Equinox Gateway, Timeline Crux – Ascension Process Shifting Into A Higher Gear! And, Activating The Twin Flame Soul Path Dramatically… Surprise Changes Coming. This Is Going To Be Huge! Are You Ready?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Equinox gateway opens, bringing major timeline shifts and influx of light – but also triggering of outworn cycles so you can release them…

Plus, Libra Season begins and Venus and Juno are still travelling together – highlighting progress in the 3D physical for the Twin Flame pair.

Discover more below!

“Ascension Symptoms”?

We enter into this week with intensity building for the Equinox.

September 22nd we have one of the year’s major astrological events, the autumn equinox (spring, if you’re below the equator).

Equinoxes have been marked since the dawn of human civilization as times of great change and transition.

It is believed that the veil of perception, the division between the physical and spiritual realms is thinner, which brings an increase in spiritual phenomena.

This Equinox Core Theme – Awakening

In energetic terms, we have a massive influx of light as the gateway opens.

In essence we can say it’s a time of heightened energy, and major transitions often occur.

As timelines are in flux, we can more powerfully “opt out” of old toxic cycles and into our highest potential for love and unity at this time.

It’s a time of powerful positive potential for Twin Flames!

“Darkness” Purging

However, the challenge with gateways such as the Equinoxes and Solstices, is that the incoming light tends to trigger old “darkness” and blocks to begin purging.

We experience an increased soul driven pressure to purge old baggage and lift out of old cycles.

The good news is that due to the major timeline shifts and “up-levels” possible now, any work you do to go within and release old negativity, is set to pay off for the long run.

You may feel pressured at this time – it’s your soul “speaking”.

We are invited to enter into a new and higher chapter.

If your Twin is unawakened, I strongly suggest working with their Twin’s higher self, as you can make major transformations happen now. 

Triggers, Cosmic “Tests”

In short, our souls are pushing now for a RETURN to the truth of oneness, love and our spiritual self. By clearing the human static and releasing the “mask” of ego and outworn cycles.

It means old negativity may show up, so you get to RECOGNIZE IT, decide you don’t want to continue it… And opt out of repeating it, inviting in a higher next chapter. 

In short, up-levelling your timelines!

The challenge with this is that you have to stay AWARE of yourself, so you recognize the repeating cycles.

And, to catch yourself so you make a conscious CHOICE to release the lower content… and have the willpower to not engage with toxicity, conflict, anger, fear or other negativity, but instead lift into light, unity and love with your INTENTIONS first of all.

Lifting Higher

So are you willing and ready to start over on a higher level? If so, focus on releasing the aspects of the past you wish to leave behind, release the old karmic “3D” reality…

And set your intentions high, on what you truly DO wish to live moving forward.

(If you find this whole process overwhelming and are not sure where to start, I get it. I’ve been there too.

Ascension and the beginning of my journey was TOUGH.

I’ve been through Ascension and learned so much through the experience that I became a Twin Flame coach and energy healer as a result.

For my most interactive and advanced Twin Flame work, where I help you step by step to harmony and unity in your connection, have a look here

Spiritual Lessons

This particular Equinox Gateway also happens opposite Neptune Retrograde, which is highly significant.

It means that the lessons we are being asked to learn, and the old cycles we are asked to release, deal with divinity, spirituality and unconditional love.

We are dismantling/releasing a lot of old distortions around divinity/spirituality in this period. We’re shown, where humanity has felt abandoned by the Light/Universe/God.

Twin Flame Abandonment Issues

For Twin Flames, this always includes your connection with your Twin Flame’s higher self.

So have you felt unsupported, unloved, or even abandoned? This is coming up now so you can release it and open higher – ALLOWING them to come closer in the 3D physical.

Because the TRUTH is they are always there for you.

There really is no separation between Twin Flames except on the physical plane.


With Neptune’s involvement we have a purge/upgrade of the Third Eye and Crown Chakra happening.

If you feel a bit dizzy, foggy-headed or notice tingling in your brow, this is why.

I highly recommend using energy tools to make sure you clear out any purging, and open to receiving the highest potential of these “upgrades”.

(Because otherwise it doesn’t have “room” – it will mainly trigger purging.)

How Energy Really Works

Think of a glass full of water. You couldn’t really pour anything else into it without first emptying some of the water out.

Our energetic systems work in a similar way – if we’re full of congestion, the light tends to just trigger purging (overflowing).

Energy clearing gives us room to bring in more light and high vibrational energies.

Cosmic Gateways

For Equinoxes, my key recommendation is the Star Activation Ceremony, which I was guided to create specifically to help Twin Flames open to higher breakthroughs by using the power of the cosmic gateways…

So if you have this already, now is the perfect time to go through it again. 

“I was very heavy for weeks and felt drawn to the Star Activation. I decide to jump in and now I feel SO different afterwards. I feel 100 times lighter now. I really felt my twin there as we did the clearing on both of us, and I got a text from him as soon as it ended!!!!! The same night, I dreamed that we were together and I feel this huge shift has happened between us. Thank you so much!!! It’s really making a big diffeence ”

– Helle, Copenhagen, Denmark

If you don’t have it yet, you can experience the Star Activation Ceremony here.

Or, if you’re new to the blog, definitely get started with the FREE Twin Flame Energy Healing Session here, so you get to experience the power of energy healing yourself – at no risk!

The End Of An Era

This Equinox also happens in a trine to Pluto Retrograde, which signals that we are dealing with the past, karma and collective Ascension.

Tying in two heavyweight outer planets at the end degrees of signs, shows us that we are dealing with an ending, and new beginning.

MAJOR changes, happening gradually and slowly.

In spiritual terms, we are at the end of a LONG period of Twin Flames and lightworkers working on shifting age-old karmic negativity from Earth, and going through heavy processing around this.

Guiding Light

This year and into next as Neptune enters Aries and Pluto exits Capricorn fully, things will change, in big ways.

It will happen energetically on the consciousness level – shifting higher… before we notice specific changes in society and the physical.

But the physical world changes will come.

The amazing thing for Twin Flames, is that it opens to more progress for us to come together and be a guiding light moving forward in society.

Will this apply to every Twin Flame pair? The potential is there.

It is not guaranteed, but moving into coming years, there is considerable lightening and progress arriving – which opens up to it. (For help to fully benefit from this time in your Twin Flame connection, go here)

Soul Love

As Venus and Juno are travelling together during the Equinox and into next week still, this is echoed. Soul love and Twin Flame love in particular, is being supported.

It’s shown to me by spirit as if each Twin is becoming more magnetized by their Soul to call each other (back) in, on the physical level.

There is a rallying call, on the soul level, to reunite.

Does this mean it will happen for every Twin Flame pair?

Again, no. But the *potential* is heightened now.

Twin Flame’s Higher Self

The soul is working to make it happen. However, as you may have experienced Ego can (and will) bring resistance or fear in many cases.

For best results, work with your Twin’s higher self so they get to shift out of any blocks on their side, and your path together can run more smoothly.

And, keep an eye on yourself so you don’t get into fear and worry.

Try to relax, stay clear and in a high vibration, and be happy in the now moment. This makes it easier for your souls to show it up for you.

Turmoil, For A Reason…

This truly is a major cosmic window. If you have felt like giving up, don’t.

There’s a lot changing – in particular timelines and physical world circumstances.

It may seem like there is turmoil or things breaking apart, but it is so that it can fall into place in a better way.

Because the universe is strongly working to push everyone onto their true soul path, this year more than in the past.

Things Breaking Apart?

The Ascension project is ramping up into a higher chapter. It means circumstances can rupture or things can seemingly end.

If so, it’s to open to your true soul led path. To light.

This could also be happening on your counterpart’s side, if they have been with an outsider, for example.

It is a HEIGHTENED time, and many are being “asked” about their choices. The soul is becoming more active.

We are pushed to not compromise authenticity any longer.

The Issue With Shielding?

When receiving info on this reading, Spirit wanted to say that many Twin Flames are experiencing problems and triggering, not because of their own “baggage” but because they are absorbing or reacting to society’s energies and emotions.

Because of general fear energy, it’s stirring up problems in the Twin Flame connection for them.

(Because the Twin Flame connection happens in unconditional love, fear is one of the biggest blocks to unity – more on that in this Free assessment).

Therefore, make sure you don’t unconsciously absorb fear and other negatives from society, the news, other Twin Flames, social media and so on. Use energy tools, and you’ll lift above the fray, into harmony and flow.

A Week For The History Books

This is set to be a major week, for the “history books”.

Above all, allow your heart to guide you to your highest.

And be brave enough to release anything you don’t wish to bring with you forward.

Things will become clearer soon. We are moving into a period with much more noticeable progress than since May.

Reach as high as you can…

Love is waiting – it’s simply a question of time and alignment.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

Would you like more support and guided help with your Twin Flame connection, to blast through hurtful cycles and frustrations?
To enter into harmony, and ultimately Divine Union?

See if we’re a fit for working together – learn more about my Twin Flame Gold Coaching here. The next group begins September 30th!




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