Can You Let Go Of What You Believed, So Your Soul Can Show Up The Higher Truth Of Love? Uncovering Paradise From The Inside Out…

Welcome into a week full of new potential developments, lessons, challenges, opportunities and positives!

You’re being challenged to center into your own divinity – to unlock a new and higher chapter on your journey, and to call out unconditional love from your mirror self.

More details below.

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Challenges As The Past Makes Way For The Future

We enter into this week with a challenge between Jupiter and Saturn which has been active throughout 2018, indicating that there are deep foundational changes going on with your situation.

But that this process is unpleasant or feels uncertain for you.

Like the past is in the process of being phased out, but the future is not yet here. Try to feel deeper into your situation and know that in spiritual truth “all is well”.

Your heart is your compass, is spirit’s message – as long as you follow your true bliss, your “calling”, you will always be supported and cared for.

Be conscious of your higher intentions, and you’ll fare better in this period, which is set to last months longer.

There’s No Such Thing As Impossible!

Venus in an opposition to Uranus R this week tells us you’re likely feeling iffy as regards love, like you’re being pushed into uncharted territory you’re not feeling so good about.

You’re feeling pressured by unexpected change or like things are beyond your control.

The purpose of this transit is to get you to let go of control a little more, to trust a little more in the divine order of the cosmos. To allow change to happen to show up what you’ve asked for…

Even if it happens beyond what you thought possible. Often, we’re pushed to get out of our own way to make change possible. To stop holding on so tight.

(For some help with opening up to receiving positive changes, the tangible answers to your prayers, have a look here)


Light Code Integrations, Unawakened Twin

This transit also shows us there are big changes happening with your “other self” beneath the surface. Integrations and upgrades of their programming, activation of latent light codes.

To learn more about this work and assist them in Ascension and the reunion process, click here.

With a challenge between Pluto and Chiron on the 5th we’re shown there are issues that have been swept under the carpet as regards wounds and healing.

Spirit shows us, “enlightened” Twins or spiritual seekers, those on the path of Ascension – glossing over deeper issues that require resolution.

We see the trend for “positive thinking” as a method for manifestation and happy living…

And the problem is, this doesn’t solve anything, we’re shown. It merely pushes things away temporarily but can exacerbate the deeper complexes, as our souls will always attempt to gain permanent resolution so we can fully release pain, wounds and heaviness.

Read more about this is so important for Twins in the article “The Truth About The Twin Flame Mirror”

twin flame mirror

The Danger Of “Positive Thinking”

Spirit shows us, that when we try to “force” ourselves to stay up, it’s like swimming upstream and it doesn’t work ultimately.

Because the heaviness will still be there in our system. Perhaps we might forget about it for a while, but it will keep returning… Because our souls will be pushing for it

(For permanent solutions, a complete transformation in step by step audio format, have a look here – it will work for your whole system and alignment whether you’re with your twin flame or a “non-twin partner”)

Expect this transit to show up those things you’ve been trying to gloss over.

Things you didn’t allow yourself to fully face or feel.

Pluto deals with all things secret, with repression and the unconscious. It could be to do with things you’ve almost forgotten.

But spirit’s promise is this, when you face up to and can resolve those chunks of negativity that have been lodged in your system on some level – you rise up with much more ease.

They show us knots untangled. This work will truly free your journey up in a whole new way.

To get insight into what might be going on with you in this regard, have a look at the Chakra Reading for Twin Flames. It uses your own intuition’s wisdom to help in your healing process.


Flawed “Twin Flame Shortcuts”

Remember above all, to not just hope unpleasant things will go away. This is a shortcut that comes back to get us later, is the cosmic wisdom…

In order to truly live blissfully and enjoy our Twin Flame journey, we must be honest, face up to our darkness, and resolve it for the long run.

The mere act of being honest and willing to look at the “shadows” can work wonders. Willingness is key.

Read more about this here in “Why the Twin Flame journey is an inside job”.


The Great Karmic Teacher

Cosmic “taskmaster” Saturn finally turns direct on September 6th after months of teaching us responsibility by making us look back at where we may have gone wrong in the past.

Karmic awareness that everything we intend, do and feel has repercussions. Saturn going direct will help lessen the heaviness and feeling of moving through mud we may have had lately.

Keep in mind that these energies may intensify around his station date, but by next week we’ll be able to feel that the pressure has lessened somewhat.

Are You Perfectly Imperfect? New Moon

Mercury moved into Virgo on September 5th and with a New Moon in Virgo on the 9th in this same sign we have a restart in themes of service, healing and “perfection”.

Virgo is an energy current that pertains especially to the Feminine polarity and lightworkers – those who work with healing and being of service to others – as depicted in the symbol for this sign, ruled by Mercury.

With this New Moon spirit shows us, it’s a time for “cutting loose” past judgments, perceived flaws and negative self perception. For the Feminine Twin in particular to draw a line in the sand to allow for a new beginning.

Washing away old negative self perceptions and pressures placed on her by others, and opening up to a new chapter of self love, self acceptance and fully blossoming into her uniqueness.

(Have a look here for spirit’s guided new project with me where we go through this step by step)

Because, their message goes, can we see that if we hold onto others’ judgments or compare ourselves to others on any level – we’re blocking ourselves from dwelling fully in the divinity of our uniqueness?

You Are You, And That’s Your Power!

You are the way you naturally are for a reason, and your Twin Flame mission and journey is closely connected with this.

When you can detach from the common human state of self-judgment and criticism, you allow love to blossom.

You begin to radiate a new magnetism to your Twin Soul!

Because you step into alignment with your true “Twin Flame soul song” the essence of your original consciousness shared. This is highlighted now.

For a session where we call in your soul’s true divine partner and activate your hearts to each other, have a look here. It’s a new Free Session I was guided to share with the collective.

New Moon Calling In Love Exercise

Spirit suggests the following exercise for this New Moon – write down all your best traits!

Even hang a post it note with a loving message for yourself with this, on your mirror where you can see it every day.

Be your own loving mirror and guide.

This can make a huge difference in your life and for your Twin Flame journey.

Because remember that the Twin Flame mirror will tend to reflect your insecurities and judgments back to you in some way – learn more about that here.

Questions you’ll be faced with right now are:

How do you see yourself?
What do you see as your role in life, your “mission”?

(Remember your “real mission” is to live in bliss, to be as happy as possible as this is what uplifts everyone around you too – read more about that here).


“Life Is Hard?” The Universe Reflects Back Your Beliefs

What are your beliefs about the Universe and greater consciousness –

Do you believe that things are rigged in your favor?

Or that life is hard and predestined?

What beliefs did your family hold as you were growing up?

Were these negative or positive?

What do you believe about the meaning of life and existence?

How can you improve your life by shifting your beliefs?

Have a look at this now – writing some answers down to these things is a great help in spotting where there may be beliefs working against you rather than for you, especially on your Twin Flame journey.

Much of what hurts Twin Flames and causes entrenched separation, is this 3D material that’s passed onto us through our bloodlines and in our upbringing…

And for a brand new method where we deal with this, with me as your guide, have a look here.

Moving Past Limitations

So what do you believe about the Twin Flame connection – Have you accepted negative beliefs around running, chasing and separation?

If so, be aware that these become energetic patterns that push you in a certain direction (what we believe and expect is what we attract on an unconscious level).

If you believe Twin Flame Running is a pre-destined part of the journey, you are unfortunately inviting it in energetically to your experience.

(Watch a video on Twin Flame Running and the 3 major mistakes people make that unfortunately push their Twin further away)


Beliefs As Building-Blocks Of Reality….

If a belief is rooted in negativity and limitation, I would advise at the very least putting it aside for a while and allowing yourself to see what might lie beyond this so that you can experience more and open up.

You always have the option to go back to your old ways after seeing what else is out there.

But if you keep living the same belief over and over, on the other hand, you will unfortunately per definition be stuck in the same experience…

For a session where we go through clearing the major belief based blocks (the “Twin Flame Myths of Suffering”) that keep so many Twin Flames stuck in struggle, click here.


Venus In Scorpio – The Journey Goes Deeper

As Venus enters Scorpio on September 9th we move into a whole new cycle in love.

With strong Scorpio energies, we are assisted in healing those issues that have been repressed and this is a theme for the upcoming Venus retrograde (get the scoop on Venus Retrograde early by downloading the 26 page yearly energy forecast here – it’s in the free kit pack).

Often, we approach healing from a conscious point of view and believe that this is “enough” but the human psyche is multifaceted and deep, with unconscious beliefs and patterns that must be examined closer in order to heal and resolve…

Scorpio energies help us with this.

Expect a month with deeper realizations of what’s been going on beneath the surface in your Twin Flame dynamic. Healing and transmuting issues based in past wounds that were buried so deeply you didn’t know they were there.

Inner child healing is extremely powerful right now.

This is a powerful method, used not only in metaphysics but in mainstream psychology. Often, trauma is locked in parts of our psyche we’re not fully aware of on a day-to-day basis…

The King Of Death And Resurrection

As sexuality is the domain of Scorpio, ruler of the Sacral Chakra, we are being nudged to address any imbalances and repressed negativity in this realm over the next month.

Plutonian energies tend to push for a detox, purging anything unhealthy that needs to go in order for full health (energetically and physically) to be restored.

Remember “he” is the king of death and resurrection, power and sex.

If issues around sexuality crop up this month, go deep – look below the surface, ask yourself questions.

What is it I’m really afraid of? What is this trying to tell me? In any tough lesson, there is a gift waiting to be unlocked.

And once you learn the lesson and release the negative patterns, you are free to move on. We never have to “re-learn” any tough lessons once we have fully understood and released.

Twin Flame Ancestral Karma Purge

Keep in mind that much of the energetic baggage we carry related to sexuality and the Sacral chakra are ancestral issues. If things don’t make sense to you and your situation now, that could be why.

You are the genetic result of thousands of generations of people thinking, feeling and fearing.

We are only a few short generations into the relatively safe, comfortable modern society we now live in – but the energy we carry in the deeper energetic layers often stems from way before that.

If you feel that you could use some help in resolving negative emotions and patterns individually or in your Twin Flame dynamic, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Energy Program I’ve created for Twin Flames.

This is set to be a week with challenges… But if you can use the cosmic current to click into your own inner power – your divinity – it will begin to shift the very reality you live in.

It will begin to uplift your connection into a whole new state of love.

I’m so proud to be on this amazing journey beside you! As always I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x


“I have made such a progress in my journey just within the last months by consistently practicing the Vibrational Alignment Program. I feel like our telepathic connection has gotten stronger and clearer. My dreams are vivid and deep again as they were before and during our initial meeting four years ago, and even though we are apart I feel complete, content, and happy within myself as well as stronger than ever. “

– Detelina, Georgia, USA

twin flame program

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes!

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

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  1. Earlier today I asked the Universe the question: how does Law of Attraction/positive thinking interact with facing shadows and delving into pain? They seemed, to me, to be at odds with each other. I came to the conclusion that your energy will naturally elevate once you process the pain, and that way you don’t have to “manufacture” positivity that ultimately doesn’t last. I’m so glad I came across your article because it confirmed exactly what I was thinking! Yay. Thank you 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, your comment has answered that very question I’ve been battling in my head. I was definitely meant to read this. I’ve been trying to think positively to stay in a place of happiness and keep my vibration high, but knew I was ignoring a lot of things that bothered me. Now I know I shouldn’t do that. I need to understand what is painful to me, deal with it or let it go, and then like you said, my vibration will “naturally” elevate. Thank you so much for posting this!

    2. I’m so glad it resonates Julia!

      Yes, there’s such a huge difference in the feeling of TRYING to be positive vs real effortless positivity that comes from releasing “issues” on a deeper level 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience! <3

      Sending you love and light x Cassady

  2. Interesting but it is a extreme information overload… Please simplify and shorten articles. This is very time consuming.

    1. Hi Markela,

      Thanks for your comment! There are many astro readings online which will give you the “quick news” but I’ve found that it glosses over what people really need to hear.

      Take Mercury Retrograde – I could say “it’s a time for confusion. be careful” but it doesn’t tell the whole story! Spiritual insights are often very nuanced and I work to explain the deeper points.

      If the forecasts aren’t resonating with you, you might want to look into a blog or magazine that sums things up more neatly. But beware it will be at the expense of deeper spiritual insights…

      Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your experience Kayla. Good for you, noticing your soul’s guidance. You know exactly what to do! <3 Sending you love and light x Cassady

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