Twin Flame Love Is Challenged By The Full Moon, Misunderstandings, Secrets Come To Light And More. But Can You Find The Cosmic Gift In This Intense Time?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Mercury turns Retrograde and Venus enters Virgo – shifting the atmosphere powerfully in the Twin Flame connection.

Plus, intense Full Moon in Pisces brings old emotional wounds to a head.

Are you closer to “heaven” than you realized?
Or were you wrong about the situation?

Confusion, Emotions On High

This is set to be a more confusing week than usual – with Mercury turning Retrograde and a powerful Full Moon in Pisces.

Perspective is important… Both confusion and revelations can happen. It can be challenging.

However, if you can use this intense time to your advantage, the rewards are immense.

Because as the Universe says – unconditional love is always there for you… But have you been blind to it? Have you been unconsciously deflecting the love you long for?

Perfectly Imperfect Love

When Venus enters Virgo on September 5th, the atmosphere shifts in love and the Twin Flame connection.

Virgo is the sign of service, perfection and healing, so when Venus journeys through this sign, we have a focus on the Twin Flame mission.

Unfortunately, Venus in Virgo is considered the most difficult position for the planet of love, as it tends to bring restriction of love and a tendency to coldness.

Why? Virgo as an energy deals with perfection and control… The intellect and reason, not the heart and emotion. And that’s not aligned with love – which by nature is about flow and openness.

The Magic Of Self Love

The “magic key” to use in Virgo Season, to open your connection and enjoy this time, is self love.

Although you might have to push yourself to actually take the time to go within and be GOOD to yourself!

(Virgo season tends to be a time when we are busy working hard and are extra critical of ourselves and others, which can put a dampener on love and the Twin Flame connection).

When Self Love Is Tricky…

When you can fill up with your OWN love and inner wholeness, it will shift your whole dynamic with your Twin into warmth and openness despite this challenged time.

To help you with this, I’m offering the Higher Heart Session for 20% off this Virgo Season. (Use code “SELFLOVE”)

This deep energy journey focuses on self love and downloading the 5D template of the higher heart, powerfully re-opening your connection if there have been difficulties between you.


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Love And Support

In Virgo Season, people tend to express their feelings via being helpful and supportive to show their love.

Your desire to fix or help others, or to improve the world or your own life, is likely running high.

If someone does a favor for you or reaches out to ask you how you’re doing in this period, know that it’s “Virgo code” for love and care.

However, this combination is also fussy about getting things just right – perfect, if possible. And you’ll notice that not everyone WANTS to be “fixed”.

(In fact, it can cause particular problems in the Twin Flame connection. For best results, focus on loving YOURSELF, as this shifts your whole dynamic with them by default).

Right Vs Wrong?

A big point to watch out for, is criticizing others for not living up to your high standards.

Right versus wrong is also a key focus area for Virgo, so remind yourself that there are always two sides to every story. 

Don’t get fixated on blame or judgment, as it will only entrench negativity.

(Even if it’s not with your Twin, conflict energy in your life will unfortunately affect your Twin Flame connection for the worse. Why? It lowers your vibration and deflects love from your system in general.)

Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury turns Retrograde in Libra on September 9th, we’re faced with a period of communication overhaul.

For the next three weeks, misunderstandings, miscommunication and general confusion will be running high.

It can be a frustrating time when practical issues may crop up, plans may go haywire and people may misunderstand you or you them. 

Really, it’s a cosmic period of recalibrating the collective fields and our throat and third eye chakras.

But if you treat this time wisely, it can actually benefit you. Above all, be willing to reconsider things you previously assumed.


Taking your time, being open to shifting your perspective and making sure you don’t jump to conclusions, is strongly advised.

Especially because indecisiveness is running on high. Everything is stirred up, in short.

People have a tendency to change their minds without warning. With this Retrograde happening in Libra, which is an “indecisive” sign, this is extra heightened. 

Twin Flames As A Team

For Twin Flames, this retrograde gives the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings from the past that have gotten between you.

And, it puts the focus on where you may have forgotten to approach this journey as a TEAM effort.

How? You may be shown again, the places you have assumed that they were NOT on the same page as you, even though their soul has been there the whole time trying to help you.

If you can go into your HEART now, and dive deeper under the static of mental “ego” communication, you can get clarity on important facets of your journey.

And your Twin’s soul will be waiting to reach you there!

How? Meditation and quiet time is a huge key – although it can be tricky to get the chance to go within due to how hectic this period tends to get.

(I take you through connecting with your Twin on the soul planes here step by step for Free)

Recalibration In Love

On the plus side, Mercury retrograde in Libra brings an opportunity to right old wrongs, and resolve old misunderstandings in your relationship.

Old grievances CAN resurface these coming weeks.

If so, try to remember that it’s meant to be a good thing – as it means you finally get the chance to resolve them.

It’s also common for an ex to show up during Mercury Retrograde.

Exes, Lessons…

Keep in mind that they’re likely an ex for a REASON… Focus on your long term desires and goals, and look for the lesson in it.

Perhaps you had some unfinished business that you now get to resolve for good.

Perhaps you had unhealed wounds or old attachments still lingering, so you’re now reminded to cut the cord and open your system to Twin Flame Union.

(Union can’t fully happen when there are outsider cords and attachments/unresolved soul contracts)

Or perhaps you needed the confidence boost, to raise your sense of self in your Twin Flame connection…

In some way, it’s meant to benefit you. No matter how confusing it seems. Look for the gift.

Stressful Situations

With Venus quincunx Jupiter on the day that Mercury turns Retrograde, things can feel tense at first and it will be easy to feel stressed.

You may feel that you’re giving much more than you’re receiving, or that you’ve been played for a fool.

Hold your horses, because you may not be seeing things clearly.

Feel into your heart, because your logical understanding is not quite there with Mercury Retrograde stirring everything up. If in doubt, put a pin in it until 3 weeks from now.

Things will be a lot clearer then.

Fantasy, Heaven, Empathy Or Escapism?

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th is a particularly intense Full Moon.

One of Pisces’ strengths is empathy, but there is also a major tendency to pick up on others’ suffering.

Confusion can run high because you might literally be feeling other people’s feelings and issues… NOT your “own”.

The days leading up to this Full Moon can feel extra intense emotionally.

But a potential benefit is that Pisces energies are attuned to spiritual breakthroughs and extrasensory perception.

Don’t be surprised if you feel your Twin’s emotions more at this time and experience increased telepathic communication, dreams and more.


Increased ESP

However, it can be really confusing due to Mercury Retrograde’s involvement.

Work to make sure your emotions don’t carry you away. Because Pisces Full Moons tend to bring up COLLECTIVE emotions, not just our own.

So many Twins suffer because they’re unaware that they’re actually reacting to collective karma and struggles, and it becomes pushed into their connection unconsciously

Watch Out For Triggers

This Full Moon is set to stir up the collective unconscious so this heaviness can be released and make room for more high vibration energies. (Earth’s collective ascension)

Often we experience strange or disturbing dreams in these periods – if so don’t worry, be aware that you might simply be reacting to the collective purge.

Release the energy, you’ll soon feel better. (Use the Free Energy Cleanse here to do so)

Hazy Emotional Boundaries

Pisces energies are watery, and tend to blur boundaries.

If you are sensitive, be extra mindful to shield yourself and manage your energy now.

It’s easy to get dragged into the collective fields of heavy emotions right now, and you don’t want to end up pulled down by others’ baggage – even your Twin Flame’s fears or inner shame.

In my experience working with Twins for almost 9 years now, we have more than enough of our own to deal with…

A helpful tip is to imagine a golden shield of light around yourself every day when you wake up and when you go to bed.

Plus, for more advice on shielding yourself from and clearing outside influence from other people, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program.



With Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon lead-up coinciding, things are in general not as they seem.

They may in fact not be as they FEEL either.

In short, you’re picking up on the PAST now. Your system is purging, and you may even have picked up on outside content – so be extra mindful of your perspective. 

Be willing to release any negativity, reevaluate any heaviness you’ve been hanging onto.

Lessons Of The Soul

With Mercury Retrograde in Libra, likelihood is that forgiving your counterpart is the lesson your soul is waiting for from you.

Because that’s the “key” that will release any negative cycles and open to a new and brighter chapter between you. 

Reframing your perspective on the situation can be a major help. Even if you have genuinely been hurt, it can benefit you to shift how you approach the situation.

Forgiveness is often seen as “letting someone get away with” treating us badly. But in spiritual truth, it’s about letting YOURSELF release the toxins and hurt. 

Forgiveness can mean setting YOURSELF free from pain, and opening to a more positive new beginning in your connection.

Releasing Disappointment

Full Moons are often about releasing what no longer serves us. With the Pisces Full Moon it often deals with releasing old disappointment.

With Mercury Retrograde in Libra involved, it shows us we’re also being asked to stop repeating old lower cycles in our relationships.

What approach or perspective has weighed heavy on you?

What has kept you feeling as if there is a stone lodged in your stomach when you think about it? Instinctively, what baggage is it time to let go of?

Now is the time.

(Go here and I will help you painlessly release, so you can be free – no purging necessary when you use quantum energy work)

Happy Glow

On September 11th, after the dust has settled from the Full Moon – when you have released what was weighing you down, you will feel the pay-off in full.

Sun trine Jupiter, which is a feel-good combination, brings a new light. Life may not suddenly be perfect, but you will feel your situation expanding into more positivity. 

You can now see the brighter path ahead, especially if you have released the shadows that kept you from seeing how great things could turn out.

A Week Of Purification

With Virgo season combining with Mercury Retrograde and the powerful Full Moon, this is set to be an intense week.

But there are also immense rewards available.

Above all, you are getting the opportunity to set down any heavy burdens that have weighed you down, and blocked your Twin Flame connection.

If things feel bleak at the beginning of the week, look for the lesson, look for the message, look for the gift.

Clear and release the heavy baggage, and you’ll realize love is closer than you may have thought.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

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