The Heart’s Wisdom Leads the Way In Reuniting Twins – Are You Listening? Masculine/Feminine Balancing Continues and Passion Heats Up… Plus, The Deeper Aspects of the Twin Flame Mission


We’re moving into new terrain again this month – after last week’s New Moon things are shifting into a new gear.

New High Vibration Love/Relationship Templates are being brought in right now as Venus transits Sagittarius and Mars Capricorn – all in an effort to bring the scales into balance again. Perfectly symbolized by Jupiter in Libra, the sign of the scales.

This coming 12 month cycle (until next September when Jupiter moves into Scorpio, house of sex, death/rebirth and power) everything is happening with this central theme – reestablishing balance between the Twin Flames and on earth.

Relationships, harmony. Balance is the goal and everything in the way of it is being pushed up for resolution.


Why Twin Flame Ascension Can Be So Hard

Energy management is highly recommended – old “gunk” we’ve taken on and inherited in life is coming up for resolution more and more. So that we can open up to the unconditional love that exists at the core of the Twin Flame connection, without negativity blocking the union.

Therefore, anything we’ve absorbed that’s out of alignment with love keeps being purged – that’s what Twin Flame Ascension is all about (you can watch a short video on how this works here).

Metaphysical energy clearing is the only lasting method I’ve discovered to accelerate this purging process and resolve common Twin Flame issues such as Running and on-again-off-again Separation – you can get started with the powerful energy cleanse tool in my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames right now.

And if you want to go deep, resolve longstanding patterns of negativity and shift out of heaviness and hurt for good – have a look at my full Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. My Step by Step Roadmap to Twin Flame Union, which spirit asked me to share with the twin Flame community after my Twin and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter.


The Underlying Purpose Of the Twin Flame Mission


As one original soul, the Twin Flames divided have been on an amazing journey together in life – orchestrated before we came to life, by ourselves and source.

To first divide into two seemingly separate parts on earth, taking on often polarized traits and personalities, only to come back together and re-discover and unearth the unity and equality that always existed beneath it all.

For the Twin Flames to find our way back to love and thereby re-calibrate all the human programming of separation with the high vibrational energies we exude all around us when we resonate with Unconditional Love once more.

Did you realize that the Twin Flame Mission is simply to love? When two Twin Flames are connected in love, their energy field is a powerful uplifter for everything around them. Unconditional love heals, uplifts and transmutes negativity. This is why we are here, ultimately. To uplift and heal by our very presence.

If ever in doubt on your journey, ask – does this thought/action/intention/choice lead to Love or away from it?


Karmic Responsibilities

With these ongoing transits, the Masculine is still being made to face up to Karmic Responsibilities. Plus, the feminine is urged to heal old wounds around sexuality and feeling “not good enough”.

Many, if not most, females carry genetic programming around fear of pregnancy, fear of exploitation by males, fear of abandonment, fear of not being able to survive on her own… This is all out of alignment with our true power as souls, so it’s coming up in order to free us from limitation and holdbacks.

Venus is now outrunning the Sun after having moved together throughout most of the year – Love is jumping ahead now, and the indication energetically is to let your heart lead you.

For a long time head and heart have been in sync, but these coming months’ tendency will be to feel one thing and think another. You’re being asked to trust your heart now. Again – go with this “motto” – does something lead to love or away from it?

This is how to move up into high vibration living, into Twin Flame Union and into 5D – living and acting from your heart.

Especially in this period, Love finds the way where the Head cannot. Close your eyes and feel with your emotions right now. Where does your heart want to go?


Moving Into New Higher Vibration Love Templates

Not to be taken as a sign of our heart’s inability to lead well, the planet of Love runs right into old wounds on November 4th as Chiron stops her from continuing before she learns a deep-seated lesson.

The message is it’s not really a person or the universe who’s blocking you from love. It’s no one else’s “fault”. We get what we’re in alignment with, ultimately. And old wounds are what’s holding you back from experiencing and attracting the love you truly desire.

You won’t be in alignment with receiving and experiencing Unconditional Love and Twin Flame Union until you raise your vibration high enough. And what’s holding you tethered to the low vibrations and negative experiences, is old wounds.

You can read more about Twin Flame Union – what it really is and how it happens – in this clear infographic.

Find out what the wounds are now – this period is strong with Scorpio energies, which are perfect for detective work into our deeper psyche. Ask your intuition what’s been blocking your happiness, union or love.

And allow the answer to be shown to you – you might get images, you might get words, you might just feel what it is, you might have significant dreams that reveal the core of the issue. You can read here about how to interpret symbols, dreams and other messages from your Soul on the Twin Flame journey.

Then when you have the awareness, clear the negativity.

New Templates For the Feminine

After she’s allowed to move on, Venus now runs into a pleasant alignment with Uranus in Aries. These are compatible energies, fire meets fire with earth and air intermingling. Expect surprises, a sense of restlessness – it feels like something big can happen in this period.

New meetings, sudden encounters or blow-ups in what’s been kept under a lid. I’m shown that new templates for love are being downloaded right now (to assist in this being a smooth process, remember to ground yourself and run energy daily, connecting back to source).

The message is, these new light codes focus specifically on the Feminine again – new templates of freedom, individuality, self love. To become a bit more selfish for “her” own good, in essence.

We’re in this period shifting out of the old ancestral programming around what it means to be female, and lifting up into a higher soul consciousness.

To discover more about self love and stepping into unity within to mirror wholeness and harmony with your Twin Soul, have a look here.


Pushed Into The Limelight

In this period, Uranus is supporting the Feminine in taking back the reins of her own experience, living from the heart in bliss no matter what anyone else says or does.

The energy is reminiscent of a kind uncle giving us a slight push out into the limelight of life, to live in joy – because deep down, we’re the ones who have been holding ourselves in the shadows.

This also echoes what was said in the Message From The Divine Masculine from a few weeks ago.

Expect changes in this short period – it might feel uncomfortable but this is ultimately necessary to make room for the love and joy you’ve been asking and praying for.

I’m shown the visual a tower seemingly collapsing, but as it falls to the ground you see that your “golden” answer and love was waiting behind it all along.


When Things Aren’t Quite As They Seem

As usual, things are not quite what they seem. There’s a lot of change going on for Twin Flames right now. We’re being reminded yet again that there is a lot shifting for those in Ascension over the next few years – in order to move us into the situations we’ve been asking for.

Many are finishing up, or have recently completed, early life “missions” and soul contracts with people and places and collectives – and we are now being connected to the next chapter. New soul contracts and “assignments” are coming into play. We are moving geographically, shifting into new circles socially, professionally, evolving emotionally…

So that we can get to where our desires are met. Because we’re not here in life to be just OK, we’re really here to live in bliss – because that’s how our energy will uplift the world and people around us, healing old genetic dysfunction and bringing love onto the planet!


Falling Apart to Open Up For Something New

Right now as things are shifting, it can feel like being subtly sabotaged and undermined but ultimately this instability and things seemingly falling apart are happening to make room for Twin Flame Reunion, happiness, bliss… That’s really why we’re here.

And until we’re open to fully living in unconditional love and embodying unity, the blocks will keep being revealed so we can clear them. When we ask for Reunion and love, our soul does us the “favor” of showing up all the blocks – so we can get to our ideal.

When you pray for Union, your soul goes “Great! I know exactly what’s keeping you from it – here are those old hurts/fears of betrayal/childhood abandonment issues/ex-lovers’ attachments. Now you can clear them, move past them and reach your desires!”


After encountering thousands of Twin Flames to date, the only method I’ve found for permanently shifting energy and resolving issues between Twin Flames is energy and karma clearing. You can read about other Twin Flames’ amazing experiences with my energy and karma clearing tools here.

I’m always working closely with spirit to bring you weekly updates, insights and information to support your journey back to love with your Twin Flame – and we channel energy transformation sessions, clearing tracks and deep meditations regularly to deal with what’s going on within the Twin Flame collective.

Have a look here for all the different sessions spirit and I have created to help as many Twins as possible on this beautiful yet often challenging journey – if you feel particularly drawn to something, that’s your soul and your guides “speaking” to you.

You’re here for a reason, and there’s always something they want you to know, some resource or solution they’re trying to get your attention to as an answer to your requests, hopes and prayers.

I’m so happy you’re here and that you’re taking action for yourself on creating a life and Twin Flame connection filled with love – the way you’re meant to and the way you planned for yourself before ever coming to life!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Need someone to talk to who “gets it”? Have a look here for my new project with spirit – intuitive readings for Twin Flames

Did you know most Twin Flame struggles like Running and Separation are based in negative energy and karma? Discover what core fears are responsible for Twin Flame Running here, and why Separation keeps coming up….

And, don’t forget to download my Free 4-Part Discovery Pack for Twin Flames!

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  1. Thank you so much for this article, Cassady – it really resonates with me. The life changes, healing from the past and feeling as though my TF and I are on the brink of something exciting.
    Your blog is like having a big sister who gives us a heads up whilst we navigate this amazing journey.
    Light and love.. x

  2. Cassady thank you so much for this beautiful update.
    Love gives courage and all these changes are only for the best. That’s what our soul wants. I have been feeling this new moon so much physically. It was heavy but i let energy did what it was meant to do and clear so much baggage.
    The other day this phrase came up in my mind ” you allow me to be” i dont know if it was my twin talking to me or me to my twin. But I do feel like since allowing this connection into my life i am blossoming into the real me. And the feeling of happiness is so beautiful. Yes we are supposed to live in a constant state of bliss. Since following your blog i dropped all the negativity i was surrounding this connection with and things have been happening . I feel in charge of my life and all this love inside me i can’t believe i had all of this inside me. I keep seeing the infinite symbols still all the time and 1111 still. I think i am in a new phase of my life even with my twin. And it is a beautiful feeling of freedom inside to know that we are infinite and powerful and love. Thank you sooo much! Xxx

  3. Thank you again Cassady!! You’re spot on, as usual. I met my Flame on 7/23. Through listening to Guidance, I found your page. I didn’t anticipate meeting him and it’s life changing! Your words regarding being pushed into the limelight rings so true to me this week… Having an internal knowledge that he’s always with me is one of THE most amazing things to know!! Now I’ll be working on the rest… 🙂

  4. Thank you Cassady. the section about raising vibration rings true for me. My Twin has run and hasnt spoken to me for 4 mths, the longest it’s ever been….each time he has an upset with his family or something with his past he does this. I have been working on my vibration in hopes it will also help him. I have been having very vivid dreams with him every night.

  5. My twinflame is married and is sure trying his best to get me to spend time with him bit we had strictly asexual relationship ,I hadn’t seen him in almost 20yrs but this time in older wiser and Awakening! I’ve wrestled with whether or not to go back 4th there but in not he hurt me in the past and seemed to not care his motives were strictly selfish then and they still are now what I didnt see us ago I see it now though. He is arrogant and his ego leads the way for him. I can tell that he steps out on his wife often I sense thru him 4th hat she’s passive. I finally told him 4ththat I just want to be friends and what a blow to hid ego haven’t heard from him in over 3 weeks tried to call him one day last week and no answer lol. I use to crave this man yrs ago while all he did was use me for my body in which I allowed in my naivety and unawakened state of being almost 20yrs ago. I’ve been purging the old wounds of being used mistreated and abandoned. I could tell when I saw him again for 4th he 1st time in yrs that he was sorry for his behavior in the past.hes married to the woman who came on the scene during that time period don’t know if it’s a karmic relationship or what but I don’t fit into that equation lol I love this man but I just can’t take the hot and cold with him any longer so I will love him from a distance and let God show me the next steps to take on this journey.

  6. Thank you for this. I always seem to synchronize with these energy updates, I asked for a stone to help me with fears and self love and that is what you have here.. I think some people are having hard times is because they do not accept this and are in denial of this truth.. Also not accepting the healing energies.

  7. Cassady,I want to thank you. I did the thing I never thought I would do, and put myself out there and told him how I felt. Without walls, or agenda, or fear. I felt balanced while writing to him and free afterwards. He responded favorably. We have been living separate lives for many years. I don’t know what’s to come, but I am so grateful for this whole experience and for him. I feel like I can see the big picture now and why things have been as they were. Thank you for being a part of it, for helping me to navigate. I feel like a newborn.

  8. Forgive me on all these questions I have been posting but I was curious. when you so happens you become aware of them, how do you know if your spirit guides support your relationship you have with your Twin Flame that is on the other side, that is not physically in your realm ??

  9. Wow, what a forecast. I wasn’t sure what to expect but like clockwork on 31 October things shifted dramatically between my twin and I. It happened so quickly I was overwhelmed and panicking, lol. It’s just so surreal to have something that’s haunted you for so long suddenly be validated. Our telepathy is picking up too. I always wondered if he knew about our telepathy and he’s giving me hints that he knows.
    It’s all so crazy and scary and exciting but I’m doing my best to meditate and run energy, etc.
    P.S. One day I connected him to the energy clearing/vibrational alignment tool and I felt a huge shift, a far bigger shift than just doing it on myself. I saw a lot of things from his perspective.

  10. Hi Cassady,
    I hope your well.
    After experiencing a forthnight of being in a pure state of elevated bliss and filled with pure love (source/higher love, love for him and love for all being), prior to making a move and restarting a new job, I’m left curious about what the signs be being sent to me really mean and wondering if you would have any interpretation. It was the third time in the last few months I experienced this, and it’s amazing, each time a little different. I absolutely can tick every box in your article, signs of reunion, but who knows, I’m open to any timing. I got higher guidance that reunion will happen but not when. But I’d like to understand why the angels keep reminding me of him, all the time, for instance as I watched a live singer the other night – I swear on my life. – the singer was channeling by message from him – saying ‘missing you like crazy , can you hear my call, I know we’ll Be together again in the future’; yesterday, when I was not thinking of him, as I just arrived in this new city, I passed a shop of his name (uncommon name) and it was a wedding dress shop. This is happening a lot. Almost every single day I have a feather on my path or a butterfly flying by me, this I think is just a hello for my angels, but I’m not sure what the deeper message is re the messages connected to him as it’s happened a lot the last few months, and I haven’t heard anything yet.
    Otherwise I’m feeling great and so grateful for having these truly amazing experiences. To feel pure bliss like I did then, I feel truly blessed and honored.
    I just want to keep learning and expanding as this is all so fascinating.
    Anyone with any insight would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much for all,

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