Soul Purpose Calling! Aries Full Moon and Major “Heavyweight” Transits Ask: Have You Been True To Yourself? Plus, Revelations Of The Masculine Twin And What’s Really Been Going On…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Mercury direct, revelations incoming… But, Masculine Twin brings challenges, due to pressure for freedom and independence. 

Plus, powerful Aries Full Moon pushes you to align with your soul’s truth to unlock unity, and Saturn/Uranus bring changes in life path and choices…

How will you handle this?

Twin Flame Union Journeys

cassady cayne coaching twin flame testimonial

twin flame coaching
Before we get started today, I have some good news:

If you want my personal help to harmonize and reach union in your Twin Flame connection, I just opened up spaces for a new group of coaching, which commences October 18th.

Twin Flames in the previous groups have had so many incredible shifts and “miracle” experiences in their connection – and I would love to help you achieve the same kinds of breakthroughs!

When you journey with us in this sacred vortex of transformation and unity, you are supported by pure, high vibrational energy and divine guidance each step of the way!

As a result, quantum shifts and major positive transformations happen for you with ease.

So if you have been longing for change in your Twin Flame connection, I encourage you to take action now and apply while spaces are still available.

To enroll, click here.

Mercury Direct – Clarity, Forward Flow

Now, onto this week’s energies!

This is our first week of Mercury direct, after 3 weeks of retrograde, so you can expect to get clarity on issues that have recently been confusing or bothersome…

Plus, now comes the time to move forward with plans you were re-exploring or reconsidering during the last few weeks.

Now you have a better grasp of what is needed, moving forward.

This particularly deals with love, as Mercury just crossed backwards past Venus.

Opening To Momentum

For best results, make sure you take some time to go within and map out what transpired, and any guidance received these last few weeks.

Tap into your intuition and journal on important issues regarding the future – and cleanse out any energetic congestion so you get a clear picture and open to flow. 

Spirit’s comment is that you have been given the needed info to get to your goals – so make sure you write this down, or go through what came to you.

“Retrograde Season”

Going within will be powerful, as we still have a number of cosmic challenges active.

The outer planets are still retrograde – Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus – and we have several key oppositions to them. This brings pressure and challenges.

With Mercury, Venus AND the Sun opposing Neptune and Jupiter R this week, you are likely feeling confused or torn in different directions…

Or you might be struggling with 3D reality NOT living up to your highest desires.

“Real Life” Vs Dreams/Ideals

In short, there’s a clash now between goals, desires and POTENTIALITY, versus our daily lives and closest “real life” situation.

Issues of the past and belief systems from early life are being triggered.

For Twin Flames, it’s key to remember that you DO always share love as souls, and whenever unity and harmony is NOT happening in the 3D physical…

It’s SOLELY due to negative human life programming, and blocks in your system.

The Universe’s Tricky “Gift”

Therefore, you might be noticing old patterns of hopelessness, doubt and worry toward the future or feelings of victimhood or powerlessness showing up now.

If so, try to remember that the universe is doing this to HELP you, so you can clear it.

Because remember “As within, so without”.

We tend to attract an outer mirror to our dominant inner state, emotions, beliefs and unconscious mindset…

And for Twin Flames this is even more heightened, as we are “one soul divided”.

(More on this here)

 Attracting Love On “Autopilot”?

This period is meant to help you refine and uplift your setpoint.

By showing you any fear, worry, skepticism, anger and other lower emotions and limiting beliefs you’ve had…

So you can clear them, and be a match to unity and love on “autopilot”.

For help with this, go here to get my Free Energy Cleanse for Twin Flames, that will clear out heaviness from your chakras and aura, re-center you into self love and infuse you with new high vibration light!

Or to go deeper and resolve Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look here.

(More Twin Flame testimonials here)

Masculine Twin’s Ego

With Mars in squares to both Mercury and Neptune, we see that a major source of your frustration and uncertainty is the Masculine Twin’s “Ego” or 3D self.

It’s likely the Masculine Twin is not living their highest self/spiritual potential…

And there are likely communication blocks between you right now – even if you’re together physically, there are likely some disconnects.

You might feel like they’re completely absorbed in the 3D world of ego, or like they’re disconnected on some level.

(Even, that they are shutting you out).

Twin Flame Soul Lesson

Try not to get too worried, because this is a phase we’re going through for a reason – look for the soul lesson in it.

What if you can focus on their higher self and the unconditional love they have for you?

Instead of the “ego mask” they may be presenting in the physical world?

What if you can dwell in your own love and inner wellness so deeply that they are attracted closer, and you don’t have to feel the need to chase after them?

(More on that here)

Freedom In Focus

Another major theme this week – and which can play into the Masculine Twin’s situation in a challenging way – comes from Saturn square Uranus.

This is a rare and exceptionally powerful event. It deals with key shifts in life path and direction.

It has been growing in effect over the last week, becoming more and more noticeable, and also ties into soul path, as the North Node is involved.

Above all, it brings up issues and challenges around authenticity, freedom and independence… (Just like the Aries Full Moon later this week!)

Is Time Running Out For You?

You may be feeling the pressure to make changes in your life, or like time is running out for your dreams…

You may realize that you have been sacrificing your truth…

Or allowing distractions or what is not authentic to you, to run the show and pull you off your soul path.

In general, we have immense pressure now around making GUIDED changes in life, in order to live our true soul purpose.

Break-Ups Or Breakthroughs?

If something seems to break apart, do you best to see it as a part of this process.

Remember, the universe could be “trying” to redirect you to your divine purpose – what is better for you.

And in your Twin Flame connection, often an old dynamic or pattern is pushed to leave so a higher VERSION of the relationship can rise – from the SOUL.

With the Aries Full Moon coming up late this week on October 9th, being true to yourself and your soul’s authenticity is crucial, so again this theme is doubly heightened.

How do you KNOW your purpose, or whether you’re being true to yourself? Have a look here for some indications.


Irritable Twin Flame Counterpart?

Keep an eye on yourself regarding your counterpart now, because in this process people can get irritable and frustrated.

Know that any conflict is not about YOU. It’s about them feeling they have let themselves down or betrayed themselves…

They may feel that obligations are weighing them down and stopping them from reaching their potential.

Or they may feel stuck in a rut and are desperate to break free. Remember it’s all about soul alignment – really, their soul is pushing them to realign.

If you can stay in touch with their HIGHEST self, you will flow through this period into more harmony and connectedness together…

Feeling Stuck Lately?

If you’re not physically together, you may feel frustrated – like whatever you do makes no difference.

You may feel like you’re stuck in the same place doing the same old things, with no effect.

But if you keep an open mind and don’t resist change, you could the gift inside the challenge – the key is to look for the solutions. 

Ego battles are more likely than usual, especially with the Aries Full Moon.

The solution is to go within, tap into peace and anchor into your own truth.

Find your own inner unity, and you draw your counterpart near no matter what – because Twin Flames always strongly affect each other. (Learn more in this article)

Repeat Situations

Last week Mercury Retrograde connected with Pluto, and this week it happens again.

The best thing about this repeating in such a short time, is we get the opportunity to sort out any recent issues.

You will also get the chance to uncover secrets, in a way that you couldn’t when Mercury was Retrograde.

If you need to get to the bottom of what’s going on with your counterpart or their motivations behind something, now is the time to dig deep and find out.

Full Moon: Authenticity, Passion

 Intensity begins to build early in the week, for the Aries Full Moon on October 9th.

It can bring a feeling of being rushed, impatient, even full of ideas and desire to move forward… 

Although this can cut down procrastination, and create forward momentum, the negative side is that it tempts you to dive right into something without thinking things through.

It can also cause people to be more argument prone and lacking in diplomacy than usual. 

Soul Self Rising

This Aries Full Moon is all about individuality and tapping into our TRUE self and honouring our divine uniqueness.

We are being pushed to let go of the masks we have taken on to please others or to fit in with society.

Because remember as a Twin Flame, that your authentic soul frequency – your “Twin Flame Soul Song” – is your superpower. 

When you are activated as your authentic self, your deep resonance with your shared frequency attracts your counterpart no matter what.

But when you wear “masks” – even unconsciously – it deflects love.

Why Twin Flames Lose Attraction

So many Twins struggle because they are NOT vibrating at their shared “soul song” and are therefore losing magnetism for their counterpart.


We lose magnetism when we:
– Leave our authentic truth
– Compromise our ideals
– Try to be like everyone else
– Approach the Twin Flame journey as if it’s a “one size fits all”

– Ignore or avoid pursuing our passions and divine gifts
– Live life by other people’s “rules”
– Don’t honor or love ourselves for who we are
– Approach our Twin Flame based on their ego, not their soul

It weakens our attraction as Twin Flames – because attraction and the soul merge/union happens in the shared SOUL SONG frequency! (How? Go here)

The Magic Of The Soul Song

For most Twins, it’s not an overnight process to activate and tap into the power of the soul song.

But once you know HOW to do it, and you identify what has blocked it or pulled you off the frequency and how to release those things…

You experience IMMENSE shifts from the inside out in your connection.

*You go from feeling like you’re chasing and pushing, to being effortlessly magnetic to your counterpart.

*They are pulled closer without you even trying, instead of unconsciously repelled.

*Your connection becomes harmonious and easy, instead of a struggle.

Your begins to flow, and you feel supported by the universe, instead of things not working out…

Activating Your Twin Flame Magnetism

This week, the major key is to tap into your own truth.

Stop focusing on the outer 3D situation so much. See beyond Ego.

Find your OWN inner anchor into your true purpose.

Activate your shared “Soul Song” frequency, which dwells within you. 

It will change everything.

And if you want my personal help with this, I invite you to join me in the sacred Twin Flame quantum healing group work...

(Go here to see what’s involved, what results other Twins have had from this high level transformation, and apply now.)

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey x

Cassady <3

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass., USA

Read more testimonials here

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