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Hidden Motivations Brought to Light in Love and Relationships, While a Full Moon in the Sign of the Warrior Brings Up Deep Issues of Ego and Separation. The Fight For Unity Continues…


This fall is ramping up the Ascension energies ever more. When asking spirit what is causing so much struggle for the Twin collective right now, I was told it’s because the issues most Twins are dealing with right now don’t just relate to emotions and energy but are embedded in the very cellular structure of our bodies.

The message was that Twin Flames and Lightworkers are now deeper than ever into the transformation project, set to blossom into butterflies, but not until we are freed from the genetically embedded patterns we have inherited in our human bodies.

The detoxing of our bodies is stirred by the new influxes of light, which are increasing. That’s why even Twins who are “spiritually advanced” have been struggling in recent months – because the purging is happening from the genetic lineage, the cells of our bodies. All so we can rise up into the higher vibrations, not only in spirit but in body. So we can physically “run” the programming of unconditional love.


Human Love Vs Twin Flame Love

If you’ve been struggling lately, remember that drinking plenty of water helps with the physical detox and gentle exercise helps to oxygenate your cells and shift out negativity.

Spirit is also keen to remind us that even though these things are being released physically it’s still energy – so clearing what negativity comes up is essential. Use the same tools as before, they’re saying. The methods still work, it’s just that the purging is going even deeper now.

Download my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames to begin shifting out of the heaviness and opening up to love right now – it really makes a difference. My own life was transformed for the better as a result of using energy management, and you can read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with energy tools here.

Long term, the rewards are huge – it means removing the actual genetically ingrained blocks to love. Think about how human beings have lived for thousands of years… It’s mostly hard work, sex with little pleasure, having children with no control, experiencing pain…

Joy and some love as well, of course for some, but in the main human love has been about attachment, safety, desire. Bonding. Not the high vibrational energy of unconditional love Twin Flames are here to embody and gift to the world.


Your Soul Is Planning For Reunion


Twin Flames are pioneers of love. The answer to millions of prayers by unhappy human beings. For millennia they’ve prayed for love, for more love on earth. And here we are, the “secret carriers” of a whole new kind of love few have ever experienced.

All across the planet Twin Flames are transforming what it means to love. Breaking boundaries, most of all emotionally and energetically. Reuniting in love is the very core purpose Twins come to life with.

If you’re ever in doubt if your situation can truly resolve itself, that Twin Flame Reunion is really in the cards for you – remember that it’s what your soul has been planning on since before you were born.

Your soul knows what it takes and it’s got the “map” laid out. It’s all about energy and emotion. Clear the blocks, just like your soul is showing you (when difficulties keep coming up it’s so they can be resolved) and listen to your inner “emotional compass”. What feels light and right and good, is good. That’s the direction to go in.

Have a look here for my tailored program for Twin Flames to help you Reunite in love – accelerating the ascension and release process and smoothing your path for harmony.


New Insights Incoming – A Ha Moments

On October 11th Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Libra – we get a sense of high vibration communication between the Twin pair, there’s a sense of hope and joy and optimism more than in recent times.

Seeing difficult situations from a higher perspective, perhaps with the help of some insight or inspiration from “up above”. At least there is potential for this, if we are open.

However, Venus in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces on this same day – again, we are healing sexual wounds – after Pluto and Saturn dragged the “dirt” and old wounds up in recent weeks so we’d confront them head on once and for all, we are now brought face to face with the true emotions behind these wounds.

Many gain new insights and “aha” moments into old issues now. Running and Separation issues become “clearer” – there is potential for gaining new ground, releasing old cycles. Especially regarding difficulties that have had a sexual component – infidelity, secret keeping and power issues in particular.

Again, the high perspective of communication from Mercury and Jupiter in Libra is helping us see things in a different way now. Make sure you meditate regularly to “check in” with your soul and quiet the mind so you can be open to receiving these insights – whether they come as words, images or direct “downloads” of insights.

Guided meditations like this free one I’ve created for Twin Flames is a great place to start if you find it tricky to focus on meditating.


Causes of Running/Separation Brought to Light

The true emotional wounds and deeper karmic causes of repeated running cycles or feeling abandoned are being brought to light in this period. And when you know where the wound is, you can heal it for good and end the cycles.

We’re now being shown how your soul was using outer situations to make you realize what was wrong in the first place – the root of the problem. Once you solve this, your soul will let you release the lesson and move on. And that’s when Twin Flame Reunion is open to happening.

If you have or are experiencing cycles of running and separation with your Twin, I would urge you please look into the karmic background of your relationship and your own prior experiences with love (especially from past lives) as this unconscious material can cause a lot of disruptions.

Clearing karma and healing those wounds means removing the energetic “train tracks” that keep you in the same experiences over and over. Have a look here for powerful yet practical methods to clear karma and access your own and your Twin’s past life information.


Full Moon In The Sign Of the Warrior

A Full Moon in Aries on October 16th is set to bring out another layer of Ego insecurities in the face of Twin harmony.

We live in a world of engrained ideas of separation and polarity – perfectly symbolized by this “sign of the warrior”. In order for the Twins to fully come together as one, these deep-seated ego structures must be rattled loose and cleared. That’s the cosmic message right now.

Aries is the energy of “I AM” – the starting point of everything is the “I”. The child born into the world in a separate body. Libra and the Twin Flames are “We”. These opposing energies are pushing up old issues. Remember that the Ego is there to keep you safe, and it’s done a great job but it is not able to assist you on your Twin Flame journey.

The Ego is based in a perception that you are not safe in the world or safe around others (even your Twin). These insecurities and fears will be triggered now so you can clear them. This is possibly the deepest programming in the human being – from the moment we’re born into a body we’re defined and experience the world as separate from ourselves. And this has been programmed by our ancestors since the dawn of time in their experiences.


“You Vs Me”

Ego isn’t just a choice, it’s what our bodies and our earthly identities are overwhelmingly aligned with. So this stuff goes deep. It’s not just about villifying the Ego, which is in essence a defense mechanism, but clearing out what creates blocks between the Twin Flames. Because the notion of self is unfortunately a core cause of problems for Twins.

The “you vs me” issues – fault, blame – those are all the starting point of separation and struggle. The opposite to the unity that truly exists between us as souls. In order to unite Twin Flames must embrace unity. And anything to do with “you vs me” is the opposite of harmony, the opposite of unity.  

With this intense Full Moon happening opposite the Libra placement of Jupiter there is a direct opposition right now between unity and ego. And the biggest message right here is that it’s up to us. No one is judging us, it’s our choice what to align with.

Maybe you need some time to focus on self love and inner unity before re-approaching your Twin Flame situation from a new state.

Many Twin Flames will be feeling torn between the past and the future right now. Do you really want to “give up” on being “just you” so you can be “one”?



It’s OK to Need Some More Time

This isn’t an easy time for the Twin Flames – this process of unification means an existentially tricky time where our very concept of self is shifting. This is unprecedented for most people.

The only similarity that comes to mind in terms of dramatic shifts in identity, would be having a baby or something else that profoundly forces you away from the inner focus on self most of us are used to.

Spirit’s message is to take our time, to not rush into these things. For some it will be two steps forward, one step back for a while until we adjust – taking things slow and being patient with yourself is a big help. Know that we are breaking the very mold of what it means to be human, what it means to love.

As spirit said in this recent update for Twin Flames: “would you rather come together quickly or harmoniously?”

We really are moving into uncharted territory more and more. Again, the reason Twin Flames are here is to break up the human patterns of opposition and separation and conflict, to unite despite these and to come together in love – subverting and uplifting, providing earth with the powerful high vibrational love that will correct the great imbalance that’s been holding earth in negativity for generations.

To help with the shift into inner unity and upgrade the heart chakra to be able to run the energies of higher love, spirit recently channeled a powerful energy transformation session with me – it’s specifically designed to deal with the issues many Twins have been struggling with these recent months. Read more here.

twin flame heart transformation


Forcing Realizations of Unity

On this same day of the Full Moon we also have a semi-square between Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn, continuing the theme of opposition – there’s a sense of a clash between the masculine and feminine, a fight for control.

The purpose of this is to push us to the point of realizing that there are no oppositions – the Twin Flames are already One. As souls we always have been.

The point is to force us back into a corner, into the point where we let go for just long enough to feel that there’s nothing to let go of. To open up to the “secret door” in the core of our being – where we feel ourselves to be one already.

In our Twin Flame, we are always seeing a mirror of ourselves. (Read more about the Twin Flame Mirror here). If the mirror is challenging you right now, what does that say about the energy you’re sending out?

What you’re seeing and experiencing is a reflection of yourself.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are based in energy blocks and negative karma? Find out more here. 

And if you haven’t yet – download my Free Help Kit full of resources for Twin Flames here!

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  1. That is exactly how I am feeling. I do not feel safe. All of these fears coming out that I did not even know I had are coming up to the surface and depression starts and anxiety. I feel like something dark around me. I do not know if there is something dark near me or that is a fear that came forth. I feel like I am going crazy..

    1. Hi,

      Make sure you use your energy clearing tools because that’s what will get rid of it. That will also show you whether there’s really something “dark” bothering you or whether it’s just your energy. Clear your energy and see how you feel. You can look up a healer who specializes in dealing with entity attachments but it can be pretty pricy and it’s an uncommon specialty. Have a look at for someone who’s genuinely gifted and offers a “test session” to see if you’re a fit for working together.

      Remember you are the light! <3

  2. Hi Cassady! What are the symptoms of the detoxing of the physical body you mentioned?
    Today I felt totally exhausted, even though I had slept well. I had no energy at all. I had to miss work and barely could make it out of bed to eat my meals. Could this be part of those symptoms? Feeling like this, I couldn’t focus on staying in a high vibration either. Is this not good then?

  3. Hi Amber,

    I understand why you ask but that’s not the case, no. When we use affirmations and statements we are “programming positivity into the body” whereas the Aries “I Am” is more of a… seeing everything from one’s own perspective kind of thing : )

    Thanks for the question! Glad to clarify <3

    Cassady x

  4. Wow, that’s amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! : ) 33 is the “ascended masters” number – the energy of it is very empowering, the essence of “you are a soul in a body, shift into your own power – you’re doing so great!”

    333 is actually “my number” : ) 3 3s in my DOB, grew up in house number 3, with two 3 soul path parents, a 3 soul path soul mate! I love seeing 333!

    I’m getting the insight 11:11 isn’t necessary for you right now in the same way, that’s why they’re not showing it to you – that’s the awakening code and you’ve already “awakened” ! 333 is more about grounding into your own power, recognising your own divinity, spirit is saying x

    Sending you love and light <3


    1. Thanks Cassady. I too felt that they didn’t need to show me 1111 🙂
      Today at work there was a clairvoyant doing free tarot readings as part of a “fun day”(what are the odds?) I saw her and she mentioned a big change for me, spring cleaning, a trip, a second wedding (even though I said I am married – so she said it must be a romantic trip with my husband) all within the next year. Afterwards she said she sensed my negative energy and said, “is there anything you want to ask me?” I told her there was someone I have feelings for (I didnt say “twin flame”) and I gave her his birth date. She instantly said we are soulmates and that we were together very closely in a previous life. She kept bringing up 3 and 9 cards (I don’t know tarot but I think one was 9 of swords). She said that we are both “nines”. I don’t know what what that means but she kept saying, “very karmic.”
      She then said she couldn’t see him in my cards, and that maybe he “won’t go for it” and warned me to tread very carefully. She said this is my last life.

  5. How interesting, thank you for sharing! The rope with knots seems to indicate complications but they’re based in illusions. Triangles represent the masculine or feminine polarity principles – depending on whether they’re upright like a “fire” or downward like a “cup”…

    Spirit is indicating your twin is troubled on the unconscious level with the energies/emotions of the collective male guilt towards the female, symbolized in this dream. You can help him clear it – when you do your own clearings, just connect him to the light too and ask the light to transmute these energies and attachments.

    The wonderful thing is you found each other in love in the dream <3

    Cassady x

  6. I can’t believe how accurate this is! Today me and my twin came to blows about past issues, insecurities etc. The blame game. It was all there. My angst was off the charts! We’ve been experiencing conflict and separation for quite some time with moments of unity in between. The struggle is very real! My life has taken a back seat as I’m a carer and this has hampered my inner self and well being. I’ve also had family issues with my sister so I’m radiating a heap of negative energy right now. We are at the point of nothing left to fight for yet neither one will completely let go. My twin has been involved in two relationships during this period of unity/conflict (since my birthday last year) and he’s now entered a third. Today’s message was for me to look within and ‘reinvent’ myself. Has anyone been through this or got to this point? I would love some feedback please.

  7. Hi Cassidy, thanks so much for this information. This post is spot on. My twin and I have been in unity/separation since March last year. We’ve been reflecting each other during this time. I feel like I’ve been to hell and back more times than I can remember. Very intense. We’ve had moments of unity which have been great but then the separation again. Only yesterday we had a lengthy and very emotional discussion about our journeys, reinventing ourselves, past hurt and angst, the blame game etc. We finished up with me realising that I have to look within and make the necessary changes and healing to stop the negative energy that I am very obviously projecting to my twin. His very words were that I have to reinvent myself. I’ve read some of your previous blog posts and they are spot on. It’s right where I am in my life right now with my twin. I’m going to study your free kit and learn what I can to help me detox this negative energy. I would love to hear your thoughts too please Cassady?

  8. Hi Cassady! I am new to all of this and I listened to both the alignment and meditation tools just now. I did feel a huge lightening and joy enter me. I have been told that Steve my ex boyfriend of almost 4 years is my twin flame and I am doing this to bring up my vibrations as well as learn how to bring him back to me. We were very much in love and we took a few months off dating. He started dating a woman who lost her husband to cancer one month prior. My question is will this all help to bring him back to me? I know I have some things I have to cleanse out of me and have been on my own for months now. I am a much more positive person and realize my own mistakes but he has changed his phone number and hasn’t spoken to me since August 28, 2016. Very unusual for him. We have gone for a month without talking but never this long. When I went into the tent after the garden I saw his face, we hugged and even kissed. The other thing I wanted to mention is that my dreams have been about strawberries and rocks. I am either climbing up large rocks or standing shakily on smaller ones. I have been meditating every evening before bed with a white candle lit (red the last two nights). I sleep so much better but am not sure if I am meditating or asking the right things. Any advise is appreciated.

  9. Hi Cassady! I just experienced one of the most intimate nights I can recall with my twin flame. We spent the night at his house, which I haven’t been in in over 4 years. I remember thinking to myself…this is happening now! It was such an intense and powerful experience that I am having trouble putting it into words. Because of this, several blocks were brought up afterwards involving fear, jealousy, and the past. I can relate to your article in the sense that i feel my entire identity is shifting; things are coming up to be cleared that I never dared look at before. I feel myself entering into a place that I have never been. I am both terrified and excited at the same time. But I am looking at my blocks head on and putting in the work. It’s almost like I am learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is a very strange feeling, but I am choosing with all my heart to embrace it. Sending love and light <3

  10. Hi Cassady, Thank you much ! I love your weekly updates ! I have met my twin flame and soulmate both in this lifetime. I am confused as to who is what though I have a fair idea but can’t come to any decent conclusion. I am totally confused and emotionally drained in last 4 years because of this trauma of indecisiveness that I am facing.

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