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Authenticity is the key word this week: As the effects of the Blood Moon settle in, Twin Flames and Lightworkers are increasingly being pushed to remember who we truly are and why we’re here.

Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the shoulder – well done for getting through this weekend’s intense Blood Moon energies! Things will be gradually settling down and making room for incoming waves of higher vibration energies over coming weeks.

Who are You Really?

We’re still in Mercury Retrograde however – still being asked to reevaluate how we communicate ourselves to others. Are we being authentic to ourselves? This is emphasized by the Sun in Libra still (focus on other people and diplomacy) opposition the Moon in Aries (focus on the self and achievement) – We are being asked, what truly matters? Who are we? This is a pivotal time. 

Energies reached peak levels at the weekend as the Lunar Eclipse pushed things to a head, but these questions are still in the air. The Blood Moon will likely have forced up any hidden shadows so that you have been brought face to face with sides of yourself that you perhaps had been hiding for a long time.

The Moon in Aries demands authenticity above all. Life is short, and Twin Flames and other Lightworkers are here with very specific plans as souls. We are now being reminded to stop messing around, stop listening to others and their opinions about us, and remember what we are really here for and who we really are.

The Habitual Self vs the Real Self

My guides explained to me a few years back that if you desire to be accepted and understood in the world, you have to go out there, you have to open up to others. I thought I had understood, but this week – incidentally with perfect timing as the Blood Moon eclipse in Aries was brewing – I was shown the deeper layers of this lesson.

You see, it’s not just about going out into the world wearing our usual habitual masks, interacting with others from our ego self the way it’s been mirrored back to us in life. As we grow up here on earth people constantly tell us who we are – from the moment we are born, people assess us and attribute personality traits to us … and at some point most of us lose track of who we are underneath all of that.

Spirit and our souls push us to look within and find out who we really are: What makes your heart beat faster with excitement? What fires you up? What would you do with your life if money was no object? Who would you be if no one else was around? Being true to your authentic self might sound simple, but for most of us it’s way more complicated than it seems.

Challenges are Meant to Snap us Awake

In order to live as our authentic self and be true to ourselves, we have to find out who we are – this is a big part of the Twin Flame Ascension process, to peel back the layers and discover what’s there underneath it all. The undying soul aspect of ourselves. Not where we went to school, or where we grew up or what our preferences and likes and dislikes are, but who we are as infinite souls and why we came here.

Often it takes a challenge to really snap us out of our habitual self-conceptualizing, but when that challenge shows up and you’re faced with a big enough choice – you bet you’ll remember who you are and why you’re here. And more often than not, it’s your soul self who arranges these challenges so that you will finally wake up to the truth.

Authenticity Magnetizes Your Twin

And when you do, life will never be quite the same. Now you have awakened to your inner spiritual guidance, what your intuition was trying to tell you all along in subtle ways. And when you align with your authentic self, you align with the core energy frequency you share with your Twin Flame – becoming yet again magnets to attracting each other from a place of pure unconditional love. 

This realization and shift of your energy creates a powerful momentum and allows you to move more swiftly through lessons and blocks on your path.

Plutonian Powers

After months of heaviness and energy “detoxes”, Pluto is now moving direct through Capricorn, which means a considerable weight has been lifted – when Pluto turns the screws, we can really feel it. He’s still prominent in this week’s chart, stimulating both the Moon (early in the week) and Uranus, Mars and Neptune plus the Sun and Mercury. And where Pluto is active we are asked to delve deeper into the unseen, into the unconscious aspects of any given situation.

Willingness to take a closer look at our habits of thinking and feeling is positive, and expressing yourself through automatic writing or another easy-flowing method of creativity will help you externalize and transmute any weird or confusing or heavy emotions you might be feeling.

Unorthodox Twin Flame encounters

Venus in Leo currently trines Uranus in Aries, indicating sudden insights and encounters – as the planet of technology, the avant garde and “supernatural” Uranus stimulating the Love planet suggests interaction in other spheres, through dreams or out of body experiences, and meetings through social media.

Pay heed to any ideas or insights that show up “out of the blue” this week, as many of us are receiving messages from the soul in this period. Write everything down, as things might turn out to be advice for a future situation you haven’t encountered yet.

New Light Incoming

Come mid-October the new influxes of light will be palpable, I keep being told that the energy release from the Lunar Eclipse might take some time to settle and the new high vibration energies will settle in gradually – but although things don’t happen overnight, have no doubt that things are opening up and changing for the better.

It’s been an intense period for our planet too, so if you’d like to help, connect to the light using the audio in the Free Breakthrough Kit or the Vibrational Alignment Program, and send high vibration energies into the core of Earth to assist her Ascension (this also helps you in your own personal ascension and release process).

If you’d like to speed up the process of releasing old karma and energy blockages, inviting in new blueprints to move into 5D, move forward on your journey with ease and get to Twin Flame Union, have a look at the Energy Clearing Session I created for Twin Flames.

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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  1. I’m trying very much to separate from my twin flame emotionally now who we connected with on an extreme level from different parts of the world.
    I literally feel pain from my heart running down my arm to my finger whenever I think of him. Like a love sick pain. I’ve never felt this before.
    Will this go away?
    It’s so much more difficult than I imagined to not communicate. I want to unblock myself. But at the same time – I never want to lose having him as a part of me because he was so extraordinary.
    I’ve never had this intensity before.

    1. My two cents. Separation is hard, very hard but for what it’s worth I think it’s supposed to be, that’s how the recognition takes place. We feel it so much otherwise we would move in to the next. I got a heart condition shortly after being married now knowing about the whole twin flame deal and gone through the download in every sense of the way with my twin, I think I realize it’s just a physical symptom of being away from him, when I do get to see tf my health was beyond good, it was better than ever! We stopped seeing each other bc we didn’t want to cheat on our spouses and felt that wasn’t the way to go so we’ve been separated since March and it’s painful, feels so wrong and all those bad feelings. But I have to say I learned a great deal about myself since then and this connection, heaps and heaps of good stuff! The truth is, your twin is struggling too, he feels it. I know that from what my twin said when we seperated for a week before the final seperation. He was about to have a nervous breakdown and was angry and taking it out family and life. So, it’s not easy on them either. Focus on YOU now though, it’s your time to accelerate your growth and ascension. The love you have for your twin, give that amount of love back to YOU. Be gentle on you and gradually when up for it start finding the things that give you pleasure and enjoy that. When your vibration starts to rise that’s where you will connect energetically to twin too, thats where you can meet. It’s not over, this thing is never over. Trust me, 18 years, I didn’t know it was a twin obviously till this year but the most up and down and crazy friendship ever, we never dated!!! Lots of fights and struggle and attraction, back and forth. It’s never over with this connection. You will come together again so for now take care of you, work on you and be the best of you. I highly recommend Cassidy’s live twin flame clearing. That’s huge. You will shift through this hard part, it’s still not easy but gets better. You’ll get to a point where you just want peace with this connection and whatever is best for twin. The love is there, it’s not going anywhere. Much love your way!!

      1. Wow. Amber. Thank you. This is so timely. I never thought about the fact that when there is a rise in my energy that perhaps there was one in his energy as well. This helped me much. Even though we are not together now – the most painful part – just to know perhaps he feels the pull and sadness as well helps me to feel a little more whole.
        Thank you for the reminder to replenish myself. I will work on this. Since we are in separate Countries and long to be together – it is just impossible and now my energies must be better spent elsewhere. My health most importantly.
        I just feel an empty vortex even still just when I think it’s better. Boom. Perhaps that’s what you mean by him having the same energetic moment.
        Thank you so so much.

      2. Hi there Amber and everyone!

        Thanks so much for your kind input – I’d like to remind everyone that the single biggest lesson Twin Flames are learning right now, however, is that *separation is an illusion*

        There is no separation between Twin Flames.

        Separation only exists on the physical plane. The Twin flame connection is one of heart and soul. Buying into the idea of separation only keeps this pattern around, so be careful not to delve into it. The pain and the suffering involved in “separation” is not a part of the true Twin Flame connection – the twins are always together energetically.

        Once you shift your perspective you’ll be able to feel it and it will change your entire connection for the better – I’ve been through this myself and learned this lesson the hard way.

        Sending you love and light <3 x


    2. I understand your hurt and pain, I have been there and still am there since being separated from my twin flame about 10 months ago (I was the runner). I tried to block them out but it is impossible. There are always signs reminding me. So I have learned to accept and embrace the union and not fight it. Although I am still hurting, I talk to my twin flames soul and we are still connected. Cassady’s meditation also help out a lot. Yes, I agree I have never felt such intensity in my life. But just being blessed and thankful with having such an awesome (and terrifying) experience and connection with a person is how I am choosing to look at it versus the emptiness and loneliness I used to feel. I hope that helps. I know what you are going through!

      1. see, i find this interesting to hear from a runner! I always wonder if the runner is getting the same signals and so on because they can come at you so strong and make one feel bonkers. I know any time I tried to turn away from it, it just came back stronger so I learned the hard way to just accept and stay neutral and open. Thanks for sharing.

      2. Can you talk more about how you are able to talk to your TF’s soul? I have been communicating with my TF’s soul as well during energy clearings and it has been one of the most amazing experiences ever. I am curious to hear how similar your experiences are to mine 🙂 Scott

      3. Thank you so much for the reminder to feel blessed for just having found a twin flame. 🙂
        I also talk to his soul and have never done that before – but it does help.
        I’m sorry for your frustration as well. I didn’t want to leave – and had hoped as with other times – he’d send a signal but not this time. Other than strong feelings of sadness. But I will focus on the positive of having found a flame at all. Thank you and best of all good to you

    3. Hi Clementine,

      These energies can be cleared quite easily, the pain and the heaviness you seem to be feeling – everything we experience is energy, so what’s happening is that your soul is bringing these things up to the surface for you so you can release them and live in increased happiness and feel the harmony that exists between you and your Twin on the soul level.

      I would recommend the Energy Clearing i created for Twin Flames, as it takes you through clearing everything that your soul is bringing up for you right now. xx You can have a look at There’s also a Q&A at the end you might find useful

      Sending you love and light <3 Cassady

  2. So funny, I just told my friend a couple days ago how I felt like I was graduating and instead of a party I just wanted to drop and sleep! I have put work into this shift in ways I’m not even clear on but felt like the big test is over, finally!!! Bye bye super moon!! That was rough and heavy! So thanks for the pat on back part! Also, connected in my dream with twin flame, I’ve seen him off and on but not as strong and real as this one, in a long time, amazing that I’m already right on with time frame! I know my twin used to the dreams too so I’m assuming he got a similar dream?? I can’t stand that I can’t confirm that stuff anymore with him but seems he would?? If we are dreaming of them in such a clear way is it likely they are as well Cassidy?

    1. Hi Amber,

      Yes! I completely understand – when we get new activations and light codes triggered, it takes a while to integrate into our systems fully, and in that time we often feel extremely tired. It’s like our whole being is “rebooting” like a computer!

      And dream experiences with our twin is always experienced by them in some way too, for sure.

      Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

  3. Quite the rollercoaster ride… Earlier this month, I had a sudden complete reconnection with my twin, physical, emotional, energetic, all of it. But this week leading to the blood moon changed everything once again. I don’t think she’s conscious about it, but her behaviour reverted right back to the same patterns from one year ago, and I can feel her inner efforts to erase my existence again. Extremely painful, and it’s taking me a lot of effort to remain centered and unwavering.

    1. Hi Gabriel,

      The Ascension process tends to be like this: a rollercoaster with ups and downs, but it will absolutely start to level out at a higher plateau for you and your twin once these patterns are released. It’s because deeper layers have been brought up for you to clear.

      Your Twin’s soul always loves and supports you so any negativity you’re feeling are simply ego patterns that are also being triggered for her to release <3 Your souls' aim is for you to rejoin in perfect harmony so anything in the way of that is being pushed up once and for all x

      Sending you love and light <3 Cassady x

      1. Thank you Cassady… My twin had a serious talk with me today. She has been using her rational mind lately to analyse the situation, and has managed to find a set of reasons that ressonate with her and allow her to deny everything that happened. So the feelings she said she had for me, our connection, she’s managed once again to convince herself that it’s all a misunderstanding. After the amazing reconnection we had last month, it’s back to zero. She’s gone.

        1. Gabriel, remember this is an issue coming up to be resolved. It’s coming up because it’s in dissonance with your shared energy frequency. She will be back. Twin Flame love never really dies. It might seem to, but it never truly goes away. Your souls never stop loving each other. <3 Cassady x

          1. 🙂 Thank you very much for your words Cassady. I somehow know that’s true too. Time for a new beginning and aiming even higher this time than during the first year of ascencion (which coincidently began exactly one year ago from the day I wrote the previous message).

  4. Cass – i had such Ascension last week and this week i have all this garbage rising up and when i talked w/my twin last night i could feel that my energy was dirty and he got confused. I am not sure what to do.

    1. Hi Kristine, that’s also a part of Ascension – the release of what’s old and outworn and heavy. The influxes of light help with the release right now, so rest assured it won’t be long before you’re feeling even better x Sending you love and light <3 Cassady

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