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Saturn the great “Karmic Teacher” moves into Sagittarius, signaling a detox of our belief systems, while mid-eclipse gateways open up for increased manifestation – use your powers wisely!

We’re still in strong Virgo energies right now, enhanced by Jupiter’s presence in this ambitious Earth sign for the next 12 months. Virgo denotes work, service and perfection – lightworkers are likely to feel increased inspiration and energetic support now.

Be mindful to not get into feeling pressured at how big the tasks at hand are (healing the world and the self is no overnight job). Take one step at a time, and you’ll get to where you want to go.

Gateway to Manifestation

After this past weekend’s solar eclipse and until the Full Moon (The Blood Moon) Lunar Eclipse on September 28th, we have an interesting opening up of energies where many will be feeling increased lightness and a “breakthrough” in emotions and outlook.

It’s like a doorway to speedier manifestation has opened up – there is less density in the way of our creations and attractions finding form in “real life”. If you didn’t do it already at the weekend’s New Moon in Virgo, now is an excellent time to make a list of intentions for what you would like to come to pass over the next couple of weeks and over the next 6 months until spring’s eclipses.

Realism or Limitation?

I was recently reminded of a huge lesson by spirit: Aim as high as you can in life. If you aim low, you cannot help but reach low. Unless you set your goals high you don’t allow your energy to create those high goals. The clear message was that “Realism” is just human speak for limitation and pessimism.

So don’t look around you to what others have done before, and don’t look back to what you’ve been able to achieve (or not) in the past. Start with a clean slate and go for the pinnacle of what you desire. Allow your heart to show you what is at the top of your desires.

Detox of our Belief Systems

We have an extremely important shift this week with Saturn, the great “karmic teacher” moving out of Scorpio again on September 19th and into Sagittarius – the 9th house of higher education, religion and philosophy. The message is that there is some pruning work to be done in terms of spirituality in the coming years…

Many of the beliefs and theories we operate with in life are faulty – but we keep using them. This is more due to habit than because they help us. So now Saturn is here to make sure we face facts.

Saturn’s energy is heavy and will be leaning on us and providing us with mirrors and teachers in the form of people, circumstances and information – for us to reevaluate all of our beliefs and perceptions, especially in terms of spirituality and religion. The goal is for us to release anything that doesn’t help us.

Who are You?

If you do some of this work yourself by keeping an eye and ear out for what works and supports you and what doesn’t, you’ll save yourself some lessons that might otherwise feel forced on you by these energies.

So: How do you see yourself? What are your beliefs about the universe and greater consciousness – do you believe that things are rigged in your favor or that life is hard and predestined?

What beliefs did your family hold as you were growing up? Were these negative or positive? What do you believe about the meaning of life and existence? How can you improve your life by shifting your beliefs?

Have a look at this now – writing some answers down to these things is a great help in spotting where there may be beliefs working against you rather than for you, especially on your Twin Flame journey.

Moving Past Limitations 

So what do you believe about the Twin Flame connection – Have you accepted negative beliefs around running, chasing and separation? If so, be aware that these become energetic patterns that push you in a certain direction (what we believe and expect is what we attract). If you believe running is inevitable, you are inviting it in energetically to your experience.

If a belief is rooted in negativity and limitation, I would advise at the very least putting it aside for a while and allowing yourself to see what might lie beyond this so that you can experience more and open up.

You always have the option to go back to your old ways after seeing what else is out there. But if you keep living the same belief over and over, on the other hand, you will per definition be stuck in the same experience. 

Blasting Through Blocks

I recently created an Intensive Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames to blast through blocks like this as well as any karmic negativity and genetic patterns that could be causing trouble on your journey.

Our beliefs shape our lives and experiences much more than we tend to realize, and one of Saturn’s aims is to shake us up and make sure we are only using what serves us – if you do some of the work yourself right now, you’ll lighten the load for these coming two years.

Saturn’s next move will be in shifting these energies into remaking and detoxing Capricorn territory of ambition and physical creation and manifestation from December 2017 (impacting Twin Flame Reunions, coming together in the physical).

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. Awesome as always Cass! I love when you put this out there for us so we can be aware. True enough it is our decision what we do. I see many twins constantly in the repetitive patterns of gloom doom the ”stages” etc..

    Yes this is a journey but what you think about you bring about, be it negative or positive. If you focus on lack and what there is not.. then you get that.

    Many times twins in earthly incarnations forget about where true union is.. at the soul level, they don’t believe or trust in it enough. I battle with it less and less. My twin is always with me.. always.. I know this now as my own truth. with using your tools and things I do on my own I know with the insight you’ve given me union is happening. Paradoxical though it may seem I can already feel it even though I can’t see it yet.. but I know it to have already occurred. The physical realm just needs to ‘catch up’ to what has already been projected if you will.

    Thank you for your insight!

    1. KJ, lol I say the same thing exactly…”what you think about you bring about” I had to mention that because I haven’t seen or heard anyone else say it in those exact words before!
      Love and Light!

  2. Cassady,

    Thanks for the great info. Can you further explain what you were referring to with Saturn and December 2017? I’m asking because my spiritual advisors have suggested that my Twin Flame and I are about 2 years or so away from Union due to a lot of baggage she needs to clear out and maturing she needs to do (she’s a lot younger than me). Obviously, I’m hopeful we can come together a lot sooner than that which is why I just started using your tools to clear energy for her and I. I was just curious what the significance is with Saturn and the end of 2017…?



    1. Hi Scott – the planet Saturn moves into a new sign in December 2017, shifting the energy cycle once again! Clearing energy actively is a great way to speed up the process of getting to Union : ) Timelines shift as we clear out our blocks and speed up the process <3 Sending you love and light x Cassady

  3. I realise my constant, obsessive reading of TF is the only way I feel I can cope with the reality and shock of my TF’s decision to separate. I guess it means there is a part (ego) that doesnt believe there is any hope they will ever return and keep replaying the 3D communication. This keeps me trapped. It is so hard to ‘let go’ with faith. It has been 10 mths and it is just as hard today, though in my soul I know what I know, what I knew instantly. It would take a miracle.

    1. Hi Kelly, I understand that there can be challenging moments on this journey – but you really are powerful so don’t lose hope! I think you’d find the live clearing session insightful (link up to the right). Sometimes what helps the most is to get a new perspective and see how and why things can change once we take action. The clearing will help you shift out of any blocks between you and your Twin

      Sending you love and light <3 Cassady x

    2. Kelly, I once felt the same as you did, it started 2 years ago to be exact. I did the same things you speak about with the exception of reading about Twin Flames because up until about 4 months ago I didn’t know anything about them. But I understand the obsessive thinking and replaying the conversations over and over again. For me, Twin Flames was something that made a whole lot of sense for my situation but the more I read the more I obsessed. I kept obsessing over a find a way to “fix it” on a human level. I understand that you feel it is tough to have faith, I felt the same way at the time. Faith, trust, and “knowing” IS what you need though.
      I wholeheartedly can say that Cassady’s Live Clearing she mentions in her reply, has helped me so very much. I attended the live web event and got the download and every time I listen to it things get better. She walks you through the clearing exercises, which by the way, there are many more than I expected! She talks about things that made me feel as if she was talking about my situation specifically and I don’t even know her! I felt so relieved and I was brought to tears a few times because it was such a relief to feel/have a sense of trust in the divine process.
      Things are slowly shifting in my situation and I trust that it is going as it should. When my Ego and obsessive thinking try to creep back in I do the clearings and listen to the entire session and it helps bring me back to focus. I have my own issues that I’m working through and that is a part of the process as well.
      Personally, as a fellow blog follower, I highly recommend the Clearing Session because it will help you clear your blockages and give you some peace and insight, it honestly did for me! Love and a light heart sent to you!!

  4. Cassady, wonderful read as usual, thank you!! I have a question… The last sentence, “Saturn’s next move will be in shifting these energies into remaking and detoxing Capricorn territory of ambition and physical creation and manifestation from December 2017,” are you saying this is starting now and continuing until December 2017 or are you saying it will start in December 2017?
    Thank you again! I continue to listen to your meditations and the Intensive energy clearing, and it has helped so much! I don’t know if it is benefiting my Twin for sure or not because he is a stubborn one with A LOT of baggage and doesn’t like to feel his feelings, but it helps me with my issues for sure! Every time I do the Intensive Energy Clearing I feel the energy moving through me more and more and the last time I did it I energetically felt what I believed was my Twins Soul come and connect with me and hold my hand. About 2 minutes after this happened, as I was listening, someone else typed in during the live broadcast and said the same thing. I just wanted to share that with you. Keep doing what you do, you help a lot of people and are a shining light in this world!!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Mel, Saturn will predominately be in Sagittarius for the next 2 1/2 years – in December 2017 he will move into Capricorn. These moves represent shifts in the energy cycles.

      I’m so happy you had such a strong experience with the clearing! Yes, when we clear the congestion we can really reconnect on that soul level and feel how close we are to our Twin at all times <3 <3

      Thank you so much for your kind words too! : ) *mwah!*

      Cassady x

      1. Thank you for the clarification Cassady! One other question if I may, will the clearings still help my twin if they are struggling with an alcohol addiction? I believe they are helping, because I didn’t even know about his addiction before the live event. We are not in union but we talk and he was pretty guarded with me until after the clearing session. The first time I did the clearing he opened up to me a little. After I listened to the recording a second time he opened up even more, telling me he was drinking every day but said he could stop if he made some lifestyle changes. Then, after the third time of me doing the clearings is when I had the experience I talked about in my above comment, and a couple days ago he told me that he really had a problem and didn’t know how to stop and was afraid if he didn’t he would drink himself to death but said he wanted to stop and he wanted to get better. He is a stubborn man and never asks for help. I told him I would be there to help any way I could and gave him encouragement. He had been sober for about 12 years before this. The clearings seem to be opening up the communication part of things but I’m wondering what your thoughts are when there is an addiction component in the mix?
        If that is to big of a question I understand.
        Much love and appreciation for you!!

        1. Hi Mel, wow, this is a big question so I want to be a bit careful and just remind you that I’m not a medical physician so I can’t give any advice that extend into those particulars. There are definite energetic patterns behind drinking, though – any kind of addiction.

          At the root, I perceive it as relating to a lack of love, lack of worthiness, really deep-seated feelings of not being truly loved or loveable – which is painful, and the person then attempts to self medicate and numb this pain. In regards to this we often have soul contracts, which we enter into subconsciously, and end up attracting to us the mirrors (situations, circumstances and patterns) that will show us our issue so we can get rid of it.

          In your Twin’s case I would say there are for sure contracts for things like “I need to drink to feel OK”, “life hurts so I have to drink to keep it at bay” and related contracts. You can help him by doing a clearing for this.

          As each individual is unique and their baggage is so varied, there can be a number of issues that tie into an alcohol addiction, but this should help.

          Sending you love and light <3 x

  5. I only recently found your site. Thank you. I wanted to share a letter I just wrote to my Twin about the free meditation tool. We have a very unconventional relationship… ? And I sorta have a way with words.

    “I’m into this new site, this Twinny site. It’s so comprehensive that her program for purchase appeals to me, but I’m not a program buying kind of girl. Besides, that seems sneaky and unfair to you cuz it’s all about how to make that twin shit happen. But then again, I cast love spells on you daily, so what’s the difference? She did offer some free shit, so I bought that last week. That’s where that page came from that I said I liked, that screenshot I shared. I found another page I liked too, maybe I’ll share it, but I don’t wanna oversteer. She gave a meditation as well and I finally got around to trying it. It was just her talking but I went right under, she GOT me. I liked what she said, it was easy to visualize, simple color waves. (I’m thinking so fast, I proofread and see that I skip 3 words in a row. Much editing going on!) I didn’t expect to ever go under that quickly, sitting up in a chair with lawn mowers revving up in the background. I tried to readjust my arm but it would not budge. My hands were locked over my heart. I saw/felt my energy grow. I felt a distinct difference when we went from orange to YELLOW, it blasted open, I’ve never felt yellow. THEN with her words, she emphasized yellow; I felt that energy before she spoke extra about it, her recording has the goods fuh shiz. I felt green too, a double squeeze. She said something like “repeat all this good juju shit I’m about to say” and I did. I tried to anyway, but I was soooo deep in it, I slurred. I couldn’t speak! So I said it inside me instead, and of course I cried the whole time. She wrapped it up and began to talk about her program again (suddenly more appealing to me!) and halfway through that, I was released from her spell and my hands slipped from my heart and fell to my lap. I said out loud ‘What the fuck was that?’
    It was only 7 minutes long. I’m’a do that shit everyday.”

    Thank you Cassady. That was an unbelievable meditation experience.

  6. Thank you Cassady for keeping this website updated. Your weekly energy updates are very useful in my twin soul journey. Took me awhile to realize your weekly themes, from last week’s forgetting about twin souls up to this week’s instant manifestation. Indeed, I had to focus on other things, other than my twin soul last week (but not create a wall between me and my twin – i will need to find ways to physically reconnect again… or it will happen naturally soon). His energy was way too strong on the negative side last week that made me keep the distance.

    Two weeks ago, my friend advised me to regularly meditate and I’ve been working on it since then. Early today during my meditation, I got to communicate with my twin’s higher self and I felt so much love and peace with him. Our separation for the last 9 days was primarily due to our congested energies. I’m really glad we cleared energies soon enough and reconnected early today. I claim instant manifestation of our physical connection soon 🙂

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