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New Developments for Masculine and Feminine – Increased Security, Light From Within. Plus Change Shakes Up The Situation for Lightworkers and Twins: Destruction Makes Way For the Answers to Your Prayers…


This fall has been tough for most Twin Flames, and I want to thank everyone who writes to me! Unfortunately so many Twins contact me that I’m unable to answer everyone personally, but I do my best to address issues directly through the blog.

I so much appreciate you opening up and sharing your stories with me looking for answers, I know it’s a big thing!

Please have a look at the blog and see if I might have covered what you’re asking about before in an articles. As Twin Flames 11:11 has been up for over 18 months there are hundreds of articles on various common Twin Flame issues. Use the search box on the right hand side

And most importantly if you’re struggling right now, please don’t give up – I’ve seen things change dramatically for the better for so many!

No matter what’s happened before or how hard things feel for you right now, know that there are solutions and answers, and things really can change for you!

If you haven’t already, please go ahead and download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit and get started with the energy cleanse kit, as this will cleanse your chakras and uplift your energy almost immediately.

You will feel a shift for the better with yourself, and it helps to open up your Twin Flame connection to harmony again. And if you feel like you need to talk to someone one on one, have a look here.


New Themes For The Feminine

Venus is now moving through the last part of Sagittarius, sign of philosophy, freedom and spiritual exploration – continuing the themes in love of balancing the feminine and masculine polarity energies in the Twin Flame pair.

We’re still in a phase of the feminine being pushed to independence, to seek “her” own joy above all. Counteracting old ancestral programming and biological perceptions of limitation.

As Venus continues her journey through terrain encouraging her freedom and happiness, Mars on the last cusp of Capricorn comes straight into conflict with the sign’s ruler Saturn and Uranus retrograde on November 9th.

These energies are heavily challenging the Masculine, pushing him to let go of old ego patterns, shaking him up. This is about facing up to responsibility to others, learning to think in terms of “we” instead of “I”.

If you haven’t yet seen it I would highly recommend reading A Message From The Divine Masculine – to understand the deeper perspectives and to heal your heart.


Challenging the Masculine

If your Masculine polarity Twin has had a habit of “adventurousness” at the expense of others, expect him to run into energetic opposition right now. The cosmic balance is at stake, so “his” soul is putting up blocks and walls to get the masculine to face facts and listen.

Saturn and Uranus say, you’ve got to leave your baggage by the wayside in order to move on. This can’t continue.

Ego is great at protecting us, in fact it’s so effective at its job that it will often protect us against people we love even though there’s no real danger.

In order for the Twins to come together in harmony, pride and ego must take a back seat more and more. Right now, the Masculine ego is being given a powerful setback by the “planet of karmic teaching”.

The past is likely to catch up with “him” and it’s not likely to be pleasant…

A reconfiguration of identity and energy is going on, preparing “him” for unconditional love. This is actually a larger energetic imbalance that’s being corrected. The feminine is being lifted up while the masculine seems to be pulled down – so the scales can equalize, harmony be reached…

To assist your Twin Flame in this process and help old negativity move out swiftly, without triggering you – try the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames, which cleanses both your chakra systems and the channels between you to remove potential causes of Running and Separation. This is essential for Twins whose counterpart has had a lot of partners or is “running” – we remove attachments to outsiders and clear triggers and negativity.

Because Twin Flames can feel each other’s moods, thoughts and even at late stages of union taste each other’s food and drink – this is essential. You don’t want to end up feeling the residue of your Twin’s intimacy with someone else or take on your Twin’s guilt or insecurity. Have a look here for more.


Letting Go Of Old Love

November 10th we have strong alignments between Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, continuing these themes of leaving the old behind.

These hugely powerful planets have electromagnetic gravitational fields that impact the earth and human beings from hundreds of thousands of miles away.

They’re being shown to me as janitors of the solar system. Just like in nature, we must have beings that make sure the old and outworn gets composted and disintegrated – clearing away the “dead” to make room for new life.

Often they will insist on clearing away what we human beings aren’t ready to let go of. The wisdom these energies carry though is – if we never let go of the old, we don’t have room for the new that’s on its way to us.

What we’re being asked to let go of might include outworn situations and dynamics within the Twin Flame relationship… In order for love to blossom, the dead branches must be cut.

In order to invite in Unconditional Love and Twin Flame Union, we must let go of the previous, less ideal versions of love we’ve been trying so hard to hold onto. Try the Higher Heart Transformation Journey for help.

I was just recently shown something truly amazing by spirit – that it’s actually the heart chakra that’s our source of connection to our eternal soul and to the source of all things (as some people call it, “God”). The heart is the portal, not the mind – not even the crown chakra.

This is why Twin Flames are so important to earth’s own Ascension – we’re pioneers of love, heart “warriors” of light who become portals to pure love when we get together…

On earth most of us have closed our hearts in order to be protected from hurt but I was shown that this actually shuts down our spiritual power and our ability to come together as Twin Flames. So to begin opening up once more, from a higher place of uncondtional love – go here.


New Themes in Love – Security, Commitment

Venus moves into Capricorn now, and again we have new themes in Love and for the Twin Flame Ascension process – the journey to Union.

This next period will see a focus on commitment, security, loyalty, reliability. Projects and perspectives for the long term. Big changes with an impact on the future can occur now, new solid foundations built.

Use these energies wisely to reevaluate what you’ve been manifesting for your Twin Flame connection – What repeated worries or fears have you been having? What’s really been going on in your mind, behind the scenes? Sort these things out right now so they don’t continue to be the basis of your future.

Have you written down your desired situation with your Twin? If not, do so now – even make a vision board or write it out with words.

This helps focus your energy and bring you into alignment. You are now creating consciously rather than allowing fear and old programming to dictate your future. A famous Harvard study showed that writing down your goals and dreams makes you much more likely to achieve and experience them.

In the Higher Heart Transformation Journey we go through clearing up old blocks and planting new positive seeds of manifestation for your future path – channeled to me by spirit to help Twin Flames manifest love and joy, opening up the heart bond between you and your Twin Flame once more.


When Things Fall Apart So Something Better Can Come Together

All this week, Jupiter opposition Uranus retrograde shows we’re uplifting situations around change – changes that are happening in the lives of Lightworkers and Twin Flames around the next few months are “overseen” by the higher dimensions.

A protective guiding hand seems to be at work in your life’s circumstances.

Jupiter represents a mild presence to help you deal with the dramatic changes brought on by Uranus. Their collective message is: breaking down to build up, destroying in order to create something better and more to your highest good, as you’ve been praying and asking for.

If something seems to be “breaking down” in this period, remember that it is simply the beginning of a new phase that’s about to start. That things are “falling apart” so that something better can come together. As one door closes, a window opens, as the saying goes…

In the midst of change, try to find some time for quiet meditation and relaxation so you can tune into your soul’s insights and step out of the cycles of drama from “real life”.

When you step back and connect with your eternal self, you will find your path much smoother. If you find it hard to focus, try my Free guided meditation for Twin Flames to start with.

Emotions Run High Midweek

As the Moon transits to conjunct Neptune and then Chiron on Wednesday, keep an eye on yourself as emotions could be getting out of hand.

These are emotions on top of emotions, dealing with old unconscious wounds potentially being re-triggered, and as always with Pisces/Neptune configurations there’s a danger that you’re actually picking up on other people’s unconscious material.

Make sure you shield yourself (we go through this in my program) and if there are upsets, ask yourself: “Is this me? Is this really my upset?” Chances are you could have picked up on someone else’s issues. This is especially highlighted within the Twin Flame pair.

Could you be picking up on your Twin Flame’s anger towards themselves, their self loathing, rather than being angry with them for a good reason? If so, the best thing to do is forgive, clear it and send them love.

Sending love will help the both of you, because as you probably already know the Twin Flames are an energetic unit. No matter how separate you look on the outside, your emotions, thoughts and energies always impact each other.

So if you can bring love into your collective field and help your mirror self clear any old hurt, you’ll be doing the both of you a huge favor.

You’ll notice this especially as you get clearer – anything you clear from your Twin Flame you’ll feel the shift of lightness as if it was happening directly with you.


Shifting Circumstances for Masculine and Feminine

Towards the end of the week Mars moves into Aquarius and Venus into Capricorn, setting off new themes for love – the energies when tuning in seem to indicate the feminine will finally get some of the increased stability  she’s been longing for.

Some form of increased commitment in love is forthcoming in this next month period…

For the Masculine, there’s a sense of “seeing clearer” in this coming period, of feeling ready to go out into the world representing love in a positive sense – there are many hitherto unawakened Masculine Twins and Lightworkers who will be feeling stirred to “fighting the good cause” now.

Who will be feeling pulled to seek deeper meaning, to remember in some sense what they’re here for – and remembering who they really are. Big developments.

For the Feminine it feels like these shifts will be happening in terms of changing circumstances becoming more supportive of love and “her” safety.

For the Masculine it feels like an inner shift propelling “him” to go out into the world from a new standpoint – to seek a deeper love.

Positively seeking soul love, having gained deeper understanding of himself and the meaning of life – seeking his counterpart more than ever.

Knowing there’s more meaning to life. Again, the theme for many masculine polarity Twins is: It’s not just about “me” anymore, it’s about “we”. 

(Discover how you can assist your Unawakened Twin Flame to awaken in this article)


Awakening Sleeper Twins – The Soul “Takes Over”

A deep shift has happened in the Masculine since earlier this year. Many have become fatigued from an outer chase for satisfaction, freedom and self validation from earlier in life and now feel an inner longing for more.

The layers of “sleep” have come off, bit by bit, and there’s a sense that the masculine is now ready, in full knowing of his powers. The soul has been “reactivated” and is now in the driver’s seat.

Many are now in the process of cutting ties with the past, is the message, and moving into new phases in alignment with the Twin Flame Journey.

There is regret towards treatment of the (Feminine) Twin Flame in the past, and some are holding off from making contact because of shame around this, but the inner knowing is there. His desires are different now.

Old haunts are no longer drawing him in, whether it be people or places or (often destructive) habits. There is a new light shining from within, and the next few months are set to reveal many new developments for the pair.

If you encounter your Masculine polarity Twin Flame now or see new photos, expect to see a difference in their eyes above all. A deep change has occurred these last 6 months.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Did you know most Twin Flame struggles like Running and Separation are based in negative energy and karma? Learn more here.

And, don’t forget to download my Free 4-Part Discovery Pack for Twin Flames!

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  1. haha!! im dealing with both issues in me xD security with humans + coming out with new self vision ! haha isnt it ironic xD

  2. I do not know if this was meant to happen but I decided to go with someone to the park but it turned out to be an argument instead and this person said things to me that was hurtful. My Twin Flame gave me the signs by dropping stones I was bringing with me by saying no (he is in spirit, on the other side) but I did not listen to him. I needed to go in nature.. People from the past that need to be released and cut off from your life because they do not align with you anymore. I’m hoping that he is not mad for what I did. Thank you for these posts.

  3. Thank you, Cassady! As always, your articles resonate so much, it’s impossible to deny the connection.

    I’ve been feeling very energetically lifted as of late, while riding out the waves, I’ve managed to keep myself afloat. I’ve dreamt of my twin a couple of times, both were first-time meetings: in 1 dream, I remember telling myself that I needed to “let Cassady know that we’ve finally met in the physical!”. I’ve been delighted to see 1111 multiple times, 222, 333, and have been feeling more connected to my twin within the last 2 weeks.

    The last bit you mentioned about some of the masculine twins holding off contact out of shame from past treatment is something that has popped into my mind frequently this week. I’ve sensed that he’s wanted to contact me, but that something has held him back. For some reason, I’ve been having images of him reviewing our last e-mails, and wanting to respond, but not knowing how to begin his reply.

    Love and light to you, to all TFs, and Lightworkers. Your guidance is so, so appreciated and cherished. Thank you so much!

  4. So much new information has come my way. I look forward to seeing the changes over the coming months. Love and light to all!

  5. Should we wait for them to Contact us? Or should we make a move? I feel my twin flame is being meaning to contact me, but for some reason she holds back. I keep seing her country flag everywhere I go or I keep hearing her name on TV. I keep seeing 11:11, 1:11, 3:33, 4:44, I wonder what’s going on… I’m trying to be patient, but oh boy! It’s hard! I hope she finds her way home soon!

    Beautiful article!

  6. Thank you for this article. I have been feeling so many changes, so many blocks coming down and just the general need to get back to me and to take care of me. However this also means I’m breaking down some serious walls that have been up and “protecting” me for many years. Much sadness, but there will be so much more light at the end.

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