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Responsibility, Embodiment and Waking from the Dream of Life. Discover the Secrets Of Awakening, Nurturing Your Twin to come to you, and Why looking to the World only ever causes friction… The Key Lies Within


“Dear ones,

We are grateful to yet again get the opportunity to communicate with you. We know you have many questions. We ask you to listen to the inner voice, you know more than you think you do.

We share with you this: The process of Ascension for individuals and for the planet is moving further. For many Twin Flames this is nearing completion, as we have said before. Awakening…


Why Awakening Is Different Than You Might Think

However, we wish to elaborate and explain: To your human mind awakening might seem like a sudden event – “click, now you’re fully conscious”… but think about how you often feel when you wake up in the morning.

You’re sleepy at first, and if you’ve had a very intense dream you might even be in the dream world still … the unconscious feeling world dominates a bit longer. It takes a while before you’re fully awake and in your conscious awareness.

We know that many Twins are expecting their counterpart to jump to and start talking to them as if all is revealed now. We wish to reassure you that all is well – but that’s not how it happens.

Life has been a long experience for them already – they have grown accustomed to their habitual ego self. And we mean no judgment in the word “ego”, merely, removed from their higher consciousness.

It is not advised to try to rip someone out of their self perception. This tends to only cause more conflict. Remember how you yourself first woke up. It happened little by little. Bits and pieces. Information, gradual.

The strings were tied together, a bow formed before your eyes. You yourself were making the choices, following along. Now you see it all clearly. Because you have the gift of hindsight.


Sensitive Period For Awakening New Wave

We want you to be very careful with laying blame on your other self if they are as yet “unawakened”. Especially in this sensitive period of development. They are undergoing a challenging transition from a more ego oriented starting point than where you were at not so long ago.

They have had the role of last to awaken, more baggage obscuring their true self, more solidly anchored into the human dimension. For a purpose.

Now as they begin to stir to awareness, remember always that your intentions and thoughts and beliefs impact them. Please refrain from name calling. We mean things like “runner”, “chaser”, “narcissist”, “ego driven”, “addict”, “selfish”… because these words form energetic strait jackets your Twin will find it hard to get out of.

It is imperative that you look for the soul within. Be gentle with them in this time of transformation. Go to their higher self, find support in this gentle reason that to exist is to learn.

Be mild on yourself, and you will fare well. Be gentle, dear soul. Do not push so hard. You do not need to.

Who would you come running to? The one standing above you in judgment? Or the one who met you with understanding and looked for your best self?

Remember that you ARE your twin soul, anything else is an illusion. And we do not say this to ruin the romance aspect of your connection – we are saying this as a mechanism and a mental truth for you to use as a gateway into love.


The Secret Twin Flame “Dead End”

Because many of you are still looking for differences, looking for problems, looking to find fault. We tell you, this is a dead end. All you’ll find in that realm are more differences, more problems, more things to blame the person for…

Some Twin Souls deliberately chose challenging circumstances for themselves, as a learning experience – to discover in the human experience that love is the key that will unlock any pain.

We tell you this, you can love someone better. You can transform a person with true love.

All human beings desire to love and be loved. It is what you came here for. Most human beings feel unloved on some level, and this is the motivation behind addictions, hurtful behaviors, hiding from the truth, hiding from the mirror self.

But when you love someone without condition… you transform the very playing field you are operating on.  When you love another infinitely, unconditionally, you unlock their inner light.

And you don’t have to be there with them in person loving them. The intention of love sends it shooting like rockets across the ether. To the one you love. They will feel it.

And in the case of Twin Flames that are identical beings energetically, the energy of unconditional love unlocks the inner template, the gateway to union.


How Twin Flames Activate The Union Gateway

When both Twins activate each other with Unconditional Love, love ensues. This is something many Twin Flames fail to understand. It really is all about Love. The energy of love.

It was designed to be this way – you bring each other to consciousness using the energy and power of unconditional love.

The kind of love that cannot be falsified or devised mentally, the kind of love that has no buts or ands or ifs, but simply is. It is love in its purest. Where you came from. And when you reactivate this love in each other, all of heaven ensues.


Thoughts That Create Webs Of Negativity

We are blessed to see you as you live and walk your paths. Many struggling. We ask you to please pause, take some time out of your busy schedule to simply stop thinking so much.

Because your thoughts create webs around you, blocking you out of love. Keeping you from experiencing it in the physical. You have so many expectations, so many beliefs. Please let go of these.

Even what we are saying now – if you could go out in love with the intention of loving, and without any other knowledge or expectation about your life, you would be in bliss.

You would attract your Twin effortlessly, you would be in love and loved all the way. Yes. We mean this.


Accessing The Realm Of Pure Love

Please listen to us when we say, love is the answer. Love is the message. Love is what we have been trying to impart to you all this time. This is not complicated. From your human perspective, with all the rules and the ego devices and the justifications and the reasons… yes, it may seem complex at times.

But simply it is this, you came from love, you return from love. Right now you’re in the middle. You’re in the human physical world.

And it is here you desired to open up to that love which is in you and will always continue to be.

To access this realm of pure love, which is the frequency you must embody now in your human life to attract a true union of the soul, you must go within.

Spend time alone if you must.

You absolutely must detach from, disentangle yourself out of the web of complicated human reasoning behind why love supposedly is so difficult, why life supposedly is so hard, why Twin souls supposedly struggle.

You are in the school of life, dear ones. You chose this, we reiterate this yet again. Thank you for volunteering for this very special mission. To love.

You all chose a variety of paths into this, no one journey is the same. But the purpose and the key and the reward and the method is identical – it is love.


Why Many Twins’ Souls Are Holding Off On Union

Follow your heart. Inside your heart you have a blueprint, a compass that will signal to you exactly when the time is here to reunite in the physical. Your soul will never instigate this unless the energies are a match. So-called “divine timing”. Things coincide when they are a match.

So raise your vibration. And in order to do this, go within, remove the layers of human congestion and belief systems, return to your state as an infinite being of wisdom, inner sense of calm, peace.

You’ll know it from the feeling you will have in your entire being. When you feel at peace, you are in your infinite self.


Incoming Answers To Prayers

We want you to know we are listening to all your prayers. If you have asked for help, we are there trying to help. The question is, are you open to hearing? Are you open to taking action on the guidance we are sending?

The path you have chosen is one where you will not be able to have others create FOR you. Now, what you can do is to ask for help and guidance and assistance and support.

You can ask and go out looking for, those whose aims coincide with yours, those who can teach you how to get to where you want to go, to download their templates, see what works, see what methods will get you to where you are wanting to go.

But they can never get you there without you doing the inner work necessary.

We give you this analogy: You cannot fly across the Atlantic without going to the airport and getting on that plane.

Someone else can make the suggestion, buy your ticket, find the information for suitable hotels and restaurants… but they cannot experience those things for you.

You must be the vehicle for your experience.


Rising Above Blame – Separation

You can always lean on us. We have a higher perspective and work for your highest good. We can help you, guide you to situations, people, energies, connections you might not see from your perspective – but … and you already know what we are going to say – you are the one that must physically follow those things.

Always remember this. It is a fallacy that someone else is responsible for your happiness or success, or for your failure. This is the way of physical living.

Your lives on earth together, choosing to meet as mirror souls in human bodies – it’s a great experiment of love. Like a game to your souls. Can you discover the key? It is love. Think from love, act from love, plan for love.

It’s the belief systems of the world that get in the way. Above all blame. A big theme for Twin Souls – paving the way forward for humanity. To bridge differences.

A world in which everyone takes responsibility for their actions is a good world, a world where love prevails because people want love and therefore feed into it, focus on it, make it grow.

As above, so below. As within, so without. Manifestation is the inner mirroring into the outer.

So what does your world say about you? What do your recent experiences say about what’s going on inside?


Why Twins Can Lock Their Journey Into A Stalemate

One powerful way you can uplift your connection right now is to set the intention that all blame is gone. That you forgive. Because this disentangles you from the past. Otherwise you’ll keep the same patterns around again and again. Blame is equivalent with Separation, can you see this?

And no cosmic schedule of incoming energies can override the heavy-handed manifestation of one Twin Flame blaming the other and keeping the both of them in a stalemate.

Two infinite beings of the same frequency locking horns, is futile. One of them has to end it. As your core frequencies are the same and you are equally powerful, you have the power to keep yourselves blocked from each other, just as you have the power to unite in love.

So forgive. We urge you yet again to connect with the higher aspect of your soul, in meditation. Listen to them. So many who are to their own minds spiritual people are more interested in casting blame and dispersions than actually looking for solutions.

Be true to love. Look for love, be in love. Anything you can use to tune into love. Use it. You are here for love. Remove the outer layers of human negativity, and you will have it.

Yours faithfully,

Archangel Michael and the Angels of Light”



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“I’ve been using the Vibrational Alignment Program for almost a week now. I’ve noticed a huge shift in my energy. Before I was on the emotional roller coaster we feel with our twins. And I was a mess. I could feel his energy and all of the highs/lows he was experiencing as a runner. Once I started this program, I noticed on day one a huge difference. I was no longer crying on the phone to my friend. I was laughing and couldn’t contain my happiness. I’ve also had dreams about my Twin each night, and have felt him going back and forth in his spirit on if he should call me. This program is great! Thank you Cassady. “

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  1. I was just lying in bed this morning crying, begging the angels/guides for help because the world was too much with me…and this was Cassady’s post! My beloved seems hopelessly ensconced in a restrictive ego identity, and I was in despair over that and my ability to heal any of us, including me, with love. This felt like a personal note.

  2. Hi Cassidy
    Lately been feeling during clearings that I have emptied myself and that there is not much to clear. Is this normal?

  3. Been noticing as well that around 4am in the mornings my sleep breaks, I float astrally and look at myself but see my twin lying on the bed instead of me.. how do I explain this?

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