Scorpio Calls – Inner Alchemy. The Danger Of The “Positive Thinking” Trend. Will You Face Your Darkness To Allow Love’s Phoenix To Rise From The Ashes?

Welcome into a week full of new potential developments, lessons, challenges, opportunities and positives!

Focus in Scorpio, the mythological “underworld”, there is much happening on a deeper level.

The Twin Flame connection goes through a process of death and rebirth – are you willing to allow a new and higher state to emerge, to go within and face the shadows…?

More details below.

Twin Flame Ascension Made “Easy”

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With the Free Energy Cleanse Guided Meditation you’ll be able to cleanse out of your system any negativity that arises as conflict, heaviness, separation programming and other density is pushed up in your system and the collective energies.

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Staying Conscious – Inner Peace

Despite Venus retrograde throwing some heaviness into the mix this week and challenging us to uplevel the way we deal with relationships and our inner state – there are some positives to be enjoyed!

We start this week on a high note as the Sun, Moon and Ceres snuggle up together in Libra for the New Moon.

This tends to bring a feeling of inner peace, of being on the same page mentally and emotionally. You’re set to have a sense of clarity about yourself above all.

To feel strong inside, aware of what serves you and what doesn’t. And as this happens in a trine to Mars in Aquarius, we see that you’re taking actions that serve your purpose.

You seem conscious of your intentions and your role in creating your future.

You seem honest about the situation at hand, and we see you valuing yourself above all. Which is a key thing for the Twin Flame connection

(Read why here in “The Truth About The Twin Flame Mirror”).

The Twin Flame Paradox – Yes/No

The paradox with Twin Flames is that how we feel about OURSELVES is reflected in our counterpart – as we are the same original consciousness.

So many Twins discover that when they begin to focus on inner wholeness, facing their shadows and cherishing and honoring themselves, the connection with their Twin becomes harmonized…

More than when they were pushing for it from the outside.

With this trine to Mars in Aquarius we’re also shown by spirit, support from the Masculine Twin – and very strongly, a sense of admiration on his part. The Masculine Twin seems impressed and proud of his counterpart, above all for how she honors herself.

For how unique she is, for how strong she has shown herself to be. There’s a sense that some unawakened Masculine Twins feel unworthy of their Feminine counterparts…

That they aren’t “good enough” for her. It could be a strong reason why they’re pulling away or acting out in the connection.

To help your Twin open up more, have a look at this session where we help them step out of 3D ego programming and separation templates, in full alignment with their Free Will.

twin flame awakening

Where May You Be Pushing Love Away?

With a square to Pluto, there’s a strict sense that you might not be completely honest with yourself about your deeper motivations and unconscious feelings.

Sure, you would consciously like to be happy and in love, to share divine union… But are you working against it on some level?

Could you be harboring secret shame about yourself beneath it all, or worries about the future?

If so, it’s important not to just sweep it under the carpet, spirit shows us. Pluto always pushes to get what’s repressed out in the open.

The new age “positive thinking” trend of recent years can powerfully backfire because our systems are put under enormous pressure when we try to ignore the negativity trying to be shown to us.

Our souls will always work to show us our fears, blocks and the heaviness in our systems, because it weighs down our energy. (Learn what that really means here in “Why The Twin Flame Journey is An Inside Job”)

What Are You Really “Saying” To The Universe?

Someone who’s forcing themselves into thinking positively, yet ignoring their deeper fears, are unfortunately setting themselves up for failure.

Because the universe doesn’t “hear our words” or wishes or prayers…It’s reacting to the frequency, the energy we’re emitting.

And if there’s fear, shame, guilt, anger, resentment and so on in our system, that’s all being signaled out to the universe as a “silent prayer’ matching us up with more of the same.

As Twin Flames we’re pushed strongly by our souls to cleanse out the human society’s negativity we’ve taken on.

Because unconditional love exists in the high frequencies – and as long as we’re tainted with fear and blame while pretending to be open to love… It can’t work.

(Watch a video about how this works here)

Reunion With Self/Other Self

This New Moon is all about inner balance, and it feels like a Reunion With Self, is what spirit calls it.

It’s the beginning of a new 28 day phase with powerful effects for the long run. You’re set to feel more like yourself than in recent times.

Many Twins in Ascension feel they lose hold of who they used to be, as kundalini rising (read about what that means here) and the powerful effect of the Twins meeting begins to rattle their identity.

Well, this week you’re set to feel more grounded and clear about yourself. If you can be honest with yourself about any deeper lingering issues as well, we see you making big progress these next few weeks!

We see above all, that you feel satisfied with how true to yourself you are being – with or without your Twin Flame.

Of course, the paradox is, that when you’re true to yourself you’re activating powerfully the Twin Flame soul song and actually sending out a powerful clarion call signal to your Twin – attracting them more positively.

If you could use some help stepping into self love and inner wholeness, click here.


Changing Self Image, Love

With Venus still moving retrograde in an opposition to Uranus Retrograde in Taurus, we see that you’re being pushed to changes in terms of love, self image and how you approach relationships.

Uranus seems almost exasperated, trying to show us that all our relationships are in some sense a reflection of our relationship with OURSELVES…

The one eternal relationship we have in life, through thick and thin!

And we see that this primal relationship we have with ourselves might be the one key thing that needs to change to shift everything on the outside into place. We have to face the shadows, to open to a lasting light.

To bliss with another person.

So ask yourself, what messages were you given about yourself as a child?
What were you told about who you were and what your role was with others?

Are You Putting Others First? Authenticity In Focus

To give you an example, I remember being always encouraged to be kind to others, and in essence to put their feelings before my own.

Throughout life this lead to a lot of frustration as I ended up attracting friends and relationships where I never felt like people knew me properly – because I was putting up this facade of being a “good girl”.

And of course this messed up my Twin connection, as I wasn’t being authentic with myself OR others.

So whether you were directly criticized, talked down or experienced trauma with parents getting divorced, an absent parent or other drama in the household as a child…

This has impacted your deeper unconscious programming as regards relationships and how you interact with yourself. (Read more about that here)

Reaching Into Bliss

Much of this content is stored in us unconsciously, on a body level and in our emotional templates, as we were too young to “make sense” of what happened.

But it’s highly important to shift out of any damaging programming, to open up to a true state of love inside… And to uplift all our relationships with others.

Spirit shows us, wouldn’t it feel amazing to walk through life being in love with YOURSELF above all? To cherish and appreciate yourself with every breath?

Wouldn’t that feel like walking on sunshine? Living in bliss?

This is the kind of work we do in my new 5 week coaching program The Love Blueprint – the most in-depth and yet fun program I’ve ever created. Click here to read more and see testimonials from others who’ve taken the program.

If you get started now you’ll be finished with your Love Blueprint transformation by the time Venus turns direct later this fall! Click here to watch a video on the process.

What Isn’t Being Said Between You?

As Mercury enters Scorpio Tuesday 9th October we’re stepping into a new and different phase in communication and information. In this coming period, it’s all about what’s going on beneath the surface.

In your Twin Flame connection, pay attention to what’s NOT being said. Pay attention to your dreams in this period to get profound insights.

Keep a journal and note down a few things you remember whenever you wake up in the mornings. This is set to yield amazing insights that will help you moving forward.

Twin Flames’ higher selves often communicate with each other through dreams, so you don’t want to miss out on any insights.

Click here for an article on how to interpret dreams and symbolic communication on the Twin Flame path.


11:11 Male/Female Karma Rising

Wednesday-Thursday there’s a brief high as the Moon joins up with Jupiter in Scorpio, enhancing this same tendency.

Messages from your deeper consciousness are set to come up, with a sense of lightness – breakthroughs can happen.

Amazing guided ideas and solutions can show up in this period. Key is they’re likely to come in the moments of silence – for best results take some time to meditate and again, stay aware of your dreams.

Saturday the large asteroid Lilith joins with Mars at 11 degrees Aquarius on her retrograde path – 11:11, putting pressure on Male/Female interaction.

The collective human past has a strong impact on this. It’s likely with conflict based in power issues. This is karmic content (read about what that means here).

Remember that most Twin Flames have soul contracts to come together in life to heal and release the ancient human separation programming of male vs female.

And often, Twins end up as “actors” playing out this programming – unaware that it’s not really “their stuff” in the first place.

Twin Flame Oneness – Approaching A New Sense Of “You”

Be conscious and careful with this kind of Male/Female issue this weekend in particular.

Remember that we are all ultimately souls in human bodies. Above all Twin Flames – one soul in two bodies.

As spirit has told us before:

If you were born in your Twin’s body, in their family, in their circumstances, you would in essence be them.

If they had been born in your body, in your family, in your circumstances, they would in essence be you.


Saturn – The Great Teacher, Throwing Some Shade

You’ll feel better to remember this come Sunday when the Moon passes Saturn, causing heaviness and a tendency to depression.

For best results, focus on work and “boring” practical tasks at this time.

Perhaps your yard could do with some raking, you want to exercise to lose weight or you need to clean your house or do your taxes?

Saturn is notorious for pessimism but can be powerful for getting things done – traditionally, he helps us reduce what’s unnecessary so is also considered beneficial for weight loss, dieting and budgeting.

Paving Your Path

As you see from this forecast, there are continuous energetic influxes impacting the earth plane in order to push human beings into their evolution as souls, and Twins are highly pushed by these energies due to the Ascension process.

Every day we interact with energy, even if we don’t realize it.

You’ll notice it from little things like walking into a room and instinctively knowing something’s up – feeling the residue of an argument, sadness, gossip…

We are all energetic beings, and as Twin Flames we’re being pushed to release any and all negativity in order to be able to go back to that core Soul Song we share with our Twin.

Free Will And Twin Flame Reunion

Here’s the truth: We always have Free Will and Twin Flame Unity and togetherness is never a guarantee.

We have the option to progress through Ascension the “hard way” …

Through experiencing everything in 3D “real time” and going through the emotional struggle and often repeated cycles of the same lesson keeping us in Running and Separation until we finally understand deeply why and how this is happening.

And in that realm, many Twins will never get together and experience the true love that exists between them as souls.

There’s no knowing how long the journey back together can take, if it happens at all. Some Twins struggle with Running and Separation for decades. I’ve had clients who have been waiting on their Twin for decades.

But it really doesn’t have to be that way. It doesn’t have to take a lifetime or more to come together.

The New Wave Of Twin Flames – Accelerated Ascension

When we use new metaphysical energy clearing tools, we can root out the energy and karmic patterns that have been keeping us stuck. Thereby speeding up the release process enormously.

We can free ourselves to learn the lessons from a higher perspective, illumination.

Learning our lessons without “living” the lessons.

This makes us able to move through Ascension at a much higher speed and takes away the pain and emotional suffering that’s so common on the Twin Flame path.

The Twin Flame Journey Isn’t Meant To Be A Struggle.

The purpose of the Ascension process is to clear out all blocks to love, and get Twins together so that we can do what we came here for: To live in Unconditional Love and be sources of light on the planet.

It’s a human misconception that the suffering of Twin Flames is somehow “divinely decreed” or “romantic”. You’re not meant to be in pain.

That would only push more negativity into the earth and the collective fields.

We are here to rise above! And we are meant to use the resources available to us to make this as blissful a journey as possible.

To get started with my methods – get the free kit here. Or, go here and ask what you feel guided to. Your soul is always “speaking” to you about what’s to your highest good.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light! I’m so honored to be on this beautiful path beside you! <3

Cassady x

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the Vibrational Alignment Program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter and my twin and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!” “

– Jessica N. California, USA


twin flame program

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

Twin Flames 11:11 Comment Guidelines

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  1. Ever since I began to follow your blog, I have started to gradually change my heart and mind – and therefore my life as well. My twin has been noticing this beautiful change in me (and I see it in them, too) and that has brought us closer together, finally. Loving yourself is truly an important step towards finding unity.

    And we will only get stronger as we continue.

  2. Dear Cassady, I have been shown a block thanx to your blog. I cried so deeply. This is a gamechanger. I feel it. Will do a clearing now. I can’t wait to start with the love blue print course. I think this is the step for me. I have been writing an ermail with a question and will start right after the answer. Thank you for making this course. I have the feeling it is epic! I am making inner love and outer bliss happening!

  3. I have a question about this part of the forecast: “The Masculine Twin seems impressed and proud of his counterpart, above all for how she honors herself. For how unique she is, for how strong she has shown herself to be. There’s a sense that some unawakened Masculine Twins feel unworthy of their Feminine counterparts…. That they aren’t “good enough” for her. It could be a strong reason why they’re pulling away or acting out in the connection.”

    Could these thoughts/feelings about his counterpart also cause the masculine twin to look deeper within himself for answers? Could this be a push to better himself, clear his own energy, etc? Could this energy compel him to feel held to a higher standard, which would then cause him to rise to meet that standard?

    1. Dear Violet, please focus on your own healing. At the beginning I made the mistake and focussed only on the healing of my twin (since I am a healer and coach too and I thought that he is more broken than me. BIG misunderstanding! He perfectly mirrors me).
      If you do your homework and this causes a raising of your vibration, your twin MUST follow and do his work too. He will do it more subconsciously since his conscious mind is not aware of what is going on. He is literally on blindflight. But trust him. If you can do it, he can do it too. Just focus on yourself and your healing. In my experience with my twin focussing on my own healing and wellbeing made the biggest shifts also for him.
      God bless you and your twin flame! Namasté!

      1. Thank you for your response, Kirsten! I tend to use masculine pronouns (he, him, his) when describing the masculine twin, but honestly….I’m not sure if I’m the masculine or feminine twin, which also means I’m not sure which my twin is either. We both have a mix of each, so my question was as much about him as it was about me.
        I’m glad you told me focus on myself and my wellbeing because I’ve had major inner focus over the last few months/years and I’m proud to say I’ve made a ton of progress. Your words are wonderful confirmation that I’m on the right track. You’ve also given me a beautiful reminder that I need to remember to trust my twin.
        Thank you for your kind words. Love and light to you and your twin. ??

        1. It’s actually possible to both be both fem/masc. That’s considered even more healthy than one being masculine and the other being feminine. My Twin and I are both thankfully both. Try to find the masc/fem test on here. (All the tests here are very enlightening.)

      2. This happened to me as well. I assumed that I was doing the healing work for both of us…and today, I found out that one of the issues I am dealing with, he has just come through recently! So it made me wonder if in fact, he is the one leading the way? That was quite a revelation, and one I had not thought of until now.

      3. I completely agree and can also attest to this being true. I was just the same in constantly feeling the need to “babysit” my twin…..however, when I finally allowed them to work on themselves – and trusted that they were capable and willing – and started to work on myself instead………they proved themselves very well. After only a week later they began to make HUGE improvements (and without me. Who’da thought?)

        Work on yourself. They will, too.

  4. Every one of these posts aligns exactly where I feel I am at with who I feel is my twin. He is running and it happened very suddenly with very weak excuses as to why (I’m still not completely sure why) we never fought and he just changed overnight. It’s been 2 months since he ended things, and a month since we last talked. I had a few dreams and then they stopped. I was finally feeling stronger and content with myself, he was not on my mind as much and the tightness in my chest had disappeared. But I had a dream of him last night. He gave me notes he had written me, all encouraging and supportive. He was smiling and excited but left and there was no physical interaction in the dream. Everytime I feel strong and walk away, this happens and it feels like I’m being pulled back. I honestly don’t think we will reconcile despite the lack of any major issues that happened between us. Distance was our biggest hurdle, we live thousands of miles apart and timing hadn’t happened yet where we could be physically closer but it wasn’t impossible. We met several times in person and he always felt like home, like we knew each other. Nothing was awkward, he felt very familiar. I’m trusting my guides and that my path ahead is for my own benefit. I have done work within myself to be here, now and not live in the past or worry about the future. I have grown. I just wonder about these dreams. I remember having one that he left me, months before he did. I even told him about it and he said he never wanted to lose me and it would never happen. And then it did. Did I set that in action by sharing it with him? Sorry for the long comment, thank you for these post, they offer a lot of guidance and comfort with what I am deeply feeling. I constantly get the number signs when I am thinking of him but never when I have pushed him from my mind. Love and Light to you also.

  5. What do I do when my flame is already rich & famous and she wants me to rise up to meet her? Though Im ambitious Im just not there yet on my journey. Im feeling torn but not because i feel unworthy. I have happiness and health but not wealth and abundance. I feel as if I should be accepted for what I am and what I give should be reciprocated but its not.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your question!

      The strong insight I’m getting is that you’re actually an important part of grounding her and your souls are working on this together – you are showing her in an important way that fame & money/success isn’t “what it’s all about”.

      You being you, the way you are, is an amazing reminder and anchor for her soul. About what really matters. Who you ARE, not what you have or what other people think.

      On the soul level she is so loving and caring about you, she really admires you. Her soul knows that as a human being she has become involved in the world of “mirage” is the word I’m getting. That it seems to be about outer success, but she feels empty inside on some level. Your love is what she really longs for… to feel “complete”, is the word I’m hearing.

      Spirit is showing me, the fact that she’s been so eager for outer validation is a sign of how she longs for love and unity – she’s just seeking it in the “wrong” place as a human being.

      They’re showing she can “hear” and feel your soul calling for her. She wants to respond but seems confused in the “real world”. I see you taking her hand energetically, and it kind of “clicks” her into remembering. Interacting with her on the soul level will be very helpful for both you and her.

      Sending you love and light <3 Cassady x

      1. wow Cassady thank you for responding i did not expect that. I really appreciate it and am going to take your advice.

  6. I am struggling lately. I’ve done so much healing and changed and cleared so much, but my longing isn’t healing. sometimes I doubt the man I think is my Dm even knows I exist! I know the universe has greater lessons for me here but romantic things are feeling outwardly pretty hopeless. I felt for a while that union was immenent but nothing happens. I do wonder what the forces have planned.?

    1. Hi Emma!

      Thanks for the question – you say “I do wonder what the forces have planned”, and maybe without realizing it you showed up your own block, the thing so many Twins get weighed down by!

      I don’t mean to patronize or offend, but the very belief that it’s up to something outside of yourself whether you come together with your Twin – is something your soul is working to push you to confront.

      You are here to use your free will as a co-creator of your reality – including with your Twin Flame journey! You’re being STRONGLY encouraged to go within and connect with him on the soul level as he has so many beautiful things to show you about his hopes for the future and his real feelings for you.

      Know that your journey is beyond the physical, and stay strong in your belief is spirit’s message. They can and will help you, and are showing that part of that help is now in showing you how this belief has been blocking things.

      No one else is blocking you but your energy – you’re experiencing the residue of past “automatic manifestation” (ie. the stuff you aligned with before clearing/uplifting). It’s making its way out of your system and reality field… quite powerfully – I see you’ve shifted and cleared a LOT… but it takes a little while for it to catch up in physical reality, like when a pipe has been clogged and you have to run the water to get it clear and drinkable again.

      Sending you love and light! <3 Cassady

      1. Wow. I hadn’t seen your reply, Cassady, until just now…I had assumed my post was a bit too negative to be approved, much less responded to with such sincerity and kindness. Thank you for this. I’ve even avoided meditation this last week and I probably needed it something fierce. Going to resume in faith. ??? best peace to you.

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