Mercury Direct, Cosmic Push For Truth – Realigning The Twin Flame Path And Timelines By Shifting The Source Of Power… Within. Do You Know Your Own Shadows?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Scorpio season, Mars Retrograde continues, Mercury turns Direct with support from the North Node – asking you to move forward with intuition as your compass.

Discover more below!


This is set to be an intense time, so remember to use your Free Twin Flame Resources (and if you haven’t already downloaded you can do so here)

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… Guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass, USA

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Mars Continues Retrograde, Mercury Direct

As in recent weeks, Mars Retrograde is happening in the background until November 14th. As the “ruler” of the Masculine, this has big repercussions for the Twin Flame connection.

This is a period of “upgrades” and processing for the masculine collective, Aries natives and our action, sexuality and karmic blueprint… Have a look here for more on what Mars Retrograde means for Twin Flames.

On November 3rd we have some good news in the cosmic energies as Mercury turns direct after weeks of retrograde motion!

This particular retrograde echoed themes from fall 2019, so hopefully you’ve gained clarity and tied up any unresolved issues by now.

Old Issues Masquerading In The Present

Many Twins have had a hard time with this Mercury period, as there was a lot of “static” in the air and old grievances that might not even have related to the present moment came up to be released.

Things were said and arguments arose that were based in the past and often from conflicts with other people.

Thankfully, the road is smoother now as Mercury is moving direct yet again – but know that retrogrades are meant to help you heal and uplift for the long run.

When we just hope for things to go away, we don’t gain the true spiritual benefits (learn the true purpose of retrogrades here).

The Soul’s Message

There may be apologies outstretched over coming weeks for words spoken in haste during the Retrograde period… And it could be YOU who is being asked to apologize… or forgive someone.

Mercury Retrograde always brings a clearing of congestion from the collective energy fields of communication…

And with Throat Chakra upgrades for each individual, so this is a great time to check in with your “chakra health” – blocked chakras can cause big problems on the Twin Flame path.


Mercury Retrograde’s Gift – Did You Miss It?

A major key to this Mercury direct is that “he” turns direct in trine to the North Node conjunct the Moon.

This tells us that your INTUITION, your emotional compass are pointing the way to your best path forwards.

In fact, you may not have been listening before, but these last few weeks during Mercury Retrograde you’ve been SHOWN where you may have gone off path or tangled yourself up…

And now you get to use what you’ve learned to progress on a happier trajectory.
In this coming period, make sure you listen to your heart. Your deeper inner calling.

Clicking Into Soul Purpose

Did you know we’re all born with a “blueprint” to our soul purpose? But many of us get pulled off course.

We can usually notice when this has happened, because we end up feeling lackluster, stuck in a job or situation we don’t like, doing something that feels like it’s zapping the life out of us, or around people we don’t feel really understand us…

It’s a sign we’ve gotten out of resonance with our true Twin Flame Soul Song.

If you feel like this, your soul is WAITING for you to go within and begin to listen to its guidance. Because there IS a better way.

Re-Aligning With Deeper Truth

We often feel lost when we’re in our human perspective, but the truth is our soul knows each single step to take – including on the Twin Flame path to union.

This Mercury direct shows us, listen to your SOUL. Your intuition. Go within, attune to your soul purpose, and the forward path will be uplifted.

To begin tapping into your soul’s powerful method and re-align your path with your deeper truth, have a look here:

What The Planets Are “Saying” About Others

Importantly also, Mercury turns direct in a square to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, indicating that for you to live happily and to follow your soul’s truth you MUST disregard traditional opinions and perceptions.

You have to ignore limited ideas (including culture/media/general ideas) about what’s right for YOU. And this is key for your Twin Flame journey too.

The more you listen to your intuition, your heart, the easier the journey gets.

The more you tune into the outside world’s opinions, the more drama and struggle… (Why? Read this article to find out).

Constructed Identities In Focus

What you are being pushed to ignore, are especially cultural group perceptions about women, men, people “your age” or “from your country/town” or of your heritage/ethnic background.

Those are constructed identities and limiting beliefs. And you must disregard them in order to live your true destiny.

The problem for so many Twins is they’ve veered off course, diluted their “soul song” by living life for everyone else or unconsciously TRYING to be someone other than they are because of outside pressure…

And that means they’re NOT magnetic to attracting their Twin the way they’re meant to be.

Is Your Soul Blocking Your Outer Twin Flame Connection?

This is why many Twins’ souls are often “blocking” outer unity. Because they’re waiting for the person to return to their truth, to re-activate the inner Soul Song.

A key to this is to embody the energies of self love. When you do, you reach your true spiritual center.

You unite with YOURSELF, and it activates the union templates to call in your Twin.

As long as a Twin Flame is pushing for outer union without loving and being whole WITHIN, it’s causing dissonance. It doesn’t truly work.

Read more about this here, and discover how to activate the divine templates of self love in your system.

Embodying True Self Love

Because it’s not just about “saying” that we love ourselves (that’s often ego speaking, and it can go a bit overboard for many!).

You don’t have to call yourself anything special (goddess/queen/awakened/powerful) or berate anyone else in order to be in self love.

On the contrary, people who are outwardly boastful are often the LEAST whole within.

Self love is a process, a deep state of being that very few people are actually able to be in.

The truth is no one else can walk that path for you. Discover how fully embody self love and activate your Twin Flame Soul Song here.

Sudden Changes Showing Up

We have another significant transit with Lilith conjunct Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. This means the shadow karmic feminine meeting the god of electricity, change, and revolutions head on.

We’re shown there are old IDENTITY structures that need to be broken apart.

Spirit tells us the female templates of victimhood or needing to be “rescued” by a counterpart or the universe, are being dismantled.

Because they’ve been blocks to love.

The problem is, that when someone identifies very strongly with the concept of being a “woman” and the historical baggage that comes with that, they also take on a lot of karmic blocks and negativity that cause problems for the Twin Flame connection.

Why The Twin Flame Connection Is Beyond Gender

You and your Twins are unified in love as souls, and souls are beyond the gender divide of the human plane. Gender perceptions and collective karma can severely block you from unity.

And now, we’re being pushed to release that programming.

Be very very aware of your thoughts. If your Twin is running, are you on any level perceiving it through a gender filter?

I.e. “men are such a*****s” or things like, “we women have to be strong and stick together”, and more…

Those are MAJOR warning signs you’ve taken on the karmic gender programming and that’s a big factor in WHY you’re experiencing the negativity to begin with, because it’s in your field.

Clear it out so you give yourself a chance to experience the true love that’s there in the connection… Not the warped karmic version of it.

Relationship Shifts – Perceptions Changing

In opposition to these two “battling it out”, we have the Sun and Juno meeting in Scorpio.

Juno is the asteroid representing marriage and soul mate relationships, so we see that there’s a conflict, a challenge regarding the old identity versus togetherness.

So you’re being asked to look into any beliefs you were given or took on regarding marriage and relationships.

Did you see things like divorce or infidelity around you growing up? If so, these are things you’ll need to heal and clear in order to fully open to a loving, harmonious union.

Read more here.

You’re Being Pointed Back To Yourself…!

We also have an opposition between Venus and Mars R, plus Chiron the wounded healer this week. In cosmic terms – any issues you’re having are are pointing you back to YOURSELF.

When your INNER situation is harmonious, your Twin Flame connection will be too…

And I know many of you will ask, but does this really work, I’ve been working on myself and loving myself and my Twin hasn’t yet XYZ…

Spirit’s input is, have you CONSISTENTLY been in a state of harmony and wellness where you felt so happy in the moment, that you didn’t have the need and longing for your Twin?

That’s when you know you’re in alignment with unity. Need and longing are unfortunately blocks, because they are based in fear.

Social Pressures Building…

So right now (and always, says spirit) the universe is nudging you to get your own inner world into harmony…

That’s what will get the “outer” situation to be the way you want.

Another message from Venus in Libra countering Mars Retrograde in Aries, is: we see you may be feeling embarrassed about your counterpart not being the way you want in a SOCIAL context, or not being with you…

You’re bothered by how things are, because of how OTHER people perceive it, something about group consensus. You want to have the “perfect” relationship… And they’re not “playing along”.

Getting Clear On Your Motivations

Again you’re being pushed to go within. The planets are asking you to go deeper to examine your underlying motivations – and it’s happening via outer blocks.

Why do you really want to be with your Twin in the physical world, as a romantic couple? Examine your motivations. Is fear in there? Does peer pressure figure in any way?

Make sure you filter out any motivations that are NOT from the heart… Because they are blocks. Again, get the inside aligned, and the outside will flow with ease.

Masculine Twin Feeling Abandoned…

Mars Retrograde is on his part locked in challenges, coming from the “heavyweights” Jupiter, Pallas, Pluto, Saturn and from Venus and Mercury.

From this, we see that the Masculine Twin feels opposed by the world, abandoned or not supported.

Spirit shows us that these outer physical world blocks are working to redirect “him”. He is being pushed to go within, to step into his own IMMORTALITY, in other words to awaken to his soul.

The Masculine Twin seems tied up in a deep inner drama and turmoil in this period, but it’s part of the awakening process.

(Read more about that here)


The Core Wound…

We’re also shown, there are dreams, symbols and guidance working to reach them. Trying to show them the truth.

There is a mother wound that has kept them from being open to love… Feeling rejected, unprotected or unloved…

This is being pushed to the surface, and it’s deeply painful, they likely don’t know that this is what’s happening… But that’s the core primal wound.

If you help them with this now they can release it for good and open to love.

The Cosmic Message About Union

Thursday and into the weekend we have the Sun joining Juno in Scorpio. As this hits exact, we see the cosmic message yet again that “inner union” creates “outer union”.

And, that there is a template deep in your being. You already ARE “married” to your Twin as souls.

Scorpio’s wisdom is, to go deep into the darkness where you feel separation. Face the shadows… and beyond that, is all unity.

When you go so deep into yourself that you feel you’re about to break from fear, that’s when it becomes deactivated and light shines through.

Major Changes After Next Full Moon

If you go within right now, if you open to the transformational alchemical work of the soul, you can experience MAJOR breakthroughs.

A rebirth in your connection, that will be fully manifest next month after the Full Moon.

(I take you through this process in the channeled “Oneness Code Activation Session”.)

Change The Input, To Change The Output

True union has not existed between people on earth in a widespread way, so we must dismantle the old programs and activate the higher Twin Flame template in order to change things for the long run.

We have to change the PROGRAMMING, the energy (Uranus rules technology, electricity, energy) in order to get different results.

In order for people to live in true LOVE, not relationship trauma and suffering. And that’s exactly why Twin Flames are here! (Read more here about the mission)


The Twin Flame Anchor – Soul Awakening

We are the souls who volunteered to journey here, to experience a pull to be together so strong we knew we would work ceaselessly to make unity and love happen in the physical…

So we’ve asked and prayed and longed for it… and we have been provided with a link to our existing spiritual unity, to be reactivated in the physical.

And this is all happening so that those unity templates of unconditional love will then become available to ALL of humanity.

When we Twin Flames bring them into the physical, they become part of the “library” of templates and programming available to everyone on earth.

(I take you through the process of activating the unity templates in your system and connection here)

Why Twin Flames Are So Important

That’s why Twin Flames are crucial to the planet’s own “ascension” – the journey from the old karmic reality of separation, conflict, opposition and suffering… into the new higher love based reality.

During this Sun/Juno conjunction, any inner union work you do is incredibly heightened.

Going through the union “hieros gamos” ceremony will alchemize your system and call in oneness magnetically also in the physical.

You’ll be in a state of illumination, attracting it without having to struggle.

Read more here

twin flame reunion

A Week For Deeper Spiritual Work

Fair warning: This is set to be a week that may feel frustrating in the “outside” world.

You’re being divinely redirected to go WITHIN, and it may feel like a daunting task. You may be impatient to get going with your journey…

Especially as things have been so held up in the world this year. But the cosmic energies are “stubborn”. It’s to our own good.

If we keep chasing around in the physical from a place of inner lack, fear or with blocks in our system… We’ll just get more struggle and problems.

“You Can’t Fake Alignment”

So we’re being pushed to get things right where it counts. Inside. Remember we can’t fake alignment. If you’re aligned with love, love comes.

If you’re not, it doesn’t matter what you say or think or hope… You’re on the wrong “station”, not available to it.

If you need some help to get started with this alchemical inner work, have a look at my FREE Twin Flame resources here.

You also get a channeled report on what in the world (universe!) is going on with the 11:11 activation code and Twin Flames awakening all over the planet in these times. Or to go deeper, have a look at my full Vibrational Alignment Program

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

twin flame program

“Cassady’s guided meditations help me uplift better than anything I’ve tried in the past 6 years of clearing/trying to heal! I’ve tried violet flame mantras, psychic energy clearings, etc.” – Erin B, Indiana, USA

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