Sex And Secrets In Focus – Scorpio & The Journey To The Underworld… Are You Ready To Discover Your Deeper Power?

Welcome into a week full of new potential developments, lessons, challenges, opportunities and positives!

As Venus moves into Scorpio, preparing for her long Retrograde, we experience a shift in the cosmic energies around love. Open up to “the dark side” – sex, secrets, power, death and resurrection…

If you can wield your power wisely this week, you can breathe a new spark into love. But will the shadows of jealousy, insecurity and suspicion break into your idyll?

More details below.

Alchemizing The Twin Flame Bond

So many Twins struggle on their journey, and it’s not because Twins are “divinely decreed” to suffer and learn lessons of conflict. It’s not meant to be a jigsaw puzzle of years of back and forth…

When that happens, it’s a signal that there’s something up on a deeper level.

Twin Flames share a divine bond of love. When this gets disrupted, when there’s running, chasing and problems… It’s because there’s negativity in their systems!

(Watch a video here on how it works and how to heal the connection to bring out unconditional love)

To step out of heaviness, frustration and uplift into light, make sure you use my Free Twin Flame Help Kit to uplift your connection – it will help you avoid and/or resolve issues around separation, running and the “Twin Flame rollercoaster”.

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Unexpected Changes Likely In Love…

September 9th Venus enters Scorpio – as mentioned last week this is set to be a month of intensity in love. Bordering on obsession.

Prepare to go deep. With yourself, with your partner. Into the innermost dark where light can be found.

As sexuality is the domain of Scorpio, ruler of the Sacral Chakra, we are being nudged to address any imbalances and repressed negativity in this realm over the next month. This is intensified right now.

Go here to learn more about the sacral chakra and get insights through an intuitive oracle reading on your chakra system.

As Venus moves into Scorpio she’s directly opposed with Uranus R in Taurus. This is a big transit, a powerful energy current.

What we’re dealing with is change – sudden, unexpected changes are highlighted. But they could be happening from within…

What Secrets Have You Been Keeping?

Above all it deals with changes in how you see yourself as a sexual being, how you see love, how you see yourself as a lover and loved one.

Sexual drive is set to run high this coming month and spirit shows us the following analogy: A powerful black steed, whose intensity can be incredibly dangerous or beneficial depending on how you master it (or not).

This month you can either choose to go along with the incredible force of energy at hand, and potentially be dragged up and down on the Twin Flame rollercoaster…

Or you can resolve to stay aware, hold your intentions and face with honesty what transpires. Because with Scorpio and Uranus there are hidden depths set to be brought to light.

What Secrets Are About To Come Out?

One of the classic interpretations of this transit would be that hidden secrets regarding love and relationships are set to be revealed.

Secret relationships, or behind the scenes flirting, messages… There’s a high likelihood of this kind of thing happening. If you’ve not been open about the Twin Flame connection, it could be that this is the “cat in the bag” waiting to come out.

Spirit shows, it can help to just write out things in a journal. Keeping secrets is a heavy feeling. You can even write something out, then burn it up afterwards.

Their message is, don’t let something big weigh on your conscience because it will only hold you back.

It pulls down your vibration to be holding onto secrets – because it’s per definition a “block” you yourself are holding onto, disrupting the free flow of light and energy through your being…

Resurgence Of The Feminine

Another indication this week is we see you more comfortable with your sexuality, especially if you’re the Feminine Twin (check here if that’s you).

You seem to feel more at peace with your body and your “animal nature” than usual. Accepting of your physical desire and nature.

Even if you’re not with a partner right now.

We see the Feminine collective in general being eased into information, perspectives and resources that help them gain a new understanding and acceptance, even love, for their bodies.

For the “magic” of the biological female.

As you may know, females have been suppressed in most human societies for thousands of years, and our modern culture leaves little room for self love – surrounded as we are by messages of how to preen, fix, beautify ourselves…

What’s “Ladylike” Anyway?

This period is set to bring a new perspective. Most of all in the depths of the unconscious. Old beliefs about what’s “proper” and “ladylike” are set to seem distant, even laughable.

And it’s like it’s happening gradually but overnight we discover more and more of us are on the same page, even if we’ve never discussed it with anyone. It’s happened on a deeper level…

And for Twin Flames and others in spiritual relationships, we see this can bring an incredible shift to the connection. When we can accept ourselves, step out of judgment and be open with our human nature…

We open up to love. We open to the fullness of the connection. Because after all we are here to unite body, mind, soul, emotions… Every level of being.

Read more here why this is such a big deal and can revolutionize your Twin connection in “Why The Twin Flame Journey Is An Inside Job”

twin flames update

Will You Allow Jealousy To Get Involved?

A shadow side to Venus in Scorpio is jealousy and insecurity, so keep an eye on yourself this month.

Creating a love ritual for yourself can be a great way to shift your focus and hold space for positivity.

How about a space in your home with an image that symbolizes your ideal situation, some scented candles, rose essential oil and some crystals – where you can come and take a breather and re-align with your divinity?

Have a look here for my brand new coaching program where you and I will journey step by step into a higher state of love for you – cleansing you of body shame issues, ancestral density, past hurts and the kind of material that’s weighed you down…

And creating new and positive rituals, downloading lightcodes that upgrade your functioning… Uplifiting your timelines, your energy field and aligning you with juicier, happier, more mutual love – even within your existing connection.

In a related theme, we see many Feminine Twins who’ve been on a spiritual journey of exploration, reach out to share their insights and wisdom with other females in this period.

If you’ve been waiting to launch a product that deals with female fertility, sexuality or empowerment, this can be an auspicious time.

Why Some People Are Afraid Of Those Who Dwell In Light

With Mars in a square to these two power-planets positioned in Taurus and Scorpio, we see the Masculine Twin at odds with his counterpart.

He seems afraid of the Feminine power, deep down, and is set to feel on some level alienated….

Spirit shows us, feeling excluded from this and therefore unloved. Most who are unaware of their divine nature feel afraid when others embrace theirs.

Read about the Divine Masculine – the higher self aspect – here and read “his” message.

Spirit’s suggestion is to hold the vision of your counterpart as their ideal higher self. See them this way, hold space that this is who they are. This opens the door to it arriving, manifesting in the physical!

But as always there may be deeper blocks keeping the unawakened Twin from lifting into their divine potential. Fear and 3D belief structures are key.

Have a look at this session for a powerful method to free them from the limits they’ve taken on from the separation paradigm of the 3D world.

twin flame awakening

Masculine’s Twin New Perspective On Self, Life…

On September 10th Mars enters Aquarius on his way over shadow terrain from the summer Retrograde.

We see “him” experiencing new perspectives compared to before. It’s like he’s revisiting himself and seeing himself in a new way.

As we still have a grand trine in the element of Earth we see there’s still major change on the horizon.

Saturn and Uranus are pushing for foundational changes to our lives, especially as regards relationships, partnerships and creativity…

With the Sun in Virgo being the last part of this Grand Trine, we see that *you as a co-creator* are a necessary agent in this process.

The planetary push is requiring *you* and *your real life actions* to fully create change. It can feel frustrating but the wisdom is for you to embrace your power.
(Read more about how this works here)

What Are You Being Guided To?

The aim is for you to live in bliss, for you to lift up into the heights of your divine potential.

So feel into your intuition, what guided actions are within reach right now?
What have you felt yourself drawn to lately?

Make a note in your journal!

Change arrives much faster when we ourselves take action.

And if you need some help to get started, have a look here for a session where I show you simple yet effective methods for manifesting your joyous Twin Flame Reunion into reality…

As Jupiter moves into an exact sextile to Pluto on September 12th, we see there’s even more to this process of bringing about real life tangible change.

These two powerhouses are pushing for a *reformation of unconscious emotions* and manifestation processes.

Where Is Fear “Hiding” From You?

Most of our biggest blocks are so unconscious we don’t even realize we have them.

They often stem from our “animal instincts” (fight or flight response) or from childhood before we were old enough to understand logic and reason.

When we have fear, we’re not able to be on the receiving end of love

The two energies are opposites – and fear is very good at “hiding”.

Let me illustrate with a story, so you understand what I mean: I was shown earlier in my own journey why I kept feeling like my Twin Flame was lying to me when he told me he loved me.

The more he told me, the more irritated I got, because I didn’t believe him. And it was blocking me from really feeling his love, from opening up to him.

Spirit showed me the exact core incident that caused this deep-seated disbelief of love: I saw myself at two years old, about to be taken to kindergarten for the first time. My mother took me there, saying she loved me so much.

She then left me with some strange people in a frightening place with lots of children I’d never met before. I was howling for her to come back, crying uncontrollably.

Childhood “Betrayals” Tangling Up Twin Love…

The kindergarten staff told my mother this was normal.

But spirit showed me that to my two year old self, it felt like being abandoned.
And it happened just after my mother had told me she loved me.

So deep down I formed a suspicion of love, that people didn’t really mean it when they said “I love you”.

This was such an eye opener for my Twin Flame connection. I had had no recollection of this incident until they showed me, but there it was clear as day and I remembered the feeling.

And it had been blocking our union from progressing.

These are the kinds of “underground” blocks we’re dealing with clearing now – so that love can stream forth between the Twin Flames as it’s supposed to.

Spirit is suggesting the Higher Heart Transformation Session as an accompaniment to this time to assist you in getting the most out of this preparation period for Reunion and experiencing these intense energies in a smooth and happy way.

In this hour long session, we go deep into the unconscious mind and reveal the true blocks in both your heart and your Twin’s – clearing and resolving these, plus sowing new seeds of manifestation for your future path of love.

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What The Universe Really “Hears” From You…

The two heavyweight planets Saturn and Pluto are in tandem working to uplift our mindset, helping us aim our highest, reach up.

And in order to do that they’re pushing for old negativity to be purged and released from our deeper minds.

Because our deeper beliefs greatly affect what we attract and manifest.

It’s not about what we “say” we want! The Universe doesn’t “understand words” – it’s picking up on our dominant energy signal.

This is why so many people pray and pray, force themselves to think positively… but nothing changes.

It’s because their deeper energy signal hasn’t changed. It’s because they’re still full of deeper fears and density. To attract something new and better, we have to lift the vibration we’re in! (Learn more about that here).

As Jupiter and the moon join up in Scorpio Friday-Saturday there’s a huge boost to emotions so you can make progress in this area.

Make sure you use the free energy cleanse here for best results.

Beware Ego – Is It Really “Your Stuff”?

Sunday Mars runs into Lilith retrograde at the border into Aquarius, which can bring trouble. Male-Female conflict paradigms are likely to rear their heads.

Beware ego! Twin Flames often function as actors acting out ancient human karmic patterns at these times, be careful your “issues” aren’t even really “yours”!

Having karma operating in your system or between you and your Twin can be a lot like being on a train that’s stuck to one track going in circles. Repeating cycles of conflict, problems…

A feeling that “nothing ever changes” no matter how much you do or what you try… Those are all warning signs that karma is involved.-

Are You Ready For This?

This is set to be a week where you can tap into a deeper sense of acceptance and open up to your true power. However, you’ll also be challenged to show mastery of self.

As spirit says, the bigger the power – the more is demanded of the one who wields it.

You can do it! You are here for a reason.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the Vibrational Alignment Program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter and my twin and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!” “

– Jessica N. California, USA


twin flame program

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  1. I wanted to add, that I’ts amazing to find so much support after thirteen years of searching and not-knowing and to be honest- sometimes suffering, because of the connection that I felt with someone that was married, much older and from a whole different cultural background. But as is predicted….I kept on developing and circumstances change. There will open a path, although maybe slow, And we keep on growing towards eachother. And patience is a very very very important lesson to learn :). Love to all!

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