Twin Flame Energy Forecast September 5th-11th “Luck Enters The House Of Love”


A New 12 Month Cosmic Cycle Begins for Twin Flames – Alchemical Union of Souls Set To Unfold. Life “Undercover” is at an End and Deeper Love is Upon Us – Not Just In Theory But Into The Physical. Are You Ready?


We’re moving deeper into uncharted terrain again this week as the push for reunions continues. We’re being “groomed” by the universe to get ready.

The “wedding” of souls is about to begin for many. Only, it’s not so much about picking out the right cake and inviting guests…

We’re still being prodded to clear, erase, delete, let go of, eradicate all the earthly illusions and negativity we’ve taken on in our lives. So we can reveal the love beneath it all.

The period of undercover work as “normal human beings” is at an end. We have awakened to a deeper truth.

Now, comes the Real Event – to live from love, to embody love in the physical. The “play” is over. The masks come off. Only, we usually find we’ve grown oddly attached to them… ?

Moving out of Ego isn’t an overnight process, it’s an ongoing cleansing on all fronts – physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically… Our guides are working on it, our souls are working on it, the universal energies are working on it. But are you also consciously working on it?

If you are, you’re set to have a smoother ride than those who are still hanging on to the old 3D energies. Chief amongst which are conflict, blame, perceptions of separation.

Working on your energy and core beliefs are the number one way to shift into harmony with your Twin and open up to blissful union – I’ve created a Free Help Kit for Twin Flames with a powerful energy cleanse tool so you can get started right now. Have a look at the amazing experiences other Twins have had with energy tools here.


The Heavyweights Are All Invited


On September 7th Venus sextiles Saturn while the Sun trines Pluto – yet another clear message of this same theme:

What you thought you knew and what you hung onto as true, needs to go in order to open you up to the true love you have been praying for.

In order to have what you’ve wanted for so long – togetherness, harmony, union, True Love – you have to let go of what’s come before.

If you’re going to be stubborn about sticking with the old perspectives of “3D” living (survival, separation, polarity, ego), expect resistance now as the two heaviest planetary energies in the solar system conspire to rattle you loose from the past, family genetics, societal beliefs and all the stuff of your upbringing.

Forgiveness can be enormously powerful for your Twin connection right now, especially as the eclipse window is still open – have a look here for why Forgiveness is so powerful on the Twin journey, and why it’s actually for your sake, not theirs…


Standing “Naked” in Unconditional Love


And this is why it’s so important and why these energies are so insistent on pushing us to our limits: It’s so that we can reemerge new and “naked” in the light of Unconditional Love.

Jupiter, the “beneficent power” of our solar system – an incredibly high vibrational energy source – moves into Libra the sign of the scales on September 10th.

This is huge! In astrological terms this is the love jackpot! It signals an uplifting of the realms of unification in love, of balancing, of harmony.

A clear as day signal that we are entering into a year long phase of harmonizing the energies between the Twin Flame pairs more than ever – we get a high vibrational push on our path to come together in Union. These last few years have seen many a struggle for Twin Flames – preparation for coming together – but we now move into a new era, especially for those who have been doing their inner work.

(To read more about Twin Flame Union, go here.)

This coming period is the cosmic “wedding year”. The year of wide spread Union. Aligning energies more and more. A year of awakening those who have been “asleep” – the “third wave” as spirit calls them, including soul exchanges for some whose counterparts have been on the other side.

We are entering into a new cosmic cycle for Twin Flames.

Jupiter’s presence in the 7th house of marriage and relationships for the next 12 months signals that we are receiving more and more influxes of high vibrational energy assistance in order to get as many Twins as possible prepared for and into Union.

This is huge! It means more light and more help … but it also means the push for releasing baggage continues.


Help Is Coming – Let go of “Realism” to Open Up

Jupiter’s presence in a house indicates expansion, uplifting, an added boost of zest and optimism and “luck”.

If you’ve felt like you’ve had no help on your journey these recent years, expect it to change in some ways now. Help is set to come from both the seen and unseen to get this final stage on the move for many Twins.

This previous year cycle was focused around awakening Twins and lightworkers to their deeper soul identity and “mission”, and now, we are being supported more and more into coming together.

On September 10th we also see a challenging aspect between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces – again, we are being asked to let go of old beliefs in order to be open to receive this positivity we’re being offered by the Universe. This is an ongoing theme this year as these two slow planets square off.

The “real world” of earth relationships, problems, day to day living are meeting head on with the high dimensions and the ideals of love, the spiritual truth behind it all.

This is set to be a theme for many over the coming year – to balance the “real world” with the spiritual truth of love. One strong message is – never give up on love. It is Truth with a capital T – day to day living is full of illusion.


Learning To Live From The Heart

Only you know what works for you, so learn to follow your heart. Clear out others’ influence from your space and get in touch with your intuition. We go through clearing others’ energies and attachments, plus learning how to reliably get in touch with your own guidance in the full Vibrational Alignment Program I created for Twin Flames.

Let “realism” go now, is the cosmic message we get – you already know that the Twin Flame connection far defies anything most humans experience, and much goes beyond what science is able to explain. It’s time to let go of those beliefs and old experiences that say “it’s impossible”.

Allow your intuition show you that there is no limit. Once you rid yourself of limiting beliefs and karmic patterns more and more you’ll be increasingly able to incorporate these new high vibrational energies and templates into your system.

I’d like to insert a small warning here: although it’s tempting to think that positive developments such as incoming light waves will “fix everything” on your journey, the laws of energy work like this: You get what you’re a match to.

If you’re still carrying a lot of negative energy and unhealed wounds and limiting beliefs, you’ll experience these flaring up and being triggered as your soul desperately tries to alert you, and open you up to Union. Union and togetherness in the physical won’t magically happen without your being a match to it.

Energy management is the only true and lasting way I’ve discovered to eradicate Twin Running/Separation/Struggle and open up to harmony and Union.

I read so many well-intended articles with fanciful explanations of the romance and myth of the Twin connection – but I wanted to provide a hands on method that actually helps Twins deal with what so many experience as an incredibly challenging connection. To not only understand why or how things happen, but to have tools to handle the many challenges with.

Therefore I created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames to help as many Twins as possible move into Harmony and Love. You can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in my Free Help Kit here.


Entering into the Alchemical Marriage


Moving on this week, we have another challenge between Venus in Libra on September 11th (Venus now symbolizes along with Jupiter, the “pair of Lovers”, not just the feminine), this time squaring Pluto in Capricorn – yet another one of this year’s recurring themes of letting go of old attachments, especially those we’ve clung to on a deeper, unconscious level.

To share an example of how unconscious patterns work: I was on my journey struggling with feeling like I couldn’t trust my Twin Flame. For some reason I just didn’t “buy” that he’d be there for me the way he was saying. The bigger his statements of love, the less I believed him. It was causing a big block between us.

Eventually my guides showed me what the roots of this whole mess were. I was shown myself, about to start kindergarten at 2 years old. My mother told me she loved me more than anything in the world, but then left me with some strangers at this terrifying place where I didn’t know anyone. To my 2 year old self, it felt awful. I couldn’t understand how she could love me, then leave me. I concluded, she can’t have meant it. If she did, she wouldn’t have left me when I was so upset and crying for her to stay.

So I formed a life long suspicion of love, which I recognized immediately as spirit showed me this. A pattern of feeling like people didn’t really mean it when they told me they loved me. Expecting them to leave. Expecting that it was nothing but words…

And it was something that had been buried so deep I had no conscious recollection of it. But in my Twin connection, it came up again and again looking for resolution – because it kept me out of alignment with the openness of unconditional love. Clearing this pattern and the fear based attachments to my parents freed me up in ways I can hardly describe, especially with my Twin connection.

When our parents are focused on what’s best for us and worrying about us, they can really get in the way of the Twin union process – because their energy is disrupting our coming together.

The reason I share this personal anecdote is to show the point that a lot of the deepest blocks on the Twin journey are so old and so unconscious we have no idea they’re there. This means we can’t “think” or “meditate” our way to releasing these blocks, because they’re locked away on an unconscious level.


The Role Of The Inner Child in Twin Union

Energy clearing can eradicate even unconscious patterns, because it’s all about intention. When we go in and work with our energy, our soul will show up the blocks so they can be eradicated for good. Otherwise they’ll be stuck there in our system keeping us away from the love we truly desire.

The Twin pair are now being asked to sever attachments and cords to other people – past lovers, parents, old friends – anything that could be causing energetic disturbances in our system and get in the way of the harmonization of union.

The inner child could be the root of ongoing issues with your Twin – did you have a balanced, good relationship with your parents? If not, and especially if you’ve been having problems on your Twin journey – look back to childhood. Get in touch with your Inner Child – they very likely hold the key.

Again, the aim of Ascension is to get both Twins back to the core soul frequency or “soul song” that they both share, so that they are able to unite in the Hieros Gamos or “alchemical marriage” of the masculine and feminine.

Both Twins’ energies intermingling and harmonizing so they are yet again “one soul in two bodies” from a place of harmony and unconditional love, free from all the lower vibrational energies taken on during our lives on earth.

Entering into Union is set to be an ongoing theme over the next year, with events being more and more directed by our souls to secure the Twins coming together in the physical world. Unexpected meetings, connections and dream encounters, to mention some potential avenues this will take.

One thing is for sure – we can expect a fall full of significant developments and events – a new and exciting phase is upon us!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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