make you happy? Hint, it’s often a deeper inner satisfaction, and nothing to do with anyone else than your deeper inner feelings.

If in doubt, take some time and explore your Divine Blueprint. There are answers and hints to help you move forward and anchor into your highest path.

And this is a HUGE key to the Twin Flame Soul Song – when you’re aligned with your soul’s truth you become magnetic to your Twin. (Learn more here)

“The Return Of The Star Of Bethlehem”

This week is set to bring a palpable sense of incoming light. Like life is starting over on some level. You may sense new beginnings or light, even if it hasn’t shown up tangibly yet.

Next week is set to be a massive shift for the year – a Solar Eclipse, major changes in atmosphere and the year’s most anticipated stellar event “the great conjunction”.

What has been called “the return of the Star of Bethlehem” – and is shown to me as a rebirth of light on the planet…

You may feel pressure building as we move towards next week.

I’ll see you soon for the next forecast.

I can’t wait to share more on this!

Cassady x

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