Can You Let Yourself Have “It”? Venus Enters Virgo – Deservingness, Self Love And Twin Flame Chasing In Focus. Plus, What The Universe Is Trying To Warn You About – Illusions…


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Venus enters Virgo for a brand new chapter in love – but, are you able to master the Twin Flame lessons of self love? Your Twin’s higher self is trying to help you.

Plus, Mercury opposite Neptune shows us that things are not quite as they seem in the Twin Flame connection… In fact, it’s likely going BETTER than you’ve thought!

Discover more below:

Mercury – Confusion/Illusions

We enter into the week with a noticeable effect for Twin Flames and in particular the spiritual connection.

With Mercury opposition Neptune, it’s highly likely you’re feeling distance between the physical and spiritual “realities”.

In particular, you may feel like the 3D physical doesn’t live up to your hopes and dreams…

Feeling Cut Off From Love?

And although your Twin Flame has shown you their devotion in dreams, visions, through signs and symbols as the higher self …

You may feel cut off from them, or you are experiencing their “lower” ego self NOT living up to these displays of unconditional love.

This can be very challenging to handle, but as with all transits there is a gift to it.

Try to see it as a learning experience in trusting YOURSELF and loving YOURSELF above all!

This will open your spiritual connection and your Twin Flame bond higher as well.

A New Phase Of Harmony

One of the main shifts this week is Mercury enters Libra, which brings a new “atmosphere” and a new cycle in communication.

Mercury in Virgo is heightened in effect, as it’s Mercury’s second sign after Gemini.

And when “he” travels through Virgo the focus is all about details, perfection and solving perceived problems.

In fact, don’t feel bad if you’ve noticed yourself or others nitpicking, criticising or even being judgmental in recent months…!

Exiting Shadow Terrain

Mercury in Libra is a completely different atmosphere.

It’s all about harmony, understanding, diplomacy and beauty.

So if you’ve been having issues in your Twin Flame connection, it will likely flow a bit more smoothly beginning with the end of this week.

Spirit shows us, it’s as if people awaken to how hurtful they may have been with their words and perspectives in recent times, and now they begin to make up for it.

Mercury also just left the “shadow zone” from his retrograde, so we’re fully moving into a new phase this week.

Soul Love Couples

Venus and Juno are still travelling together as an “item” through the end of Leo and this week they enter Virgo together.

Juno is the ruler of soul love relationships, and Venus the planet of love, so when they not only join in a rare conjunction …but actually travel together forward as they’ve done for weeks now…

We are seeing progress in the 3D physical and soul aspects of the Twin Flame and soul mate connections.

However, most Twins are still in a phase where the cosmic energies are working to DE-tangle you or your counterpart from an outsider connection…

Or to get you away from non-guided circumstances, or otherwise help you to be freed up and AVAILABLE to togetherness in the physical and beyond.

(For help with this go here).


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Venus/Juno Enter Virgo 

Venus and Juno spent an unusually long time in Leo, especially as Venus had her retrograde there between July and early September.

Now, we enter a new chapter.

Unfortunately it’s not a “happy” or easy phase for love, as Virgo is all about healing and resolving imbalances and “problems”.

If Venus is about encouragement, Virgo is about identification of flaws – in order to fix them. It means you will likely benefit very much from Venus’ time in Virgo – but it will probably not be pleasant or easy.

Perfectionism, The Hidden “Enemy”

One of the most important things for you to remember, is to be EXTRA kind to yourself over the next month. Be careful with your thoughts, as it’s going to be easy to end up being judgmental and critical of yourself and others now…

And it’s a tendency to end up sacrificing and over-extending yourself for others, and then feeling lacklustre and stressed yourself.

Remember to make an effort to be gentle, balanced and conscious. And, you deserve your OWN love, as much as others do.

For Twin Flames, self love is in fact CRUCIAL for a harmonious journey, so it’s highly likely you’ll be asked to face lessons around this now.

For more info and help with this, go here.

Martyrdom Syndrome?

As Venus moves into Virgo, you also need to beware martyrdom syndrome” in Twin Flame Love – remember youre a team, not opponents.

And even if it seems like your Twin is not participating much, on the soul level they always are!

In love its always important to learn to receive and to take, not just give. Many Twins, lightworkers and empaths are so kind and giving and selfless they end up feeling ignored and unappreciated by those around them.

The Importance Of Self Love

If this applies to you, try to take some baby steps towards giving to yourself as well as others now while the energies support you to “learn this lesson”.

This will shift your energy to allow it in and encourage others to be as generous towards you as you are with them.

Spend a few hours a week doing something you love just because, or give yourself a small gift each week.

It doesnt have to be expensive, the main thing is to show yourself some care and love independently of how anyone else is behaving.

Venus Enters Virgo 

Ultimately, your Twin Flame journey starts and ends with you – your relationship with yourself is the blueprint for love that all other relationships relate to.

So make sure youre as good to yourself as you want others to be to you!

Our society teaches us that we are lacking, and have to spend our lives making up for these perceived flaws and shortcomings (just look at advertising and social media) – and this can become a huge block on the Twin Flame journey.

Extra Hard On Yourself?

But once you find your way back to self love, youll be in alignment once more with that core frequency or soul song” you and your Twin Flame share.

And that means youll have moved past so many of the toughest lessons on this life-changing journey.

But I know this is often easier said than done.

We ALL experience that as Twin Flames.

So if youre not there with self love quite yet, this month is a great time to start taking some steps in a positive direction.

Saturn Gets Involved

Another key event this week is that moving into Virgo, Venus/Juno run into an opposition with Saturn Retrograde.

This signals a karmic challenge. Keep this in mind during the whole week, into next.

Spirit shows us that a central theme is: lack of self love is often an ancestral pattern, especially for the Feminine Twin.

Historically, most females were taught to give to others and expect very little in return, and that their worth was tied to serving other people. Therefore, most female Twins are carrying this karmically. 

The amazing thing is, we are here to break through it, though! And we are here for so much more.

Outsiders, Delays?

If you feel that things are taking longer than you’d like with your Twin Flame journey to unity, don’t take it personally.

Because a lot of the time delays are for YOUR benefit so you can be more balanced when you DO reunite – such as clearing old karmic negativity. 

So if there are issues with outsiders and so on, know that it’s just stuff to take action on clearing so the path opens for you to come together.

I do highly recommend clearing soul contracts to enable this to shift out of the way quickly and with ease.

Delays don’t HAVE to happen, but often you need to take an active hand in the matter.

More on that here.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

With squares between Venus/Juno and Uranus and Jupiter Retrogrades still, it shows that you’re being asked to keep going. Don’t falter now. Don’t second guess your heart, so to speak.

Some things may need to be UN-done before unity can fully happen in the physical especially.

Keep your focus on your path and staying in alignment, being your best, happiest self.

Don’t get distracted by outside “noise”, or doubt.

Mercury Opposition Neptune Retrograde

Remember, with Mercury opposition Neptune Retrograde, not everything is what it seems.

For example, it may seem your counterpart is content with someone else, but you aren’t realizing that deep down they’ve been wanting to end that connection for months already and they have been unhappy with that person.

(As just ONE example).

In some way, things are not what they seem.

Listen to your heart and your intuition. If it’s been a while since you’ve checked in with your guidance and your own intuition, now is the time.

A Confusing Week With Cosmic Lessons

This is set to be a week which may feel confusing in the moment, but you’ll later look back and realize what was truly going on and why it was helpful.

Something is not as it seems in your connection right now.

In fact, things are somehow better than you thought!

However, there are still things that need to be un-done and shifted to open up to physical togetherness.

More on this in coming weeks, as we journey further.

As always, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x

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