Nothing Is As It Seems: Neptune Triggers Mercury Retrograde, Causing Confusion And Dreamlike Shifts In The Twin Flame Bond. Have You Felt This?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Neptune triggers Mercury retrograde and the Sun, prodding us to face illusions and release outworn perspectives. 

Feeling the uncertainty and confusion around? It’s a “divine tactic” designed to open you higher in your Twin Flame connection – by blurring resistance.

Discover more below!

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Transcending The 3D 

This is a big week, with heightened potential for magic and spiritual a-ha breakthroughs!

In short, we are being asked and guided to transcend the limited version of “reality”, as we have known it.

To release the old rigid ideas of what’s possible and what’s not… In short, the 3D.

And the universe does this by infusing the atmosphere with a watery, dreamlike and often confusing state. 

Boundaries and perspectives blur, we may not feel that we’re standing on solid ground – things feel like they’re shifting… perhaps uncomfortably but nevertheless guided.

Love Is Never Out Of Reach

With this, we are being pushed gently – but in a watery, often confusing way – to let go of the idea of old limits. And the purpose is to help us open to MORE.

For Twin Flames, this deals with a hazy blurring away of any rigid perceptions of what is possible in the 3D physical.

Where you have thought love or unity was out of reach, in particular. (Because in divine truth, it’s never impossible!).

The universe “says”, that all the beliefs and ideas and veils of perception that have kept us stuck, are being gently washed away.

Third Eye Tingles

It can feel destabilizing. You may notice tingling around your third eye/brow more than usual, as this process happens… (More on the third eye chakra here)

All the old limiting beliefs, inner voices of restriction and fears are being stirred up to leave.

So that we will be truly OPEN to true miracles, and the expansion into divine love made manifest in the 3D physical.

(Remember that if you are asking/praying/manifesting and unity is not there yet, it means there are blocks in the way…)

With Neptune, flow is the key word. Do your best to flow with the guided steps and your intuition.

Being Divinely Guided

Because you ARE being divinely led through this process, in order for you to experience the tangible manifestation of unity and Twin Flame love.

To bring reality into a higher state, are spirit’s words. Specifically, lifting into the 7D miracle grids and beyond.

To bridge further into higher consciousness, where all is possible and love is the natural state.

We are shown the image of a butterfly, which means we are in a process of transformation. So if things feel confusing this week, try to release the confusion. Feel deeper.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde means our mental perceptions and logic are disrupted. It can feel like a stressful time as the whole human collective is dealing with this static.

But you CAN go beyond.

Mostly, by ALLOWING yourself to be present. And to release what comes up.

Due to Neptune ruling the collective unconscious, you will likely notice fears cropping up that feel strange, even foreign to you if you pay attention.


Protecting Your Sacred Space

You may notice yourself feeling out of sorts after being out in crowds, or “catching emotions” from other people.

To help gain the benefits of Neptune’s power, it’s important to shield yourself (and your Twin and you as a pair – I teach you how here).

This will enable you to rise up into a higher state as this energy intends, instead of getting dragged down by other people’s baggage – or collective suffering.

With Neptune so strongly active, dreams are set to be intense as well as “ESP” such as Twin Flame telepathy.

Twin Flame Dreams

But again, it’s key to keep your system clear of congestion and others’ “baggage” so you actually can perceive the truth, instead of static and ego noise.

Shielding and energy management will bring big benefits:

It will open you up to transcendent experiences on the dream plane, and being guided and assisted more noticeably in your waking life.

It will powerfully tap you into the messages and help your Twin’s higher self is wanting to bring to you, as this is a heightened time for it.

Feeling Strange? This Is Why

There are some key challenges to be aware of this week:

When the Sun in Virgo is opposing Neptune, there is a strange pull between wanting to act and fix our lives or perfect things…

Versus a strange apathy and feeling drawn into dreaming rather than action.

If you feel tired or listless, work to guide yourself by your intuition as much as possible. Take action on what inspires you most in the moment, as this will help.

The Soul Vs Ego Self

Neptune is the planet of vision, dreams, transcendence, unconditional love and spirituality. So when he is challenged, we can have some issues around this.

Likelihood is, for Twin Flames, you may be feeling that true divine love is missing in your practical physical life.

Or that in the 3D physical, your Twin isn’t living up to their higher self’s devotedness and it feels confusing and hurtful.

Try not to worry.

Making The Dream Come True

It is as if Neptune is luring you forward with a silver thread of dreaming, to precisely get you to focus more on the IDEAL vision than the current reality.

To go higher in your mind and your emotions. Because as you do so, as you let your dream lead the way, it BECOMES reality.

The more you look at the current reality, and focus on what is missing, unfortunately the more you reinforce that same lack.

Anchoring In Manifestations

So many are going through key life lessons around manifesting their dreams right now.

Remember that belief is the key.

If you do not dream big enough, you cannot anchor in that dream to physicality.

As spirit says, the dream and the goal always has to come first. Then, the way is made clear.

Noticing The Steps

If you never reach for it in your dreaming and visions, you are not connecting with it and the universe cannot deliver.

So even if it feels confusing and scary right now, lead with the dream. Reach high.

And spirit’s comment is that as you do so, you will notice the steps being shown up to you.

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What Happens When You Commit

When you COMMIT to the knowing and aim of your big desire, the universe responds.

It begins to show you the steps there, one by one.

Spirit’s words are that it may feel like we’re walking onto thin air in this period, but trust that the bridge will show up.

That is a key theme.

Because, as they say, “We are building a new reality”. So we are MAKING the path.

Why Twin Flames Are Different

We are not here to repeat the past, the human dramas and historical conflict between women and men and between people and races.

We are here for love. And the new path is being built when we step forth in faith.

This is important to remember this week, as Venus and Mars move into a square.

Squares tend to indicate challenges and disagreements, and this time it deals with the Feminine and Masculine counterparts.

Different Pages

It means, in short, that you may feel you are on completely different pages right now, or there might be outright conflict or distance in your 3D connection.

With Venus in Virgo and Mars in Gemini, it shows us that the Feminine Twin may be focused on specifics and wanting perfection and to live a life of service and being “good”…

Whereas the Masculine Twin is more focused on their own exploration and not ready to settle for one option, or point of view.

Mercury’s Hidden Gift

The good thing, is that both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by the same planet – Mercury – which means that there is a thread of connection despite the square.

There is a sense of communion, but it may be hard to reach.

Especially as Mercury is Retrograde right now.

What it shows us, is that you will find the most common ground and connect when you RELEASE any old ideas and rigid stances.

Opening Up

When you go into new exploration, focus on the future or big potentialities, or when you open up to… something you don’t even really know what is!

That’s when the connection of love sparks (again).

Simply, when you let go of preconceptions, ideas, judgments… When you stop focusing on what is “real” or not – and what is “wrong” or “right”. 

Try it right now, to release. To let go. It may feel like relaxing or ALMOST like giving up, but not giving up. RELEASING, relaxing, letting go of judgments and old IDEAS.

If you can open up this way, you will notice your connection RIGHT THERE. In love.

And you will FEEL their openness to you. You will feel yourself infused by love.

Lessons, Differently

This is the lesson of unconditional love, delivered from a slightly different angle, is spirit’s comment.

And it’s very helpful for us – because the IDEA of unconditional love can be challenging.

So to simply relax into this state, as described above, is much more powerful than these words convey.

I urge you to try this, experiment with itand do please share in the comments how you feel afterward!

Twin Flame Passion

Venus and Mars squared CAN also bring extra passion, but it’s easy for it to flow into quarrels or disruption – especially if either party is stubbornly holding onto a set perspective.

This transit also means it’s tempting to fall prey to your impulses, and because of Mercury Retrograde and Neptune’s opposition, it’s EXTRA easy to end up doing things you might REGRET later.

In general, keep in mind we are not quite clear on our perspective on things right now.

So make decisions accordingly. Misunderstandings are much more likely than usual.


Grounds For Jealousy? Or Misunderstanding?

Jealousy can also rear its head when Mars and Venus clash.

But keep in mind that with the confusion around, you – or your Twin Flame – could have read the situation completely wrong.

Make sure you have your facts straight before getting upset or challenging someone. Patience and listening to your intuition, will help a lot.

Neptune Challenged – False Selves

Keep in mind, Neptune is the ruler of illusions, fantasy, escapism and masks, so this week it IS likely that someone is not showing you their true colours.

But it could also be that you are not seeing how GOOD they are deep down.

Or perhaps you are the one who’s not being completely honest – with others or yourself.

With the mood around, perhaps you’re not even quite sure what the real you looks like or who your Twin Flame’s “real self” is.

Take a deep breath, and remember that this is a process designed to open us up.We are being guided higher.

Love, Infinity

In spiritual truth, there is no “one” real self. We are infinite beings, consciousness and atoms, shifting and evolving constantly.

So what if you can release your old stories about who you are, and who your Twin Flame is, and what your connection is… So the higher version can show up?

Are you willing to LET GO of any of those stories that don’t serve you anymore? When will you do it? Can you do it now?

And can you then ALLOW your soul to show you the highest version of your path and your connection? 

If you do, this will powerfully open you up into more expandedness, embodied light and true, heart-felt, divine love.

(If you want to delve deeper into Twin Flame soul codes, mastery and your highest timeline, I’d love to take you through it.

Go here to learn more)

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As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

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