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Lunar Eclipse Shakes Up Love, High Voltage Energy Fuels Twins – Will Your Situation Blow Up or Simmer With Passion? Plus, Dealing With Upcoming Changes On the Twin Flame Journey…


Autumn continues to send huge impact energies our way – this week promises big events to shake things up with a powerful Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, sign of the unconscious, illusions and the “higher octave of love”, and the Masculine being strongly stirred by several strong planetary currents – all while Mercury still moves retrograde.

Another big week for Twin Flames, we’re in the depths of “Eclipse Season” right now, with powerful gateways opening up Earth’s own Ascension – and like with us and our own personal energies and bodies, it’s not usually a smooth ride.

Light floods in and triggers huge releases of old baggage, and gunk and heaviness is lifted up so it can be cleared for good.


Metaphysical Earthquakes

September promises to shake up the very foundation of what we’ve believed, and rattle the ground we walk on so we can shift into a new reality of unconditional love. This is set to be intense, but as always energy management and awareness helps smooth the journey and align you with the positive aspects of the light influxes, rather than being dragged down by the collective purge.

Jupiter has now made its way into the 7th house of harmony and balance for the first time in 12 years, directing the energetic focus to shifting out of 3D polarity consciousness and into unity.

This is set to be a strong year of moving Twins and Lightworkers out of the old 3D consciousness of separation, blame, conflict and ego patterns (most of which are engrained on a cellular level from ancestry – which is why it’s such a strenuous and deep process to move out of) and into the 5D unity consciousness of the higher vibrations. (To read more about Twin Flames’ DNA Upgrade in Ascension, have a look at this.)

A lot is set to be shaken up and change over the coming year. For those who do their inner work, Twin Flame Union is at hand, for some also in the physical.

What determines whether your Twin Flame connection is harmonious and happy, or fraught with problems, is your energy vibration and your core beliefs.

To help you start purifying your energy to be a match for unconditional love, I’ve created a Free Help Kit for Twin Flames with a powerful energy cleanse tool to get you started on raising your vibration and clearing your chakras to open up to Twin Flame Union.

And if you want to take the bull by the horns and begin deeply healing and shifting your energy and Twin connection, have a look here for more info on my tailored program for Twin Flames – the methods that got my Twin and I to union within 18 months of our first encounter.

You can also have a look at the amazing experiences other Twins have had with my energy tools here.


Twin Flame Light Codes of Love


On a soul level all Twin Flames carry strong light codes of unconditional love that are gradually brought to the fore as our Ascension moves on – pushing us to seek closer and closer, fighting against our own human patterns of separation and ego taken on in life.

This is why we can’t “let it go” no matter how hard the Twin Flame journey can be – our very souls are striving to come together in love no matter what the outer circumstances of Running/Separation/Hurt may be.

The soul forgives, the soul sees only love – no matter what a person’s human self has done to hurt you. That’s what makes the Twin Flame journey such a rollercoaster –  the ego self and soul self have alternate emphases, moving us in and out of moods, perceptions, experiences.

The solution? Eradicating the human illusion of separation at the very energetic level. “Surgically” removing the old 3D programming and allowing our inner light to flow forth and the connection to be rebirthed in unconditional love.

To help with this process, spirit recently channeled to me complete harmony clearing for the Twin Flame pair, to cleanse out low vibrational ancestral programming in the Twins’ systems and importantly to unify your timelines and uplift you into the highest vibration and dimensional alignment possible at this time.

This includes a deep chakra cleanse for both Twins as well as shielding, cord cutting of any negative attachments to old lovers and outsiders, downloading new light codes as well as unifying and uplifting your energy fields – so that your continued journey may unfold with as much ease and harmony as possible. Have a look here to read more.


Wounds Swept Under The Carpet


September 15th we have a challenging direct clash between Mars and Chiron the wounded healer. A clear message to the male (and females with an emphasis on the masculine energy polarity) that there are deeper issues that have been swept under the carpet, wounds not admitted.

What’s been swept under the carpet is coming back for a second time – it’s refusing to go away until it’s faced with honesty. In order to “pass onto the next stage” the Masculine must face his deepest hurts and wounds and release them.

The Ego’s attempt to sidestep fears by claiming them to be untrue (how often have you heard “I’m not afraid, it’s just…”) won’t work this time… These wounds are often unconscious, look deeper.


What Has Your Ego Been Hiding From You?


The Ego always plays a strong game – keeping a lid on all our innermost fears, hurts and insecurities. To protect us, it “thinks” – but over time it just creates deeper problems.

Males especially are taught to bottle up their feelings, deny their doubts and perceived shortcomings and pretend they’re strong even when they feel like they’re crumbling.

For that reason, it’s a time for deeper work – circumventing the ego’s defense mechanism. Inner child work can be transformative right now. Spirit had me channel a deep meditation for Twin Flames where you can interact with your Twin’s inner child and help them resolve old hurts in a safe way that bypasses the Ego’s resistance.

Right now, if someone is unwilling to confront their “inner demons” – the soul is highly likely to deliberately open the door so the “demons” poke out and they can’t avoid it. Somehow, the confrontation will happen. And when the soul steps in with desperate measures to keep the journey moving and have us face our blocks, it’s not always pretty…

If your Twin seems to freak out right now, this is what’s going on. It’s the old wounds being pushed to the surface because they’ve gone unnoticed for too long. And the soul is desperate to resolve it. Sun in Virgo opposition the Lunar Eclipse symbolizes this strongly – the unconscious fighting to be noticed in the face of the seemingly stoic ego personality.

The fastest way to get the problems to go away is try to understand what they’re about.  “Ask” the “shadows” why they’re there, so you can understand and release them. Clear the energy around the old hurts by using metaphysical tools.

When we clear the energy of fear, the feeling and thoughts of fear slip away. Our vibration lifts. When we clear the energy around an old painful memory, eventually the memory itself seems to disappear.

For Runner Twins, fear is what’s triggering them to “run” – read more here about how this works and how to deal with it.

Energy clearing can truly transform your Twin Flame journey – if you haven’t yet taken action on it, please go ahead and download the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames with a powerful energy cleanse tool so you can get started right now.


Historic Negativity Embedded in the Earth Planes


The September 16th Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is set to shake the world up yet again – not least the Twin Flame collective.

Many are hiding from their true selves and playing victims, is the message – but the mask is about to be torn off. Twin Flames are always equals. If that seems untrue to you, you have to look deeper. Your soul knows, but if you’re listening more to fear and mind chatter than to your soul, you won’t hear your true guidance.

Spirit is actually giving the message that the human perceptions of separation are energies that form blocks to the high level unity that Twins are here to embody, so this Eclipse is a powerful event in opening up the playing field for physical Twin Union.

Eclipses are gateway times, openings in the reality field where pent up negativity from the collective can be released. This means that in the time running up to the Eclipse we experience increased stress and tension emotionally.

Keep a cool head this week, as Pisces is all about the collective unconscious, unexpressed feelings, channeling the unseen – and shadow sides of this energy focus includes escapism, addiction, illusion…

If you feel like your dreams and hopes are all being revealed to be fake right now and you’re losing faith – you’re likely to be sensing the collective disillusionment and what’s being brought up to be released in the Eclipse.

If you’re having trouble hearing guidance right now or are feeling confused and lethargic, it’s the same thing. Pisces deals with our higher faculties and this eclipse is set to funnel out what’s kept humanity in the dark about our own abilities. Energy clearing makes all the difference, even during eclipses.

Your connection to guidance, source and your Twin is a lot like a tube, a channel. Imagine a straw full of porridge – that’s what happens when you’re congested with the energy of other people, tv, magazines, old thoughts, mental overwork, stress… Nothing can come through the channel.

When you clear the energy, the “straw” opens again and you can receive higher insights, your Twin Soul’s love, your guidance. To see a clear infographic about how Twin Flame Telepathy works, go here. 


What’s Happening During This Eclipse?


Keep in mind that there will be a release now and for a few days before and after the Eclipse as the gateway opens and closes.

As long as human beings have lived on earth, their emotions and energies have been getting “stuck” in earth’s energy field. The level of low vibration energies and emotions has got out of hand compared to nature’s capacity to transmute and clear, and human beings have been completely unaware of the gathering negativity around them. It’s like someone never taking the trash out, just letting it build and build…

Therefore we periodically have these release periods of the Eclipses to restore balance. Shield yourself now so as not to get caught up in the collective maelstrom of emotions.

For Twin Flames, we receive this warning from spirit: if issues come up now, be careful they’re not actually someone else’s issues!

Jealousy, feelings of betrayal can migrate. If you spend a lot of time with someone who’s been broken up with or who’s cynical about love, you could be absorbing their energies and emotions right now. Keep your thoughts in check, know yourself.

As always, energy management is essential.

Empaths Beware


Pisces deals with the collective unconscious, so this is a big event planet-wide. The collective karmic fields are being purged of negativity now so that the planet has increased capacity for receiving new influxes of light. This also goes for the individual.

For Twin Flames who are in Ascension, it’s highly important to shield now and stay clear from others’ energies.

Keep this in mind when you’re out and about this week – we resonate with what we’re in alignment with. For empaths this is even more so. If you go into a crowd now in a great mood, expect to feel even better as you vibe with everyone else’s happy energy.

If you go in feeling sad and sorry, though, you’ll vibe with that energy and it won’t be a pleasant experience. A combination of self awareness, energy sense and keeping thoughts in check is essential right now.


Heightened Passion and Togetherness for Twin Flames


A trine between Mars and Uranus on September 17th sets the scene for intense passion between the Twins but also potential conflict – again we’re reminded to keep an eye on what’s really “our stuff” versus what’s floating around in the collective and taken on unwittingly from others.

Uranus is all about sudden movement, sudden changes and “electricity” – it’s a high vibrational, high-voltage, high volatility kind of energy – so keep your cool now. If something looks like it’s going to blow up, take a step back.

The very next day Venus joins in with these energies, adding a calm touch – this is set to be one of this year’s most passionate times if you flow positively with these energies.
If you’re already in conflict, this symbolizes blow-ups between masculine and feminine, but if you’re in harmony it indicates passion. Forgiveness is powerful right now to shift your situation. Read more here.

Another deeper message of this interaction between the Male/Female and Uranus is to become comfortable with change on the Twin Flame Journey. Especially outer change.

There is a lot of change on the cards over the next few years – for Twins and Lightworkers in particular. Relocation, shifting relationships, moving into a new life setting where Union in the physical is actually possible…

The message we’re given from spirit is:

No matter what happens in the world, you are always connected to your Twin – seek them in meditation, in your heart, in your dreams, and you can be together. Not just as a “dream” but in the true energetic reality beyond this one.

Focus on this, and you’ll never be afraid of change again. Your Twin is your true home. Your love, your safe haven. You’re never alone, you’re never lost. Develop your connection with your Twin on the soul planes, and you’ll always be able to come home, be safe no matter what.


Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey – I believe in you! <3


Cassady x

Did you know most Twin Flames struggles such as Running, Separation and Heartbreak are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks? Discover more here.

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  1. So a few minutes ago I was praying for guidance. I’ve also been praying to know if a certain person is my twin flame and asking for help with clearing my energy. Then I look at my phone a little while later and I see 11:11! I’ve been seeing 1144, 11, 1111 a lot today! Does this mean that certain person is my twin flame? I was also reading the free kit and it said if I was wondering if a certain person is my twin flame then 1111 is a good indication that they are….. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I also know that this is not a coincidence. Do you have any insight? I’ve also been using the vibrational alignment and meditation tools. Thanks for those!

    1. Hi Jacqueline! How exciting! Compare the feeling you get from the person “in life” to the feeling you got from your twin soul in the meditation… Feeling is key, it’s all about the energy : )

      I think you’ll find this article helpful on signs and indications of true twin connection:

      And true twin connection on meeting

      <3 xx

  2. Your twinflame is your true home. This literally brought tears to my eyes. Cos this is what he feels to me. Lately i have really been feeling our oneness in my body. Almost him being inside my shell attached through the heart. My heart chakra felt expanded most of the days. I think i have been feeling the negative collective energy in the past few days. Felt really low despite the happiness in my heart. Could be my twin too. I know he is struggling right now with fears of letting go, lack of being in control, fear of not being enough. I am still in my current relationship which I know doesn’t help and I know he can sense that.
    Thank you again for this weekly insight. Love and light to you. Xx

    1. Hi Annie, thank you! I’m so glad it resonates – what you’re feeling is old negative energy being brought up to be cleared. It’s almost like the universe is dragging our trash out to the front porch so we’ll remember it’s there and take it to the garbage. Your heart is feeling the resonance of love between you, which is all true! The negativity is illusion, waiting to be cleared. Use the Complete Harmony Healing for clearing negativity both for you and your Twin : ) It will make you both feel clearer, lighter, happier. No matter what the outer circumstances.

      Your twin’s soul wants to be with you, even if you’re with another he wants to hold you close. Things are shifting for the two of you and his soul is willing to wait as long as it takes for you to be ready and for the situation to be right for you to come together. he’s joking that he’s loved you for eternity, so this isn’t so long to wait : ) You have a strong connection, seeing as he’s jumping into my writing “uninvited” <3

      All love and light to you x He's saying go within, he's there all the time whenever you want, waiting for you. Meditate just 5-10 minutes a day and you can connect that way

      Cassady x

  3. Hi! I haven’t felt like myself for many weeks.. I feel sort of numb, like I can’t feel anything or access my feelings. Does it have something to do with blocked energies? Any insight would be tremendously appreciated..

    You wrote that there will be a lot of change over the next years, for example shifting relationships, what do you mean by this exactly?

  4. Now I am able to understand why I’ve been riding the emotional rollercoaster as of late! I haven’t been able to understand why so much negativity has been rising to the surface, because I truly thought much had been cleared, but perhaps it is my old, hidden baggage that has finally been pushed upwards.

    My inner child has been communicating with me a lot, showing me so much lingering pain, and has been crying for attention and consolation. Even though it has been painful, I feel that I’ve had a breakthrough and am able to understand myself as an adult much more. I used to not put much thought into inner child work or the impact of my own childhood, because I was raised to “get over it”, but all of the emotional wounds it has carried around for decades aren’t staying quiet for any longer. Self-love is something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember, and I was reminded as to why it has been such a problem on my path. This weekend has served as an eye-opening span of time, and dare I say, I’m looking forward to riding through all of these issues, with continued energy clearings.

    As I participated in one of the energy clearings last night, I had chills shooting up my back each time we gathered something to clear; I’d like to think it was part of the whole process of clearing out the soul.

    Thank you, Cassady!

  5. I have an update to share, it’s positive. I learned the power of going with my inner guidance. I just felt strongly to find a way to talk with my twin. So a friend of mine (who works with him), and I were talking. I asked my friend how the guy was doing and he said, ” I’ll tell him you asked how he was doing.” He did and my twin immediately said, “I thought she left to NYC and was gone?? ” I guess another guy that my twin and I know, was telling him things I have been doing ( keeping tabs) on me for the past while. Relaying the info to my twin. Anyways my twin goes, ” so she never left?? Shoot, I need to give her a call. She’s been here this whole time. Yeah I have to contact her” .And then after that kept coming back to my friend asking more questions about me. My friend said, ” Caitlin it’s so interesting, usually he walks around with a poker face on. But the minute I said your name and we talked about you he was showing all emotion. Smiling, had energy, was asking a lot of questions about you, and I saw he was so expressive about his feelings for you through his body language and face. It makes me so happy!!!! I hope he follows through with it and contacts me. ??

  6. Wow! This is great, but I am already feeling that eclipse coming xD I usually feel it days before. Am I the only one? XD

    Its different for everyone, and these themes are already been explored for me for weeks now, dealing with accepting my dolphin consiousness and moving away from the ego human illusion i created to try to fit in with my peers as i grew up. im uncovering a lot of wounds from bullies now, the biggest being me, im the one filtering through the outside responses, I have been this last week doing that now, facing the pain of those middle school years, my identity, and how it all played out to get a clearer picture and understanding of what went on, its like poking an open wound. Ouch xl

    I came to realize nostalgia is a way to bring that thing you missed to you, at least for me, and when i LET myself MISS, and truly miss the sea and my lives and family there, i feel the waves wash over me, and i feel it again, and it becomes a null and void.
    Beautiful feelings arise, and i can only compare it to the pain you get in your stomach when you are hungry, which then brings you to find food, and then you are satisfied. if you miss some thing, or someone try to let the feeling flow, i feel it works just like hunger 🙂

    And yes, this is essential to twin interaction so as i feel better about me, my twin seems to respond!

    1. Hi Natica, Check your birth horoscope with the tool in Friday’s article – it could be this particular eclipse is directly impacting some of your personal planets and positions! But you’re right this one is strong – the impact on twins is increasing each eclipse because Ascension is moved up a gear or ten! : )

      Spirit congratulates you on reevaluating identity, you’re on the right track they’re saying, keep looking forward and upward! If you’re not doing it already they’d like to talk with you, start journalling every morning or just before sleep, just 5 minutes at a time helps open up the channel so you can receive more insights from them if you want.

      Sending you love and light <3 xx

  7. Hi Cassady, thank your for sharing this. I want to ask if you have any powerful prayer which we can use it to fasten the reunion with our twin flame? Or could we pray to Jesus directly?



    Once you reach energetic alignment with your twin, but their situation is still messy, for example, they’re staying in a marriage because of their infant children, how does that get resolved?

  9. If connecting with your Twin on just the soul plane is enough, does that mean there’s no actual need to be together physically?

  10. It’s been a very emotional week for sure. My twin ended our relationship this summer because she felt we were disconnected and are incompatible. We are still living together and it has had it challenges. I have been struggling with the disconnect trying to figure out what happened. I never heard of twin flame before this summer … I read about it and wow, it is exactly how we have been over the last 25 years. I have downloaded the kit and have done the cleansing meditation but will the disconnect get worse before it gets better?

  11. This eclipse was sort of a big deal in my life and relationship with my tf. The interesting thing is that we’ve been in a push&pull for the last month and yesterday we put a stop to it. I have a feeling it will be long untill we contact eachother again and i feel somehow easy, calm…it’s hard to explain cause i should be heartbroken(again) but i don’t. He has a lot of issues, he refuses to open his heart cause it was broken and claims it’s dead, he pushes me away at any sign of emotional display. I have nothing but love for him but i realized i can’t fix him and he doesn’t let me even help him do it. I meditate and do kundalini yoga but lately whenever i think of focusing on him i don’t, i focus on me. I even stopped connecting to his higher self as much as i did before. I keep wanting to focus on myself and i just hope that since we mirror eachother that it’s what he is doing too.
    I just realized that i’ve used the “I” a lot in this post. I guess i see that i have a lot of work to do with my own healing and maybe that is the only way i can help my tf. Heal myself so his higher self makes him start healing himself…and i wish my love was enough but it seems that we need to separate completely for him to face himself. I’m not sure if my rezonating is accurate but it feels like that and i have rarely listened to my true self, my intuition…now i’m all ears, i feel i have no choice but to trust my true self, my higher self, my guides and the Universe.
    “what is ment for you will not pass you by”

  12. I downloaded the free kit and purchased the other one. I have done the connection meditation. The moment I saw my twin in the tent and they smiled, I cried deeply. What does that mean …

    1. It happend to me too,the exact same thing;his smile and me crying…i wasn’t just sad, it was a whole mix of emotions, sad&happy&owerwhelmed…i guess the things we can’t expirience(that emotional release) being with our tf we bottle up some things inside so when we’re in a higher state meditating and connecting with their higher self it kind of spills out…cause i felt like coming home…
      That’s just my theory, not neccesarily correct:)

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