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Trials and Tribulations in Love get smoothed out as Venus finally goes direct again – but the process isn’t quite over yet as Chiron brings more collective wounds of abandonment up for healing.

I know Twin Flames all over the world have been waiting for this day the last few months – Venus finally stations to go direct on Sunday 6th September! This time has been challenging for many, as old negativity and karmic blocks in love have been rattled loose to be cleared away once and for all.

We’ve been made to take a second look at our past experiences with love in order to root out any blocks that have been keeping us locked away from receiving and giving love openly.

No one has to “give” you love

Remember that love is an energy. No one has to give you love, ultimately, it’s something you can feel and experience once you move into a particular energy frequency. If you have been feeling hard pressed to love your Twin lately, experiment with love for other beings and things – nature, children, animals, for example – as this will help you move up into higher frequencies and shift out of any negativity.

If you want help with clearing out blocks that have been getting between you and your Twin, or any patterns keeping you in the lower emotions of sadness, anger or other negativity, have a look at the Intensive Energy Clearing Session I’ve made for Twin Flames. We had incredible results from Twins reporting after the session when it was recorded last week, including runner Twins getting in touch after months of silence.

Rekindling old flames

So these past few months with Venus moving backwards through the Zodiac we’ve been faced with the mirror of truth about love – and that’s not always pleasant! – and some of us have become reconnected with past love and relationships – have a think about the developments from this period and try to see what the lessons have been.

The more you learn from your experiences and are able to detach from any negativity, the more able you are to shift out of any recurring cycles of struggle and move forward.

The wounded healer

Although Venus goes direct, midway through Leo, we have another powerful transit bringing up love related issues for healing and transmutation. Chiron, the “wounded healer” is currently moving retrograde through Pisces – especially in conjunction with this weekend’s super moon in the same sign, we are shown that this is an important time for healing and release in this particular area.

Pisces rules the “collective unconscious” and the great ocean of human emotions – this is where we get the choice between diving into the depths and escape suffering through numbness and shutting off, or transcending up into unconditional love and embracing everything we are by opening up rather than shielding ourselves from pain.

Deep wounds around abandonment

Chiron stirring up karmic issues in Pisces means we will be faced on some of the deepest issues dealt with by humanity – feeling abandoned and rejected by our origins, by source, by the larger human community. For some it means being pushed to finally deal with the feelings of not belonging – on earth, in our families and in our social groups.

If you feel that the world is a harsh place or that no one supports you or appreciates you, this may very well be rooted in trauma from the past where you felt that the universe or God (or your parents) had turned their back on you.

Be aware that this is old energy, and you can release it now so that you can move forward in increased abundance and love. For as long as these patterns are in us, we will keep attracting circumstances that “prove it” to us over and over – people and circumstances rejecting us and not supporting us (as a mirror of how we feel about the universe).

Because the Twin Flame connection triggers any latent negativity, this is often where we’re faced with these issues. If you have felt unsupported in life, you’ll almost definitely experience this in your Twin Flame connection – as we are constantly mirroring back to our Twin any issues keeping each other out of unconditional love.

How perspectives become Twin Flame blocks

The deep-seated wounds around abandonment or lack of support can be a big underlying block on the Twin Flame journey, as a negative perspective on life and the greater consciousness will keep us in this subtle loop of attracting adverse circumstances and challenges over and over.

This is deep stuff, and it can be challenging to face these issues. Most of us bury them so deeply they simply manifest as a sense of cynicism or negativity towards the collective, or a sense of being the eternal outsider in life.

You are never alone

Spiritual truth is: you always belong. You are always taken care of. There is no suffering. Because you are an aspect of source consciousness, and everything and everyone around you is also an aspect of source consciousness. It means that as souls, we are always at home and we are always safe.

This might be a bit far out there for some, but meditate on this or consider it when you’re out in nature some time, and allow yourself to feel the deeper truth in this. It can really change your life, allowing you to see the light everywhere you go.

Because the truth is that everything in life is about perspective – any negativity is there to teach us greater understanding. If we see challenges from this perspective, any pain is dramatically lessened. It’s not always easy to feel this way when we’re in the middle of upset, but remind yourself of these things and you’ll find that the pain lessens.

Powerful helpers on our journey

As Pluto trines Jupiter the message of moving forward past any limiting beliefs is reinforced – these two powerhouse planets (rulers of expansion, and purification) show us that we are again being asked to let go of anything that isn’t serving us anymore.

And it’s all so that we can “become new” – move forward into life from a higher level, without stress, drama and pain. Allow the warm, expansive and high vibrational energies of Jupiter to support you through this time, and know that any challenges now are there for a reason.

They are mirroring to you what negative beliefs or karmic patterns you hold in your space, so that you can be faced with them and release them for good – so that you’ll be free. This tendency is ramped up in the period towards the Lunar Eclipse later this month, when a new energy cycle starts.

If you feel like you need some help with the Twin Flame Ascension process or that this releasing is causing problems or blocks between you and your Twin, I would advise you to have a look at the Intensive Energy Clearing for Twin Flames, where we blast through negativity, deep-seated karma and even genetic issues so you can move on with your path from a place of freedom and lightness.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. Thank you for this, it was needed. It has been a whopping 3 days since he suddenly changed overnight and has run for the first time. I know what I need to do, but the shock is debilitating. I’m trying to move through this…I still feel as though maybe I am just crazy sometimes. Your blog and messages have been truly helpful.

    1. Hi Moonchild, I’m so glad you’ve found positivity and help in this blog – as in all running situations I would advise clearing your energy with either the Free Breakthrough Kit audios I offer or take the Energy Clearing Session for Twin FLames at

      These will help you clear out any energetic blocks or karmic patterns triggering your twin’s running. At the very very least you will feel better as any sadness and heaviness will be lifted xxx A lot of Twins have experienced challenges like this lately, as the energies are pushing us to face relationship and love related karma and blocks, so we can be freed from negativity for good…

      Sending you light and love <3

      Cassady x

  2. My twin found this site during the last forecast…it was so spot on for what we were experiencing. The same this week…describing exactly the issues popping up right now…been a great source of comfort and inspiration during the more difficult phases of twin-hood! Thanks!

  3. I’ve been stuffing down my feelings with food. Now I understand where this was coming from. I’d gotten so disconnected, yet was connected. Thank you ..

    1. Well done for recognizing what was going on, Alia, that’s the first and most important step towards shifting out of what doesn’t serve you! <3 xxx Sending you light and love <3 Cassady

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