Love Becomes Obsessive – Power Of Twin Flame Sex Meets The Darkness of Feeling Unwanted. Plus, The Self Fulfilling Joy Of Trusting the Universe…


As the Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 21st the energetic focus yet again shifts – now into themes of freedom, philosophy, seeking higher knowledge. As mentioned in prior posts, Sagittarian wisdom is trust of the unseen, trust of the Universe. On the spiritual path this is a vital lesson.

Learn to send out positivity to reap more positivity. As Abraham Hicks has said: “Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” For this coming month we will be learning about this – we live in a universe of energy and everything we send out is returned in some form.

Your inner beliefs and energy patterns are what create the “reality” you see around you. So what is your reality like right now? What is the Twin Flame Mirror showing back to you?

If you don’t like what you see and experience right now, it’s time to go within and work on what signals you are sending out.

Clearing limiting belief systems, shifting out of ancestral negativity and past hurts… Spirit recently had me channel a full hour transformation session on Manifestation and Upgrading The Heart Chakra for Increased Harmony and Unity on the Twin Flame path. We also go through powerful systems for manifesting love, and clearing out any old hurt that’s kept you locked in repeating relationship cycles.

Have a look here.


A Hurdle For Twins entering into Union

Another huge cosmic event hits on November 24th as Jupiter in Libra directly squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is the exact square of an ongoing transit – a challenging event for the Twins, represented by Libra the sign of harmony and equilibrium.

Those Twin Flames about to enter into Union are being challenged right now – specifically this is for many one of the “last hurdles” to overcome, and Pluto is pushing for an uprooting of any old attachments.

Again, this is emotional and energetic detoxing, so keep an eye on yourself and listen to your intuition. You have help in releasing old attachments now but it can feel tough.

If you’ve never cleared your energy or attachments (meditation, crystal work and yoga don’t do this), the average human being has dozens of attachments to other people that keep them sharing energy back and forth.

For Twin Flames this can make the journey harder than needs be – the union process is all about purifying the Twin pair’s energies back to unconditional love, so having other people’s energies in the mix can greatly complicate things.

In all my work with Twin Flames in Ascension, clearing attachments to others is essential. So is daily shielding and clearing out negative energies and belief systems.


Distorted Perspectives

With this Jupiter-Pluto square emotions are set to run – not high, but like fierce underwater surges creating potential tsunamis if conditions are ripe for it.

Careful with your perspective. What seems to be happening on the surface is not what’s really going on. Whatever struggle you’re dealing with now has to do with deeper issues.

I’m being shown directly that this includes – in particular – attachments to the human collective.

When we grow up on earth, we take on soul contracts to be connected to the karmic fields of our chosen country, our family, our city and so on. In addition, we may carry attachments to previous lives’ locations and places of belonging.

Go here to discover how to free yourself from negative energy attachments and remove triggers of Running and Separation from you and your Twin Soul, uplifting your collective energies and timelines into a state of love and harmony.


Moving Out Of Dysfunctional Relationship Templates

We’re actually being assisted by these powerful planetary energies to remove anything that has been creating a dysfunctional relationship template for the Twin pair.

So that we can pull away the “veil” of the human relationship blueprints and return to the divine unconditional love that is lying waiting to be activated underneath.

We’re having the metaphorical carpet pulled away from under our feet so that we can discover a new and more secure foundation from which to build a real life physical Reunion.

To discover the key signs and indications of an imminent Twin Flame Reunion – go here.

Pluto is lending a forceful hand for our own good, stirred by the high vibrational presence of Jupiter in the house of relationships. In essence, our very core relationship blueprints are being reformed.


Mother and Father As the First Relationship Blueprint

As humans, we inherited our pattern for relationship bonds from parents – it was the first thing we learned from mother and father and people around us.

And if those relationships weren’t unconditionally loving, they have to be cleared from our system for us to be compatible with higher unity.

Read more here about the psychology of how relationship “blueprints” are formed in early childhood – our relationships with our parents shape how we interact with others as adults. A very interesting read, and I’m sure you can see how it relates to the Twin Flame journey.

“Behaviors in adult relationships are influenced by (…) their early years with their primary caregivers. Research has been able to confirm that our adult relationships are shaped by our early patterns of attachment and with the ways of dealing with closeness, separation and love.”

The human patterns of dysfunction are what’s keeping us in drama and struggle, is the message here – so to move into lasting harmony, we’re being pushed to reform.

Old causes of ongoing instability and dysfunction have to be cleared out in order for you and your Twins’ energies to be fully purified and aligned with harmony and unity.

The great news is it’s a lot easier than it sounds. You can use energy clearing tools and karma clearing to do this – we were deliberately equipped with the ability to journey back to unity, and we are shown that this is also why spirit keeps channeling new methodologies and tools to lightworkers to share with the Twin collective and others in Ascension – providing tools to help us get to our desired destination.

Spirit recently had me channel an hour long energy transformation journey that takes us through upgrading the deepest heart chakra programming and clearing out old dysfunction for both Twins to open up to Love and Union.

Love Becomes Obsessive – Feeling Unwanted

From 24-27th November we have another important energetic event – another once a year happening – as Venus conjuncts Pluto.

This is an extremely high impact energy configuration. Love becomes obsessive and passion becomes so deep it’s a matter of life and death (or perhaps love between life and death), is the classic interpretation.

However, I’m being shown that this actually has to do with feminine wounds around feeling unwanted. Power issues relating to sex.

The sexual history of this planet regards wounds around sex being currency, sex being used as a tool and as a source of negotiation rather than enjoyed – especially for females.

This conjunction brings these themes to a head – Pluto is supporting the female in releasing all those old wounds around power and sexuality, in order to fully open up to feeling wanted for who she is deep down. And above all “owning herself” and accepting her own sexuality and body as the perfect “temple” that it is. Completely and always.

Masks, illusions and games are pushed to the wayside for the Twin Flame pair to blossom in the sexual expression of Unconditional Love. If there have been power games going on in your connection, this can get messy right now as Pluto attempts to purge the dysfunction once and for all.

I’m shown that energy from Runner Twins’ escapades with others can flare up between right now so make sure you keep an eye on yourself so you don’t react to this. The Complete Harmony Healing will help you remove this energy from your collective system.

Because Pluto is being heavy-handed in pushing for the Twin Flames to move into a new template of spiritual love, sexual union from a place of bliss.

No expectations, complete equality, complete freedom within the safety of the harmonious pair.

If there has been negativity between you and your Twin based in sexuality and infidelity, you might find this Message From The Divine Masculine healing.


Twin Flame Sex – Kundalini as Power

All the while Pluto and Venus work on upgrading sexuality between the Twins, Venus squares Jupiter.

We’re shown that the feminine is also being pushed and challenged powerfully at this time, to finally “see the truth” – by force. The message is that what “she” has believed about herself and the way she has been interacting with her other half, has been skewed by the past, by others’ beliefs, by illusion.

The feminine is being pushed to step away from the collective and find her own truth. Family and friends cannot understand the Twin Flame journey the way she may wish they would.

Inherent in this Pluto/Jupiter/Venus interaction is the message that the sexual fire between Twin Flames is more than just for pleasure –  Kundalini rising is a powerful current of source energy connecting the Twin Flames to endless light.

You are being propelled to use your united power to uplift yourselves and the world right now. Stepping away from the collective human world and into your own realm, reconnecting with your power.

Twin Flame sex is a site of deep healing and transformation, which is a reason why so many Twins choose to reincarnate as male/female pairs – to have this irresistible desire to come together be a fuel for the journey.

The attraction not only of love but of passion, and to know that this would be a trigger for spiritual growth and transformation.

Right now, intimacy is set to be incredibly heightened for Twin Flames. Almost too much, there could be crying and triggering, but when channeled positively this time and this energy is set to be earth-shattering and transformative.

If you need some intuitive insights into what might be going on with your Twin right now – especially if you’re in separation – go here for my latest collaboration with spirit: Get a free mini one on one reading!


Twin Flame Transformation

Spirit is keen to alert all to the fact that being physically together is not required for Twin Flame intimacy. You can be together as souls no matter where you’re at in the physical.

To connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now and experience coming together in these powerful energies, go here – my free guided alpha level meditation will take you through connecting with your Twin Flame step by step.

To learn more about Twin Flame sex and what’s really going on when you and your Twin Soul are intimate, go here.

And if there have been problems between you such as infidelity or separation, you might find it healing to read here about how nothing is like the love/sex connection between Twins, and any Twin Soul who chooses to be with another isn’t doing it for the reasons you might think.

In all the readings I’ve done tuning into Twin Flame runners, it’s never because someone else makes them feel more passion or love or is more exciting. It’s because of fear.



Channeling The Strength Of Saturn

Over the weekend we have an interaction between Venus and Saturn, a positive configuration which indicates support on the Twin Flames’ journey. A sense of focus, solid momentum.

As always, it’s up to use to utilize these energies for our own benefit (otherwise, Saturnian energies can feel heavy and sometimes even depressive) – increased concentration and focus, long term strategizing are some of the upsides now.

Saturn’s specialty is correcting karma, bringing the past and negativity up until we face the true facts – which are that we’re infinite and capable as souls no matter what.

That the past can’t hurt us unless we allow it to. That we’ve believed lies about ourselves, the Twin connection, the universe…

In my experience with thousands of Twin Flames, clearing karma is essential on the Twin Flame path. If the mirror seems twisted right now, expect Saturn and karma to be involved. To learn how to access your karmic records and heal and clear karmic debt – go here.

These energies are showing you truth from illusion so you can move forward from your true inner power.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3
Cassady x


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  1. Needed this today. Thank you Cassady. Resonates soooo much with me, especially the negativity based in sexuality and infidelity. Looking back, my Twin always ran after an explosive sexual encounter, leaving me feeling used and unwanted. I know now, positively, that it’s old wounds and energies, familial guilt and programming at the root. Being educated and informed has changed me, and my perception of my Twin. I cannot thank you enough!

    xo Elizabeth

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