The Blood Moon lunar eclipse carries important information for the Twin Flames:

“Eclipses are traditionally seen as the turning of the seasons energetically – four times a year a shift happens from one energetic focus to the next. Right now there is change in the air. The recent solar eclipse on March 20th marked a process of clearing which has been going on for a while now. All eclipses symbolize resets, changes in energy and programming – a purging period of what has outlived its use.

Resurgence of light into the female
The main task of these eclipses is to clear out old programming and energies that do not serve you as you now move into the new shift on the planet, away from fear and illusion and into love and consciousness on the higher planes. Look at what the moon and the sun traditionally stand for, the male and the female energies: with this lunar eclipse we are seeing a strong resurgence of light into the female spheres, energetically speaking.

We are experiencing a reset of the feminine, particularly in certain aspects. The feminine has traditionally been seen as the introspective polarity, the emotional, the inner realms of feeling and intuition, what cannot be explained – and there has been enormous amounts of negative energy been directed at this throughout the centuries on earth, not least during the witch hunts a few centuries back.

The social versus the inner realms
When there is a full eclipse of the moon in the Zodiac sign of Libra – an air sign symbolizing balance and justice– you can see that this particular eclipse pertains to  purging any negative energies relating to these aspects of the feminine.

This particular eclipse influences both the outer social energies around the feminine – a purging of energies from power abuses against women and the feminine nature religions in ancient societies which were violently cast aside in many cases in favor of the new masculine monotheistic religions – and also on an inner level where all human beings (including men) are asked to, and in some cases pushed to, clear out any old and outdated energies, beliefs and programming towards the feminine from the lower dense dimensions of old. Such as: violence against women, the concept of the “female” as less worthy, the disempowerment many women have experienced over the generations, threats of persecution, and so on…

Justice and balance
You are being asked to purge anything that is no longer necessary, anything that holds you back from ascending into a higher consciousness of love and light – in practical terms this entails bringing the feminine and masculine polarities in your own energy systems into a balance that better serves you. And we do not mean exclusively in a female/male biological pattern, we are speaking in the language that you understand but to us feminine and masculine are simply earth labels on particular energetic frequencies: again, the receptive and intuitive versus the active, outward-directed.

Crucial work for Twin Flames
Females, accept your inner maleness and your inner femaleness. Males, accept your inner femaleness and your inner maleness. For Twin Flames especially this is absolutely essential work in the coming together towards harmony and union. If one has not accepted oneself, one cannot open up to another. And if one holds subconscious fears towards the masculine, how can one then open up and stand in complete surrender to that energy in one’s own Twin Flame? The same holds true for the male. You must delve within and discover your own shadows to transmute these into light. The point is to eventually get to a complete openness and unconditional love within and for your Twin Flame.

So in what ways have you felt hurt from being a female? Or in what ways have you seen the feminine burdened or mistreated around you in society growing up? These are things we’d like to direct your focus to, because anything that no longer serves a purpose must be cleared out to make way for the new and improved – lightness and expansion into the energies of love and joy where earth is in balance once again.

Inner healing
Remember that if you take the time to look within and resolve these old hurts within yourselves, you will find the energies to support you excellently in the coming months until the next eclipse, which falls in Aries (a characteristically “male” sign) on September 28th.

Those who continue to cling to old energies and stories however, will find that the eclipses serve to shake them up, and in many cases circumstances will conspire to force the unwilling to release what needs to go – this includes society as a whole, eclipses are notorious times of change.

Rise above
We advise you to do what you can to stay in the high vibrations of joy and happiness, which serve as a bridge for you to stand on as the “waters” of negative energies being released flow below, flushing out what doesn’t serve you. It will be much more comfortable for you to stay up there than try to swim against the stream in the raging river below. Meditation is an excellent way to increase your vibration and stabilize your moods, bringing you in deeper touch with your essence. There are also energy clearing tools that you may use to speed up both your knowing of your inner shadows, and to facilitate clearing so you may be less forcefully impacted by these eclipses.

Until next time, we wish you all the best on your journey and remember that you can call on us any time you need – help can come in many forms, listen to your intuition, be open to new connections and information and see miracles transpire!

Yours truly,

The Archangels of Light

Channeled by Cassady Cayne, April 3rd 2015

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