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Crystalline Grid Anchoring and Embodying Love – New Upgrades Incoming. But: Has Conflict Gotten Between You and Your Twin Lately? If so, New Perspectives Emerge Now – Your Soul is Pushing You to See Both Sides of the Story…


Another big week for Twins and Lightworkers – all of September is intense this year, and more is expected of us than ever. A lot of Twins have been struggling lately – if this is you, please go ahead and start clearing and uplifting your energy as this helps so much. Get my free energy cleanse in the free downloads here to get started

Or, if you feel you might need deeper work on clearing ancestral negativity, getting to the bottom of karmic issues and trauma, past relationship attachments and other struggles – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program, which is created to be a personal guide for your journey, dealing with all sides of the Ascension journey which can otherwise be so hard for Twins.


Twins To Be Anchored Into 5D

Autumn Equinox and Mercury Direct both happen on September 22nd, creating a huge gateway which forms an incredibly powerful vortex, active approximately for 5 days around this date. If you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of emotions up and down right now, you’re most likely reacting to these strong incoming/outgoing energies – both from this and the Full Moon Eclipse last week.

As you soul feels the impending gateway, it will start to push up old negativity in order for you to release it and be ready to “uplevel” in this powerful vortex. You see, the equinox energies form a 5D gateway which helps to anchor in more lightworkers and Twins into 5D.

But in order to “get in” your energy has to be a match – you must be relatively clear from all the 3D ancestral programming, earth energies and beliefs that are based in polarity and separation.


Healing The Twin Flame Connection

More Twins will be anchored into the 5D grid at this time – who and how many are ready for this, is determined as we go along on our journey. It all depends on your personal frequency set point and how much karma you’re still carrying.

If there is still blame and conflict between you and your Twin, it’s not only a sign of not being a match for 5D yet… But it’s also a sign that your souls are deliberately bringing this stuff to the surface and triggering it, to give you a chance to eradicate this old earth programming once and for all.

If you’re hurting, don’t just hope it will go away. That approach just keeps things around in cycles. Flaring up, then settling on the surface just to be triggered again.

To help you start purifying your energy to be a match for unconditional love and the new high vibration crystalline energies, I’ve created free resources for Twin Flames, designed to raise your vibration to open up your connection from a place of harmony.

You can also have a look at some of the results other Twins have had with my energy tools here.

Energy management will help you considerably this fall – there is a lot in store for us. Ascension has been stepped up several gears. Make sure you’re aware of your “issues” now so you don’t react based on karmic patterns, ancestral programming and past hurts in this period.


Moving Out Of Blame and Opposition to Reach Union

I’m shown “5D” as a new crystalline energy grid currently coexisting with the old “3D” dense matter reality on earth. If you “see” energy, you can tune in and look at this right now. 5D feels and looks crystal clear and blueish, while the old 3D reality earth feels tired, dense, congested and has a red tinge.

The old 3D “reality” is sometimes referred to as the “Matrix”, the collective energy grid composed of all of history’s human thoughts/feelings/energies/beliefs – these human low vibrational energies have become so entrenched that the “matrix” is heavy, limited and congested. Imagine if someone lived for 100 years and never took the trash out… It’s a little bit like that.

This old 3D reality is gridded around energies of polarity/conflict/fear/survival, because it’s what humanity have focused on for so long. The more people’s thoughts/feelings/focus was centered on that old negativity, the deeper it got entrenched in the collective fields and in earth itself.

And right now, this old heaviness is coming up to be cleared so it’ll be extra noticeable. Make sure you shield and clear your energy now so you don’t get pulled down.


Protecting Twin Flames From Collective Negativity

The new 5D reality is completely new and untouched by negativity. It coexists energetically with the old collective 3D reality. 5D is a new “reality” based around high vibration energies of love, peace, joy.

It’s not a new physical place, as some have described it, but an energetic parallel “reality” that we can shift into and access once our energy rises high enough in vibration. An energy grid that helps us stay more smoothly in the high vibrations – like standing on a safety net.

It’s been shown to me that the 5D crystalline grid has been created as a “parallel mirror reality” to the 3D earth also as an effort to shield Lightworkers and Twin Flames from energetic pollution as they reach a certain level of energetic purity.

This is so that they may function fully as what they came to earth for – portals for high vibration energies and templates to come into the earth plane and assist the planet’s Ascension.

The reason only Twins and Lightworkers with relatively pure energy fields are anchored in, is to keep the 5D grid free from negativity. Eventually it is set for 5D to become the only “reality” for the planet but that’s a long, long way off for the mainstream.


You Are The One In Charge

It’s important to note that “pop up” in the range of 5D when we’re ready. It’s not a decision anyone in the higher realms makes, who to include or not include – it’s simply so neutral that whomever is in a vibration high enough to “reach up” is anchored in.

So in this sense, you’re the one in charge of when you’ll be anchored into 5D. No one else. And once you get up, you will “pull” your Twin up along with you gradually. Your presence in 5D will help them too.

To use a physical analogy, imagine an open building with 5 storeys. You are standing outside and you are tall enough to reach the 3rd storey, maybe a little more. The 5th storey is there, but until you get “tall enough”, you won’t be able to access it.

That’s how 5D works – when we reach a high enough vibration, we “pop up” into it and it becomes our reality. Be aware that higher realms are not choosing or cherry picking who gets to be grounded into the 5D reality and the positive energies there. There’s no naughty list or golden star system. It’s all about your vibration.

When your personal frequency gets high enough, you’ll be in 5D by default – and when you reach those vibrations you receive help to anchor into that reality more and more.


Moving Away From Conflict Patterns, Running, Separation

Anchoring into 5D is hugely helpful for Lightworkers and Twin Flames because it removes us from the collective 3D grids of negative static, heaviness, survival patterns and conflict. For Twin Flames it helps to “uplevel” the journey to reunion, to move out of conflict and “problem patterns”.

It helps make you unavailable to the collective fear energies that can trigger running and separation. Go here to read more about Twin Flame Running and Twin Flame Chasing.

Energy clearing and management is the most powerful method I’ve discovered for raising vibrations, as we carry not just our personal “baggage” but also ancestral energies and karma that can weigh us down.

To help with the process of moving out of conflict, negativity and separation between you and your Twin, spirit recently channeled to me the Complete Harmony Clearing for the Twin Flame pair, to cleanse out low vibrational ancestral programming in the Twins’ systems and importantly to unify your timelines and uplift you into the highest vibration and dimensional alignment possible at this time.


Stepping Out Of  Drama

What most often happens is that for the initial periods we fluctuate in and out of the 5D high vibration grids. It’s not an overnight thing that will “magic” your life into happily ever after, but if you’re one of those who are anchored into the 5th dimension, you’ll notice that you will level out on a higher plane as time goes on.

It will still vary from day to day but you’ll be less connected with the old heavy reality. You’ll no longer be pulled down as much by the collective dramas of humanity in the same way, and this serves your Twin Flame journey endlessly. But know that you’re responsible for your own energy, it won’t be done “for you”.

What’s happening right now with this simultaneous gateway opening is that many Lightworkers and Twins are receiving a huge push to clear out a lot of heaviness and take on a lot of new light in one fell swoop, for the highest good.

To read more about essentials for the Twin Flame Journey, have a look here.


Once A Year Peak Energy – Sleeper Twins Shifting

During this particular equinox the Sun conjuncts Jupiter, and Pluto is also stationing to direct during this particular Equinox so extra potent energies abound right now. This really is a once in a year kind of energy. We’re being purified and uplifted from several angles. Earth is moving further into its own Ascension and so are we.

The situation for Sleeper Twins is different than just a few months ago. Expect to notice signs of their soul self emerging more and more in the coming weeks and months. The two recent eclipses and this equinox have shaken the very foundation of their identity – this is what makes Awakening possible.

For more info on helping your Twin to awaken without scaring them away, go here.

This is a time of “highs”, especially if you know how to consciously manifest – you can use these powerful energies to propel your desires forward. Keep your focus positive now, and write down some goals and aims for the coming months.


New Themes In Love, A Helping Hand for Twins

Also this week, the sun moves into Libra, joining Jupiter on his way – this is a positive sign of new themes in love. We get a boost on our journey, a sense of being uplifted on our way into the realms of harmony and unity. Many will receive a “helping hand” in some way now, is the indication.

However, as Mercury turns direct while close to the Node (he has been moving back to it) on September 22nd – we receive the message that there are things in the collective human soul development that need a second look. Happening opposite Neptune, this has to do with our alienation from our inner divine selves. Our souls.

The message is that humanity’s struggles have a lot to with the misperception of ourselves as powerless, victims of circumstance. We must look deeper, embrace our own higher faculties and our co-creator selves.


Your Soul’s Lesson for You

For Twins this transit also means that past misunderstandings and conflict are likely come back to be resolved – especially from this recent Mercury Retrograde period. They can be ameliorated by approaching it from a higher perspective, and there’s a sense of apologies being made now.

There have been prior words and communication between you that lead to hurt, but which were actually due to misunderstandings. Chances are you’ll discover a new side of the story now. In fact, your soul is working to make you see things differently.

It can be healing to discover how your Twin Flame’s Higher Self feels about you – the part of them that is all-loving, beyond ego and earth actions. Read “A message for you from your twin’s soul” for more.

This is a time of heightened “a ha” moments between Twin Flames – your soul is usually working to help you see things from your Twin’s perspective so you can transcend judgment.

Love lives in the higher registers, but judgment is a low vibration that belongs with separation and conflict. To forgive fully, means to release judgment. This is something we’re being taught about now – first and foremost by our own souls.

And true forgiveness and freedom of judgment are in fact the same thing, in many ways. Did you know that forgiveness can profoundly change the Twin Flame dynamic, and that it’s most of all for your sake, not for your Twin’s?

Read this infographic for more info on why forgiving your Twin could be the best thing you ever did for yourself. ?


Meditating Between the Collective And Higher Realms

Also this week and this whole period, Saturn is still busy mediating between the collective and the higher spheres – “he” is helping us with a heavy hand. His truth is that human culture is full of illusions about the higher realms and our own relation to the “divine”.

Saturn is now stimulating us to see behind the veil, to realize where we’ve been wrong, to cut the wheat from the chaff. He is helping us to step out of the misperceptions that have had us feeling powerless to live in happiness and achieve our dreams.

Saturn is the “great karmic teacher” and when he’s at work things tend to feel heavy, things seem to go badly “wrong” – but there are gifts in what’s shown up now. He is facing us with the truth that in order to truly move forward, we must face the blind spots we’ve been walking around with.

Humanity’s biggest illusions regard ourselves. Perceptions of smallness and victimhood must go. We are divine, and the divine is not outside of us but inside. The problem is this victimhood and smallness mentality is energetically wired in us, and steeped into our very cellular makeup from thousands of generations of ancestors.

As Neptune moves retrograde we’re being faced with these themes for months still, and Saturn is now showing it up, sometimes in a harsh manner, but to our highest good.

Everywhere we’ve ignored our own power or given it away – it will be shown up. Perhaps in the form of drama or problems. This is what it takes to build “heaven on earth” and live in harmony and love, is Saturn’s message.

To help yourself make this shift with ease rather than going Saturn’s tough way, go in and deliberately work on your energy – clear these very beliefs and issues. We go through clearing ancestral programming and negative beliefs in the Energy Sessions for Twin Flames.


A High Point for Twin Flames

This coming year with extra support in the realm of relationships is set to be a high point for life for many Twins, if we know how to use it to our benefit. Again – it’s always up to us to make the most of this because we have Free Will here on Earth. We can always choose to stay with the same old. The message from the planets right now is: “If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same results.” 

Jupiter and the higher realms will be supporting us in our quest to find balance this year, but it’s up to us to take up the mantle and do what’s required. The more we can leave ego, old 3D patterns and conflict behind and focus on harmony, the more we will reap the rewards of these energies.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are based in energy blocks and negative karma? Find out more here.

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  1. Cassady, you truly are a gift! Your blog post was literally dead-on with a huge revelation I had yesterday in regards to one of the biggest blocks my twin and I have gone through as to why we are not together physically right now. It dealt with me realizing that when I had given him back my engagement ring after I found out about his relationship with his now wife while we were still together, I had hurt him more deeply by that one act than I had originally realized. I gave it back to him not to hurt him or to tell him we would never be together again, but because it felt wrong for me to have it since it felt like a symbol of too many broken promises.

    Now I see be must have seen it as me saying I no longer wanted to be with him at all, which was not what I intended! I found out recently from him that he had pawned my ring when I inquired as to whether or not he still had it a few weeks ago. When he told me about it I couldn’t understand the underlying anger I felt in his words at all; why would he be angry I had given it back to him when he was choosing to be with someone else??? That’s because until now I was only able to see MY side of this with the hurt and betrayal. Now I understand his side too, and it blows my mind at how I missed how he would take me giving back the ring before now, and instead of staying angry at us both I’ve chosen to forgive us both for not being able to understand the words left unspoken before now.

    So thank you Cassady, for helping me to continuously piece this puzzle that is our journey together!!!

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