Romance Goes Deep – Intimacy, Burning Intensity And Kundalini Energy Ignites The Twin Flame Connection. Have You Noticed The Messages Trying To Reach You?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Libra Season begins in full as Venus enters the sign, and Mercury finally turns direct this weekend – but confusion can still linger due to multiple oppositions.

Plus, Venus and Pluto connect to create immense passion and ignite soul deep love in the Twin Flame connection – if you can sidestep jealousy… Are you ready?

Discover more below!

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Twin Flame Passion

We’re headed into an intense week. This can become one of the most sizzling times for romance you’ve experienced in a while…

IF you can sidestep any issues of jealousy and avoid getting drawn in by old darkness, secrets and potential outsider involvements.

Venus trine Pluto is a time of passionate love and soul deep romance – we’re talking immense desire and love in a sexual sense, particularly.

The Desire For Soul Merge

You and your Twin will likely FEEL the soul desire to merge, even more than at other times.

The core magnetic attraction is being strongly activated. It can bring beautiful experiences of deepening bonding and immense pleasure together…

(Read more about Twin Flame Sex, kundalini rising, chakra climaxes and intimate soul merges here)

Is Your “Darkness” Showing?

However, the challenge with Venus/Pluto, is that it also tends to trigger our insecurities and fears in the relationship.

Jealousy, rage over your Twin having been with other people in the past or intense shadows such as desire for revenge over others can happen…

So keep a cool head and be aware of your own inner darkness (or better yet, work through the shadows to face and heal them).

Cosmic Love/Intimacy Detox

That way, you’ll enjoy the blissful potential of this time without getting derailed by potential triggers.

Pluto always brings a “detox” of our energy, to unearth and show up old toxins from our system.

When he interacts with Venus it deals with a sacral chakra purge, and things such as fears, insecurities, worries around rejection, intimacy or abandonment and more… (For help, go here)

It can bring up old experiences of feeling un-loved, being worried we’re not attractive enough or that our counterpart might end up with someone else, and all the fear scenarios that have been revolving in the background of our un-conscious minds

Opening To Twin Flame Unity In The 3D

It can be a challenge, but the gift is that once we get to shine light on these deeper worries and fears, we can clear and release them – thereby opening to love more fully.

Because we have to be a match with love and harmony to fully receive it in the 3D physical.

Therefore, it’s crucial for Twins to root out underlying fears, shame, resentment, conflict patterns, old experiences of unworthiness and more.

Go here for a quiz that helps you map out whether you’re a match with love and unity or not – and how to start raising your vibration to call in love, for free.

Power, Magnetism

When Pluto trines Venus, be aware your powers of attraction are on a high.

Things could feel intense – but in a good way. 

Your willpower is boosted, and your ability to magnetize your counterpart is strong (it may also be strong on other “suitors”, so keep that in mind!)

Pluto’s powerful intensity brings a mood of deepening intimacy and total commitment to your connection. Passion can border into obsession and people can get possessive.

For Twin Flames, one of the most amazing sides of this transit is blissful intimacy and “soul merges” can happen more than usual. (Read more about this here)

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Releasing Toxic People?

Venus is also conjunct Mercury Retrograde – both opposition Jupiter retrograde – which amplifies this week’s transformative power.

It’s exceptionally likely that you’ll be facing a “return” of past themes in love so that Pluto can help you “detox” now and open to a higher state of unity moving forward…

Or you may even be facing an actual toxic person you are being asked to release… especially if there have been outsiders involved in your connection (including not so helpful friends/family members).

Goodbye, Lower Cycles!

Because of the retrograde, it’s likely things feel up in the air, confusing and like they’re stuck in the same old, same old.

What’s really happening is that you’re getting another chance to get clarity and shift out of any lower cycles.

And if you feel you can’t see things so clearly right now, that’s deliberate.

It’s in order to open you BEYOND what you’ve gotten used to.

“Your Cosmic Detox”

If you have been in a runner/separation situation, for example, you’re being destabilized so you can open to ALLOW unity.

Because the more focused we are on a problem, unfortunately the less easy it is to shift. Try to keep this in mind – open to solutions.

What can you see if you look at your current situation in terms of a detox?

What can you release? What toxic elements can you start letting go of or cleanse? 

(It could be thoughts, habits, perspectives, friends, exes, outsiders, beliefs, old Twin Flame dynamics, and more…)

Karmic Ties, Blocks Releasing

Using this last period of Mercury Retrograde to get clarity and detox this way, will benefit you moving forward. Old lower cycles can leave for GOOD that way.

You can step out of stubborn karmic blocks and open to your soul’s unity made manifest also in the 3D physical. (For help with this process, go here).

Remember – we’re in a cosmic detox. 

This also means other people are being triggered to release their “junk” and past wounds – so do your best to not take anything personally. Focus on your own healing and keep your attention on love and unity.

You’ll rise beautifully into a new beginning!

Feeling “Unlucky” In Love?

With the trio of Mercury Retrograde, the Sun and Venus all opposing Neptune and Jupiter retrograde we have some pressure going on. You may resist releasing the past.

You may, in fact, feel unsupported and like no one helps you, or that the “cards are stacked against you” or be generally focused on past disappointments… 

Be aware that this is part of the purge, the detox. The reason it’s coming up is because it is not divine truth.

Opening To Blessings

Your soul is so powerful! Unity and love is NEVER out of reach, it’s just a question on how you approach it and whether you’re taking the right steps to get there from where you’re at.

The planets are now pushing you to recognize and release any templates of victimhood and ideas of not being “lucky” or blessed.

Because those deeper perceptions have been blocking the miracles and joys you’ve been calling out and praying for.

Perspective Issues

With the oppositions to Jupiter and Neptune, misunderstandings are something to look out for. Especially in love and the Twin Flame connection (or regarding yourself as a romantic partner).

Keep in mind that after Mercury goes direct and the Sun and Venus move on from this opposition, your perspective and decisions may change.

Flexibility and focusing on your highest – rooted in your own self love – will be wise and help you get the best out of this time and beyond.

(More on self love for Twin Flames in this article)

Perspective, Perspective…

With Pluto so strong this week, be mindful not to take things too personally or too seriously. And do your best to avoid paranoia.

With Mercury Retrograde involved, it’s easy to get triggered based on past wounds and even make rash decisions based on “autopilot”. 

Chances are, things will look different in a week’s time…

Use your highest perspective and if needed, write out a list of pros and cons or journal on your situation/decision.

Have You Noticed This?

Late this week, Mars moves into a trine with Saturn. This combination is about following through on your desires and passions.

It also shows that the Masculine Twin is paying more attention to commitment and the long term.

(For help to raise them to awareness and remember the truth of love, go here).


(More testimonials here)

Cosmic Warning For Twin Flames!

We receive a cosmic “warning” – be mindful you recognize their efforts at commitment. Because spirit’s input is that you may have been missing it.

You may have been so focused on your ideal and “perfection” that you’ve not realized fully that your counterpart was trying to show you their commitment.

It could have happened through dreams, or signs you’ve been receiving.

Or it could have been they have reached out online with a seemingly “normal” or small message… But to THEM it’s a big deal. 

Try to see things from this perspective. They are showing you their commitment, and once you recognize this, it will open up to more.

Perfection Vs Progress

Mars is both the ruler of the Masculine and the planet of action and progress.

“He” is no expert at perfection, so be aware that looking for perfection in your counterpart may just cause blocks in your connection.

Go deeper. Look for the INTENTION. They ARE trying.

As a soul, they have been desperately seeking to show how much they love you and how they WANT to be together.

Have you been listening? Have you been aware of this?
Journal on the signs you see, the dreams you have.

Their Undying Love

And understand, this is not easy work, to show up magical angel numbers, dreams and signs, songs and more.

They are literally breaking into the fabric of reality to show you their UNDYING love…!!!

Please take a second look at your situation.

Do you see how hard they’ve been trying?

All they ask is that you recognize it. Can you trust them?

Letting Trust Guide The Way

If they can show up these things, they can do more. But they need you to shift your perspective, they’re saying.

They need you to trust them enough to look for the magic and the miracles.

Not to stay stuck in the idea of things as being rigid or difficult to change. Let them guide you. They know the way, they’re saying.

Above all, open up. Let them love you. It can change EVERYTHING.

(For more, read this channeled message from the Divine Masculine. 

divine masculine twin soul

(And go here for help to open up more to their support, love and help on the higher planes)

Venus Enters Libra

On the 29th Venus enters Libra – this is one of the most positive placements for Venus. Her second home, after Taurus.

When the planet of love returns to one of her home signs, romance and relationships tend to flow more smoothly.

Harmony and diplomacy are key themes, and people tend to become more open to consider others’ points of view.

For Twin Flames it deals with balancing and harmonizing the pair’s energies. (More on that here).

Mercury Direct

Lastly this week, Mercury finally turns Direct again, and the static and confusion that has hung over communication begins to lift.

Using this time wisely, you will have been able to release some old outworn cycles… You have hopefully been able to get a higher perspective on yourself, possibly an ex, and your capabilities and attractiveness.

Although Mercury moves over shadow terrain a few weeks more, we’re set to get more clarity – especially in love, as he turns direct in conjunction with Venus.

A Week For Passion

In summary, this week is set to bring immense soul deep passion and transformation in love.

The trick will be to channel your emotions into unity, and not get disrupted by jealousy and other shadows.

Remember the “cosmic detox” the universe has brought us, and know that it’s to your benefit!

And, your Twin’s soul is right there with you all along – working to show you how loved you really are! (If you want to journey with me in deepening this connection, have a look here)

Until next time, I’m sending you so many blessings for your journey <3

Cassady x

PS: If you haven’t already done so, remember to Download my **FREE Twin Flame Help Kit**, which contains 4 powerful resources for healing and opening your Twin Flame connection to love!

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