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Why Your Twin Flame Has Been Distancing Themselves From You – Secrets Brought To Light, Balancing The Masculine And Feminine. “Experiencing Each Other’s Experiences” …


This week goes off with a deep explosion – submarine style – and it’s been brewing all weekend along with the powerful Aries Full Moon “Super Moon”.

Like with an underwater explosion, we might not feel the full impact to begin with but we can see the ripples on the surface and know that there are huge forces moving, bringing the depths up to be revealed…


Control Issues

The cause is the powerful conjunction between Mars – representing the masculine, physical sexuality and aggression – and Pluto, planet of death/rebirth, sex, power and the unconscious. This energy current is ongoing until late in the week.

Representing an intense clash of energies, this could be either an amazingly heightened or deeply challenging time – depending on what your personal energy vibration and recent thoughts are aligning you with in this period.

These intense energies can express themselves through either intense magnetism, drive and sexual passion, even to the point of obsession, or it can manifest through a fearful feeling of desperation to control circumstances. Feeling like things have been slipping out of your hands and now you’re heaving to get your grip back, like someone lost at sea.

If anyone has been keeping secrets or lying to you this conjunction is set to bring things to a head. Plutonian energies are all about bringing the hidden to light.

What Your Twin Has Been Hiding From You

Plutonian energies are like a compact ball of lead, heavy and intense. When they interact with Mars, representing the collective Masculine it indicates a continuation of this year’s recurring theme of detox of sexuality and power – clearing out subconscious debris in the form of old power abuse, insecurities, fears and self hatred.

Spirit shows us that the Masculine has been suffering behind the scenes with feelings of shame, guilt and sorrow recently – based in historical energies of abuse towards the Feminine.

There is a sense of many masculine emphasis Twin Flames feeling sad and holding themselves back from coming too close to their counterpart – because of this unconscious “memory” of men hurting women.

Your Twin might be trying to protect you from what they see as your biggest source of hurt – themselves.

Right now, your Twin Flame might be staying away from you in an unconscious attempt to avoid hurting you – but he’s unlikely to know consciously what the reason is. Truth is, he’s feeling the energies and embedded genetic programming of millennia of power issues between male and female.

(These energies don’t strictly apply to biological sex although that’s highlighted now – some people are female but with a masculine energy emphasis, and some are men with an emphasis on the feminine energy polarity.)


Shifting Themes In Love

Venus is now outrunning the Sun into Sagittarius  from October 17th — shifting themes in Love yet again. These energies denote a desire for freedom, high vibrations of optimism and verve, but often a distaste for emotions and responsibility.

If you and your Twin are relatively comfortable with one another already, this could be an exciting and fun time for you – let yourselves be carried away by each other’s enthusiasm, share your interests and have fun together. Be like children again.

The tables are likely to have turned in recent weeks for you, with the final development occurring now. You are learning about each other’s previous situation.

In a cosmic turn to balance karma, many Twins are now in circumstances that mirror their other half’s previous situation. So that we can understand their side of the story – not just in words or thoughts, but in experience.

Contrary to the typical Twin Flame situation, it’s the feminine who’s now eager to stake off her own course – potentially feeling the need to cut loose the connection and focus on herself, on enjoyment, on making the most of life.

While Mars and the masculine are working with Capricorn, learning about responsibility and commitment, Venus and the feminine are learning the “opposite” – about personal freedom and prioritizing her own joy and satisfaction above all.

To read more about karma and how it can impact the Twin Flame connection, go here – abandonment fears, running cycles and separation issues are nearly always rooted in karma.

Discover here how to clear and update karma for both you and your Twin Soul.


Time for Fun – Learning to Trust

Another message here is, it’s time for the feminine to learn to relax and enjoy life. Let responsibilities and seriousness go for a while, let yourself have fun!

Sagittarius’ wisdom partially rests in this – optimism and enjoyment comes from an implicit trust in the Universe and in the goodness of all things.

If you can trust that the future is good, you will let yourself enjoy life and you will attract positivity. Optimism becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. If you find it hard to let go of control in life, worry a lot and feel that the future holds bad experiences for you, this indicates a negative worldview somewhere in the subconscious mind.

In order to allow the Universe to truly “take care of you” you must send out the energy of confidence and security that you will be taken care of. If you worry, this is the message you send out. The frequency you’re tuning into and will receive more of.

Happily, we can adjust the signals we send out to the Universe with energy clearing tools and methods like Creative Visualization – we can teach ourselves to attract love, harmony and happiness.

We go through this in the Newest Energy Transformation Session for Twin Flames, channeled to me by Spirit. We also upgrade and cleanse you and your Twin’s hearts, download key blueprints to self love and unconditional unity within and without, and we open up the Twin Flame heart bond once more for you and your Twin.

This session has been months in the making and is nearly an hour long – a specially created meditation formula journey to bypass the analytical mind and allow your soul and unconscious mind to tell us what’s really going on beneath the surface!

The Plutonian energies will be working in tandem with you right now to help unearth old issues and get deeper insights so you can shift into a higher journey onward.

Discover more here.


Twin Flame Reunion Doesn’t Happen By Itself

This balancing act between Masculine and Feminine is another part of preparing the Twin Flame Reunion for many – to even out the playing field so that resistance fades and both sides are open to uniting. (If you didn’t yet read about how to recognize the signs of Reunion and how to know if it’s about to happen – go here)

Because as long as there are blocks, blame, suspicion – feelings of distance, separation, opposition – Reunion cannot happen.

Reunion is harmony, love. This is why we are “experiencing each other’s experiences” now, so we can let go of judgment and open up fully. In some shape or form, your recent experiences are meant to show you your Twin Flame’s previous history.

To help you experience what they experienced. And they’re going through the same with your past history. And it particularly deals with how you’ve interacted with each others. Again “the tables have turned” – it might not look obvious from the outside but that’s the effect.

If your situation isn’t flowing smoothly, this is a sign there’s more to resolve before true Twin Flame Union can happen. If you are in Union you will know – there is no Running and Struggle in true Union. You are whole within yourselves more and more. Harmony is the norm, not conflict.

Remember that if you come together with your Twin Flame without fully resolving the underlying issues, it will be a temporary Reunion at most. This is why so many Twins experience ongoing cycles of “on again off again” – it’s because the underlying issues and core wounds have not been dealt with.

To read more about the specific triggers of Twin Flame Running, and which core fears are involved, have a look at this infographic of essential facts plus solutions.


The King of the Underworld Returns What seemed Lost

On October 22nd the Sun moves into Scorpio – echoing these earlier themes as Scorpio is ruled by Pluto – setting the start to a month where we continue recent weeks’ focus on sexuality and power related wounds and blocks.

As the King of the Underworld, Scorpio energies denote mystery and bringing the dead back to life. When the sun returns to the house of the dead, he brings back to life what might have seemed lost. He brings a new lease of life, nourishing light, into what has seemed shrouded in darkness…

Watch out for recurring cycles stirred by unconscious motivations this month. If there are problems, look deeper. You will have more luck “resolving” ongoing struggles for good now – as the energies are supporting this kind of “detective work” into the unconscious.

As we mentioned earlier this year – sometimes we think we’re pushing a person away to shield ourselves from hurt, when the true underlying motivation is to test their loyalty, to see if they would stay anyway. Keep an eye on these “double bluffs” this month. You might not even realize what’s going on until after it’s over.

The Twin Flame Mirror goes deep this month and there is every chance to resolve long standing problems if you use your time wisely.
To read more about how your own inner situation is always reflected with your Twin, and how running and separation might actually come from you – go here.

The Answers To Your Prayers

Another notable theme comes from the Sun opposite Uranus all week – old ideas and self perceptions being challenged to open you up to what you’ve been praying and asking for.

If you’ve been asking to Reunite with your Twin, whatever’s in the way of that is being rattled loose. Change might feel frightening right now but remember we’re infinite beings in bodies. We always land on our feet somehow, is spirit’s message.



Feminine Shadow Aspect

Mercury also conjuncts Lillith retrograde this weekend and into early next week – careful what you say right now, there’s a sense that you’re not holding back, every hurt you ever felt (from being female) is erupting with force.

The past is coming back with a vengeance through your voice and words. This is the shadow side of the feminine being released – if you’ve felt betrayed or unfairly treated by your Twin in the past, it’s being triggered again now.


Telepathic Arguments

With Twins being telepathically connected and even feeling each other’s feelings, careful you don’t say something you can’t take back. Later down the line you’ll likely realize your anger has caused new blocks and created more distance between you.

Stay cool in whatever way you can. If you feel anger simmering this week – clear it with energy tools and channel it into exercise, creativity, busywork (have you seen my coloring book for Twin Flames?). Don’t let the past “sway you” and get disagreements out of proportion.

Another indication here is that old grudges are what’s blocking your connection right now. If you’ve been feeling like things have been stuck or congested in terms of the connection – dreams, telepathy, feelings – this is where to look.

Where are you still holding a grudge against your Twin Flame? Where is your archetypal female self angry with your Twin Flame’s archetypal male self?

Or if you’re the “Masculine twin”, how might you have angered your Twin’s archetypal female self in the past?

There lie your answers. You can read more about Twin Flame telepathy here, and find out how to open up the channels of communication between you once again.


Why Your Soul Keeps Pushing You Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Unfortunately wounds and blocks don’t just go away on their own. Energy clearing and management is the only permanent method I’ve found for helping Twins shift their situation into lasting harmony.

It’s tempting to buy into the ubiquitous Twin Flame myths of the Universe/Angels/Guides/Ascended masters/Divine templates “magicking” everything to happen in “divine timing” – but the truth is not all Twins will come together in this lifetime…

It can actually be very disempowering and disappointing to be waiting and waiting like this, for someone else to fix it. The truth is there are so many of us here because we knew not everyone would make it.


Learning Experiences – the Twin Flame “School Of Love”

There are many complicating factors for most – and if you’re not willing to do the inner work, the issues won’t shift. This is why some Twins are stuck in separation for 20 years – the universe doesn’t step in and resolve everything.

To your soul’s perspective, that would rob you of learning and the experience, so although you’re praying for help your soul might have other plans for you – because if someone else fixed everything you wouldn’t learn anything from your experiences.

The cosmic energies are doing what they can to make Twin Flame Union happen by pushing us to resolve our issues, but we have free will at all times – and how we use that free will, can go either way.

I know you’re here for a reason, you’re capable and strong and you have everything it takes to make this a journey full of wonderful, amazing experiences!

If you need some inspiration right now, have a look at some of the (new!) testimonials here to see that things truly can change, and read this article about the peak experiences of the Twin Flame Journey.

I believe in you! And until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

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  1. Cassady, once again you are so on point with my journey. I am beyond grateful and am feeling renewed and rejuvenated after reading this article. It is SO easy to fall into the rabbit hole of despair, and feeling betrayed, and hurt and sharing those feelings with the world . . . feeding the mob mentality of “poor me”. You consistently address real issues with real answers, and real solutions!! Thank you! Thank you!
    I too had been feeling everything you’ve mentioned above, probably have been borderline abused by my Twin, but I always knew it wasn’t “him”. I saw in him what he couldn’t, and possibly still can’t, see in himself. We aren’t in contact right now, but I’m praying for reunion soon whilst doing all my cleansing, connection, and harmony.
    Bravo Cassady!!
    Elizabeth xo

  2. I have already gone through what he experienced before I knew about him and man it was weird to find that I was experiencing things he experienced. I guess I was on this journey a long time ago without realizing until he popped up 2 years ago. I guess I would say what you wrote about experiencing what your twin flame experienced is a confirmation for me.

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