twin flame reunion

Heavy-handed Solar Eclipse in Pisces pushes for Spiritual Transformation, prods Sleeper Twins awake and Uproots Deep Blocks to open Twins to widespread Reunion later in the year.


March is set to be highly impactful this year. Come April, nothing will be quite the same.

Starting this week off we have a significant square between the Sun in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. In the midst of these flowy, hazy, sensitive Pisces times (or should we say “tides”?), Saturn reminds us to snap back to earth.

Saturn challenges us to take a conscious look at the state of our emotions so that we can direct them in a way that serves us.

We are being reminded that we have a choice whether to flow along with whatever is around or to take an active hand and decide what to feel, what to focus on, what to create, what to believe.

Take a step back now and reevaluate. You may have been wallowing in sensitivity over recent weeks, if so – Saturn says, get over it now. Saturn’s presence also indicates that blocks you’re encountering right now, and especially emotional heaviness, is rooted in past life karma.

Getting Back to Reality

This is especially reinforced now with the moon conjunction Neptune in his home sign – emotions, emotions, emotions. This is Peak Pisces time for the year – benefits are creativity and inspiration, emotional attunement, but downsides are wallowing in sadness, being washed away with the tide, escapism through stimulants…

Saturn warns us to take responsibility for our situation, get control of our emotions and stop blaming others. Blame keeps us rooted in victimhood and perpetuating the same situation over and over.

Forgiveness between Twin Flames can be highly transformative right now.

What Choices Are You Making?

The Pisces Sun is also opposed by Jupiter, indicating that the higher vibration energies are also joining in, prodding us to not buy into negativity. Spirit’s message is: the world is full of energy and potential experiences.

Both “good” and “bad” is available to us at all times, and it’s our choice what to engage with.

Positivity can always be found once we learn to disassociate from negativity and take a new perspective. Keeping a gratitude diary can be absolutely transformative this month – an anchor into positivity, to pull your energy set point up, up, up and focus on your desires, not perceived problems.

Soul Messages From Twin to Twin

Because the veil of perception is extra thin in these Pisces times, don’t be surprised if messages in the form of images, words and songs telepathically pop into your mind from your Twin Flame, and dreams and astral experiences between Twins are common with these energies present.

5D encounters are highly likely now, and extra powerful for those who are already involved with this. Many Twins will be shown palpably for the first time that physical separation is an illusion.

It’s well and good to understand it in theory, but once you experience it with your emotions and energy, your perspective changes for good. This happens for many now. There will be no going back.

Spiritual Transformation – The Pisces Eclipse

We have a powerful Solar Eclipse in Pisces on the 9th of March – this is a big one, with potential for complete spiritual transformation.

Damaging Ego perceptions are flushed out, Twin Flame Sleepers have veils removed and are set to Awaken step by step, plus deeply unconscious causes of Twin Flame Separation are set to be forced away. All to pave the way for widespread Reunions later in the year.


A lot of pent up negative collective emotions from the human consciousness pools are being released with this eclipse. The Ego Self has been desperately in need of some shifting and we’re getting a complete reset now. This can be highly uncomfortable while it lasts, but energy clearing tools and connecting to the light help a lot.

Spirit’s message is that a lot of our blocks stem from fears that trigger self protection. The problem is that when we shut out hurt, we also shut out love.

So in order to open up the Twin Flames to love for the long run, old limitations are now pushed out, especially in terms of emotional perceptions, fears and boundaries.

Forcing the Ego to Let Go

The human subconscious is like an ocean of energies, emotions and beliefs – this is being sorted through right now. If you’ve been holding yourself back with distorted views, hopelessness and victim mentality behind the scenes, or having engaged in controlling tendencies or other limit and scarcity based patterns, this will be brought up for release now.

Solar eclipses mean that the Moon for the time being comes between Earth and the Sun, blocking the Sun from our view. Eclipse energies are strong, as the debris and old negativity is brought up for release for a period before the actual eclipse occurring.

Energetically it’s like our Ego is forced to sleep for a few hours so the emotional realm can be tidied up without the Ego interfering and restricting the cleansing process.

Traditional advice includes to take it easy for at least a few days before and after the eclipse – but in the new energy shift occurring on earth, we as infinite beings have tools to handle any situation.

We are not meant to have to put our lives on hold constantly because of the cosmic energies. This would stop us from living and progressing – it would defeat the object of being on Earth in the first place.

Use the tools at hand and experience that it’s possible to thrive regardless of Eclipses, Mercury Retrogrades, Saturn Returns and all the rest of it. We are not at the mercy of the universe, we are the universe expressing itself…


Healing the Wounded Soul

This particular Eclipse occurs with a sextile to Pluto and in a tight conjunction with Chiron the “wounded healer”, indicating that this will be a highly significant time behind the scenes – a lot of subconscious issues are being brought up for healing.

A classic interpretation of this Eclipse conjunct Chiron would be that a new positive breakthrough for you is set to come in relation with untraditional healing methods, healing of the soul. Your next phase of development after the Eclipse will break wide open as a result of new healing methods used.


Spirit’s message is that what holds us back the most in life is emotional wounds – and this is particularly what holds Twin Flames back from reunion. Wounds that stem from others’ rejection or perceived rejection, even as far back as our infancy.

Many of these biggest blocks on the Twin path stem from a time when we were too young to fully comprehend what was happening, therefore these blocks are so deeply unconscious that they keep getting in the way without us realizing. This is where the loops and cycles of Twin Flames’ Separation and Running come from.

Inner Child healings can therefore be transformative for Twin Flames.

Uprooting Causes of Separation and Running

These negative energies are now being brought to the surface so they can be cleared. The message is that the widespread union of Twin Flames later in the year depends on it.

We are receiving a reminder that the causes of many Twin pairs’ Separation has been so deeply unconscious that it’s been a challenge for the Twins to even realize.

The roots of many Twin pairs’ Running and Chasing “dance” have been far beyond their realization. They are now receiving this help from the cosmic energies to tear up these blocks once and for all so they can move on.

This means: beware now to not buy into any negativity that shows up. In order to let these blocks go for good, don’t buy into it. If drama comes up, it’s “just” the past talking: it’s an expression of the negativity from these old wounds. 

Detach as best you can, clear your energy and allow the blocks to slip away. Come the next few months you’ll realize how much smoother the situation seems – you’ll feel lighter, more open, without being able to fully put your finger on why. The truth is, it’s because certain old blocks will be gone.

Setting the Scene for New Influxes of Light

Collective heaviness peaks now with this Eclipse. If you’re empathic, please shield yourself now as others’ negativity will be more noticeable than at other times because it’s coming up to be released with the Eclipse. Connect to the light with the tool in the free kit and allow the light to flush negativity out of you.

Eclipses are reset times for the collective, and you want to make sure you don’t get caught in the flood of emotions from everyone around you. Learn more about energetic shielding and clearing tools in my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

This month’s Eclipses (there’s a lunar eclipse coming up at the end of March) are in particular a gateway to allow the energies brought up around the intense detox of the Masculine to be transmuted – the culmination of the earlier phase of purification for the Male polarity.

A certain portion of this negativity is now cleared away for good from the Earth plane. The “empty space” we now get is later to be filled in with new light.

Methods for Releasing Negativity

You might find it helpful to write down anything difficult you’ve been experiencing lately – a list of what hurt and limitations you’d like to release at this eclipse time.

Ancient traditions advise to next burn this list and shed the ashes on the ground at the time of the eclipse, but energy clearing tools work any time, anywhere – intention and belief create dramatic results.

We are unlimited beings living on earth in physical bodies. Illusions of “Impossible” are forced out now.

Many Twin Flames will in this period be presented with the challenging truth that the biggest block in their way has been their own perceptions and emotions.


As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x


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  1. Hi Cassady,

    Thanks for the forecast. You truly are magnificent. My telephatic communication with my male twin is going stronger and we had a lot of soul bonding lately. My realities are with the 5D now. Last two weeks, I’ve been in a “grooming” stage just what you have forecasted. I’m still struggling with inner conflict but I could manage it more easily right now. My energy cleansing is still on process thanks for my male twin who’s been a vegan eversince we met.

  2. Thanks for this post, Cassady. I’m also excited to see what this year has in store. Both me and my twin have undergone serious spiritual transformations in the last year and have been doing a lot of healing. I was recently offered a position that would allow me move back to the same city as him, but I turned it down, since the job itself wasn’t the right one for me… I did, however, start talking to my twin again and wrote him an email that acknowledged our connection for the first time. It’s only been about four days since I sent it, and I know that he has had an emotional reaction to it, but he hasn’t said anything yet. I’m sure it’s a lot to take in and process, but it feels so good to finally have this out in the open. It’s such a powerful and beautiful connection, and I know that if he is truly my twin, like my heart and soul say he is, then he already knows everything I said is true. It’s now up to him to do what he feels is right. Trying my best to be positive and come from a place of unconditional love regardless of what happens.

  3. Wow. It describes exactly word to word what me and my twin have experienced lately and what I believe in (intuitive). I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it. Thank you so much for what you do!

    One question I do have…Is it necessary to know (mentally) that you are in a twin flame relationship or is it enough only to feel and act accordingly and don’t make such a big deal about it? She is more neutral and tuned into the present moment and don’t like to make such a big deal about it, and I am always searching for answers and proofs, although the deep feeling that we have between us and my intuition is basically enough for me.

  4. I like your reminder that we (and we alone) are in charge of our vibrational frequency, and that we are all learning to be fully and solely responsible ourselves for maintaining that frequency, no matter what twins, planets, parents, siblings, kids, or anyone else did, does or will do.
    The freedom, fun, joy and love that comes from feeling that self empowerment is the best part of this beautiful journey.
    Thank you. Love, light and joy to all. <3

  5. The dreams, the dreams! They just keep coming! It’s nice to finally connect that way again these past couple of weeks!

  6. Thank you again, everything is like I feel it these last days!
    I think I must trust my intuition more! Thank you to make me realize it!
    Thank you! <3

  7. Hi Cassady (and anyone else who wants to chime in!),

    Lately I’ve met some apparently actualized twin flames who say that it is necessary to do away with the ego-mind completely in order to achieve Union, and even demonize the ego-mind. This feels wrong to me because I see the mind as part of me and deserving of love and acceptance, too; but ideally it’s meant to function as an interface between soul and body, and we are taught to glorify and identify with it such that we often lose our connection to our soul. I’m curious to know how you see this issue…because my reluctance to agree with these other people could very well be resistance from my ego-mind not wanting to die! 🙂 LOL. But I don’t see why it has to die vs. being returned to its proper role. Any insight into this would be great!

    I’ve also heard a bunch of people say that one twin is totally responsible for the Union, as when one goes completely soul-forward, the other will have no choice but to reflect that… do you think this is true?

    Thanks and happy Monday!

  8. Thank you! This week is a very important week for my Twin and I. The synchronicity of the eclipse with the timing of what is happening in my life has me bowed in complete reverence for this path. I feel so much LOVE lately! It has been more and more my reality. What comes up has been more intense in waves yet when they clear I rise higher and feel more deeply. Any other empaths, know that your role is not just to absorb the negativity and suffer. Transmute it. Turn everything you receive and all that comes up into Love. We are here to help heal as well as anchor Light those of us called to that part of the journey. Those who are ready and already doing this know exactly what I mean! Lightworkers, thank you all for the web we hold together. I am honored to be a part of this collective whole. This is our new role as 5D anchors.

    I am so grateful for your help, Cassady! Love and Light to you. <3

  9. Oh dear Cassidy…I am trying desperately to hold on to my faith in this truth. I feel like my twin flame is toying with me. He keeps throwing up happy pics of himself and his girlfriend. I feel tortured. I feel like he’s trying to convince me and everyone else that he’s just soooo happy. But then I think to myself maybe he really is happy and I just don’t want to accept it. I feel like I’m just hanging. Any insight on my dilemma would help. He and I are just sooo close to reunion. I can feel it. And I can feel his denial and resistance, or I think I do. Oh help help help…please

  10. Thanks Cassady! It resonates again with what my Spirit Guide has told me… Since February 25, my Twin is in Peru, so there’s a 6.517 miles between us, but he’s closer than ever. We’ve grown so close telepathically, I couldn’t be much happier if he would be here… We’re gonna reunite in April. But, if not, I’ve REALLY learned that separation is an illusion, we’re together, no matter where we are physically. Again, thank you

  11. Hi Cassady, thank you for this wonderful forecast. I was wondering, with all of this negative stuff being brought up to the surface so often and making us feel awful at times, doesn’t this create ill health as negative feelings attract negative experiences ? Please could you talk about the health aspect of what twins go through during ascension and how to handle that.

  12. Hi Cassidy,

    Great timing with the article. Right on the mark this week! 🙂

    I’ve been seeing a lot 555’s lately, and I have a feeling it has something to do with the eclipse.

    I have a question. How do you handle intense emotions that are triggered by someone else? I’m okay with clearing out negative, heavy emotions out of my space when they come up when I’m by myself. But when I’m around my Twin or someone else and they trigger something in me, oh boy, that’s another story.

    Sending out love and lights to everyone. <3

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