Total Lunar Eclipse In The Sign Of Love Says “Enough Is Enough” – No More Delays. Plus, 11/11 Gateway: The Time For Change Is Now! But Is Fear Holding You Back?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Mars Retrograde and Super Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus trigger major shakeups and soul path shifts – which can happen through challenges… Plus, 11/11 Gateway: Past karma and cycles breaking apart.

You are not who you think you are, say Mercury/Sun/Venus in Scorpio – there are depths to your Twin Flame connection waiting to be unlocked and discovered… Are you ready?

Discover more below!

Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Welcome into the busiest and most intense week we have had so far this year. As well as Mars’ ongoing retrograde bringing up old negative cycles so we can purge and release…

We have a “super” full moon blood moon Eclipse, which is set to bring major shakeups and sudden endings in cycles that have outworn their purpose in your life…

And, leading into Friday and lasting through the weekend, we have the 11/11 Twin Flame gateway…

If you’ve been feeling triggered and out of sorts the last few days/week, you’re not alone! 

Are You “Opting Into” Negativity?

What is happening, is the past is being rattled so you get a chance to release and “up-level” once and for all.

The best approach is to recognize that you are being confronted with lower cycles and negative karma which may have been “hiding” under the surface, and to release and clear.

(I help you with this here).

Be aware that he more you “buy into” any negativity now, the more you reinforce it and “own” it so it keeps affecting you and your connection.

It’s imperative to recognize that something better is ALWAYS possible, and the negativity isn’t really “real” unless you ALLOW it to be!

(When you focus on something, you strengthen it, so your mindset is key right now).

Is It You Or Is It Karma?

It could even be, that the deeper cause of conflict or struggle in your connection is old karma or inherited programming you took on from your lineage or society around you.

So above all, don’t accept negativity as “real” this week.

Instead, go in and clear it once and for all to open your connection to unity from the inside out.

I take you through releasing karmic anchors and lower dimensional cycles in the Golden Light Infusion here, so your Twin Flame connection can shift into a higher expression of harmony and ease.

See more testimonials here

Strange Dreams?

With Mars Retrograde, everything going on in this period has a deeper theme of releasing conflict and separation programming.

Because the solar plexus and astral field is being rattled, you may have noticed flare ups of disagreement, tiredness/agitation or strange dreams.

This is all stemming from the purge and recalibration Mars Retrograde is bringing to the solar plexus and astral fields, as well as the Masculine collective.

Read more about the solar plexus here so you can shift higher.


The Secret Triggers Are Trying To Tell You

Because everything is stirred up in a MAJOR way this week, you will likely be feeling triggered and it’s important you stay aware of yourself and don’t reinforce old negativity.

Leading into the powerful Blood Moon super moon Eclipse, you will notice intensity rising.

The Universe is in simple terms showing up any old baggage which has been holding you back from your soul’s greatest joy and fulfillment – including as a Twin Flame.

HOW you deal with this, is key.

Feeling On Edgy? This is Why

The Eclipse hits Monday night/Tuesday morning, depending where in the world you are, and it can trigger physical world shakeups and sudden challenges.

Remember that it is happening for a reason – it’s so you can recognize it and opt out of old lower cycles, and open to a more harmonious, love filled new chapter.

Because the Eclipse conjuncts the North Node, this is all about soul path and soul purpose – including the Twin Flame soul blueprint.

Soul Messages

If you have been settling for less or sacrificing your truth – including allowing negative beliefs of “love is out of reach in my Twin Flame connection” to get into your system…

Expect to be powerfully challenged right now to release this. Look for the lesson this week, as the mirror of reality may be very tough to handle.

If so, know that it’s trying to wake you up to release the past and CHOOSE a higher state.

twin flame soul purpose

Who Are You (Really)?

Happening opposition Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Scorpio it shows us that your own self perception is being dramatically challenged.

The challenge this is that so much of what has blocked us is unconscious.

And with these Scorpio placements, we’re shown that our OWN inner shadows are being triggered so we can deal with them once and for all.

Survival In Focus

Because karma, stuck energy, blocks and the ROOT CAUSES of why you’ve struggled or things haven’t worked out, may be stored on levels you are unaware of.

If you just FEEL heavy right now, or angry, or fear is rising – this is why. It may have been stored in your physical tissues, it may have been buried under the surface in your fields…

It’s the SURVIVAL instincts, says spirit.

(And, it may be content you have absorbed from the human collective without realizing it, such as opposition, separation, conflict and other lower 3D programming. To release it and open to a higher state of unity and harmony, go here)


With Sun/Venus/Mercury trine Jupiter Retrograde, the cosmic message is:

Just because things haven’t worked out in the past, doesn’t mean they won’t work out in the future.

However, a square to Saturn says: old ways will not be accepted or “work” anymore. If things have not worked out, it’s because the ALIGNMENT has been off.

And now, the old karma is being broken apart, says spirit. The causes of negative alignment, of lack and conflict, are being dismantled – possibly in sudden and stressful ways.

It’s Time!

So how do you handle it? Be aware that old negativity is reactivating or purging from your system or field (a big one is ancestral karma).

Stay in your higher awareness. Know that it is not yours to “own”. Know that it’s not divine truth. It’s a pattern expressing itself. 

And now is the time to release it once and for all! We’re at a breaking point now, and you’re probably feeling it already.

Our “cosmic test” this week is to remember that love is the truth, and any lower cycles are distortions we are ALLOWED and encouraged to release.

How Is Your Counterpart Acting?

Many Twins ask me what to do if it’s their COUNTERPART that seems the most caught in negativity and lower behaviors – I’ve answered this and much more here in the Twin Flame FAQ.

In short, everything you do affects them so when you collaborate with them on the deeper level to understand and release negativity, they WILL be positively impacted.

Just have a look at what these Twins experienced, when they worked on their energy without their counterpart even being aware of it!

(Read more Twin Flame stories here)

How To Manifest Twin Flame Reunion

Remember this week, that the truth about your connection is love.

When you open to this, love becomes natural and is with you in every moment from the inside out. And that’s when unity “must” show up. You will be aligned without even trying.

This is about dimensional alignment, most of all.

Releasing the anchors to the old karmic reality and consciousness fields, the ancestral grids and human cycles of suffering or lack.

Light Codes Incoming

We are meant to move out of the drama, the conflict, the negativity. And this week is a pivotal time of “dismantling” the old reality of opposition and lack of love.

Spirit’s advice is, nothing is as it seems right now.

We are “in the dark”. And we are asked to release the old cycles and karmic limitations. Then, during 11/11 and into the weekend, light begins to come through.

New light codes, which we are first asked to create ROOM for, by releasing those old anchors to heaviness and limitation.

The Truth About Twin Flames

Remember who you REALLY are. Souls who have shared love since the beginning. Always together, always in harmony beyond any human patterns and lesson learning.

Infinitely capable. Born from love.

In “real world” terms, the Eclipse is working to push you to let go of any outworn cycles of where you “played small” or didn’t live up to your own highest good.

Where you settled for less, or sacrificed your soul’s truth.

Talking Yourself Into…?

Do NOT give up on what your heart burns for, is the message. This is why they say it’s a “test”.

When you hold onto your highest, it MUST come to you in spiritual terms.

But when you talk yourself out of it, settle for less, stop believing or let others tell you it’s impossible – you break your attraction.

You block your highest from arriving.

Twin Flame Journalling Exercise

Spirit suggests an exercise for this week:

Write out all the things that have been bothering you lately. See that they are expressions of a lower cycle, or on some level you settling for less.

Not honoring your soul’s light and the truth of love.

Recognize that you have the choice and the RIGHT, now, to choose higher. To opt for a new and better chapter and cycle.

Tear up this list of negatives and/or clear out the energy behind those lower cycles, by using the free tool here.

Then, focus in on your TRUE heart felt desires. Know that it’s not a question of IF they are possible, but HOW.

In spiritual truth, you would not have the desire if the path there did not exist. (More on that here)

11/11 Gateway And The Masculine

For 11/11 we have a strong conjunction between the moon and Mars retrograde, which shows us there could be challenges around the Masculine Twin.

Yet again it’s crucial that you remember that what’s going on right now is not “real”.

It’s an expression of past programming, energy and alignment.

So if things are not as you would prefer right now, take the opportunity to release what caused any now moment “issues” – so your future will be better.

What Are You Attracting In Your Connection?

If you’re not sure where you’re at with this, take the quiz here which helps you assess what your REAL alignment and dominant frequency match is.

Are you unconsciously attracting difficulties, due to ancestry/early life wounds or negative beliefs given to you?

Or are you truly and deeply calling in love and unity the way you desire?

Take the 2 minute quiz here to get clarity.

Major Cosmic Tests

This week is set to be one of the biggest “tests” of the year, but if you master your mindset and approach you can change your path for the better, and accelerate your reunion timeline in big ways.

To join me in lifting out any deeper levels of heaviness and limits, and begin to raise your vibrational setpoint so every day is light and in flow for your connection – go here.

It is my favourite part of what I do – to help Twin Flames tap into love, joy and harmony both within the connection and in their individual lives. Because it truly is possible!

It’s just about how you approach it. The Twin Flame connection is NOT meant to be a struggle. (Learn more about how this works).

A Twin Flame Period Of Deep Change

As mentioned last week, we are entering into a winter of deep change and alchemy in the Twin Flame connection.

Be good to yourself, remember that you are in charge more than you might ever have believed. And decide what you wish to call in.

Remember who you are. I believe in you!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

Do you want to deeply harmonize and heal your Twin Flame connection, to unleash a new chapter of love and unity?

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“Cassady, Your tools have continued to be a direct link to my healing. Thank you for the love and continued information. Your tools have helped me more than anything I’ve done to heal my karma and pain. Love to you “

– Karen, Arkansas, USA

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