You Both Agreed To This: Soul Intensity, Ego Masks Cracking, Masculine Twin Under Pressure To Rise Into Awareness… Are You Ready For What’s About To Happen?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Powerful “Venus fuelled” New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio kicks off Eclipse season and a winter of deep change in the Twin Flame connection.

Plus, Saturn direct and Mars enters 5 month long Retrograde, starting a period of recalibration and shakeups for the Masculine Twin. 

Discover more below!

Scorpio Season

We’re now officially in Scorpio season, as Venus, the Sun (and later in the week, Mercury) are all going deep into the realms of transformation.

Plus, we just had Saturn turn direct this weekend… but it will be a while before you’ll notice any increased ease or flow.

Why? Intensity is already building for the upcoming Tuesday New Moon Eclipse.

And, at the end of the week, Mars turns retrograde for his 5 month process of change and inner shakeups.

Cosmic Stirring

For Twin Flames, this week is a peak time for the connection and a gateway to powerful change, as this Eclipse directly ties into love and relationships.

You may already have noticed feeling a bit foggy or unclear since last week.

The reason is that the old unconscious limitations and patterns are being stirred up, including old self perceptions.

Awakening A “Sleeper”/Runner Twin Flame

My biggest recommendation for this week is the Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening Session for Twin Flames…

As it gently helps release old 3D patterns and awaken the “sleeper”/runner Twin from the inside out with love – in full alignment with their own Free Will.
twin flame awakening

It’s one of the sessions I hear the most feedback of dramatic overnight shifts from, including Separation ending, Runners Returning and more.


Have a look here for more testimonials, including new videos.

Sun And Venus “Team” 

With the Eclipse hitting conjunct Venus as well as the Sun, it signals major changes in love and the Twin Flame connection.

It also deals with shifts in your own self perception as a romantic partner.

All Eclipses deal with endings and new beginnings, and are in short ultra powerful “versions” of the lunar cycles.

So this New Moon Eclipse deals with a major new higher chapter beginning, in terms of love and relationships – including with yourself.

The Challenge With Eclipses

Sounds amazing, right? Well, yes…

But in practical terms Eclipses can be deeply triggering and cause unpleasant experiences designed to shake us up. 

Why? Because the universe “pushes” us to let go of what has outworn its purpose in our lives once and for all, so we can actually reach higher into our soul potential.

(As you may have noticed, we aren’t always great at releasing our own self criticism, or toxic people, or jobs we don’t thrive in, or habits of underselling our potential…

Even though we know we “should” reach higher.)

What Has Outworn Its Purpose…

So 4-5 times a year, Eclipses show up, to push us to let go, for our own good – whether we want to or not.

This often means we experience turmoil in the here and now, but realize later that it helped us move forward to a better space…

In short, this Scorpio New Moon “triple powered eclipse” deals with this: The universe is showing you what has outworn its purpose in your life, and is pushing you to release it once and for all.

It relates to love, relationships and your self perception as a romantic partner.

And above all, it deals with the unconscious – the feelings and subtle undercurrents you are not usually AWARE of.

Self Worth Issues

For Twin Flames, it particularly deals with issues around self worth or survival patterns, which you need to release to be fully open to the love and unity you desire.

So in short, our old “masks of self” are coming off.

It can be tricky, because it means we might be triggered to re-experience old patterns or cycles as they come up.

So keep a close eye on yourself and remember to “opt out” and release past cycles once and for all.

twin flame soul purpose

The Phoenix – March 2023

Symbolically, this Eclipse signals an old version of You and/or the Twin Flame connection “dying” or exiting the stage, and a new higher version rising forth.

With Mars retrograde, the thing is, the NEW self or side of you and the connection can take some time to fully emerge.

What happens now may not be complete until March 2023, and the process is not about action in the outer world, so much as a deep inner evolution.

A New Beginning

However, this “Venus powered” Eclipse WILL set off a major positive change, if you are open and able to release what has been blocking you. (For help, go here)

This is an “invitation” to a new beginning in how you operate in the world, and how others and your Twin respond to you.

The challenge is, a lot of what you’re being asked to release is unconscious.

It’s about emotions you might not have realized were in your system, including physical body memories and perceptions.

Are You Allowing Love In?

An added insight comes from Saturn and Pluto, now both direct, who square the Eclipse.

This means, it’s not so much about trying, but about ALLOWING.

You already ARE your ideal most powerful self, you already ARE deserving of all good and the love you desire.

Let the “masks” go, of where you thought you were not worthy or able.

The masks of who you were TOLD you were, and anything you developed as a self protection mechanism.

(This may sound easier than it is, as it’s become habitual and was formed in a survival energy. That means it goes DEEP. Have a look here for help, in a session where I take you into the unconscious to harmonize your Twin Flame connection)

The Primal Self And What It Wants

The issue you may face right now is, the primal self trying to override what you KNOW is better for you.

Your unconscious “shadow self” or body, might be deflecting the love you truly desire…

Or it may be keeping you in cycles of trying to stay SAFE by holding onto old coping mechanisms.

Often, we don’t ALLOW ourselves to release past hurts or fear, because this deeper part of us, the “primal self” is hanging onto it unconsciously…

Because it truly believes it’s serving us still. As protection.

The “Friend” That’s Not On Your Side

To this deeper self, fear, shame, anger or staying stuck, feels like a “friend”, because it keeps other people or “danger” away.

However, as you probably know by now, anger and fear also deflect love.

So there is a push and pull right now, between these different aspects of self.

Allowing yourself to ground into the now moment and to feel into safety, and creating safe spaces for yourself in some way, is helpful.


Knock-Out On 3D Mechanisms

During the Eclipse, you might feel a bit woozy or like you’re “not quite there”.

This is your higher system working to “knock out” those old fear based 3D survival mechanisms momentarily, so you can release them for good.

That brief disconnect, will help allow it to release, so your vibration and alignment can rise dramatically and open you to true unity.

Spirit’s comment is, if you have felt confused that despite your inner work and good intentions, things didn’t seem to work out in your Twin Flame connection, this is likely why.

A part of you was hanging onto this lower cycle, because it felt safer in it.

Access To Safety

Relax. Ground deep. Cleanse what comes up.

Work on deepening your feeling of being SAFE to open to and receive and give love, to fully get that deeper self on board in your Twin Flame connection – on both sides.

(I help you with this in the FREE Twin Flame Energy Cleanse here).


Helping the primal unconscious self to release fear of hurt, and feeling safe to open up to love, will benefit your Twin Flame connection immensely.

Ego Threats?

As this transformation process happens, you’ll notice many people get extra touchy.

Ego – the “constructed self” – feels threatened, and can lash out.

In short, the soul is working to shine forth more and more, so our old limiting ideas of “human self” are being rattled.

It can feel scary, especially to those who aren’t aware of the higher perspectives.

Try to remember this with YOURSELF throughout the week, as the process will make more sense and flow more smoothly.

Levels Of Awakening

What if you have already “awakened”?

There are always further stages and “layers” of ascension, into purer and purer illumination and alignment with your eternal self.

And when you reach higher, your Twin Flame connection heals and harmonizes by “default” because you are activating more of your higher blueprints and soul bond (where only love exists).

The Important Questions

Pay attention to what your intuition is bringing to you in this period and what has been shown leading up to it.

What elements, habits, patterns, dynamics and identities have you been nudged to release?

Or as spirit says, a different angle into it is:

What has been upsetting you lately?

And when was the first time you experienced that KIND of dynamic or situation? Likely as a child?

These are the roots.

Twin Flame Power

Be willing to release now.

Open up to the knowing that who you are, goes into greatness and power way beyond what you have ever been taught in the human world.

When you open to the light and power you truly ARE on the consciousness levels, your Twin Flame connection activates and the journey can move forward at “warp speed”.

For help, use this.

Masculine Twin Effects

Will this Eclipse affect the unawakened Twin Flame/the runner?

Yes, absolutely. The Eclipse happens in a trine to Mars, just before he goes Retrograde on October 30th.

What this shows is that the Masculine Twin – the “unawakened counterpart” – is in support of the feminine/awakened Twin’s transformation into “her” greatest self.

And he is in turn entering into his own transformation.

This is all a collaboration, are spirit’s words. Even when you can’t “see it” from the human perspective, they are always working in support.

The Mask Of Ego

It also means that the old constructed ego identity is being rattled for them as well.

We do not see a sudden awakening, but the “mask” may be less “convincing” to them after this.

There is a subtle disconnect that begins to allow more light, more remembrance, to show up.

If you want to help with this process, go here.

A Long Winter Of Change, 2023

This “Eclipse season” and Mars retrograde signal a long winter of major shifts in the Twin Flame connection ahead.

By the time Mars turns direct at the end of March 2023, much will be different – particularly on the INNER planes.

A powerful recalibration will be taking place, to open the counterparts to equilibrium. To remove the barriers to love, is how spirit explains it.

Could you benefit, if you just go through your day to day life as “normal”?

Their answer is, you will see far more powerful results and positive changes if you go within and work WITH this cosmic process.

Dealing With Mars Retrograde

So how do you best work with this cosmic process?

– By journalling on anything that comes up
-By going within
-By clearing your energy
– By raising your vibration

-By interacting with your counterpart’s soul to gain their guidance and unconditional love…

Especially as the Mars retrograde will be triggering and challenging for them on their side of the connection.

If you’d like some help to streamline this process, go here, where I take you through it step by step so you don’t have to try to figure it all out on your own.

twin flame story

We cover essential Twin Flame subjects, including energy alignment, stages, karma, past life connections, Twin Flame sex and telepathic connections, how to receive their higher self’s help reliably, and so much more.

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Go here to learn more

A Week For Going Beyond

This week is set to take you deep, and it can feel confusing or unsettling at times.

Take a breath and remember you’ve got this!

You are a powerful soul, and the two of you share a bond like no other, no matter what has happened in the human world.

Spirit’s advice is, release any ideas of your dream being out of reach.

Release any old identities of “not enough”, and allow yourself to feel how infinitely loveable and worthy you truly are and always were.

When you do, the bond ignites. Magnetism returns.

As always, I’m sending you so much light and love <3 

Cassady x

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