Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast September 14th – 22nd “Instant Manifestation”


twin flame manifestation

Saturn the great “Karmic Teacher” moves into Sagittarius, signaling a detox of our belief systems, while mid-eclipse gateways open up for increased manifestation – use your powers wisely!

We’re still in strong Virgo energies right now, enhanced by Jupiter’s presence in this ambitious Earth sign for the next 12 months. Virgo denotes work, service and perfection – lightworkers are likely to feel increased inspiration and energetic support now.

Be mindful to not get into feeling pressured at how big the tasks at hand are (healing the world and the self is no overnight job). Take one step at a time, and you’ll get to where you want to go.

Gateway to Manifestation

After this past weekend’s solar eclipse and until the Full Moon (The Blood Moon) Lunar Eclipse on September 28th, we have an interesting opening up of energies where many will be feeling increased lightness and a “breakthrough” in emotions and outlook.

It’s like a doorway to speedier manifestation has opened up – there is less density in the way of our creations and attractions finding form in “real life”. If you didn’t do it already at the weekend’s New Moon in Virgo, now is an excellent time to make a list of intentions for what you would like to come to pass over the next couple of weeks and over the next 6 months until spring’s eclipses.

Realism or Limitation?

I was recently reminded of a huge lesson by spirit: Aim as high as you can in life. If you aim low, you cannot help but reach low. Unless you set your goals high you don’t allow your energy to create those high goals. The clear message was that “Realism” is just human speak for limitation and pessimism.

So don’t look around you to what others have done before, and don’t look back to what you’ve been able to achieve (or not) in the past. Start with a clean slate and go for the pinnacle of what you desire. Allow your heart to show you what is at the top of your desires.

Detox of our Belief Systems

We have an extremely important shift this week with Saturn, the great “karmic teacher” moving out of Scorpio again on September 19th and into Sagittarius – the 9th house of higher education, religion and philosophy. The message is that there is some pruning work to be done in terms of spirituality in the coming years…

Many of the beliefs and theories we operate with in life are faulty – but we keep using them. This is more due to habit than because they help us. So now Saturn is here to make sure we face facts.

Saturn’s energy is heavy and will be leaning on us and providing us with mirrors and teachers in the form of people, circumstances and information – for us to reevaluate all of our beliefs and perceptions, especially in terms of spirituality and religion. The goal is for us to release anything that doesn’t help us.

Who are You?

If you do some of this work yourself by keeping an eye and ear out for what works and supports you and what doesn’t, you’ll save yourself some lessons that might otherwise feel forced on you by these energies.

So: How do you see yourself? What are your beliefs about the universe and greater consciousness – do you believe that things are rigged in your favor or that life is hard and predestined?

What beliefs did your family hold as you were growing up? Were these negative or positive? What do you believe about the meaning of life and existence? How can you improve your life by shifting your beliefs?

Have a look at this now – writing some answers down to these things is a great help in spotting where there may be beliefs working against you rather than for you, especially on your Twin Flame journey.

Moving Past Limitations 

So what do you believe about the Twin Flame connection – Have you accepted negative beliefs around running, chasing and separation? If so, be aware that these become energetic patterns that push you in a certain direction (what we believe and expect is what we attract). If you believe running is inevitable, you are inviting it in energetically to your experience.

If a belief is rooted in negativity and limitation, I would advise at the very least putting it aside for a while and allowing yourself to see what might lie beyond this so that you can experience more and open up.

You always have the option to go back to your old ways after seeing what else is out there. But if you keep living the same belief over and over, on the other hand, you will per definition be stuck in the same experience. 

Blasting Through Blocks

I recently created an Intensive Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames to blast through blocks like this as well as any karmic negativity and genetic patterns that could be causing trouble on your journey.

Our beliefs shape our lives and experiences much more than we tend to realize, and one of Saturn’s aims is to shake us up and make sure we are only using what serves us – if you do some of the work yourself right now, you’ll lighten the load for these coming two years.

Saturn’s next move will be in shifting these energies into remaking and detoxing Capricorn territory of ambition and physical creation and manifestation from December 2017 (impacting Twin Flame Reunions, coming together in the physical).

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x